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Contest time! Pricing Guides for Photographers:

Does pricing your photography stress you out?  Do you want to make more money doing what you love? Do you wish you had tips and step-by-step help to determine what you need to charge to make the income you desire?  If you answered “yes” to any of these things, you will want to enter to win this giveaway for the Easy as Pie Pricing Guide and Pastry School for Photographers? Two winners will be picked on Sunday, the 20th.

These books have been written for photographers who need to get their just-starting-out business on the right track towards high sales/low volume or for established photographers who need to maximize sales and eliminate the cheapies forever! From session fees to minimum order requirements- a la carte pricing to collections- Alicia explains it all in a way that simplifies the most intimidating aspect of the photography business.

If you need to get your hands on your very own copy of Easy As Pie + Pastry School RIGHT NOW? The first 100 people to use the code MCP will get the combo set for $100 off! After the first 100 copies are gone- the same code will be good for $75 off through June 20th. If you win and already own the cookbook, let us know and you will get a Spoon Full of Sugar Pricing Consult instead!

To enter:

Leave a comment (on this blog post, not on Facebook), answering the question, “What is your greatest pricing challenge for your business.”

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  1. 2


    My greatest pricing challenge is pricing myself not too high – but not too low that I am under pricing myself. I just don’t know the “right” price to have.

  2. 5


    The biggest pricing challenge for me right now is how to price myself competitively (as a newbie in the market) without underpricing myself….


  3. 6


    The biggest challenge is people thinking I’m too “expensive” and also valuing my work at what price it should be. I just need to be smacked upside my head with some wisdom! haha

    – Chelsea :)

  4. 9

    Jeannine Cooper says

    My greatest pricing challenge is figuring out how to price accordingly for customers due to the economy and also the geographical location where I live. Don’t want to be overpriced, yet don’t want to be underpriced either.

  5. 12


    My greatest pricing challenge is believe in my work enough to charge for it! I think I am good enough, but when it comes time to tell people my prices, it’s really hard! Am I really worth that much??

  6. 14

    Julie says

    My biggest challenge is pricing myself high enough. I have such a hard time determining the “magic” price.

  7. 17


    My biggest pricing problem is standing by my prices, and not letting people try to talk them down because they think that they are “too expensive in this economy.”

  8. 20


    I am just starting out and don’t want to get stuck being a “cheap” photographer. So I need help a little in all areas. But print pricing I would have to say is my weakness right now.

  9. 21

    Leah says

    My greatest pricing challenge is creating collections in such a way that will encourage people to spend more than the minimum amount.

  10. 22


    My greatest pricing challenge is having pricing that is enticing and flexible, but still at a level that is not undercutting my talent and time.

  11. 23


    My greatest pricing challenge is… ALL OF IT! I have had such a rough time with pricing. Especially since I live on a military base. Everyone seems to think my prices are so high, but I am pretty cheap compared to most pro’s in the area. I just don’t know where I am going wrong?!?!

  12. 26

    Trimella Vincent says

    I’m afraid of under charging and the clients thinking I am not good enough to charge a bigger price. But I don’t want to be to high for the area and scare people off.

  13. 28

    Connie McClain says

    I am just getting started into the biz, so pricing is very overwhelming to me! The biggest thing is that I don’t want to set my prices too high and turn away new clients…but then again, I don’t want to set them too low and sell myself short. And then there’s the pricing for the prints and other products…and putting together packages! I’ve come up with an idea, but I’m not very confident about it.

  14. 29

    Susan says

    I have not done collections yet – scared to really. So this would be my next pricing challenge that I’m dealing with.

  15. 31


    My greatest pricing challenge is knowing how to start. I read another post and the photographer stated to make your prices what you want them to be in a year and use discounts until then. I am just starting my business and looking into other local photographers prices doesn’t help. I don’t want to be over priced, but at the same time I don’t want to short change myself. This book would really allow me to learn the ins and outs of pricing my work. Thank you for this opportunity.

  16. 32


    I think my biggest problem with pricing is really figuering out what something is worth. Art, cost, time, shipping, etc and then how much people will value its worth…Sticker shock can cause very low bookings but low ball pricing is like woring for free…Help

  17. 42


    Being new in the photography business the greatest challenge with me and pricing is knowing whether or not I am charging enough, too much, or just the right amount with the great amount of competition on my area.

  18. 43


    Should I do ala carte, package pricing, digital files? Last year I added a digital file collection, but clients scoffed at the price. Only one client was a taker. I want to give the clients what they want, but I need to make money here!

  19. 45


    My greatest challenge is when doing work for friends. I always feel guilty about charging them the same as I would charge a stranger, but the majority of my work at the moment comes from friends. So in order for my business to get off the ground, I have to try to be tough and charge what I believe is a fair price.

    Obviously I’ve invested heavily in equipment, training and time, so I have to start recouping that, but it can be so hard, especially when you know that person doesn’t have much in the way of spare change.

    BTW; I actually did a blog post about MCP Actions yesterday! You can see it here;

  20. 48

    Chelle says

    Making sure I am charging what I am worth. When friends want me to do a shoot for them, sometimes I feel I should give them a break because they are my friends, even though this is my business. Print Pricing, etc…

  21. 50


    My biggest pricing challenge is how to not underprice/undervalue my work. I am constantly struggling to get the right price on both my a la carte items and my session packages (maternity/newborn; baby’s first year; etc.) I’m also starting to think about putting senior photo packages together, and I’m not sure where to start with that and with pricing them.

  22. 54


    My biggest challenge is pricing myself to be competitive in this area but also making money. My area is concentrated with a lot of people doing photography for VERY little money.

