Meet Ali Hohn & Save Money or Win the NEW Rock that OCF e-Book

I had the pleasure to get to know Ali Hohn at a photographer get together a year ago in Minnesota.  She now has her own e-book on Off Camera Flash.  You can win this book if you are the lucky name drawn at random from the comments section in my blog (this Saturday).  Just answer the question, “what is your most favorite and least favorite light to photograph in?”  Anyone who comments can also use the code “mcp” to get $20 off – making this $95 book only $75.

Here is a little about Ali…

Q: How did you first get interested in Off Camera Flash?

A: A while back I started noticing photos that just seemed like there was something else to them.  I couldn’t figure it out so I started researching.  I found out that people were using off camera flash in their photos and I seriously loved it.  I was so amazed at the color and the depth and just the pure uniqueness about it.  I was determined to learn.  I had a 430ex flash and that was it.  Once I found out that they were using flashes I was seriously scared.  I mean I had a flash in my bag that hadn’t been used in over two years.  I didn’t know how to use it and I was scared to even try it.  So, I forced myself to learn.  I actually read the manual and figured out how to shoot with it on manual mode.  I ended up buying cactus triggers and figured out how to trigger them.  I had done a lot of research on how to do off camera flash and I even had a friend try and show me but I was just dumbfounded.  I couldn’t figure it out no matter how much I read on it or someone tried to show me.  Each senior session I had I practiced with them.  I did not know what I was doing and then one day it just finally clicked with me.  The first photo you see of the girl holding the flower was really the night that it finally clicked.

Q: What inspired you to write a guide for photographers on Off Camera Flash?

A: So, after that I started writing everything down.  I got to go to a coffee shop without my 2 year old and just started writing.  I had no idea I would eventually write a guide.  I just started to do it.  I started showing my photos to my online friends and people were asking me a ton of questions.  The more questions they had for me the more I wrote in my book thinking this will be able to help a lot of people.  So some 80 pages later I finished.

Q: Who is your target audience for this e-book?

A: This guide is really for someone who wants to learn how to do off camera flash.  I mainly talk about how to shoot with your flashes in manual mode but I also cover the other ways you can do off camera lighting and the different wireless trigger systems that are out there.  I have a lot of examples of photos and also links to gear.  I am not a technical person at all.  Every time someone tried to explain off camera flash to me it just pretty much went over my head.  It went in one ear and out the other because my brain just froze.  I am such a visual learner and a hands on kind of girl.  I had to do it myself.  I made this guide as easy as I possibly could for the very beginner in off camera flash.  Every time I had a suggestion about what to put in the book I did.  It’s very easy to understand and if you are a visual learner like me you will get this in no time!

Q: Can you show us some examples of your work?

A: Here are examples of my work from early work until present of my experience with Off Camera Flash.


Q: For those wanting to learn more and purchase your guide, where can they go?

A: Just click on the logo below to learn more…


Jodi Friedman, MCP Actions

Jodi Friedman is the founder of MCP Actions. She designs popular Photoshop actions and Lightroom presets that make editing faster, easier and more fun.

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  1. 1
    Jeanine says:

    most fave light: evening outdoors
    least fave light: noon, early afternoon

  2. 2
    Annie says:

    Favorite light: early in the morning
    Least favorite: middle of the day

  3. 3
    Nicole says:

    Favorite: Near a window on a sunny day
    Least favorite: In a church with tungsten or fluorescent lights. Blech!

  4. 4
    Sarah V says:

    favorite: Twilight/Sunset before it gets too dark… LOVE that golden light!
    least favorite: indoor light minus my speedlight… or full sun (hate both equally)

    This post showed up this morning in Google reader for me, but then I couldn’t get to it on your page to comment. I assume that means you didn’t want it published yet. You may want to check into that. :)

    • 4.1
      admin says:

      actually I accidentally hit publish. Then deleted it so it would not show till I was ready. Oops – the blog reader programs were way to fast for me…

  5. 5
    Melissa C says:

    I LOVE afternoon light around 4 and also my new alien bee lights. My least favorite would have to be the harsh light that we get around noon!

  6. 6
    lisa says:

    My most favorite light is that sweet golden light right before sunset. Second would be bright cloudy.
    My least favorite light, we did an outdoor wedding in it, is NOON bright overhead light — too contrasty, ick! uck!

  7. 7
    Kelly Ann says:

    I love my studio lights, but really want to start taking them on location with me to do some neat stuff like this! I dislike mid-day light.

