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Use our Photoshop Overlays to add spectacular effects to your photos, which will surely impress your clients. Easily add in sunlight, sunbeams, and bokeh effects with our Sunshine Overlays. Use our Sky Background Overlays with included 85-pack hi-resolution sky background images to change any sky.  Add instant depth with our Texture Play Overlays.

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  • Sky and Sunshine Overlay Bundle

    $149.98 $99.99

    Created by leading professional photographer and stock photo pioneer, Tom Grill, the Sky and Sunshine Overlay bundle can add beautiful skies of any color and sunshine to even the most dreary of photos. This set of overlays has been specially prepared to make them easier to use when adding them to another image in Photoshop.


    If you were to purchase these overlays separately, it would cost you $149.98. By purchasing the Sky and Sunshine Overlay Bundle together, you save $49.99!

    Compatible with:
    Photoshop (All Versions)
    Elements (All Versions)
    Mac and PC

  • Sky Background Overlays for Photoshop and Elements


    MCP™ Sky Background Overlays consists of 85 hi-resolution images. Of these, 6 are bonus images of frames, and 79 images in the actual Background Skies package.

    “These are not just simple skies. They have been altered and created to work in Photoshop to accomplish some interesting effects that are easy to do.” – Tom Grill

  • Sunshine Overlays for Photoshop and Elements


    MCP’s™ Sunshine Overlays contains 75 premium sunshine overlays for Photoshop and Elements to elevate your photos to the next level.

    The Sunshine Overlays are a simplified method for improving photographs in Photoshop or Photoshop Elements through the use of Layers.

  • Texture Play Overlays for Photoshop and Elements


    MCP’s Texture Play Overlays set includes 75 unique texture designs to add instant depth and drama to your images.

    Tone it. Pop it. Texturize it. Have a little fun with your images!

    Ever feel like an image just needs a little something to take it from so-so to swoon-worthy? These handcrafted textures and overlays transform your images with vivid colors, striking shadows, and subtle textures to make your images pop.

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