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The MCP Actions™ Blog is full of advice from experienced photographers written to help you improve your camera skills, post-processing and photography skill-sets. Enjoy editing tutorials, photography tips, business advice, and professional spotlights.


Free Photo Card Paper Pack

Free Photo Card Paper Pack


Product Photography for E-Commerce: Getting it Right

As someone who owns or works at an e-commerce store, you already know that product photography for your e-commerce store is the life of the business- literally. As the brick and mortar for a successful e-commerce store, your product images must always breathe life! With Threekit Visual Configuration, your product catalogs no longer have to…


Tips on Professional Photography in Medical and Health Industry

It is not an easy task to produce quality images of the healthcare and medical industries, but it is often times an important need. In order to create useful images of this specialty, you need to get the assistance of professional photographers who are well experienced and skilled in this portfolio. It requires specific tools…


Starting Your New Year Right: Reasons to Take up a New Hobby Now

2019 has finally arrived and brought with it not only immense excitement and hope for the year ahead but also a myriad of New Year’s resolutions. Despite undeniable good intentions, as many as 80% of resolutions fail by the second week of February according to U.S. News. This year, instead of yet again promising yourself that…


How to Selectively Desaturate Images in Photoshop

Selective desaturation is a great Photoshop technique that can make your photos pop and remove unwanted colors. It’s ideal for photos with a lot of distractions or even simple images that need a little enhancement. It’s often used in product photos, but it can also be used in a wide variety of photography genres. In…


How to Make a Dramatic Beautiful Sky on a Photo in Photoshop

Sometimes you take a portrait, picture of a landscape, or city and you realize your sky looks dull. It happens when the sky is clear without clouds, or it’s overexposed. But don’t hurry to delete this photo, you can replace the washed out sky in a few simple steps using Photoshop. In this article, I’m…

Photography Project Ideas

14 Original Photography Project Ideas

If you’re struggling to think of ideas for a new photography project then you’re not alone, creative block is common with photographers and in fact anyone dabbling in any form of art, but don’t worry because with a bit of inspiration we’ll get your creative juices flowing again. #1 The 365 Day Project This project…


How to Take Kirlian Photos: My Step by Step Process

How to Take Kirlian Photos: My Step by Step Process Disclaimer: This article represents only the author’s point of view. Because this technique implies high-voltage, recommends you to be very careful, especially if you are a beginner photographer.Kirlian technique has been a mystery for a long time. Some people still believe that magic forces…

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Lightroom Tutorial: How to Make Simple Portraits Look Stunning

We often have to take “normal” photos; senior, couple, and family sessions all require simplicity from time to time. Though beautifully composed headshots are fun to make, they’re not always easy to edit. Not having full creative freedom can make you feel restricted and encourage you to completely avoid simple portraits. It’s possible to satisfy…


Photography Essentials for Absolute Beginners

If you’re new to photography and you’ve just bought your first DSLR it can seem like a daunting task learning what all the buttons and dials do. Even if you have lots of experience shooting on your phone or with a compact camera, working with a DSLR is a whole different ball game and it…


How to Take Great Close-Up Portraits

Close-up portraits don’t have to look dull. They can be fun, creative, and thought-provoking. They can feature interesting elements, make viewers feel at home, or simply look gorgeous. But how can you take close-up photos of models and not make them feel uncomfortable? How can you take photos of details without making them look like…

5. My favorite panel is Color, located right under Tone Curve. Here, I have the chance to experiment with very specific colors, shades, and saturations. This is ideal for enhancing details like lip color, skin tones, and more. It's also perfect for highlight and removing certain colors; if your subject is wearing a green shirt that clashes with the background, you could make it look less dramatic by dragging the Green saturation slider to the left. There are many options when it comes to color correction, so let yourself have fun here!

7 Photoshop Tricks That Will Greatly Improve Your Portraits

Photoshop can be quite an intimidating program to use, especially if you’re a beginner. Since there are so many options available, it’s hard to find a single editing method that will both save you time and perfect your images. If you’re having a hard time editing photos that your clients will love, all you need…

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Sharpening 101: The Basics Every Photographer Needs to Know

Before you save your images for print or load them to the web, are you sharpening them? What if I told you that with some quick and easy steps that you could increase the quality of your images for print or web use? I bet you would be just as excited as I was when…


How to Photograph Couples of All Ages

Documenting the lives of people in love, regardless of their age, is a precious and fulfilling task. In addition to witnessing true happiness, you get to work with two enthusiastic models. This is perfect for artists who love working with multiple subjects without getting overwhelmed. It’s also ideal for those who want to prepare for…


One Flash Off Camera Lighting Setup for Portraits

For those of you venturing into one flash off camera lighting for the first time, there’s a lot of things to consider. A few of the most popular questions include: What flash do I need? Do I need a lot of expensive gear? How do I control the ambient light? How do my flashes work?…


How to Make Your Portraits Look Naturally Flawless Using Frequency Separation

Frequency Separation sounds like a term used in complicated physics assignments, doesn’t it? It sounded like that when I first came across it, at least. In reality, it’s a term that’s cherished by professional Photoshop users. Frequency Separation is an editing technique that allows retouchers to perfect skin without getting rid of its natural texture.…


10 Photography Tips for Taking Joyful Birthday Party Photos

Children’s birthday parties are a source of great joy, freedom, and delight. Photographing this special time in their lives can give you creative fullfilment and provide your clients with invaluable memories, ones their child will treasure when they grow up. As wonderful as parties may be, however, they’re not always easy to handle. Confusion, drama,…


5 Things You Should Do Before a Photo Session

Having go-to rituals before any photo shoot will eliminate unnecessary confusion and allow you to focus solely on the quality of your work. Instead of worrying about your equipment, for example, you’ll have the opportunity to encourage your clients and make them feel more comfortable in front of your camera. Who doesn’t want that? The…

Sony a6300 vs a6000

Sony a6000 vs a6300 – Full Comparison

If you had to choose between the a6000 and a6300, which one would you choose? I can help you with making that decision by comparing them. Let’s see how do they stack up against one another. 1. Sony Alpha A6300 – Worth an Upgrade As a follow-up to one of the most popular mirrorless cameras (Sony Alpha…


How to Edit Indoor Portraits in Lightroom

Now that the winter months are here, it’s difficult to take well-lit photographs outdoors. Gloomy skies and cold weather have compelled many enthusiastic photographer to experiment with indoor portrait photography instead. Beginners may find this time of year very discouraging, since unnatural light isn’t always easy to work with. If you don’t own professional lighting…


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