  8. 8
    Kim says:

    My most favorite light is an Arizona overcast Sky. It is not too dark and not too light but just right – kind of like porage! And least favorite light to photograph in is the mid-day of Arizona full sun – very harsh even under trees.

  9. 9

    Most favorite: sunlight coming in a window or the late afternoon glow outside. Least favorite: No additional light – both indoors or out.

  10. 10
    Tanya says:

    Favorite light-right before sunset. Least favorite light–recital halls, dance studios, inside fluorescent lights.

  11. 11
    Laurel says:

    My favorite light is my north facing window my least favorite light is direct sun

  12. 12
    Jamie says:

    My most favorite is dusk and least favorite is indoor, unnatural lights.

  13. 13
    Cyndi says:

    Love the interview with Ali, she is so talented! Her work is gorgeous, I would LOVE to win her book :) it looks awesome!

    My fav kind of light to work with right now would have to be natural light, and backlight for that.

  14. 14

    My favorite light is evening, summer light!
    My least favorite is cold, winter (ie: Minnesota in January!) light (or lack thereof!)

  15. 15
    Mark Hayes says:

    Very cool. I love my studio lights but hesitate to take them with me and my results with speedlights are just so so sometimes. It’s the one area I really want more control over this year.

  16. 16
    Susan says:

    My favorite is sunset – the warm light is just amazing. Least – 11am. And I try so hard not to book at the time, and it seems to be a popular time. :D

  17. 17
    Jolene Pienaar says:

    WOW, I don’t think I’ve really seen such a focus on OCF but now I just NEED to know more, those are perfect!
    My favourite light would be early morning and least favourite is night time (as I really don’t know anything about flashes)

  18. 18
    Tracey says:

    Most favorite is Sunset light.
    Least Favorite is High Noon light.

  19. 19
    Christy says:

    Favorite Light: Outside in the early evening.
    Lease Favorite Light: Any light that requires me to use a flash, since I don’t know how to use a flash well enough to keep it from looking like junk!

  20. 20
    Natalie says:

    most fave light: evening outdoors just before sunset…..beautiful lighting!
    least fave light: noon, early afternoon when the sun is super bright!

  21. 21
    Darlene says:

    Favorite – evening
    Least Favorite – harsh mid morning

  22. 22
    Tara Pugmire says:

    My favorite light is early in the morning, least favorite is straight up noon.

  23. 23
    Kati says:

    My favorite light to shoot in, of course is early morning or as the sun is setting. I hate shooting without enough light. I cannot figure out my flash and I avoid taking pictures whenever flash is required. I feel like I am missing a lot of shots I would love to have.

  24. 24
    Alanna says:

    I love sunset sun flare so that would be my favorite and my least favorite would be mid day with no shade to be found anywhere… but I can work with it… just prefer not too. Fingers Crossed! Would love to win Ali’s book!

  25. 25
    Stephanie says:

    My favorite light is around 4pm, or half hour before sunset. My least favorite is the middle of the day. Its always harsh and unflattering.

  26. 26
    Debbie says:

    I love sunset golden hours and backlighting; playing with sun flare and my least favorite lighting is the harsh midday sun and all its contrast and shadows. Oh, Ali, it is as if you read my mind. I am in exactly this spot right now. Been reading, researching, trying to follow the Strobist, etc. I have a Canon 580EX
    and don’t have a clue. But, I know this is the next step for me….love the look and would love your book!

  27. 27

    ooohhh. My favorite light is the golden hour of sunset. My least favorite is indoor fluorescent lighting, yuck!

  28. 28
    Nancy says:

    Hi, my favorite light right now is late afternoon through my kitchen window (south facing). My orchids are blooming and the backlight gives them the glow I love, and a reflector bounces the light into its little hiding places! My least favorite light is during the middle of the day with no clouds or shade or reflector… can be kind of boring!

  29. 29
    Heidi says:

    Favorite: late afternoon sun
    Least Favorite: inside a gymnasium! ugh!

  30. 30
    Tracy says:

    My most favorite is the late afternoon light and my least favorite is high noon — too many shadows on the face.

  31. 31
    Kim S says:

    wow, I would love to have the OCF tool to call on when I need it. My fav light is the evening glow just as the sun goes down over the mountains and my least fav is the artificial light in my house with the green walls which makes a really ugly bounce flash color cast.

  32. 32
    Shaila says:

    I am so new at this, but I just love any kind of natural light, especially right now in the winter when the sun actually decides to shine and comes through the windows! My least favorite lighting is tungsten.