  23. 60

    Brooke Reynolds says

    My biggest challenge is just trying to figure out where to start…at a lower price to begin with or a higher price with a discount or??? I don’t want to underprice, but I also don’t want to overprice. I really need help SOON! I’m ready to launch my website, but I’m battling over what prices to post on there…or if I should put prices on my site at all… Thanks for having this contest!! :)

  24. 61


    Biggest pricing challenge these days is that everyone has a digital camera and everyone is a photographer. People can go down to WalMart for $4.99 and get a package.. How do you explain that to the customer? People don’t understand sitting fees or why your prints are not $.49. So I’d say that photography has become cheapened and it is up to us to figure out a way to bring value back to what we do.

  25. 62

    Michelle Johnson says

    My greatest challenge is finding a balance between charging enough to make a profit and not scaring away customers while I’m still starting out.

  26. 63

    Annie Patrick says

    My biggest struggle with pricing is coming up with unique packages/collections and letting people make me feel bad for my pricing. I feel that I’m worth it but haven’t been confident enough. I always feel bad when giving out quotes. We live in a small community where money is tight, but basically I just use that as an excuse! I need to value myself in all aspects of my biz!

  27. 64

    Jessica says

    Sometimes I think I priced too little,it’s not enough pay for the work, and others it’s easy and I feel like I got away with asking too much. There should be a middle ground that I can’t seem to find.

  28. 66


    My greatest pricing challenge is just knowing how people are being affected by our economy (esp. right now since I live on the beaches of the Gulf of Mexico)and wanting, in my heart, to cater to them AS WELL as make sure me & my family & my business are taken care of. It’s a constant struggle sticking to my guns & not letting myself be too soft-skinned.

  29. 69


    My biggest challenge I face with pricing my portraits, is that I can’t find a happy medium to where I can price my photography so its custom and I can bring customers in with a resonable price, but still make a profit from it. I also need to make seperate pricing for babies, seniors, and general portraits. Its all so confusing.

  30. 70

    Molly says

    Would love to win this! My biggest challenge with pricing is getting started and coming up with the ideas of packages.

  31. 72

    Bunny Kramer says

    As professionals, pricing is one of our most challenging issues.

    No matter if we are mediocre or accomplished photographers, our pricing will be the make or break it issue.

    Thank you!


  32. 78


    My husband has told me I am scared of my pricing. I hate asking for money so I guess having confidence in my work and then charging what’s it worth.

  33. 81

    Jessica P says

    My biggest pricing challenge is that I live in a very small-low income town and I don’t know how much people are willing to pay to have their pictures taken.

  34. 84


    My biggest pricing challenge is not charging enough! I spend so much time away from my family and my clients love my work, however, I just can’t seem to ask for more money – it’s like I feel bad. Ugh. I know I have to learn to justify my work. It would be nice to learn from the pros!

  35. 87


    Our biggest pricing challenge, since we are new, is simply figuring out how to price prints. A local photographer enlightened me as to what she charges/ the industry standard is, but that seems a bit high for our proficiency level at this point.

  36. 88


    I am sure I have the same pricing issues as most people…too high and people won’t buy them….too low and I under price my talent! What to do!?!?

  37. 94


    My biggest challenge is pricing high enough to make money but low enough to keep repeat customers and not scare off potential ones.

  38. 98


    My greatest challenge in my photography business is PRICING! I just need some guidance to get me to the right price and the next step in my business so that I can make some money! Thanks for the wonderful contest!

  39. 101


    My biggest issue is how to properly price the more modest clients without giving away my time for free? Another issue is getting the client to commit once they have my price without the “can’t we get a discount?” question.

    I NEED these books!!



  40. 103

    Melissa says

    My greatest pricing challenge is trying to determine what to charge while still building my portfolio.

  41. 105


    I feel if I price myself to high than i won’t get any customers. Right now I have been asked to do a wedding. I have only done one wedding for friend. I would like to expand and do more weddings but I have no idea what to give for a price.

  42. 109

    Shelley Kruse says

    I seriously need help with everything. Being a year into the business, I don’t want to price myself too high, but I don’t want to screw myself because it does take a lot of time and money to run a photography business.

  43. 110


    Getting ready to adjust my pricing. This is the hardest thing. I want my time to be valued but want to be something stay-at-home moms like myself can do. This contest is perfect timing!

  44. 112


    My greatest pricing challenge deciding how much my time is worth and then sticking to that dollar value during projects and estimates. If I think a project is worth $500, but my estimate of my time to do the projects says $1000 based on my hourly rate, I have a hard time sticking to the hourly rate.

  45. 114

    Tracy R Brewer says

    My greatest challenge is pricing high enough to make money, but low enough to draw in customers and compete with “semi-pro” photographers in my area.

  46. 118


    My biggest pricing challenge is sticking to my price and knowing my value. I immediately throw in a coupon to bring the session and print prices down after I quote someone.

  47. 119


    My greatest pricing challenge is pricing too low. I worry that if I am too high they will go elsewhere but if I am too low one of two things happen. They will not book because they think my work is not good enough or they book and I don’t make a dime.

  48. 120


    Getting ready to adjust my pricing. This is hard. I want to value my time but make it affordable to stay-at-home moms like myself. This contest is perfect timing!

  49. 121


    Pricing is one of my biggest struggles. Since I am just starting out, I don’t know what to charge, and I am constantly updating my price sheet to see what works.

  50. 122


    My biggest pricing challenge is having the confidence to charge the right price (much higher than I charge now) without fearing that I will lose all my clients.

  51. 123


    oh so many things that i struggle with when it comes to price. i feel like i slid directly from portfolio building into business & have the same friends & friends of friends clients that i’ve always had (and that are absolutely wonderful!). but i really need to raise my prices & worry about alienating my current clients who have been nothing but wonderful…..pricing is so hard!

  52. 126


    My greatest pricing challenge involves other photographers as well. When another start-up photographer with a basic SLR comes in and charges $35 for a sitting it makes it a challenge for me! Make sure that if you are starting out that you price yourself accordingly and give a percentage off instead.

