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One Day Contest! Win Fun, Holiday Card Templates for Photographers
Photographer Cafe, an advertiser on the MCP Actions Blog, is known for its inspirational blog and its shop filled with beautiful, practical templates for photographers. The popular Business and Marketing template sets make it easy for photographers to present a polished image within minutes, and the newest holiday card templates for 2010 are sure to be a hit with both photographers and their clients.
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Enter to win all three holiday sets!  Two winners will be selected tonight.

To enter the contest:

  • Submit a comment on the MCP Blog (not Facebook) and answer the question, “What do the holidays mean to you?”
For extra entries: 1 for each bullet point, do the following and come back and add a comment letting us know you did.

Good luck – and remember to check back tonight to see if you are one of the two lucky winners.

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  1. 1


    To me the holidays mean more than gift giving. It is a time to get together with family and celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ. It is a time to be with the ones you love and might not get to see all the time. It’s about Christ and Family.

  2. 4


    To me, the holidays mean FAMILY. I love that I get to see all of my family in one place, there is good food, conversation and just joy! I especially now love holidays because I get to see it through my 5 y/o’s eyes, the wonder and enthusiasm that goes along with it all. It also means praising the Lord Jesus Christ for what He did for me, and how He blesses my family and I every day!

  3. 8


    The holidays mean something completely different to me now that I have children. I always wanted a big family. Then I married a man with 5 children and we had two of our own. Now it is all about making those days special for them. Before my children, I would dread the holidays. Now I am wanting to start traditions for them. :)

  4. 12

    Betsy Riggleman says

    To me the Holidays means being with you family and loved ones. It’s not about the gift givng it’s remebering the reason why we celebrate Christmas and Jesus.

  5. 13

    Jane says

    For me the holidays means spending time with our family. It is also a time for us to remember that you get in life what you give.

  6. 15


    The holidays mean spending time with my family :)
    Taking lots of photos in the summer months.
    And spending as much time as I can with my little 1 and a half year old cousin and photographing him as he grows up :)

    I am already following mcpactions on twitter and I already like MCP Actions on Facebook but have just started following Photography Cafe on both twitter and facebook now :)

    And I just retweeted the competition on twitter and on my facebook


  7. 16


    The holidays mean celebrating the birth of Christ, spending time with family and friends, and letting all the stresses of life go by the wayside…. it’s the time of year that I can spend uninterrupted time with my family, not putting the kids off because I have images to process!

  8. 19

    Alesha Walker says

    Ohh what a great contest. Holidays to me are about spending time with my extended family. It’s the time of year where we all slow down and get together.

  9. 27

    Michelle says

    I’ve been a fan of MCP Actions and follow the Photographer Cafe blog, but I didn’t realize that I wasn’t their fan on FB. I am now!!! I LOVE the holidays and am in the process of starting my business, so this is PERFECT! Thanks for the opportunity!

  10. 32

    Neesie says

    After the mad rush of preparation… Holidays are a time to relax and catch up with the growing family, and share in the young ones’ joy.

  11. 33

    Cindy G says

    The holidays, to me, mean spending time with family and enjoying holiday traditions.

    I also became a fan of Photographer Cafe on Facebook.

  12. 36


    Without a doubt, the holidays mean family – spending time with my loved ones, enjoying each other’s company, celebrating the birth of Christ, and celebrating the end to a wonderful year and beginning of another. (The holidays also include indulging in my mother-in-law’s wonderful homemade holiday cookies — I wish I knew her secret!)

  13. 37


    To me the holidays,of course, means spending time with family. However after you have children, the holidays are no longer fun and games! It’s alot of stress and very expensive (especially if you have 6 little ones)! But it’s all worth it in the end <3

  14. 38


    I absolutely love Christmas time! Of course, Christmas is celebrating the birth of Christ. We do so by spending time with family, snuggling up with hot chocolate and a movie by the fire, watching the joy on my children’s faces as they give and receive special gifts… it is one of my favorite times of the year!