    I love this off camera flash stuff. I would love to get into it. I only have my built-in flash and I hate using it. I despise it and try avoid it at all costs!

  33. 33
    Heather says:

    My favorite light would have to be early morning sunrise or sunset. My least favorite would be night time. I would love to be able to get night shots like Ali does.

  34. 34
    Jenn Bowen says:

    Hi, Jodi! I haven’t commented on your site for a while since our tutorial, but I am a frequent reader and usually mention you on my blog as one of my inspirations. I believe almost all the photos on my blog are processed using your actions. Thank goodness I bought your big actions package! :)

    I was really surprised to see you post about Ali Hohn and her book. I was just checking out her site a couple of days ago and was contemplating on getting the OCF book. This is a fantastic opportunity!

    On to your question…
    Fave light: early evening
    Least fave light: afternoon sun

  35. 35
    Jennifer says:

    My favorite light is early morning and early evening. My least favorite is noon! I would love to get night shots like Ali does!!!

  36. 36
    Mel says:

    My fav light is late afternoon, when the light is soft, warm and yummy. My least fav light is the harsh midday light (especially here in Australia), but this year I plan on conquering shooting in full sun.

  37. 37
    Susan says:

    Favorite: The light through my windows at about 11am and 4pm.
    But I’m working on loving ALL light.

  38. 38
    Shana says:

    Favorite:early evening in the fall Least favorite:Flourescent

  39. 39
    stacy t says:

    my favorite light is morning light (direct or indirect) and my least favorite (although i shoot in it) high noon sun. it’s a challenge but i’m working on it.

  40. 40
    jodi says:

    most fav: the golden hour. least fav:summer 12-6.

  41. 41
    Jordan says:

    Favourite is early evening – pretty golden light! Least favourite low loght indoors – I need some serious work with my flash!

  42. 42
    Julie M says:

    Most favorite light is mid morning in the spring and early evening. My least favorite would be the harsh noon light. I love Ali’s photos above – beautiful!

  43. 43
    Kim says:

    My studio lights are probably my favorite. I have more control with them. I want to get a better handle with other lighting.

  44. 44

    This is great info. I love the ease of natual lighting outside, but really dislike the post-editing that goes with it. Since, lighting is changing so quickly! So, I guess I would say my favorite lighting would be low light studio, where I can control the amount of light that hits the subject as well as light placement!
    My least fav. is, as everyone else’s overhead light(ex. noon sun, indoor ceiling lights of any kind!)
    Thanks MCP actions for offering such great info. to us all of the time! You are AWESOME!

  45. 45
    Patrice says:

    I think that northern window light is my favorite, it filters like a soft clean and crisp light. My least favorite would be no visible light ( I really hate shooting in the dark).

  46. 46
    Kathy says:

    Most fave: early evening, especially in the fall
    Least fave: I’m still learning to use strobes for horse show photog & that is my least fave at the moment

  47. 47
    Stephanie says:

    Fav Light – Early Evening
    Least Fav – right now the lighting in my living room in the evening. Its either too dark without a flash. But with a flash it looks to bright and doesn’t capture the mood in the room.

  48. 48
    Alison says:

    I love beautiful window light, and I hate the light indoors with no windows, just flouresent light overhead.

  49. 49
    Tiffany Ruth says:

    My fave light is natural, preferably morning or early summer evening. My unfave is actually, umm, hmm, FLASH! I just can’t seem to make it work for me!!(Actually never thought about finding a book on the subject! Duh! Silly me.)

  50. 50
    Laura Hull says:

    Fav: When the sun is going down, and the light is in all of it’s buttery goodness. Least Fav: Full Sun

  51. 51
    Amanda says:

    Love the shade, you can’t go wrong!
    Dislike just the short evenings when the sun goes down before I can get home from work!

  52. 52
    Toniette says:

    Most favourite- sunset light… all glowy and lovely!
    Most challenging- mid day when there’s snow on the ground. It’s crazy bright!

  53. 53
    dana says:

    i love natural light…evenings.

    I HATE HATE HATE the light in my back room. It’s the only room big enough in my house to shoot in, but the light is not quite enough with the window…and I’m stuggling with adding a flash or continuous lighting….the white balance is always off!

  54. 54
    Kellie says:

    I love the sunlight right at sunset during the summer! My least favorite is bright, harsh sunlight that you can’t get away from!

