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Finding Balance: 4 Tips for Juggling Career, Family, and Photography

When photography is not a full-time job, finding the right balance in life can be hard. Lindsay Williams of Lindsay Williams Photography offers advice on how to manage a career, a family, and a passion for photography whether you are a hobbyist or a part-time professional.


The Shocking Truth: 14 Things Photographers Hate About Photography

Being a photographer is not perfect. Read what photographers hate most about their profession or hobby.

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9 Photographer Cartoons to Make You Laugh or Cry!

If you are a professional portrait or wedding photographer, you will probably relate to some or most of these animated cartoons. Even some hobbyist photographers may get a laugh from them. Enjoy – but try not to take any of it too seriously or too personally… Warning: If slang/bad words bothers you, there are a…


Proud To Be A Hobbyist Photographer: Reasons NOT To Go PRO

Proud To Be a Hobbyist Photographer: Reasons NOT To Go PRO This article is by Mandi Tremayne. She writes…I have been a follower of the MCP blog for several years now.  I like to call myself a “craptacular photog hobbyist”.  I’ve been thinking on the subject lately of amateur photographer/hobbyist vs. (true) professional photographer.  I…


From Hobbyist to Professional: Step 6. Believe in YOU

Believing in yourself might very well need to be your very first step. If it is, re-read the letter I wrote to myself. If you have the courage to take that first step you will never regret it. For the rest of you who find yourself in the same place I found myself not too…


From Hobbyist to Professional: Step 5. Build Your “Storefront”

It’s your business, it’s your storefront and it’s you. Building your identity for the web and in print is so important and it must be done well. It’s a non-negotiable. I thought today I’d share with you all the things I’ve done wrong so that you don’t have to do them, too. When I first…


From Hobbyist to Professional: Step 4. Building Your Portfolio

Ahhhh … building your portfolio. It doesn’t have to be difficult, you know? You’ve just got to know how to walk the line. Do not be arrogant. Do not be a pushover. There’s the fine line. A fine line that can also be confusing. When to say yes, when to say no??? Here’s my best…


From Hobbyist to Professional: Step 3. The Business Stuff

The (terribly boring, bound to make you second guess running your own business) business stuff … (enter giant, sigh here) … As artists this part can be the hardest. I’ll say though that if you’re willing to get the basics taken care of and the pertinent stuff organized (i.e. taxes) it won’t be as painful…


From Hobbyist to Professional: Step 2. Gear You Actually Need

Welcome back! Today I’m gonna talk about gear (the gear you actually need) to really get started. I think investing money into education is money well spent. I think investing money on a dozen different photography gadgets is money well wasted. Mottos I live by: #1: Buy quality, need less. #2: Don’t buy something until…


From Hobbyist to Professional: Step 1. Get Educated

Dear Jessica, It’s understandable that you’re terrified, doubtful and insecure about where you are. You desire something you think you want so much, but what if … what if it doesn’t work? You’ll look like a fool, you know? So, your only other option is to play it safe. Don’t pursue the dream that’s keeping…

From Hobbyist to Professional Photographer: 2 Weeks of Education + Contests

From Hobbyist to Professional Photographer: 2 Weeks of Education + Contests

Running a photography business takes a ton of work. A ton. Ask any photographer that makes money (particularly the ones that make it look easy) and they’ll tell you that they got there by pouring blood, sweat and tears into every ounce of what they do. Yes, there are times – really amazing and fulfilling…


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