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Month: November 2017



How to Create a Magical Autumnal Atmosphere Using Lightroom

The gorgeous autumn months are almost over. At the end of every season, photographers review their portfolios, reminisce, and find beautiful outtakes they didn’t notice before. These outtakes may have been overlooked because of their desaturated colors, lack of light, or uneven horizons. If you can relate to this dilemma, don’t throw those photos away!…


Thanksgiving Photography Tips That Will Keep You Inspired and Grateful

Thanksgiving is here, about to shower us with feelings of coziness, gratitude, and warmth. This time of year is ideal for photographers who enjoy documenting moments of all kinds with their loved ones. Whether you’re a fan of scrumptious food photography, sweet portraits of children, or gorgeous photos in general, Thanksgiving will provide you with…


Best Professional Camera (Full Frame DSLRs)

Are you looking for a new professional camera? Table of Contents: 1 Are you looking for a new professional camera to buy in 2017? 2 Professional Camera Comparison Table 2.1 The winner: Canon EOS-1D X Mark II 2.2 Best value deal: Nikon D750 3 Customer reviews 3.1 Canon EOS-1D X Mark II: I love everything…


How to Photograph People With Glasses

Light becomes a completely new obstacle when reflective surfaces come into the picture. In addition to creating unflattering glares, reflected light distracts viewers from the true beauty of a portrait. When it comes to children, this challenge becomes a particularly risky creative endeavor. Your images, no matter how brilliantly composed, will all have a single…


How to Take Expressive Photos of Pets

Most people need a significant amount of guidance during photo shoots. Without it, they feel awkward and out of place. Animals, on the other hand, don’t feel self-conscious. Their never ending enthusiasm and curiosity resemble the purity of children: unadulterated and unfiltered joy. The oblivious nature of animals may become a troubling obstacle if you’re…


How to Find Your Unique Artistic Style Through Photography

Nobody else takes photos like you do. There may be artists who have a similar editing style to yours, but who have a completely different way of composing their shots. There might be a local photographer who takes photos of the same models, but whose concepts are worlds away from yours. Regardless of how similar…


How to Take Powerful Travel Photos

Having the chance to travel is exhilarating, mind-opening, and fun. Traveling gives people a chance to respect other cultures, rediscover the timeless beauty of nature, and remind themselves why photography is an irreplaceable form of art. If your short-term plans involve traveling, you might feel intimidated by the seemingly endless photo opportunities you’ll be faced…


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