  15. 45


    The holidays mean Christmas at Grandma Betty’s! There are now approximately 35 of us…and we still all meet together at Gma’s. We all eat lunch, and before we open gifts, we read the Christmas story, light candles, and sing happy Birthday to Jesus. We open all of our presents INDIVIDUALLY. With two presents each, this is quite an event! And we applaud after every gift – no lie. And if you ask anyone in our family that same question…everyone will answer “Christmas at Grandma Betty’s!”

  16. 48


    The holidays mean to me remembering the things that are truly important in our lives and spreading love. It’s a time to reflect on our spirit and how it affects the world.

  17. 50


    I’m not a super religious person, so the holidays mean connecting and spending time with those you love. It’s about re-connecting with those that you don’t talk to/see often. And it’s about making new memories .

  18. 51

    Michelle says

    As the newly adoptive mom (August 6th) to an eight year old who has been in our care (foster care) for the last 4 years, the holidays are all about family and making special memories. I wanted for so many years to be a mom! Our first Christmas with our little guy was rather disappointing to me…I had waited so long for a child to share the joy with. Yet he knew nothing of what to expect and had just turned 5. I couldn’t believe it! Every year since has been so wonderful – he knows the joy of so many things now! While of course he loves to open the gifts, he values the traditions even more…baking (his number one I believe!), decorating, extra, special time with family, the parties, visiting Santa, celebrating Christ’s birth. There are so many things we all enjoy! Last year he wanted a camera, which his grandparents gave to him. So now I truly have a mini me!

    I’m currently building my portfolio to start a business, and these templates are fantastic! I love Christmas cards! Thank you so much for the opportunity!

  19. 53


    Family gatherings. every year we get together and play hockey on the dugout. Everyone plays. some people are skating, many arent. you have to weave in and out of kids playing! great times.

  20. 54

    Noelle says

    The holidays are my favorite time to be with my family and loved ones. A time to contemplate what is most important to me.

  21. 55


    For me, the holidays have a special place in my heart for we get to see friends and family we don’t have the option of seeing throughout the year. We truly make the most of each second.

  22. 58

    Regina White says

    Holidays are special because it when family get together and just the smell in the air is so refreshing even though in Michigan it’s freezing cold by then. lol

  23. 62


    The holidays are an increadable time for I have 2 children who I love to see excited and overjoyed with happiness! I love to spend time with friends and family! And to capture all of the smiles and excitement with my lens!
    I completed all of the above items!! I love all of your helpful information! I also have a few of your action sets and I love them! This is a wonderful site and great that you are so helpful!

  24. 65


    they mean, love and light. and crisp air outside and warmth in the home. they mean excitement and wonder and togetherness and… a thousand other wonderful things.

  25. 71


    The holidays mean togetherness and tradition. This year, they will be even more special as my daughter started college last week. So, this year, the holidays will mean she comes home for a bit!!! That’s going to be the best present ever!!

  26. 73

    Tracey says

    To me, the holidays mean spending time with family and friends. And of course, sharing the excitement of Christmas joy with my children. :)

  27. 83

    Jenny Stricklin says

    Oh the holidays! To me it means joy…. the joy of abundant life in Jesus… the joy of watching my kids eyes light up when they’re with their family… the joy of one more season to celebrate.

  28. 87

    Becky Palmer says

    The holidays to me are the wonders of the lights and decorations through the eyes of the kids. The anticipation of finding just the right thing to make for a special person. The smells of baking and the sounds of carols. The love and the laughter of the time spent with loved ones. The holidays are magic.

  29. 97

    MelindaV says

    I love those cards! To me, the holidays mean spending time with my immediate family. As a family of 7, we are always going in opposite directions. The holidays give us a chance to regroup and hangout with one another. Last Christmas we were snowed in with 2ft. of snow outside and it was wonderful.