  53. 130

    Johanna says

    The greatest pricing challenge is that I am so unsure of what to price. I know what it’s worth and what most people want to pay, and they don’t match up. The inevitable guilt sets in and I wonder if I am really worth what I am selling my work as!

  54. 139


    This is perfect because I’m just building my business now! I think that what’s been confusing is the different type of pricing stratagies. I’m in a small town and the few photographers that are here are all priced so differently. I think I can justify my prices in each stratagy but which would appeal more to the clients?

  55. 140

    Jen says

    I’m still very much in planning stages, but worry that I will underprice at the beginning in order to get clients…who will then race away once I push prices up to a more appropriate setting. OR…that I will overprice and have no clients at all! Help!

  56. 141

    Natalie G. says

    My biggest pricing challenge is not knowing where to begin (I’m pretty new to photography and VERY new to selling it) and believing my work is good enough to sell.

  57. 144


    I can’t figure out how to deal with the “giveaway” photographers! Clients seem to expect outrageously inexpensive pkgs and the digital files…. It’s crazy!

  58. 149


    I’m in that boat right now…. what do i charge so not to be to high but I really don’t want to do it for nothing either…. probably packages would be my challenge…

  59. 150

    Linda Kondratski says

    I still struggle with finding the right balance between making a living at this photography gig and making sure my customers are receiving excellent value.

  60. 153


    Just one??? I have so many issues here I will say one of my biggest is under pricing myself. I have issues with telling peopel how much something is.

  61. 156

    Sarah Watson says

    My biggest problem with pricing is knowing where to start! I want to set up packages with print credits etc, but really need some help figuring it out xxx

  62. 157

    Sarah Watson says

    I subscribe to your daily feeds xxx.
    Keeping my fingers firmly crossed that I win this time, I’ve been wanting this guide forever!

  63. 158


    I am still portfolio building, but once I am done with this portion and feel ready to transition I have no idea where to start. Just a starting point on pricing would really be helpful! Thanks for the contest!

  64. 160


    My biggest objective with pricing is not knowing what my worth is. I feel that my price is right for me since it takes time to edit. I think that’s where I feel the price goes to, is my editing. I do things for free cause I feel that maybe I’m not worth what I ask but others who charge the same as I, get more shoots booked. I have yet to be paid.

  65. 164

    Stephanie Moore says

    I am just starting out so my greatest pricing challenge is trying to decide what I am worth. I dont want to undercharge but not sure how to start!

  66. 167


    Being in a military community the majority of people don’t have a lot to spend on portraits. Also there are so many spouses out there that call themselves photographers & charge practically nothing. What should I do?

  67. 168

    Debbie Gibb says

    My biggest pricing challenge is I don’t have one! I am just building my portfolio and having a website done. I love the idea of having someone walk me through this challenge. I have a Mentor who has told me several times, “You never have to struggle to figure this out, you can learn from the best, from their efforts and failures.” With that said, I have taken this advise seriously and have studied and learned from many of those who have already paved the path. I am amazed at all that I have learned and how quickly my talent has developed. It is exciting to know that Alicia has a formula that will work for me. Thank you for sharing. Debbie Gibb

  68. 169


    My biggest pricing challenge, is pricing my time, my art, and my creativity. I don’t know what I’m worth and I know it’s hurting my bottom line but I’m not sure if I’m worth it.

  69. 175

    Jennifer says

    My biggest pricing problem is trying to decide what my time and talent is really worth! I tend to under price/value myself.

  70. 182


    I feel the same as a lot of the previous comments, but I relate the most with Mike (comment #30). The friend issue! You want to give your friends a better price because they are your friends, but if they are the majority of your business now, how are you going to get off the ground if your business is new? This also reminds me of returning client discounts. A lot if people that use you time and again feel that maybe sometimes they deserve a pricing break because they are loyal. I don’t disagree, but how do we establish what is fair for the both of us?

  71. 183


    Package pricing is my biggest challenge, as well as low-balling my costs. I almost wonder if its easiest to charge a set fee, and then let the client apply a portion of it to their print order?!!

  72. 185


    My biggest challenge with pricing is that I always undersell myself. I am too nice and want to cut people a break and sell myself short all the time.

  73. 192

    Regina says

    My biggest pricing challenge is not wanting to under price, but being afraid to over price! I’m also struggling with creating packages.

  74. 194


    I follow you on Twitter as well. Also, in addition to selling myself short I have a problem with putting together packages. I forgot to mention that in my original comment. :)

  75. 196


    My BIGGEST pricing challenge is just starting the process. As a new business I am slowly moving in this direction and after looking at pricing information available in area photogs work I am very confused. Several of them seem to be quite high for the quality of work and even more confusing are the ones that are dirt cheap and often as good as the high priced folks. I know enough to know that the low end folks do not value themselves at all and the high enders are crazy high!

  76. 197


    My biggest problem is getting others to value my work monetarily speaking. Everyone says they love it, but few actually want to pAY for it! No matter what pricing I set or offer…once I give pricing, I never hear back from people. :(

  77. 198


    My greatest challenge is wanting to price ‘affordable’ so I don’t hear “wow you’re expensive” from friends, but also enough so that I make money and aren’t working for free.

  78. 199


    My greatest pricing challenge is that I don’t want to set my prices too HIGH and turn away potential clients OR set the prices too LOW and sell myself short. I live in a pretty small community where most people live on a budget. I guess I can simply say…I am also having a hard time figuring out exactly what *I* am worth as a professional photographer! :)

  79. 201


    My biggest pricing challenge is finding that “magic” number. I need to be high enough to make my time away from my family worth it, and low enough to still get enough sessions. I also am having a hard time with collections.

  80. 202


    my biggest pricing challenge is making sure I price high enough to make a profit but at the same time, keeping a rate that my clients can afford. How do I find the rich clients?!

  81. 208

    Dee says

    thanks for the chance to win an awesome prize! My biggest challenge is pricing myself for what I am worth!