  55. 55
    Sandie says:

    Fav: early evening Least Fav: Midday

  56. 56
    Sharon says:

    Favourite: in the YUMMY light of sunset and late afternoon. (I’d like to say early morning too… but I’m not a morning person!! LOL)
    Least Fav: any kind of man-made lighting!

  57. 57
    Vicki says:

    Early morning light is my favorite; least favorite is noon-day sun (though it usually FEELS good… or maybe it’s just cold today and dreaming of summer!).

  58. 58

    THIS IS AWESOME!! I have been wanting to learn OCF forever now…and this book looks like the perfect tool to get me going. Thank you Ali…you ROCK!!

  59. 59
    Kim says:

    I love the light an hour or so before the sun goes down (and I bet the light before the sunrises is beautiful too but I just don’t get up that early!). My least favorite light – I guess I would say full on sun.

  60. 60
    Crystal says:

    Most favorite: broad reflective sunlight light off the side of a building, concrete, or snow!
    leas favorite:mixed sun and shade (hot spots, dappled light….argh)

  61. 61
    Sarah D says:

    Wow. I am completely impressed! LOVE the pictures! My favorite light to shoot in is the morning. I love the look of the light when the sun just comes up. But I must say that now I am loving the night! Those pictures are amazing. I need to learn how to do that!

  62. 62
    Lisa says:

    I have a new favorite light – we rented a house this past weekend for a boudoir shoot and it had the most beautiful stained glass windows. I am in love with that lighting right now and have to go back again! My least favorite light is mid day light up here in Alberta – with the snow and no clouds you get incredible amounts of glare. It’s blah for about 2 more months. I can’t wait until spring!
    p.s. I own a speedlite that I have no clue how to use so I am loving this post and learning more about it.

  63. 63
    Kara says:

    Early evening is my most favorite light (or a nice bright cloudy day – full sun noon time, definitely my least favorite. Thanks for this opportunity!!!

  64. 64
    Christina says:

    favorite light: mid to late afternoon near a window

    least favorite: holiday lights only (icicle in particular)!

  65. 65

    What a fantastic giveaway Jodi! I just met Ali on flickr and was fascinated by her work….she’s amazing!

  66. 66

    Of course, I forgot to answer the question once I saw Ali’s name. :) My favorite light is the soft light coming through a window. My least favorite light is nighttime – harsh light from inside the house.

  67. 67

    My favorite light at the moment is my studio light but I also love the golden hours and natural light from the big softbox in the sky. My least favorite light is around the noon hour.

  68. 68
    Olivia says:

    WOW! That book looks fabulous! I love my alien bee and really dislike lighting during mid-day. SO hard to work with!

  69. 69
    Tina Blum says:

    Most favorite: late afternoon summertime. Least favorite: December thru March in Southern Oregon…boring fog every day!

  70. 70
    Laurie says:

    FAvorite place–outdoors overcast day. Least favorite–outdoors midday, harsh sun. I am a beginner and I am just “getting it” in the full shade, overcast areas. I have a lot to learn. This OCF thing is very interesting….

  71. 71
    Joe Elliott says:

    I really enjoy the last 30 minutes of dusk and the first 30 minutes of dawn.

    I do not like noon on a bright sunny day.

  72. 72

    I was inspired by Ali to try OCF and had fun. I don’t have the book yet but just maybe I will win it.
    My most favorite light is studio strobes in studio. It is easier to control. Least favorite natural light.

  73. 73
    Krista says:

    Least favorite light is easy to name: gymnasium lighting is the worst! Even if there are windows, the pictures still come out dark or blurry or both.

    Favorite lighting situation is outdoor natural light with soft shadows (late afternoon, early morning).

  74. 74
    Brendan says:

    Most favorite: Early evening. Least favorite: Shooting basketball games in gym light. Yuck !

    Wow, the book sounds like it might be a good read, but even with the discount, $75 for an e-Book seems a bit expensive (especially only 80 pages). :(

  75. 75
    Shannon says:

    Favorite light just before sunset — the light is warm and so yummy

    Least favorite just before it’s at it’s peak till about two hours before sunset — unless there is shade— too many squinty eyes.

  76. 76

    Favorite light: Haven’t found it yet but my 580EX II gives me more options. Late afternoon in open shade has worked nice though. Least favorite: In our too dark home.