  30. 100

    Brenda says

    Definitely Christmas. A time for family, and a time for renewal of the spirit as we celebrate the birth of our Saviour.

  31. 102


    Already fan of both MCP Actions and Photographer Cafe on FB. Just added both to Twitter account.

    To me, the holidays mean a time for tradition and family. Getting together with my relatives and having a good time with them, taking pictures to document those memories, and trying to follow all the little traditions around the holidays that I hope my kids will always treasure. My daughter still loves that I make her cinnamon rolls every Christmas morning! All three of my children love their DVD gift exchange from each other. My mother and I exchanged Christmas pins and always gave them to each on Christmas Eve — a special mother/daughter thing between us. My mom is gone now, and my daughters and I now wear those pins during the holiday season. The holidays are definitely a time to reflect on all those little things that mean so much.

  32. 103


    The holidays to me means celebrating the birth our savior Jesus Christ. If it wasn’t for him we would not be here, so we need to remember why we are here to begin with. It is a time to join family and friends in good times to remember for a lifetime with good food and laughter. It I about giving Not receiving. It is about loving and caring for others and understanding the meaning of CHRISTmas!!! The holidays are a time for forgiving and forgetting. A time to rememeber past family memers and friends.

  33. 105


    The holidays are a time for family, remembering things from past and present as well as making new memories. It is also a time for me personally to celebrate my faith and the birth of our Lord.

  34. 106

    Jennifer says

    To me the holidays are about the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ and a time to be with the ones we love the most.


  35. 110


    I LOVE the holidays. We always have really big family gatherings, that is by far my favorite part! Our family also puts on a live nativity every Christmas Eve complete with camels, it’s fabulous!

  36. 111

    Melissa says

    Christmas is the time we celebrate Jesus’ birth and all that He gave us. I love Christmas and already have about 1/2 my shopping done. Of course, with baby #3 coming in November, now will be way easier than after the baby.

  37. 115

    Julie Halbrooks says

    To me the holidays are a time to celebrate Jesus’ birth with our family Creating memories with the kids and their families.

  38. 117

    Julie says

    Christmas, for me, is focusing in on the reason for the season….Jesus! Family, food, giving, too, but remembering why we are celebrating.

  39. 123


    The Holiday’s are the best times of they year! They are a stopping point from all the craziness and an opportunity to be creative, spend time with family,and create lasting memories… They are the best!!!

  40. 133


    The Holidays for me means family…everyone coming home for Christmas. Being in a family where my dad has 10 brothers and sisters scattered all across the country except in our province and a mother, whose entire family lives in Sweden, i never knew my extended family very well .But during the Holidays, that where everyone comes home, I see family I haven’t seen in forever and really, that means more to me than getting any presents at Christmas!!!
    And sending out some of those holiday cards to my friends and family for Christmas would be amazing!

  41. 136

    Mandy says

    The holidays definitely mean family. It’s all about spending time with loved ones, slowing down, and making memories that will last a lifetime.

  42. 138

    Stacy Lahti says

    For me, the holidays are a time of renewal. It’s a reminder of how great the world can be. A time for sharing and giving yourself to a greater cause, helping out others in need. Its a time to celebrate famiy, friends and God in all there greatness! A time for peace, forgiveness and LOVE!

  43. 139


    Holidays to me are about family and photos 😉 Oh, and a bit more time to slow down and appreciate everything you have. Thank you for the opportunity to win such a fabulous giveaway.

  44. 141

    Giselle Giroux says

    I agree that the holidays are for family but we go a step further than our immediate family and adopt 2-3 families every year to share our joy with. When joy is shared with others, it multiplies exponentially in your own heart.

  45. 142

    Angela Smith says

    Holidays mean God, family and friends. Love for your fellow man :) I just liked photographers cafe been a fan of mcp for a while :)

  46. 143

    Shonda says

    The holidays mean so much to me. They mean family. Love. Food. Gifts. But the most important is the celebration of the birth of Christ.