  82. 210


    I have a really hard time determining how to best price packages vs. a la carte items. And I still can’t decide which strategy is best- letting clients pay a session fee and buy products separately, or packing the session fee WITH a set of products.

  83. 211


    My greatest pricing challenge as a business is to find the target market in my area who will value art and photography, and not just a cheap price. I am just starting out in the Portrait arena, using only natural light, after shooting weddings for a few years now. Trying contests and other social marketing to gain a portrait fan base on my Facebook fan page “Into Memories Photography.” This pricing guide would help me take my business to the next level, to be successful in doing what I LOVE!

  84. 215


    My biggest challenge is staying competitive with all the photographers in my area and not feeling guilty charging more than others. I feel like photography should be affordable, something that I can afford myself :)

  85. 216


    My biggest pricing challenge is knowing how and when to decrease my discounts as my business progresses through the portfolio building stage. Thanks for the chance!

  86. 218

    Sheila says

    Making sure I price myself high enough for all the time, effort and expertise I put into each session.

  87. 221


    Being a newbie to the photography business, I really need some help figure out what to do with pricing. Once I give my friends a deal and sharpen up my skills, where do I go from there?
    This would be so awesome to kickstart my business!!!

  88. 222


    I am just starting out and I had my prices higher than they are now and I have had nibbles but no bites and thought maybe if I lowered them I could really get started and still no luck… Am I still to high to be starting out?? Or am I to low and am I killing my start in the process?? I need some help!!

  89. 227

    Alex Jacobs says

    My biggest challenge is digital files. Pricing them correctly and whether or not I should do it at all.

  90. 230


    My greatest pricing challenge for my business is pricing!!!!! Really, it is! I’m constantly second guessing myself and wondering why I haven’t figured it out yet!

  91. 232

    Kaylene Brewer says

    I am in the process of putting together a business plan right now…the whole idea of putting together pricing is a challenge for me!

  92. 234

    Ganell says

    my pricing challenge – do I have to name just one! Well, I don’t always believe in my work! I see others that are so much better than me and think that they deserve to charge that much. Two, I am not an upperclass type person. I could never afford to go to an expensive photographer, nor was I ever raised that way. I am a working middle class person, and I have always catered to that. I think my biggest fear is losing the clients I have because I raise my prices.

  93. 237


    My biggest challenge is feeling guilty about charging people who I’m not sure can afford it. But if they can’t, they wouldn’t book right?? I always want to start throwing in a bunch of freebies.

  94. 238

    Alicia says

    My greatest challenge is living in a small town tucked in an area of the country where good paying jobs are very rare and where artist types flock. Its a fine balance between pricing it low enough and having a lot of competition.

  95. 241


    My issues are where to start. I am still PB and need to start charging but I just don’t know where or why. I through a price list up but there was no reason for the prices just what I thought sounded good.

  96. 242


    My biggest challenge is putting together collections–what to include and whether to make them flexible so clients can swap out items.

  97. 243


    My biggest challenge is feeling guilty for charging money for something I love doing. That’s got to be a crime! And do I charge for my art or time put into creating my art? I would love this book to help me out with pricing! :)

  98. 245


    Ugh! Pricing is so stressful. I have the hardest time knowing what to charge in order to attract the right clients and how to be confident in that pricing structure when I’m just starting out and have so much anxiety about it.

    Also, I’m now following you on twitter!

  99. 246


    I think every week my greatest challenge changes! But as I’ll be changing my pricing up in September, I’m going back and forth between higher session charge & lower print prices vs. lower session charge & higher print prices.

  100. 250

    Christy says

    I don’t want to undercut other local photog’s, but I want something reasonable – that the average family that lives in my struggling econimcally challenged town can afford.

  101. 254


    Everything really, a lot of times I find myself doing or “pricing” something that I think works only to read a blog or find a book that shows me that I have thought about the issue all wrong. What I love about these types of resources it that it gives us the opportunity as artist to stop and thing like business people. Thanks for the contest!

  102. 256


    Finding a happy medium. I enjoy photography and don’t want it to be overpriced, yet I’d really appreciate being able to pay my bills!

  103. 258

    natalie lawson says

    not in business yet, just probonoing and practicing, but my greatest challenge *so far* has been what will i even start my prices at since i’m new to all this….

  104. 259


    I have everything al a carte, which I know hurts me, but i have NO idea how to create packages that will draw my customers, and still make me money….Seriously, NO IDEA. HELP!! :)

  105. 267

    Lynn Stover says

    I am just starting out so I am struggling with what to charge to get clients. Also I had a guy call me and want me to take some pics of him at work for a magazine and then take some pics of the lab and everyone working. He asked me what I would charge and I have no idea.

  106. 268

    Michelle says

    Currently redoing my pricing and finding it all a little overwhelming. Am I charging enough? As a boutique business, what pricing strategy and product offerings will put me squarely in the client circles I want to circulate in???

  107. 274

    Janel KG says

    My biggest challenge in pricing is knowing when to move to the next level, and putting together collections. I’m just starting out and want to do it the right way!

  108. 276


    I really struggle with all my pricing, but especially with putting collections together. I have digital collections now, but not any print collections and I really think I need to put some together.

  109. 277

    Aleza says

    Gift prints are a tasty entree: Packages are the buffet. EAP gave the recipe for the entree – the buffet I need a master chef to help me with ;).

  110. 280


    My biggest pricing challenge is deciding what pricing to charge for my level of experience. I DON’T want to undercut the industry, but want more seasoned veterans to be honored for their experience by receiving higher compensation.

  111. 284


    Agggh! Sorry, left the post on the wrong part of the blog:)

    I love MCP blog post! Got that out, now for me, my biggest challenge is pricing sets. I charge differently for Senior portraits, family, pets and sometimes I have to recalculate. It is so frustrating when I talk to a client to explain pricing. Because I really don’t have a percentage I go by. I am not pulling prices out of a hat, but on the same note, I don’t know how to “value” my time, the Easy as Pie pricing would greatly help me.

