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MCP Facebook Group Rules

facebook-group-icon MCP Facebook Group Rules

The primary focus of the MCP’s Facebook Group: Shoot Me is to help photographers improve their images using MCP’s Photoshop actions, Lightroom presets, classes and textures/overlays. If you are not here at least partly because of MCP Actions, this probably isn’t the right place for you.



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To accomplish this goal, we have certain rules in place.  If you violate the rules of the group, depending on severity, your post may be deleted, comments removed or you may be banned from the group.

Our incredible team of admins (Nicole Baldwin, Lori Granquist Day, Christine Sines, Sue Zellers, Amy Short, Cass Martinez, and Shelly Starr Suetta) are here to help the group run smoothly. If you have a concern, please contact one of them.  They are the reason we have such an amazing group!

BASIC RULES: Any posts or comments that violate these rules will be deleted without notice.

  1. Be respectful.
  2. The primary focus of this group is on MCP’s editing and learning tools.
  3. Additionally, we allow posts about general photography, lighting, and photography business.
  4. No discussion of competitors and their products.  This includes competing actions, presets, templates, classes and guides. Remember this group is sponsored and run by MCP.
  5. Before asking a question, that may be common, search first (upper right corner – magnifying glass)
  6. No spam. No self promoting. No self-linking to your website or Facebook page.
  7. No asking people to “private or direct” message. Advice and tips can benefit everyone.  If something would violate the rules in public, sharing privately to dodge the rules is not acceptable either.
  8. No selling equipment, props, etc.  Only MCP Products or MCP Sponsored Products may be promoted here.
  9. No discussion of other Facebook Groups on this group.  If you need a referral elsewhere, use Facebook Search, or see groups Facebook recommends for you.
  10. No affiliate links unless approved by MCP.  These will be removed.
  11. No trolls. We will remove immediately if you exhibit trolling behavior.
  12. No bullying. No attacking each other. (see #1)
  13. Upload images directly to the group. No linking to images to drive traffic to your site or FB page.
  14. No nudity or profanity.
  15. No blocking any of the admins on Facebook. You will be removed without notice for this.
  16. Keep images and responses in main thread using Facebook’s inline feature (camera icon for adding photos).
  17. Images posted within the Shoot Me: MCP group may not be shared, unless given explicit consent from the original copyright holder. 
  18. ALL images posted SOOC with camera setting are for the intention of allowing others to make suggestions and edit your image using MCP products. Any other editing of member images must be permitted by original poster.
  19. No sharing someone else’s image from outside the group on the group, unless the photographer granted you permission.
  20. No deleting your own post once it gets comments unless your are asked to be an admin. If you have a concern about your post, please contact an admin.
  21. Do not start your post with “I’m not sure of this is allowed but…” or “I’m not sure of this is against the rules…” If you are not sure, please read the group rules again.  If it isn’t ok, we will delete it regardless of you saying “if it isn’t allowed, you can delete.” So please, do not make us delete your post that was allowed because you write that you are not sure if it is allowed. Contact one of the admins if you want to make sure prior to posting.
  22. We are a community of photographers helping each other.  It only works if active participants who ask for advice and feedback also provide it.  If you post often, please take a few minutes and scroll through other people’s questions and images to provide feedback too.
  23. We want active photography and post-processing discussions. We will remove posts that created unnecessary drama. We also may “CLOSE” a discussion.  If we do so using a graphic, do not comment any more on that thread.


The primary purpose of this group is showcasing MCP EDITED IMAGES and helping photographers get the most from MCP products. Add one .jpg or .png photo to start a thread (it can be a collage or side-by-side template). Add all additional images into the comments. If you add more than one image in the initial thread, that is not in a flattened file, the extras will be deleted without notice.  For help displaying your images on our group:  FREE Facebook Fix for Photoshop – Free Social Media Templates for Lightroom – Premium Templates.

  1. All edited images uploaded to the group, both as a thread or in the comments, must use at least one MCP product (in addition to sharpening and display actions and presets). When sharing photos editing with MCP Products please include what sets were used, and ideally what specific actions, presets or textures were used. If you did additional hand edits, please explain those edits in detail so others may learn from you. Indicate if you’re just sharing or want critique (and if CC, would you like it on the photography, editing, or both).  If you want critique on your image please add camera settings. You may post unlimited MCP edits. 
  2. You may upload one SOOC (straight out of camera) image daily for critique or to ask questions. Any photos uploaded as SOOC must have camera settings. By adding these, you give permission for members to provide feedback, including doing photo edits using MCP products.
  3. MCP my photo: want to see how group members edit your image? Post up to one high-res SOOC photo per day with settings and add the hashtag #mcpmyphoto. Members can edit your photo with MCP products and will explain what products they used and how it was edited. This is not a guarantee that people will edit it, but it indicates you want to see edits. If there’s a specific set you want to see used, mention that too. It may limit edits but then can focus on software you own or MCP products you have or may want.



    • Do not use competitor products in edits shown on the MCP Group.
    • Must add camera settings for SOOC images and edited images where you want critique. Here’s how:
    • On edited images, indicate MCP products, presets and actions used. Specify additional editing steps – cannot just say “hand edits” – explain your edit.
    • Facebook Fix/Social Media templates and free sharpening actions may be used but, on their own, don’t count as an MCP edited image.
    • If you have done NO editing, and want advice on what actions/presets to use, indicate that the photo is SOOC,  include your settings and say “I’d love to see what can be done with MCP on this” and/or hashtag it #mcpmyphoto. It helps if you mention what software you have: PS, PSE or LR. You may start one SOOC thread per day either for editing, CC, questions or advice.
    • All images added as comments must also follow the above rules.
    • Any posts or comments that violate these rules will be deleted without notice. If your post/comment is missing, please re-read the rules. Do not post a new thread asking why it was deleted, as we will delete this too.




  • All images posted in the group grant MCP actions and Facebook permission to host the photos for as long as the group exists.
  • Violating the rules may lead to the deletion of comments, posts or in extreme situations the removal of an individual from the group.

Thank you for being a part of this group.

Jodi and the Admin Team

Here are other places you can find us:

MCP Blog | MCP Facebook Page | Jodi’s Timeline (Personal) | Pinterest | Twitter | Instagram | MCP Google + Page | Jodi’s G+ | You Tube | MCP Help Desk



  • This group is for you if you use or hope soon to use MCP products as part of your editing, you are at the right place. This community is designed to give feedback and support so you get the most from your MCP actions, presets, textures and templates. We hope you’ll interact, share and ask questions here.
  • This group is NOT for you are looking for attention for your business, your goal is to get more Facebook fans by showcasing your work, if you don’t believe in using actions or presets, if you only use products from other vendors, or don’t have intentions of using our products now or in the future. In this case we recommend you look for a general Facebook group on editing and photography.

While we welcome discussion on photography, lighting and photography business, the editing portion of this group is tied to MCP. If that isn’t a good fit for you, we understand and encourage you to find a group that better matches your goals.

We aren’t changing the rules of the group, but we do plan do make sure posts are in line with our mission (about the group) statement: “This group is for people who love MCP actions, presets, textures, and/or templates and want to show off their work using these products. We also welcome those who want feedback on using our products and those who are considering a purchase who want to learn more.”

Thank you everyone who loves it here. If you’re not in quite the right place, we wish you luck finding the perfect Facebook Group for you.



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