  77. 77
    Kerrie says:

    I am with most everyone… right around sunset. If I knew how to use my off camera flash a little better I could make those golden hour sessions last a little longer… ;0)

  78. 78
    Nish says:

    This book looks interesting… Off camera flash certainly adds a new dimension to pictures that is often lacking when you just pop a flash on top of the camera. I have been studying the art of off camera flash for a bit now and will definatly look into this book.

  79. 79
    Trisha says:

    Favorite light is daytime window light. Least favorite is midday sun.

  80. 80
    NiccoleCarol says:

    My least favorite light would have to be high noon/early afternoon. My favorite light would be just before sunset. It gives everything such a wonderful glow. This book looks amazing. Thanks Jodi & Ali for giving us the chance to win it.

  81. 81
    Jovana says:

    My favorite is when the sun is rising…. it’s not too orange. I would love to schedule shoots at this time. My least favorite is high noon. Raccoon eyes are not pretty.

  82. 82
    Jenn H. says:

    Favorite light, on the beach right before sunset. Least favorite light, indoor tungsten…I am so over yellow photos.

  83. 83
    Beth B says:

    My favorite by far is the golden hour. Who doesn’t love that? And of course, I dread high noon!

  84. 84
    Julia says:

    My least favorite light is high noon with no shade in sight. My favorite light is an overcast day, which offers built in diffusion.

  85. 85

    favorite light: just before sunset :) least favorite: early morning – just cuz i’d rather be in bed :)
    go ali!!

  86. 86
    Heather says:

    My favorite light: beautiful overcast day, or through a large window in our home. Worst light? An ABSENCE of light… I recently had to shoot in a dimly lit gymnasium. *shudder*

  87. 87
    Amy Fenner says:

    oh boy!!! This looks awesome!

    By far my most fav light is the golden hour, and by far, my least fav is dappled light!

    Ooooh, I so hope I win! I just got my wireless triggers and can’t wait to use them so creatively!!!

  88. 88
    Laraine Davis says:

    Jodi, thank you for sharing this interview on a great (and confusing) topic for newbies. Count me in for the drawing for the book.

  89. 89
    Susan says:

    My least favorite light is in my house…I need the help of a flash so bad. My favorite light is just being outside.

  90. 90
    Tyra says:

    my most favorite light is “natural light” especially at sunset, ooohhh its beautiful! My least………full sun.

  91. 91
    Kelly says:

    My favorite light is around sunset. It’s so magical and beautiful that time of day. My least favorite light is around mid day when the sun is high in the sky and oh so harsh for portraits.

  92. 92
    Andrea says:

    Least fav – dappled light is very difficult for me to work with w/o a diffuser. Favorite light is just before sunset as I’m too grouchy to get up before sunrise!

  93. 93
    Jennifer says:

    Love this! My most fave is outdoors as the sun is setting, and least fave is indoors at night

  94. 94

    Fave: sweet light of sunset
    Least fave: tungsten church with few windows/reception

  95. 95
    Malia says:

    My most favorite light is the hour before sunset… or a nice open shade. Least favorite would be low light or indoor. I haven’t learn how to work with that yet.

  96. 96
    Michelle says:

    Most fave: garage light ’cause it’s easy & just before sunset because it’s beautiful
    Least fave: high noon

  97. 97
    Teresa says:

    I love early evening light and days just slightly overcast. My least favorite is indoors with flourescent bulbs.

  98. 98
    Tammi says:

    i just heard about Rock that OCF yesterday and here we have a giveaway! yay! :) So, I’ll play…I could stand to learn a few things about ocf.
    Favorite time of day – either late afternoon (sunflares!) or right before sunset (gold light – *sigh*).
    I don’t think I have a least favorite light….different times of day produce different results. Maybe the morning…because I don’t like getting up and dressed to go out for a shoot – I’d rather stay in my pj’s all morning! :)

  99. 99
    Adalia says:

    Most favorite light is just before sunset. Least favorite is harsh midday sun.

  100. 100
    Anna says:

    Most favourite is backlight! ;) Also morning light, evening light, winter light… least favourite, summer mid-day.

  101. 101
    Camille says:

    favorite light: morning. least favorite light: bright mid-day sun (I’m scared of it!)

    I also like & dislike evening sun because a) it’s beautiful, but b) you lose it so quickly. Knowing how to use an OCF, like Ali, in the evening light is an exciting possibility!

  102. 102
    Amy Dungan says:

    My favorite light is sunshine through a window… it’s just magical! My least favorite light – tungsten/fluorescent bulbs.(Or a hodgepodge of all kind of lights because someone didn’t use all the same kind, like I dealt with a couple of months ago.)