  112. 286


    The greatest pricing challenge for my business is simply finding a pricing strategy that will cover my expenses and actually put me in the black at tax time! I am a relatively new business, and am having a difficult time with that so far. My packages are one way right now, but I am thinking of changing them, but I’m afraid of the effects it may have on my bookings. Pleeeease! I need this!

  113. 292


    My biggest challenge is being in such a tiny town that I cannot ask crazy high prices because the people here don’t see photography as an art. I am sick of defending my pricing (it is freakin low low low now!) to clients and I am the high end photographer in this area. UGH.

  114. 303


    My greatest challenge in pricing would be I am not much of a salesman and I seem to not push enough. And I would like to focus on higher end clients but I dont know how to draw them in?

  115. 304

    Tana says

    My greatest pricing challenge is getting the courage to price high enough to make a good profit, but low enough to not scare everyone away.

  116. 306


    PICK ME PICK ME! My greatest pricing challenge is figuring out i) how to price for the digital images particularly for low-res images and ii) if i’m better off focusing on prints instead of digital images. For example, I just shot my first engagement shoot and I charged US$200 for an hour session, which gave them 20 high res and low res images. But when it’s time to blog the session, I prefer to put up my favourite images as opposed to the ones the client chose, which means they can just download the low res images off my blog, which means I might as well give them all the low res images but then perhaps I should price accordingly. I’m sorry it’s so long but I’m just so confused!!! :-/


  117. 308


    My greatest challenge in pricing myself is how as a beginner I am trying to be competitive in a very small town , and pricing is lower than I would like here. Unsure of what to do.

  118. 315

    Mark OD says

    The greatest pricing challenge I have for my business is billing for extra time not realized for post processing, handling and delivery of the orders, and in some cases the paperwork involved. This is overlooked and rarely scheduled but in someway needs billed to the client.

  119. 317


    I am just starting in the photography business. I’ve been doing family sessions for friends for about 3 years now for a token fee (basically covers my babysitter)… everyone loves the photos, raves about them. However, now that I am ready to start charging big girl prices… well… you can imagaine the hesitation on the part of the previously token paying friends. With new clients I feel comfortable charging fair prices, but the old faithfuls, the friends I’ve practiced with over these years? This is a challenge.

  120. 320


    Bought yesterday and I AM SO GLAD I did not try to jump into business without reading Easy as Pie and Pastry School first. I can’t believe how little I knew about how photographers actually make money.

  121. 323


    My biggest pricing challenge is putting together the different options and then feeling comfortable with my pricing and not second-guessing myself constantly, feeling like I’m priced too high (mostly) or too low (not so much).

  122. 324


    I have EAP and have found that it has made a big difference in both my bottom line and my confidence in my pricing structure. Would love a spoon full of sugar…My greatest pricing struggle is my collections.

  123. 325


    My greatest challenge in pricing is finding that “happy medium”. I just don’t want to cut myself short, but I also want my prices to be reasonable for my market. That’s what I’m having the hardest time working out. This would be an amazing gift to win!!

  124. 328


    the balance between getting what i deserve, but not having clients think i am overpriced. i live in a small town where many have not seen ‘lifestyle’ photography and think they can get what they need from a big ‘retailer’ for super cheap. i want them to get a quality product but i don’t want to give it away.

  125. 331


    The biggest pricing challenge for me is how to figure out the transition from portfolio building to being fully in business while targeting a specific clientele.

  126. 332


    The difficulty I have with pricing making sure that I am appropriately valuing my time/talent on top of the actual COGS. I would love to win this. Fingers crossed.

  127. 333


    My greatest pricing challenge for my business is the city I live in. There are so many photographers working for peanuts with out experence. It makes me look like I am charging too much.

  128. 337

    Karen says

    I need this BAD. I want to give everything away.
    I follow MCP on Facebook and subcribe to daily RSS updates. You are awesome.

  129. 341

    Sherri Dale says

    my biggest challenge is finding the balance … high enough to make money, the right/perceived value for my customers and having the confidence to ask for more

  130. 342


    what is my biggest pricing challenge? It seems like everything, but it probably boils down to setting a price that makes me comfortable sticking to when clients ask for discounts, which it seems they always do these days! Trying to get this business up and running, and feel nickle and dimed on everything! And how to not provide too many options that it gets confusing, but still be able to respond when someone says, well I want that one but with this font, and this color, and these different pics, but I don’t want to pay anymore even though it’s going to take you an hour to do all that….” I want customers to be totally thrilled with their product, but I don’t want to get rolled over in the process.

  131. 343


    I think my greates pricing issue is: how can i price myself at what I’m worth, when many other photographers in my area are SO CHEAP!?! And how can i get past caring, and start valuing myself??

  132. 344

    Mariann Alexander says

    Pricing is so hard when your just starting out! When do I stop pricing to “build my portfolio”? How can I become confident and KNOW that I’m worth it?

  133. 345

    Kristen Werden says

    Biggest challenge: Finding customers that are willing to spend the kind of money I ask for from them. They compare me to retail chain portrait studios and find it difficult to spend more than they would for those products.

  134. 355


    I think a lot of photogs in my area are charging enough. When I really tried to figure out how much a session should cost so that I made more than $8 an hour, I was a lot higher than other photographers. This guide would be really helpful in trying to figure this pricing stuff out and feel confident about my prices.

  135. 359

    Melissa M says

    My biggest challenge is not feeling guilty about charging people for what I’ve been doing for free for so long for friends and family. I’m just starting out so I need help!

  136. 360

    jinjii says

    Don’t know where to begin. Never know if I’m charging too little or too much. All of it would be a godsend.

  137. 363

    Trish Millard says

    My biggest pricing challenge is that I’mm geting paid to shot the pic’s but editing for free… help!