  47. 145

    Beth says

    The holidays are an the perfect opportunity to create family memories and traditions. No matter what we do, they are a time to be together with loved ones.

  48. 146


    The holidays mean sitting with loved ones with warm cookies and milk by the fire, extra snuggles to keep warm and cozy, sharing stories of the past and creating stories that will someday be added to that collection, counting your blessings twice for the amazing people in your life, and cherishing your children as they encounter all the wonderful traditions that you treasured when you were young.

  49. 148


    The holidays are a special time to spend with family & friends. Cooking great food and having parties and taking photos. Sitting by the fire with hot chocolate and enjoying the Holiday Decorations inside and out. Playing secret Santa to the people to help them with their needs.

  50. 149


    Holidays this year means getting my husband back. He is working in NYC for a few months, and will be home just in time for thanksgiving. Oh, I am looking forward to it (I don’t know how military wives survive!)

  51. 152


    To me the holidays means FAMILY! It’s a time we all slow down and spend time together! Life is always so hectic and on the run!!!! It’s also a time to reflect on the life that God gave us, by allowing His Son to come to earth! Again, FAMILY!!!!

  52. 164


    Holidays have always been the time for warmth, smiles and sharing- even if sharing meant just simple card with few words.
    It spreads the love to know you are remembered and that some are remembered by you.
    And- let’s not forget about tree- it has to be live one and fill the whole house with nice holiday smell!

  53. 165

    Natalie says

    To me the holidays are about reflecting what’s important in life. Cherishing every moment with those whom you don’t get to see as often. Remembering past holidays and those that have left us and to look forward to new memories made with those that have just arrived.

  54. 172


    To me, the holidays mean FAMILY. It’s a time to reflect on all the special people in our lives, spend time with the ones you love and let them know how much they mean to you. It’s about the birth of Jesus and focusing on the priorities in our lives instead of getting all caught up in the hussle-bussle of the holidays. The holiday card templates look amazing!

  55. 173


    Craziness with family photo sessions and holiday cards October – December. After all my orders and cards are complete, I pack up my family and head to Florida for a much needed family get away and holiday!

  56. 175

    Michelle says

    The holidays mean family to me. It’s the one time of year that everyone puts their lives on hold for a few days and we all get to be together. Can’t wait for them to get here!!

  57. 178


    Holidays are magical! A sense of peace and wonder. Amazement at how much love can fill a house when all the family comes together. Holidays are grand memories in the making!

  58. 185


    What do the holidays mean to me? It is the only holiday out of the year that our family spends alone. It is only my husband, my children, and myself. We have a VERY LARGE immediate and extended family that we usually get together with for the other holidays, but Christmas belongs to my household only. We focus on each other, and we focus on Jesus. We give back to our community and I get my children involved with programs such as Shop With A Cop, Angel Tree, Food Banks, etc. This has become tradition, and my children have learned to be humble and to serve others. During the Christmas season, I am usually swelling with pride that I have such giving children that are willing to receive so little so that we are able to give more to others.

  59. 192

    Jenny S. says

    The holidays, to me, mean a time to celebrate what’s really important in life: faith, family and friends. All too often work can consume us and we allow the stresses in life to interfere with our happiness. It’s a time for reflection, for relaxation, and a time about LOVE that really should be experienced throughout the entire year… (minus the 10 lbs from all the holiday baking!) :)

  60. 195

    Debbie Branda says

    The holidays are so much more than a “holiday” or time to give gifts, or decorate cookies, not to mention the house…it’s a time to reflect and celebrate the birth of our Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ. He is the only reason we have to celebrate! We leave the baby out of the manger under the tree until Christmas morning when we read the story of His birth out of Luke 2. Then one of us gets to place the baby in the manger at the mention of His birth in the story. It takes the emphasis off of ripping into the presents first! (although that’s what happens after our Christmas story reflection time). God has blessed us so richly and it’s only right that we give back ourselves and our time to worship Him!
    Great giveaway – thanks for introducing me to Photographer Cafe.

