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The MCP Blog is full of advice from experienced photographers written to help you improve your camera skills, post-processing and photography skill-sets. Enjoy editing tutorials, photography tips, business advice and professional spotlights.
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How to Edit Images of Couples

It’s easy to edit images — especially sweet, romantic ones. Here’s a step by step process on how to achieve this airy look.

Soft Proofing in Lightroom

Learn how to use soft proofing so you know what your images really will look like and if you pushed your edits too far.

MCP Photo A Day Challenge: February 2015 Themes

While the MCP Photo a Day Challenge is “daily”, we know everyone has busy lives.  So we want you to join in when you can, whether that’s daily, weekly or monthly – and with your SLR or even camera phone.  The more you practice your photography,...

Save Up to $90 on MCP Actions, Presets and Workshops

Our Baby Sale is here. Why “baby”?  Because our three most popular products for photographing and editing newborns and portraits are on sale through Saturday (TWO DAYS ONLY). Save $30 on each of the following: Newborn Necessities Photoshop Actions –...

5 Easy Steps to Executing a Successful Senior Rep Program

So there you have it. By carefully choosing my reps, choosing them early, making it worth their while, giving them incentives for referrals, and helping them out on social media, I was able to create the most successful Senior Rep Program I’ve ever used, for the least amount of money.

Adding Faux Snow and Seasonal Flare Into Your Photos

Sometimes it’s fun to change the feel of your image by changing the weather. While you cannot actually make it snow, that didn’t stop us from making it look that way. Here’s how to add snow to your photos now.

Free Photography Cheat Sheet

Use this easy-to-understand photography cheat sheet to help you next time you get confused about aperture, shutter speed, ISO, and depth of field.

MCP Photo A Day Challenge for 2015

For the past number of years, MCP has done some form of a photo challenge. We did Project 52, Project MCP, Project 12, Photo Challenges and Edit Challenges. Last year we moved our photo-a-day mainly to Instagram (though those without it could participate on Facebook...

A Photographer’s Parody of a Taylor Swift Song

“Make You Look Like Taylor” – Blank Space Parody I’ve always been a fan of satire, especially parody songs I can relate to, such as Weird Al’s eBay Parody Song…. Well, now there’s one by Dabe Shores of Love Dot Photography...

Elements 13 Release and Free Actions Update

Have you purchased the new Elements 13 upgrade yet? Thinking about doing so? If so, this post is for you.   Elements 13 was released a few months ago and it has a few helpful new features: The Refine Selection tool is handy for those who create selections often....

A Quick Step by Step Edit

Learn how to edit quick — use these easy-to-follow steps with our photoshop actions and lightroom presets.

Which Is Better? The Film vs Digital Debate

It’s confession time. I used to think that modern photographers who used film cameras had lost their minds. I admit it, I judged them a bit. Who would use film vs digital? Who on earth would PAY for film and then PAY again for developing and WAIT for the images?...

Holiday Gift Ideas For Photographers

  With the holiday prep in full swing, you may be looking for that ideal gift for that photographer friend of yours, or items to put on your own wish list. Below is a list of some great tools that I have on my own wish list, or that I have come across and thought...

MCP Photo A Day Challenge: November Themes

To learn more about MCP Photo A Day. For November, we keep free theme Fridays, and add in some fun “Saturday” themes – plus we ease into the Thanksgiving holiday and all the shopping about to take place.  Have fun! We are excited to see what you come...

4 Go-To Poses for Senior Girls

Senior photography is super fun and can be very lucrative but it is challenging coming up with fresh new ideas. So today I’m going to share with you 4 sure-fire poses that work for just about any senior girl at any location.

Make Your Fall Photos POP with Rich Autumn Tones

Before and After Step-by-Step Edit: Make Your Fall Photos Pop The MCP Show and Tell Site is a place for you to share your images edited with MCP products (our Photoshop actions, Lightroom presets, textures and more).  We’ve always shared before and after...

How to Fix Your Photoshop Brush When It Looks Like Cross-Hairs

Grrr, the first time this happens to you, you’ll want to pull your own hair out.  Your Photoshop brush (or Elements brush) shows as cross-hairs instead of the outline of a circle.  The typical response is to visit the preferences area and see an area called...

How to Get The Look of Faux Snow and a Winter Feel in Photoshop

Before and After Step-by-Step Edit: Manual Edits Complemented with MCP Photoshop Actions The MCP Show and Tell Site is a place for you to share your images edited with MCP products (our Photoshop actions, Lightroom presets, textures and more).  We’ve always...

Funny Friday for Photographers

If you love funny photography humor, check out our attempt at making you chuckle. We may not be real comedians, but you’ll likely relate and enjoy.

MCP Photo A Day Challenge: October Themes

To learn more about MCP Photo A Day. For October, we are thinking of Autumn, Halloween, and a bunch in between. We are excited to see what you come up with. Remember to use your creativity – anything goes.  We cannot wait to see how you interpret these! Use your...

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