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So by now many of you have probably heard that Adobe has released a free version of Photoshop.  It is a very scaled down version of elements and is web based. Click here to check it out in person.

Before any of you say, “oh no, I already have Photoshop,” read on.  This program is meant for the most basic of editing.  If you are a photographer, photographer, hobbyist photographer, scrap booker, or just enjoy manipulating photos, this program is likely way too simple for you.

I have included a screen shot below so you can see what it does.  It can do the most basic of exposure adjustments, sharpening, hue changes and touchups. After creating a log on so I could see it, I tried to think who would benefit from this.  I would say someone like my mom would.  She has a simple tiny point and shoot, snaps away, then prints.  She never edits before getting them printed.  So for her this would be perfect.  I would say this is a great beginner tool for those who are not interested in editing but want to make their photos slightly better before printing.

Another use for Photoshop Express is creating a gallery to share.  You get some space on where you can save and share photos.  That could be useful for anyone.  But there is a lot of competition in that arena, such as flickr.

I would love to hear other people’s opinions of this new Adobe product – please put your thoughts in the comment section.

Thanks – Jodi

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PS. and before anyone asks, “nope, none of my actions work in Photoshop Express…”


ps express Photoshop Express | My thoughts on this new program

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