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Learn About Photoshop Actions:

Anyone who has even the slightest experience with photo editing knows exactly how time consuming it can be. Efficiency is key for all photo editors … whether you’re just starting out or you’re a seasoned photographer. Of course, professionals already know that time is money, which is why they use the incredible tools offered by MCP Actions to streamline their workflows time and time again.

Simply put … actions eliminate the complicated steps required to get the look you want for your photo. By taking the guesswork out of the equation, you can drastically reduce the amount of time it takes to do a photo edit, and repeat those steps on other similar photos you’ve taken during a shoot.

Actions give you the ability to remain consistent throughout an edit, which is extremely important if you’re editing photos for professional use. Now you can get the look and feel you need to tell your customer’s story by creating an overarching visual theme that will be instantly recognizable. Not only does this create a strong brand for your photography business … it makes your job as a photographer a whole lot easier.

Our actions are created by experienced, photo editors and photographers who value your time and understand how to maximize an image’s potential. We’re giving you the tools you need to create a unique identity in the marketplace by creating stunning photos in less time than it would take to do manual editing.
When you look at the thousands of hobbyist and professional photographers who use MCP Actions, the answer is clear. Our loyal customers come back time and again because MCP Actions delivers reliable and effective actions that are

Overview of Our Action Sets:

65 incredibly powerful actions created especially for editing your newborn photos. Whether you’re looking to smooth skin tones, get soft clean color or more, this workflow offers the most effective color correction and professional retouching tools. **VIEW PRODUCT**

Retouching: Make skin imperfections magically disappear with one of our five powerful actions, including Power Your Nose, Magic Skin, Magic Foundation, Magic Powder, and Skin Cast Blast. Remove blemishes, shrink large pores, soften wrinkles and make your beautiful subject look his or her best. **VIEW PRODUCT**

One of the most attention getting features in portraits are beautiful eyes and teeth, and these actions are a must have it you want to take your photos to the next level. Make your look as dramatic or natural as you like by using these flexible, fully customizable actions. **VIEW PRODUCT**

Enhance your autumn color schemes with warm golden tones, chestnut browns, and beautiful deep reds. Offering seven autumn finishing effects, including Dark Cherry Fall Vignette, Fall Foliage, and Autumn Skies, you also have a choice of 11 looks to bring out the very best of fall in your images. **VIEW PRODUCT**

For photo editors who want their images to be instantly recognizable, Fusion gives you the ultimate variety of stunning looks. Create vintage style photographs, beautiful black and whites, or color-popped images with just a few quick clicks. **VIEW PRODUCT**

Make stressful edits easier than ever with our Bag of Tricks and fix your trouble areas. Whether you’ve got a problem with color-casts, exposure, boring backdrops, or other issues, this actions is ready to come to your image’s rescue. **VIEW PRODUCT**

Brighten bleak photos with summer hues that add a sunlit feel to your images. Whether you’re looking for a seaside color scheme or a bold beach party, Summer Solstice offers 20 different actions along with 35 extra fine-tuning actions. **VIEW PRODUCT**

Add a flurry of snowflakes, a soft haze, or rich holiday warmth with one of 12 incredible actions. Your options include Eggnog, Sugar Plum, Winter Blues, Bottle of Red, and more to get the perfect Winter look you desire. **VIEW PRODUCT**

Includes everything you need to make your photo editing workflow streamlined and efficient. Our Complete Workflow™ action set offers a variety of professional options including Color Explosion, Touch of Color, Old School Vintage and more to help you achieve the look you want. **VIEW PRODUCT**

Crisp, clean and everything Spring, get the sweet vintage tones and soft haze you dream of with our Spring Splendor action set. Choose from eleven options, including Peachtree, Cherry Blossoms, Antique, Dew Drops and more to create the sweet Spring look you want for your photos. **VIEW PRODUCT**

Don’t miss out on even the smallest details that can really make your photo stand out. Great for gorgeous landscapes and portraits, accentuate the color, texture, and contrast in you images with one of thirty All in the Details actions. **VIEW PRODUCT**

Get 64, fully adjustable actions to speed up your workflow while making your photos look incredible. Our actions are set up to deliver ease-of-use for sharpening, resizing, and more. Our wide variety includes Quickie Fix Actions, Quickie Urban Actions, Quickie Vintage Actions, Quick Color Actions, and many other fantastic options to increase your efficiency and professional output. **VIEW PRODUCT**

Finishing Actions: Make your photos look their absolute best and blog-ready, with our easy-to-use finishing actions. Quickly prepare your images for the web web and adjust photos so they fit the style of your blog perfectly. Choose to Brand It, Frame It, Build It, or Round It sets, giving you all the tools you need to get you shots ready for web. **VIEW PRODUCT**

Creating storyboards for print has never been easier. Offering 37 actions to make gorgeous collages using layouts with 2 to 16 slots for image, just insert your images when prompted for professional results. **VIEW PRODUCT**