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High School Senior Guy Posing

10 Practical Tips for Posing Seniors for Portraits

Need help with posing seniors?  Check out the MCP™ Senior Posing Guides, filled with tips and tricks for photographing high school seniors. Flattering Posing for Senior Photography by guest blogger Sandi Bradshaw Hi ya’ll! Today I’m going to chat at you a little bit about posing. For most photographers, posing seems to be one of those love it…

senior guy

4 Go-To Poses for Senior Guys

Here’s 4 sure-fire poses for senior guys that work for just about any guy at any location.


3 Common Mistakes Photographers Make With Senior Photography

Senior photography is quickly becoming one of the more coveted markets to be in.  With today’s trends it almost mimic’s fashion photography.  You would think you can’t really go wrong with youthful and excited girls that love to be in front of the camera. But you can. Here’s three common mistakes senior photographers make and…


Models and High School Senior Photo Editing Made Easy

Before and After Step-by-Step Edit: Models and High School Senior Photo Editing The MCP Show and Tell Site is a place for you to share your images edited with MCP products (our Photoshop actions, Lightroom presets, textures and more).  We’ve always shared before and after Blueprints on our main blog, but now, we will sometimes share…


Tips and Tricks to Pose High School Seniors Naturally

When it comes to posing clients, my job, as the photographer, is:
(1) To help my subject to relax so that she will be comfortable and confident
(2) To understand what positions and lighting will be most flattering.
(3) To consciously avoid things that will be distracting or unflattering.

Screen Shot 2014-09-03 at 10.49.58 AM

Successful Senior Photography: Specializing within the Senior Market

Photographers can choose to specialize and become experts at a particular type of photography – and people are willing to pay a premium to work with experts. If you specialize in senior pictures, that’s a good start, but specializing within the senior market is even better!


Successful Senior Photography Tips: Breaking into the Market

Senior photography can be a very profitable business, but it can also be a difficult market to break into. There are plenty of high school seniors out there but it can be a challenge figuring out how to reach them. But there is one very important key to reaching seniors…


How To Edit Outdoor Senior Photos Quickly With Photoshop Actions

Here are some quick step-by-step instructions for editing your senior sessions with Photoshop actions, quicker and better!


The NO Fail Way to Get Exposure for Your Photography Business

Get more customers for your photography business using this fun, simple marketing method.


Save Hours of Time Editing in Photoshop by Shooting in Correct in Camera

Learn to look for small distractions through the lens to save hours of editing time later. Here is how!


Senior Photography: 7 Easy Tips to Posing Guys

Photographing senior guys can be a challenge. Here are 7 quick posing tips you can try that will make it a breeze.


Killer Tips on Posing & Photographing High School Seniors

If you want to photograph high school seniors, here are some tips you need to know. From posing to communicating to using social networking – this post will get you on your way to working with this demographic.


Using Photoshop Actions to Create Better Senior Photography

Improving your Senior Photography using Photoshop Actions Senior photography, at least in the United States, is hotter than ever. High school seniors want the best, most trendy and fun images. You will see everything from trash the prom dress, to urban scenes, to senior girls and guys on top of rusty cars.  Another popular trend…


What to Wear: How to Dress Teens and Seniors for a Portrait Session

What to Wear {Part 3: Teens and Seniors} As a photographer, it can help your customers when you direct them on what to wear. The next number of weeks, guest writer Kelsey Anderson will be providing information to help you coach your customers on what to wear. When booking a portrait session I think it…


Posing Tip: Be Aware of Dangling Limbs

One often flattering tip with posing is to angle your subject so that they do not hit the camera straight on and look as broad as possible. When doing this you may want to pay attention to all angles… Here is one that I caught. Before shows 1st try with the model turning quickly to…


Blueprint of a Surfing Senior – Photoshop Actions Save the Waves

This guy wanted a hip, fun senior photograph.  And thanks to Dan Treviño of Shooting Star Photography, he is getting one. Unfortunately the lighting was less than ideal and the original photo was kind of gray (the water, the sky, and the subject).  When he sent this in, I knew just the blueprint formula to…


Blueprint – My Take on Sandi Bradshaw’s Senior Photography

I just had to play.  Check out yesterday’s post for detailed step by step of how Sandi Bradshaw edited this photo. Here are my plays. MCP All in the Details: flashlight action – changed opacity to 100% MCP All in the Details: extreme color action – used the extreme color painting on grass and tractor. …


Post Processing Senior Style with Sandi Bradshaw

Sandi Bradshaw is back this week to show you some of her tricks and tips for post processing.  Then tomorrow I will use her SOOC shot and show you a few plays of my own in the Friday Blueprint.  And next week I will have a tutorial showing how to add fake sky where there…


Senior Photography: How to Find Great Locations

Want to learn how to find great locations for senior photography? Hi MCP Actions readers! I’m Sandi Bradshaw of Treasure the Time Photography.  And I am so excited to be back here and to be sharing more ideas with you on working with seniors! Today I have some things to share with you regarding finding…


Breaking into the Senior Photography Market

Breaking Into the Senior Market by guest blogger Sandi Brandshaw First off…I want to say thank you to Jodi for inviting me to blog here with you all! And…I also want to thank you all for welcoming me here! I am excited to share with you some of the ins and outs of working with…


Introducing Sandi Bradshaw {guest blogger on senior photography}

Sandi Bradshaw is a full time custom photographer specializing in children and seniors in the Phoenix, AZ area. She is a mom to 4 boys, whom she homeschools, and is married to her best friend and biggest supporter. Her business officially began in November 2007, just 18 months ago, and she feels blessed every single…


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