  103. 103

    Favourite Light: Late afternoon, early evening with that golden glow to form perfect backlighting situation that I am still yet to perfect but I will keep practicing. Least Favourite Light: Harsh Australian midday light like today where they are predicting it to reach 40 degrees (C) not (F)!!! I will be staying inside to keep cool in the air conditioning!

  104. 104
    Annie says:

    My least favorite light is direct sunlight. Although you can make it work for some amazing lens flare.

    My favorite light is about 2-3 three hours before sunlight. The light gets better as the sun goes down.

    I can’t wait to start learning about off camera flash so that I can shoot a night. Oh I can’t wait!

  105. 105
    Riz Crescini says:

    My favorite light is light at dusk and light on overcast days. I don’t like indoor light with fluorescent bulbs.

  106. 106
    Riz Crescini says:

    My favorite props are hats and food.

  107. 107

    Favorite light is natural window light… my least favorite light is sunset..only because it’s the most difficult for me to nail.

  108. 108
    Tori says:

    Fav: Sunset light. Hate: Fluorescent.

  109. 109

    All light, especially the beautiful one from God, and my least is gymnasium light

  110. 110
    Stephanie H says:

    My favorite light is early evening and it always seems that I am still wanting to shoot after the sun goes down so learning to use an OFC would be awesome! Least favorite is outdoors mid-day with no shade.

  111. 111
    connie says:

    favorite light: late afternoon, least fav: high noon!

  112. 112
    Wendy Mayo says:

    My most favorite light to shoot in is early morning, right after sunrise – so warm and creamy, like melted chocolate. Yum! I absolutely hate full noon sun in the summer. Too harsh and bad shadows. The only way to compensate is good color balance and a fill flash. Would really love to learn more ways to use off camera flash. Hope I win!

  113. 113
    Kristen Soderquist says:

    My favorite light is the early morning light or late afternoon. The least favorite is definetly the light right in the middle of the day and also the lack of light you get indoors when you don’t have the indirect sunlight from the windows.

  114. 114
    Ruth Emerson says:

    Favorite….late afternoon. Least favorite is any high school gym! Would LOVE to learn how to use my off camera flash!!!

  115. 115
    Barb says:

    From my short experience being a natural light photographer…

    My favorite light is the last hour and a half before sunset up to about 15 minutes after sunset. *happy sigh*

    My least favorite light is fluorescent overhead lighting in a basement “home” with a 5×7 “window” that was supposed to fill the room with natural light. :D

  116. 116
    Gayle says:

    Favorite light: evening light (though I am learning to love my OCF a little more.) Least favorite light: Flourescent indoor light–like some churches seem to have.

  117. 117 says:

    favorite: golden sunset
    least favorite: high noon harsh shadowy light

  118. 118
    Michelle says:

    Least favourite light is definitely at night time, closely followed by inside with little light – I am terrified of having to try and use my flash (-:

  119. 119
    Michelle says:

    Least favourite light is definitely at night time, closely followed by inside with little light – I am terrified of having to try and use my flash (-: and favourite is mid to late afternoon!

  120. 120
    Jana says:

    My favorite light is overcast day. My least favorite light is harsh sun. Very nice images above with the ocf.

  121. 121
    Peggy Arbeene says:

    Late afternoon golden light is my favorite. Least favorite is between 10a-2p or where there is fluorescent light.

  122. 122
    Nat says:

    i just love overcast days , my least favorite bright sun and snow. LOL Canadian girl here !!!!!!!

  123. 123
    Jill says:

    Favorite light: early morning or late afternoon
    Least favorite: no light and sometimes my speedlight (light)

    This would be perfect to have so I can learn to love my speedlight!

  124. 124
    Amy F. says:

    My favorite light is overcast. It’s so easy, although I really love the lighting in pictures taken around sunset. They have an extra “oomph” to them that I just love! :) My least favorite is full sun, and I am trying to get better at it! I have three young children and I don’t want them to think that the sun never shone throughout their entire childhood! :)

    Thanks for the contest! FUN!!

  125. 125
    Sarah says:

    Favorite light: early morning and sunset
    Least favorite: the harsh light at noontime

  126. 126
    michelle says:

    I’ve just found your blog and spent way too much time reading backwards… the OCF technique has always alluded me… I’d love to learn!

  127. 127
    April Alcorn says:

    My favorite light to shoot in would probably be that gorgeous natural early morning light! Either outdoors or streaming in through a bunch of big windows!! Love it!!

