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Create Dramatic Lighting With Off Camera Flash

How to use off-camera flash or strobe and light modifiers to create portraits that have beautiful and dramatic light.


Take Control of Your Light: Why Diffuse It

How to affect the quality of the light Is the  light is giving you the look you desire? By themselves some light sources are very hard, creating very dark and crisp shadows. To soften the light you need to diffuse it by adding modifiers: an umbrella, a softbox, or even a fabric screen. Think about…


8 Quick Tips to Take Better Photos TODAY!

This article will give you 8 tips on taking better photos with your camera


3 Tips To Capturing Unique Photos in Ordinary Places

Learn how to quickly turn ordinary locations into extraordinary ones with these easy steps.


The 4 Best Types of Natural Light for Your Photography

The 4 Best Types of Natural Light for Your Photography I’m very particular about light. If my shooting conditions aren’t open shade, overcast, or back light,….I don’t shoot. However, as a photographer I’m always trying to learn new things and grow creatively as well as technically. It’s good to get out of your comfort zone…


Photography Tips: Shooting in Full Sun at any time of the Day

Shooting in full sun…..yikes, it strikes fear in the heart of many! It’s not as easy as overcast skies but sunlight adds specularity and contrast to a photograph that a flat overcast day will never yield. So, let’s start with shooting in the middle part of the day. It’ll never be as good as shooting…


One Way to Control Light in Photography: Turn Day Into Night

What time would you guess the images below were taken?  Look carefully… Sunrise?  Sunset?  A few hours before sunset?  Just after sunrise? After dark? Or might these silhouettes have been taken minutes after 2pm when the sun was high above – but under controlled lighting – using aperture, speed and ISO to create an illusion?…


Sun Burst Style Sun Flare: 10 Sure Fire Tips to Achieve It

My favorite thing to shoot, besides my children of course, is any image with the sun. I love sculpting the sun into star shaped bursts of light. Learn how to achieve this fun photographic technique by following my simple directions. Don’t say I didn’t warn you – this can be addicting!

Lighting 101 Video by Paul Duncan

Lighting 101 Video by Paul Duncan

I am loving the Matthew Kees MCP Exclusive series on lighting.  I will continue with the next part after the new year.  Everyone is giving fantastic feedback on his explanations.  A number of you said you wanted a bit more visuals and I ran across this video by Paul Duncan and wanted to share it…


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