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 – Joe Riviello, Owner of MCP Actions

Our Team

Joe Riviello (Owner)
Joe is an avid photographer and entrepreneur with a passion for the visual arts. He believes that anyone with an interest in photography can continuously grow and improve his or her skill set while enjoying this immensely rewarding artform.

Thrilled to have the opportunity to provide quality editing tools and expert instruction to the ever-expanding MCP community, Joe welcomes photographers from all backgrounds to join us as we share our work, ideas, experiences, and discoveries. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a novice, you’ll always find inspiration at MCP Actions.

Tom Grill (Photographer/Actions and Overlays Creator/Blog Contributor )
Tom began his career as a photojournalist in Brazil where he taught photography at the University of Brasilia for three years. He returned to New York as a commercial photographer shooting major ad campaigns for L’Oreal, Avis, Sealy, and several international airlines. Tom is a founder and CEO of Tetra Images photo agency, and a founding member of the Blend Images agency.

Fun fact: Tom’s photo of the American flag has been chosen as the official stamp for 2017 by the US Post Office.

Kelly Franks (Contributor)
Kelly is a hobbyist photographer, writer, and editor with a penchant for micro four thirds systems and an unhealthy obsession for all things Harry Potter.

David Brodt (Contributor)
David Brodt brings with him a two decade career in brand identity, graphic design and delectable tidbits of useless information. From his humble beginnings as a infant, Dave has grown as expected throughout his life to adulthood. And during this span of growth, he was classically trained in design, branding, logic, and sarcasm, working on international campaigns for just about every industry that you could think of and building solid brands for clients. Dave is the creator of several of MCP’s Lightroom Presets and Photoshop Actions.

About Our Products

MCP PHOTOSHOP ACTIONS are shortcuts to better photos, each using a series of pre-programmed editing steps on your image. Some actions have two or three steps while others have hundreds. MCP’s actions still give you the freedom to adjust each layer for a fully customized image, if you choose. We take the busywork out of editing and make it simple and fun. Think of it as a great recipe that cooks itself and adjusts to your taste buds!

MCP LIGHTROOM PRESETS transform images in Lightroom by applying multiple adjustments at once with a single click. Editing in Lightroom is simple, but it can be difficult to “undo” steps you applied early in your workflow. MCP’s presets allow you to undo certain adjustments and keep others. The adjustment brushes allow you to quickly apply changes to a specific area of your photo for a polished look.  The logical, easy-to-understand format helps you save time.

Along with our actions and presets, MCP offers additional editing tools including textures, collage templates for blogging and printing, among others. You’ll also find a wide variety of learning tools including group classes and private workshops. Plus new products are always in development.

About Our Website

MCP’s website is much more than just a shop. We make photography and editing easy and fun by breaking down complicated concepts into manageable lessons. Want to master shooting in full sun, find the right lens for you, or build your confidence as a photographer? Our blog is full of helpful advice — everything from tutorials to editing techniques to personal essays from successful photographers.

If you’re new to the Blog, check out the articles and advice from photographers around the world. We make it easy to share helpful ideas with others and to pin content for future reading. If you love seeing before-and-after photos, check out Show & Tell, where we welcome photographers to share their before-and-after images.  View or submit stunning transformations and amazing photo saves that were achieved using MCP’s editing tools (and pick up some tips from fellow photographers). We also offer photo challenges, business tips, and an active Facebook community where you can get advice and support from thousands of photographers around the world.

Click around, get inspired, and break out of your photography rut!