    For me I find the worst light situation to be areas with allot of dappled sunlight and harsh shadows!! It drives me nuts having such inconsistent lighting so either I use some sort of fill flash or I avoid it like the plague!! LOL

  128. 128
    Trisha says:

    My favorite light is outside, early evening or inside my studio where I can control the light. My least favorite is mid day harsh sunlight. I’m so intrigued by this OCF…just may become my new fave!

  129. 129
    Teresa says:

    Worst light is my 580 EX II speedlight – I canNOT figure out how to master this thing!!! I’ve had it for over a year and have never gotten good results from it. I would LOVE the chance to win this and finally get some use out of it!! My favorite light is bright overcast days by the beach and that golden 1/2 hour before sunset.

  130. 130
    tracy says:

    most: early morning (like 7:30)- hard to get people out of bed that early
    least: full sun- stinks trying to find a shady spot!

  131. 131

    Fav. light…. when you are lucky to find a great pocket of light. Least fav… high noon and fluorescent lights.

  132. 132
    Missy says:

    My favorite light would be almost sunset…natural light. Least favorite is flourescent lights and dark! But I can tell this book would change the dark one at least!

  133. 133
    Dale says:

    Favorite light is towards evening especially in the colder months, and least favorite is the “unusual” lighting I often run into in indoor settings like a gym or in a library.

  134. 134
    Jennie says:

    My least favorite light is night time, inside my tiny house. :( I get horrible “flashy” pictures and since i work full time, the only time I have to practice is at night, in my house.

  135. 135
    Abby says:

    Most favorite: the last hours before sunset. Heaven!

    Least favorite: icky, green-y, yellow fluorescent lighting

  136. 136
    Sarah S. says:

    My most favorite light is just before sunset (like most I’ve read here) and my least is dimly lit churches that won’t allow flash!

  137. 137
    Deene says:

    Most favorite light is the light the helps me get the color CORRECT IN CAMERA.
    Least favorite light is the light that screws it up IN CAMERA!!!!!!!!!

  138. 138
    janeth says:

    Favorite light: Natural light early in the morning or late afternoon, least favorite light: Tugsten light inside churches.

  139. 139
    laurel says:

    Least favorite light is indoor…favorite is outdoor. Pretty simple.

  140. 140
    MegganB says:

    Most Fav: cloudy mid-day; Least Fav: anyplace dark – inside or out!

  141. 141
    Candy says:

    Favorite: early evening! Least favorite: indoors at night.

  142. 142
    san says:

    thanks for sharing – Ali’s work is great!
    my favourite light to photograph in is early evening – natural light, outdoors. my least favourite? definitely top of the day bright sunshine!

  143. 143
    Jen says:

    My most favorite light is just before sunset when the sun is not so harsh. My lease favorite is mid-day, I just don’t know how to shoot in the middle of the day.

  144. 144
    Kami says:

    My most favorite is evening and my least favorite is mid day or indoors :). OOOOH… I hope I am picked!! I would LOVE this book. Thank you so much for doing this. It is so great of both of you!

  145. 145
    Kortney says:

    Most favorite: Late afternoon/evening and dusk
    Least favorite: Mid-day

  146. 146
    Tiffany says:

    Oh Pick me!! I love Ali and her work!!
    Ok most favorite……last 10 minutes before the sun stes and shooting the light back lit…’s a true recipe for yummy golden perfect light!

    Worst light……dappled light from trees…..very hard to work with!

  147. 147
    Jenny Carroll says:

    My most favorite light for some reason is my bathroom lighting. I want to take every picture in there. My least favorite lighting is…well, I can’t think of my least favorite. But if I have to give an answer, it would be harsh sun.

  148. 148
    Sandy says:

    My favorite light is early morning!! My least favorite is indoor gymnasiums. My daughters are both in competitive gymnastics and the lighting at the competitions is horrible!!!

  149. 149
    Julie Vella says:

    My most favourite light is just before sunset when the light is nice and soft. Worst light – would definitely be midday light and inside light with high iso.

  150. 150
    Kate says:

    My favorite light to shoot in is the warm evening light before sunset, and my least favorite light is bright mid-day sun.

  151. 151
    Kansas A says:

    My favourite light is outside in the sunshine. Grey days are so blah to me, I end up post processing the dickens out of my pics. My least favourite light is in a room with lights set up trying to take portrait shots, I have yet to have any success with that.

  152. 152
    Andrea says:

    Favorite light; about an hour before sunset. least favorite; bright midday .