  138. 364


    My biggest obstacle in pricing is knowing where to start. I have made a “price list” and I thought I was charging right. I have been in biz for 9 months and things are picking up I am not making ANY money! I so need this resource.

  139. 371

    Alison says

    My biggest challenge is coming up with a set price and sticking to it!! I am in the process of building my portfolio to launch my website in August…in the meantime I find myself wanting a certain image and basically give them away instead of doing it with a “real” client! I need more patience- and the guns to stick to it!!!

  140. 372


    As a new business I offer what could be referred to as budget pricing. I have a difficult time deciding where the line should be between too low and too high. This would help me SO MUCH!

  141. 373


    My greatest pricing challenge is sticking to it. And I am not sure I am priced ‘right’ for me yet. I neeeeeed Easy as Pie 😉

  142. 379


    I actually struggle with all things pricing, but my hardest is figuring out a way to price products. Especially collections! Oh who am I kidding!? I don’t know how to price anything, really. I need some serious help!

  143. 386

    joanna wolfe says

    I have a difficult time not pricing myself right out of the market in my small town! (where most people are ultra cheepo’s)

  144. 389


    I don’t want to alienate past clients, but I want to attract clients that value my work and I don’t want to bring the industry down by “shoot n burn”.

  145. 390

    Nanette Gordon-Cramton says

    I could really use some help in this department. Its so hard to know all the real expenses that need to go into figuring what a photo shoot really “costs” me, and then of course, to pay myself well for my work!!

  146. 395


    Right now, the toughest thing for me is pricing as a newbie pro. I’ve been shooting for three years and it’s time to get serious! And I’ve heard nothing but great things about Easy As Pie. :) Thanks for the discounts!

  147. 396


    My great pricing challenge is WEDDINGS! I have changed around my pricing a lot just in the first year. I know you need to raise as you gain knowledge and experience… but what do I include and what to people REALLY want in their packages!?

  148. 398


    I would say that everything about pricing is a challenge to me – I totally agree with those who said that they have a hard time not under-valuing their work. However, probably the hardest thing for me is selling my work. I can tell people all day about how awesome my new shark navigator vacuum is and how they absolutely have to go buy one, but when it comes to my own work, I don’t know what to say or how to say it!!

  149. 402

    Trey Petty says

    My greatest challenge is just starting out how to find that balance. How do I balance pricing to attract more clients with trying to earn money. I have a decent portfolio but am always looking to add to it. I am struggling with the balance between session fee, minimum orders, and lingering orders…

  150. 410


    I don’t even know where to start, pricing baffles me! Don’t want to be so high that people won’t even consider using my services.

  151. 412


    My biggest pricing challenge has been that I don’t have it my pricing set yet. I haven’t been able to find a happy place where I feel like I’m getting paid what I deserve and still have enough clients.

    I bought this the second I saw it because it looked like an answer to my prayers and all the stress I’ve been feeling lately about pricing! I bought it yesterday, I read it and LOVED it and its the first time I’ve felt like I can actually have my prices where I feel like I’m getting paid what I deserve! FINALLY! Someone that understands and tells me how to go for it. Thank you Alicia. I would LOVE to win your “Spoon Full Of Sugar” consult. If we win that, can we apply it toward a bigger consult? Just curious. Thank you!

  152. 414

    Cally Olson says

    Price too high loss clients. Price too low not receiving the type of clientele you want. Confidence in myself to explain why my prices as are. I know I want high clientele but how do I price for that and then explain, yes my prices are high, but with me you get XYZ and if I am too high for you that is ok.

  153. 417


    I am very new and am having a hard time coming up with a fair pricing structure at all. I have simply been charging a flat rate for travel and sessions and I know I need to get out of that rut.

  154. 420

    Carolyn says

    My challenge is pricing in general. I’m just getting started with my photography business and not really sure how to set prices so I still make a profit without over charging.

  155. 426


    my greatest pricing challenge is being afraid to tell people what i charge thinking they won’t choose me. I’m slowly learning to get over it.

  156. 429

    wendy says

    not even sure where to begin. I have loved reading your 6 steps and love the inspiration it has given me hope to get more.

  157. 431


    This would be a great tool! My biggest challenge is getting myself to take the DVD out of my package and offer products! I can’t get over my feelings that clients will think my prices are too high if I take it out:(

  158. 433

    Debbie says

    My biggest frustration in pricing is establishing a “reasonable” price without cutting myself short (in comparison to time spent at shoot, editing, creating albums, etc.).

  159. 441

    Erin Lenore says

    My biggest pricing challenge is deciding whether or not to offer images on cd or strictly prints. Should I offer print collections and a minimum order amount? I just don’t know. I don’t want to undercharge or overcharge.

  160. 442


    What is your greatest pricing challenge for your business?
    –figuring out how to price myself such that I can afford to actually *start* a business

  161. 452


    What is your greatest pricing challenge for your business?
    Finding a happy medium. I want to price things so I have enough work but so that I am also making enough money for my time spent.

  162. 453


    I really have a problem charging people for everything i do.I feel like i should do things for free all the time and it really has to stop.friends and family are the hardest.I really need to learn how to make money from something i love so much!!

  163. 454

    Adrianne says

    My biggest challenge with pricing? Knowing where to start!! I feel like I get brain lock when I try to figure it all out. So much to think about and take into consideration.

    I’m already a follower on RSS and FB. Thanks, again, Jodi! Thanks, Alicia!

  164. 455

    Crystal says

    I’m not ‘in business’ yet, but I don’t want to make some of the mistakes others have before me….and be taken advantage of. Easy as Pie gets such great reviews I would love to start out with the best way and not have to go through trial and error to get it right!

  165. 456

    Jennifer Campbell says

    I don’t want to undervalue myself. Nor do I want to price myself out of the market. I want to find my own niche.

  166. 459

    Billy Hubbell says

    My biggest pricing challenge is trying to figure how much is low enough for my friends & family to afford but still make a profit.

