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Photoshop Actions, Lightroom Presets, Overlays, and Textures

Let MCP Actions™ help to improve your photography and editing today!

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OUR BEST-SELLING PHOTOSHOP ACTIONS BUNDLES Our Photoshop actions have helped photographers create better images since 2006.

 At the click of a button, MCP Actions™ Premium Photoshop Actions will help you achieve sharper, more vibrant color images, rich black and white conversions, color corrected photos and artistically processed vintage photos. Our newest action set, the Makeup Toolkit Premium Photoshop Action gives you the ability to apply any type of makeup to your subject, in any color!

Our innovative storyboard and template actions create web or print sized collages and auto insert your images in seconds. In addition to providing a shortcut to photo editing, we put you in control. With our fully-adjustable Photoshop actions, you can customize the results for a look that fits your brand and business.

essentials-photoshop-actions-1024x1024 MCP Actions

The Essentials Collection: Photoshop Actions Package

$149.97 $99.00

All you need to get started editing in Photoshop. This Package Includes 3 of the Most Essential Photoshop Actions MCP™ has to Offer. A great choice if you are just starting to edit photos in Photoshop.

mcp-originals MCP Actions

MCP Actions™ Originals: Photoshop Actions Bundle

$829.86 $99.00

Get all of the original best-selling Premium Photoshop Action Sets MCP Actions™ has to offer. Literally, thousands of actions in 14 total sets are included in this bundle. Great for the photographer who has to have it all.

four-seasons600-1 MCP Actions

MCP™ Four Seasons Photoshop Action Bundle

$199.96 $79.00

From misty spring mornings to golden summer sunsets, each season lends its own unique feel to your photos. With this bundle, you can speed up your workflow while adding just the right seasonal mood to your images.

OUR BEST-SELLING LIGHTROOM PRESETS Edit your photos with our premium Lightroom presets to quickly and easily create stunning, professional works of art.

Whether you’re a busy professional photographer or an enthusiastic amateur, editing hundreds or thousands of images requires time you just don’t have. Our Lightroom Presets put thousands of unique looks at your fingertips – they are all completely customizable and 100% reversible. Best of all you can layer our presets. From simple exposure fixes to gritty urban effects, our Lightroom presets have everything you need to create the results you want. Choose from vibrant color, cross-processed urban, vintage and haze, beautiful black & white, and film presets. Non-destructively edit your RAW or JPG photographs: build from exposure to white balance, and finish with fill flash, contrast, frames and more. Our Quick Clicks Collection and Enlighten Presets have it all!

And once you are ready to display your images on the web or present them for print, you will love our Lightroom Template and Storyboard Presets. They make these stressful tasks a breeze.


Quick Clicks Collection™ Lightroom Presets

$99.99 $39.00

300 photographer-tested Lightroom presets with the variety and flexibility for just about every shooting situation. Thousands of unique looks at your fingertips - all completely customizable and 100% reversible.

the-complete-lightroom-presets-bundle-1024x1024 MCP Actions  Sale!

The Complete Lightroom Presets Bundle

$674.89 $129.00

Includes a massive collection of all of our premium editing, workflow, and artistic Lightroom presets - Every preset we've ever made bundled into one product. That's 1470 total presets at over an incredible 80% off!

enlighten-lightroom-preset-after-1 MCP Actions

Enlighten™ Lightroom Presets

$99.99 $39.00

MCP Enlighten™ includes 200 photographer-tested Lightroom presets divided into four easy-to-use steps and a set of 30 brush presets to take care of all the little tweaks you never knew you could do in Lightroom.

OUR BEST-SELLING PHOTOSHOP TEXTURES AND OVERLAYS Add drama to your photos with vivid textures, striking shadows, beautiful blue skies, sunshine, sun bursts, and much more.

Textures and overlays for Photoshop and Photoshop Elements are high-resolution, hand-crafted image files. They are not actions and there is nothing to install. They are a simplified method for improving photographs in Photoshop or Photoshop Elements through the use of Layers. Basically you drag-and-drop them onto a photograph, adjust its layer mode, and make minor adjustments to suit your taste.

tom-grill-sunshine-overlays MCP Actions

Sunshine Overlays for Photoshop and Elements


Sunshine Overlays contains 75 premium overlays for Photoshop and Elements to add sunshine to your photos, even in the dullest skies. Add sunbursts, sun rays, bokeh effects, and more.

sky-overlays-photoshop-1-1 MCP Actions

Sky Background Overlays for Photoshop and Elements


Sky Background Overlays contains 85 hi-resolution images to quickly and easily replace the sky and integrate color into any of your outdoor photos. Change a dull sky into a beautiful blue sky. Add clouds or even a sunset.

texture-play-overlays MCP Actions

Texture Play Overlays for Photoshop and Elements


MCP Actions™ Texture Play Overlays set includes 75 unique texture designs to add instant depth and vivid drama to your images. Tone it. Pop it. Texturize it. Have a little fun with your images in Photoshop or Elements!


Adobe™ makes editing possible. MCP™ makes it easy.

Christy M.

"Your actions and presets make my life so much easier! I am blown away by the results, they save me hours of editing time, and they make me money!'

Jeanette S.

"MCP makes my photography come to life. My business has tripled since I started using your actions and presets, and I'm a more confident photographer."

Lindsay W.

"MCP Actions is my photography fairy godmother. You’ve given me the confidence and tools I need to work smarter and produce beautiful images."

Maureen B.

"I used to sweat over all the photo editing I had to do. Now, thanks to MCP Actions™, I can quickly edit my photos. Best of all, I have my free time back!"

MCP™ Actions makes editing fun, fast, and easy for professional and hobbyist photographers. Our well-crafted, professionally tested Photoshop Actions and Lightroom Presets improve your images. Our online training classes and free video lessons for photographers are made to teach you Photoshop, Elements, and Lightroom. See how we can help your photography stand out while saving you time.

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