  153. 153

    Favorite light: Overcast days, sunrise, sunset
    Least favorite light: Harsh sunlight surrounded by anything highly reflective

  154. 154
    Stephanie d says:

    Favorite light is afternoon.

  155. 155
    Diane Stewart says:

    Exciting to see such beautiful pictures with OCF. Favorite light: right before sunset, least favorite light: night time in the house.

  156. 156
    Katie Slater says:

    Oh my, how I would love to learn more about OCF!!!

    Most favorite light: Summer, pre-dusk sunlight
    Least favorite light: harsh noon sun with no clouds

  157. 157
    mary says:

    most favorite light: 1 hour before sunset.
    least favorite light: tungsten or fluorescent lights

  158. 158
    Elizabeth Bailey says:

    Most favorite light: near a window on a sunny day. Least favorite light: sun directly overhead.

  159. 159
    Terri says:

    most fave light: early in the morning. least fave light: low-light either indoors or outdoors

  160. 160
    Penny says:

    Favorite is soft evening light… least fav is high noon with no shade in sight! lol!
    This OCF ebook looks very interesting!! Would love to have it!! hope! hope!

  161. 161
    Penny says:

    Hope this not post twice…

    My fav is the soft evening light and least fav is bright sun with no shade in sight! Would love to have the OCF ebook… looks very interesting! Hope… Hope…

  162. 162
    Laraine Davis says:

    Most favorite light: Fall evening just before sunset
    Least favorite light: flourescent lights
    I would love to win this book. Thanks for giving us so many opportunities!

  163. 163
    Jennifer says:

    My fave light is just prior to sun setting. My least fave is theatre or gym lighting.

  164. 164
    Roon says:

    My favorite light to photograph in is early winter around 9am at the beach when its clear and sunny. My least favorite light is bright midday summer sun – hard to avoid crazy shadows. Can’t wait to check out this book!!!!

  165. 165

    Fave light: Studio flashies! Most disliked lighting: late twilight (w/out flash) Love your work!

  166. 166
    Shell says:

    Favorite light: right before sunset Least favorite: middle of the day

  167. 167
    Kristy Jo says:

    My most favorite light would be 10 minutes after the sun sets. I always seem to take some really great photo’s at that time. Especially by the beach. My least favorite would be inside in the evening hours. I always have problems with my lighting then.

  168. 168
    Tina says:

    Favorite Light: My dining room in the early evening :) And twilight just about anywhere.

  169. 169
    Ellen says:

    Favorite light: right before sunset
    Least favorite: Midday

  170. 170
    Pam Davis says:

    This is rather late, I sometimes miss certain days and don’t get the great stuff till its too late. My least fav light to shoot in is full sun, beach with wet rocks and glare this is where all my families want to be photographed since we live in Maine the coast of maine. WOW why does everyone want the beach? PS is it too late to get the discount on the book?

  171. 171
    Mark Higgins says:

    favorite light is the light right before sunset. The last ten minutes until dusk. My least favorite is mid day light around noon with a bald blue sky.

  172. 172
    gina says:

    most favorite: 1/2 hour before sunset least favorite: broad daylight, noon

  173. 173

    […] Meet Ali Hohn amp Save Money or Win the NEW Rock that OCF e Book Posted by root 7 hours ago ( My least favorite light we did an outdoor wedding in it is noon bright overhead light too my least fav is as everyone else overhead light ex noon sun indoor ceiling lights of any kind ruth emerson says january 13th 20097 44 pm at mcp actions blog is proud Discuss  |  Bury |  News | Meet Ali Hohn amp Save Money or Win the NEW Rock that OCF e Book […]

  174. 174
    Jessica says:

    Least favorite light: Indoor ceiling…
    Most Favorite: The hour before sunset…

  175. 175

    My favorite light to shoot in is just before dusk
    and least is noon day light

  176. 176
    Cammie Music says:

    i love this off camera flash, it gives the photo a fresh look, than the average joe. The only thing that i dislike is, that takes time and practice to learn anything new.

  177. 177
    Kate says:

    favorite: just inside a front door or on a porch
    least favorite: indoors with multiple light sources (tungsten and fluorescent, for example) – white balance is a nightmare!


  1. Meet Ali Hohn amp Save Money or Win the NEW Rock that OCF e Book | Outdoor Ceiling Fans - [...] Meet Ali Hohn amp Save Money or Win the NEW Rock that OCF e Book Posted by …
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