  167. 462


    Where do I start? I’m just starting out and have no idea what to charge for my sessions – portrait, seniors, engagement, families. I could use something to help me get a feel for what to charge without undervaluing my work.

  168. 463

    Ashley says

    My greatest pricing challenge is to be confident in what I’ve set so when people call just to yell at me for NOT being $50 for the whole shabang type of photog, I do not need to apologize.

  169. 464


    Pricing has always been my downfall. I didn’t know what to charge or any good pricing theories so I just did the old well that sounds good! Terrible way I know! And because I’m not confident in my pricing I’m always negotiating – I think having a tool such as this will really help grow my business to where I want it to be :-)

  170. 465


    I know that I am priced too low, but I can’t quite work out how to set higher prices AND find the people who are willing to pay those prices. I’m not part of my target market, and I’m finding it difficult to find a way in to that market. If I set my prices to properly compensate me for my time and effort and talent, then I certainly couldn’t afford me! And none of my friends nor my current clients could afford me either!

  171. 470

    Melinda says

    I feel my biggest challenge with pricing is wanting to make my service affordable but not to undersell myself or my skills. :S

  172. 472


    My greatest pricing challenge is believing in myself as being good enough to charge what other photographers charge, and worrying that my prices may be too high for some people and scare them away. :(

  173. 473


    My biggest challenge is trying to be fair and balance the amount of work that goes into an image with the final cost. It’s hard to know where that balance is….

  174. 475


    A friend just recommended this book to me! Something I struggle with is trying to figure out what to charge for something that wil span over multiple sessions.

  175. 477


    I am JSO and not really sure where to start. I have seen a few people locally doing a $50 session plus CD with all the images and just think that they are completely undervaluing their time and talents! I want to be competitive in my pricing, but make sure that I am getting compensated for the amount of time that it takes to shoot and post process, plus figuring in the other costs involved.

  176. 479

    Helen S says

    My problem is coming up with packages and prices. I am just starting out and I am afraid that I will under myself…

  177. 484

    Rachael Ice says

    My greatest pricing challenge?
    Probably being too nice and giving everyone the “friends and family” deal. Thus, working for pennies…

  178. 485


    My biggest pricing challenge is knowing how to charge for labor. I end up charging for images, but don’t know how to price the time it takes me to prepare, shoot, and edit….a per hour fee? a standard studio fee? Arg!! see what I mean??

  179. 489


    My greatest pricing challenge would be keeping a set price for everyone. I feel bad charging people so I don’t always stick to my prices :(

  180. 494

    Julie Vella says

    How exciting! My biggest challenge is working out what are the right prices for my personal business, working out what I need to come out in front. Actually I pretty much need help with all pricing lol!

  181. 497

    Julie Vella says

    Oh and I’m already a follower of your facebook, get your feeds to my email and subscribed to twitter :)

  182. 501

    Julie says

    My greatest pricing challenge comes in dealing with family and friends. I really do want to give them a discount, but don’t seem to know where to draw the line. I often end up feeling like I’ve been taken advantage of and I know it’s my own fault. I’d love ideas for how to treat family and friends extra special besides giving them a discount.

  183. 504

    Nataly Harris says

    I really hope I win! My biggest pricing challenge? Determining solid pricing for my business that includes both printing goodies and digital formats…maybe it’s just me, but I think my market is a challenging one! Help me!

  184. 507


    I am the greatest pricing challenge to my business…and I have a hard time getting clear guidelines from other photogs..who seem all to eager to give their time and talent away for the love of the craft. Learning the business is where I’m at now. Thanks for all the posts on this site that are greatly helping me sort it all out.

  185. 509

    says’s all hard for me.. I really struggle..because I am sooo frugal’s hard to price knowing I personally would have a hard time Ugh!

  186. 510


    Where do I start? I’ve had a graphic design business for 19 years and 4 years ago added photography. (still don’t have a photography website up…) My greatest pricing challenge is probably packages vs. a la carte pricing. Every time I think I have it just right I start doubting myself and rework the whole thing. It’s horrible and needs to be fixed once and for all! I NEED to win this! :)

  187. 511


    My biggest pricing challenge is finding out how to price myself accurately. I started out low and have been inching forward. I really need to price myself accurately instead of making adjustments. Then I can find my market and grow from there.

  188. 514

    Gina Yeo says

    I was sitting down to price my packages (which is my biggest challenge) and was reading my email (yes, procrastinating) when I discovered this post! Order up!

  189. 515


    My biggest challenge is pricing to compete with beginning photographers in my area who are dirt cheap! I want to make money, but I don’t want to scare off potential clients. I would LOVE to win!

  190. 516


    I hate when people say “you’re so expensive”. OMG, I wanna rattle some necks. I’m giving personal service here. If you don’t want that, go to Wal-mart. And btw, I’m not “expensive”!! Grrr. Sorry.

  191. 517

    Ally says

    My biggest challenge is wanting to find the right price for me. I struggle with wanting to have low prices so those who don’t have a lot still can get quality pictures but not wanting to be so low I don’t make any money or people don’t take me seriously.

  192. 522

    Mary Jane Bohlen says

    I am just starting out, so any help in pricing my work would be beneficial. My photographic art sells well and I have it fairly priced.

  193. 530

    Tina says

    I am not sure what I am worth I am a self taught photographer and I worry that since I don’t know everything how could I charge like the professionals. And when your self taught how do you know when your a professional? Is there a test…lol I would love a future article on that. “How to know when your a Professional Photographer”

  194. 536

    Victoria says

    Coming up with packages/collections that are not confusing to clients and beneficial to my bottom line.

  195. 537

    Terry says

    My biggest challenge is asking friends/family who want me to do photos for them to hand over the money. The difference in people’s opinions on what photography is worth is hard to deal with, too. Some people tell me I’m not charging enough. Others get that look on their face like “you charge THAT for taking some pictures???” when I tell them a price. UGH!

