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Zenmuse Z15-GH3 gimbal for Panasonic GH3 officially unveiled


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DJI Innovations, the maker of the Phantom quadcopters, has introduced the Zenmuse Z15-GH3 gimbal for the Panasonic GH3 Micro Four Thirds camera.

Most of DJI Innovations’ popularity comes from making an awesome quadcopter, called Phantom, which allows photographers to capture aerial photography using a GoPro Hero camera.

zenmuse-z15-gh3 Zenmuse Z15-GH3 gimbal for Panasonic GH3 officially unveiled News and Reviews

Zenmuse Z15-GH3 is a gimbal created by DJI Innovations, allowing Panasonic GH3 users to capture steady aerial videos.

DJI Innovations announces Zenmuse Z15-GH3 gimbal

The Phantom has attracted a lot of interest and it seems like the Phantom II and the Phantom Vision, a version with a built-in image camera, are coming soon. However, these are not the company’s sole products, as the Zenmuse Z15-GH3 gimbal has just been launched.

A gimbal is a special mechanism that keeps instruments stable even when the support itself is moving. They are very popular among videographers, as they can keep cameras steady, thus resulting in professional-like movies.

Their downside is that they tend to get very expensive. The good news is that there are companies working to make them cheaper. Vincent Laforet and Freefly Systems have unveiled such a mechanism, called MōVI. It has gathered plenty of positive feedback and the first units have just begun shipping.

Zenmuse Z15-GH3 is designed for use with the Panasonic GH3

DJI Innovations’ Zenmuse Z15-GH3 is a tri-axis gimbal aimed at the Panasonic GH3. This is the first mirrorless interchangeable lens camera in the world which supports higher-than-72Mbps video recording.

The Micro Four Thirds shooter comes with a 16-megapixel Live MOS sensor, OLED electronic viewfinder, 3-inch OLED touchscreen, WiFi, and a weathersealed design.

The new Zenmuse gimbal provides three control modes, including orientation-locked, non-orientation-locked, and horizontal. It can be easily controlled to take videos and it can be rotated around its axis without any limits.

Latest Zenmuse gimbal is already available at the manufacturers’ website

Since the Zenmuse Z15-GH3 is aimed at aerial photography, it is compatible with the Spreading Wings S800 EVO and S800 UAVs, as well as other accessories, including autopilot systems.

Users will be able to control the shutter, while the camera itself supports pan-tilt the camera by 130 degrees. An HDMI-AV module is also available, making this a complete aerial videography solution.

According to DJI Innovations, the device can be purchased from its partners. Unfortunately, the price is unknown, though it should not go over $3,000 $3,500. Meanwhile, Amazon is selling the GH3 for a price of $1,198.

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