  196. 540


    I so believe in, “things happen for a reason.” I just upgraded my camera this week to a Nikon D90 and have high hopes of launching my own business. I have a friend that has been helping me but I am at a TOTAL LOSS on the pricing. I don’t want to feel like I am getting over on a client or vice versa. My most recent experience as to why I so desperately NEED this information is 2 weeks ago I had a client want engagement pictures. Being my worst critic and underestimating myself I charged them $150. Since then they have decided they want to shoot in an additional location and assumed I would just charge them an additional $150, not so. To make a long story short I ended up eating some cost b/c I am new in this field and don’t want to make a bad name for myself as I am just starting out. I graduated 1 year ago this month and have no 9 to 5. I too am planning on homeschooling but as you know it is not cheap to furnish everything your child will need. OK I will stop this is getting wordy and I could keep going on about how I need this, so PLEASE CONSIDER ME!!! I NEED HELP!!!

  197. 541


    My biggest challenge… I don’t even know how to begin with pricing. I’d love to start freelancing both graphic design and the photography, I’m hoping this guide can help me with both.

  198. 545


    Biggest pricing challenge…..all of it really. My friends say my prices are too low, that I don’t think highly enough of my work. I’m just not sure how to price things.

  199. 548

    Krystal Mruskovic says

    Living in a small town and having the pricing to be right for my clients and be profitable. Everyone wants everything for free

  200. 549

    Julie H says

    My challenge is being competitive but not cheap. I am new to the industry & need to get established.

  201. 554


    I’m just starting out. I’ve been taking hundreds of pictures, adjusting them, having them printed and basically learning every single thing that I can about photography and loving every minute of it. I’m dying to do this for money, but the thought of actually pricing my time and photos sends me into a frenzy. I’m afraid I would be over or under, offer too much or not enough, there are a thousand things that I can think of that stop me from starting. I think I’ve become my own worst enemy.

  202. 556

    Erin says

    Knowing that I’m a new photographer and wanting to get customers, but not undervaluing my time/skill.

  203. 557

    Larry Green says

    MCP rocks, I enjoy read there news letter. I thick there action are cool and easy to use.

    Keep up the great work.

  204. 558


    My biggest pricing challenge is all if it! I don’t know how to price my sessions, prints, etc. I have a hard time deciding on the right price…I feel like I under price to make people happy! Then when I realize that my price mirrors my quality of work, I think of raising my prices. But, then it comes down to me not wanting people to think that I’m too expensive and to turn away from me because of it.

  205. 560


    My greatest pricing challenge is in the post-processing part of photography (the behind-the-scenes) Sure, you can charge a session fee, but what covers the endless hours of editing, prepping, and finalizing a session? How can you put a price on your time? :-)
    I am learning step-by-step and I hope Easy as Pie can help me!!

  206. 561


    I’m a military spouse so we’re always moving, on average every 6 months. By the time I build up my name I have to go. . . one of the thing I feel I HAVE to do in order to get my name out there is to run specials to get clients in the door. Even my regular non-special prices are low for the experience + quality I provide, but NO ONE will pay me my non-sales rate. If I don’t run sales, I get no business. I know my work is probably geared to more select customers, but I don’t have many options living the lifestyle I do. I feel I have to short myself to accommodate fellow Army families who usually do not have much money to spare. So what do I do? Charge very little or get no clients ever? HELP!

  207. 566

    kimi says

    I have a hard time trying to figure out how to price add ons… adding one or two items to a package

  208. 576


    Ummmm . . . that I’m still not charging anyone??? I haven’t had the guts yet to leap from “Sure, I’ll take your photo” to “Here’s my fee”.

  209. 577


    Packages!! I’m just starting out and my website is brand new, I have not set up any pricing for weddings, seniors OR any packages of any kind because it literally gives me a headache! I LOVE what I do but am having so much trouble getting a business going because I don’t know how not to give in to the people who try to negotiate and talk me down when I feel like my prices already may be too low. Ugh!

  210. 578


    That’s a toughie but my greatest challenge is numbers. I’m terrible at math and sitting down to try and figure it all out myself is just painful. I have no idea where to begin, I start plucking numbers out of the air and then I get frustrated and quit because I know I’m not getting anywhere with it! It’s really frustrating when a potential clients asks about your prices and you have to hem and haw and look like a complete idiot that doesn’t know what she’s doing because you are grasping at numbers.

  211. 579


    My biggest challenge is keeping myself competitive with all the other photographers in my area, seems like there are a ton!!

  212. 580

    Heidi Brand says

    I think the biggest pricing challenge is to value your work, but still give clients value, when all they have been used to is chain stores for photography. I know I am not a chain photographer, but it is challenging to find the right price difference.

  213. 582


    I find that customers desire personal attention and great customer service. Their expectations are high as they should be, but somehow it does not already translate into high sales. The norm is multiple backgrounds, locations, clothing changes etc. but when it’s time to order they seem overwhelmed. Like eating at a buffet, too much choice, and even I usually select something safe and familiar. They want it ALL when you are shooting, but after viewing their images, can be very selective when buying! Oh, let me add taking camera phone photos when you aren’t looking with their camera phones (just one for grandma)! Oh, rude!

  214. 584

    Kelly Ann says

    I have a had time pricing canvas portraits. My thought is that if more people own them, more will want them, but people feel that there is too big of a gap between photographic paper and canvas wraps.

  215. 588

    Alicia says

    I am in a small town with very price sensitive people living here. No idea where to start with pricing!

  216. 593


    My biggest challenge is just figuring out what to charge so that I feel like the time I’m spending shooting and editing is worth it. Thank you. Would love to win!

  217. 594

    Lindsay says

    I just don’t know where to start…. I have base prices but sometimes I feel they are too low for the time I spend, and sometimes I feel that they are too high and no one will book me. I neeeed this!!!

  218. 598

    rachael s says

    trying to figure out how to combine a la carte items into collections that will work for my clients.