  61. 197


    To me Holidays mean making memories with loved ones! Coming together to simply enjoy each other’s company, and show each other the greatest hospitality! Three words sum up the Holidays in my opinion: Love, Warmth, and Fun!

  62. 198


    I love the holidays. It means spending time with friends and family. It always means our traditional cookie weekend with my 89 year old grandmother. I love passing those traditions down to my children

  63. 201


    I loved the “traditions” of the holidays when I was a child. Now I have young children, and we are starting our own traditions. It’s an amazing experience to live through your child’s eyes. The holidays also represent a time to start new. The snow, the cold…it reminds me to live life and love as much as I can while I’m still here. :)

  64. 202

    Elizabeth Albarran says

    The holidays to me is getting the opportunity to see family, love, excitement through the eyes of my children. I have a 17 year old and although he has a good time, I so missed watching him get all excited about the littlest of things. I now have a 2 1/2 year old little girl and I cannot wait to see her eyes open wide when she sees the Christmas Tree light up, have her sit in Santas Lap and make cookies and share all of the simple holiday traditions.

  65. 205

    Laurel says

    My husband & I both work jobs that take us away from home a lot s Christmas to me means LOTS of family time with our kids, and extended family. I love the joy of the season! :)

  66. 211


    Holidays mean the smell of gingerbread and spice cake cooking in the kitchen, spending time with my loved ones and cherishing these last years I have to celebrate with my grandparents. I feel very fortunate to love and be loved year round.

  67. 226


    To me, the Holidays mean that it is time to celebrate the special gift of family and friends. They are a nice reminder to SLOW DOWN and enjoy the incredible people in your life. It is my FAVORITE time of year!!!

  68. 231

    Shaunte says

    I love the warmth of loved ones, smiles, hot chocolate, giving thanks, and celebrating the birth of Jesus around the holiday season!

  69. 232


    Hard to believe we are talking about the holidays already (: But not really… it seems that every year they become more hectic and crazed!
    However, what is better than gathering around a Christmas tree, egg nog in hand, fire in the fireplace & singing carols with your children and family? Nothing. Nothing so satisfying and peaceful (:

  70. 243

    Lee Smoot says

    The Holidays mean so much to me and my family, its when everyone comes home to visit. For some of us it is the only time we get together. So what little time we spend is prescious family time.

  71. 245


    To me, the holidays are all about reconnecting. We get to spend relaxed time with our friends and family that we don’t get at other times of the year and I always look forward to it!

  72. 246


    Holidays to me=
    Lots of super fun family sessions, lots of good food and company. Playing games while drinking hot cocoa, the smell of evergreen and cinnamon candles. All the kids tearing open gifts in their pjs.

  73. 247


    In a word: Traditions. The holidays are such a wonderful time for my family as we perform yearly rituals that infuse a new feeling of energy and life into us. We get a real, 22-foot pine tree from Northern Michigan for our living room and spend days decorating it together. We spend Thanksgiving and Christmas enjoying family time and then getting together with friends for all-night games and laughter. We ring in the New Year with a huge group of lovely people we are lucky enough to share life with. It’s hard to put into words the sense of warmth and promise the holidays bring, but I start looking forward to the next holiday season the moment the current one ends!

  74. 248

    Jenny says

    The holidays mean family to me. We don’t have a large family, but it’s being together that means the most. Plus, there’s always a lot of food and photo opportunities!

  75. 249


    Holidays are about family. I love making special homemade gifts for my loved ones, and spending time together – eating and playing games and making memories. My favorite holiday is actually Thanksgiving because there is no pressure – it’s jsut about enjoying life and family and friends and being grateful for all we have.

  76. 251


    The holidays to me are special, especially when my husband isn’t deployed. When he’s actually home, I feel more like celebrating, but when he’s deployed, it’s a sad time. I love Thanksgiving b/c it’s all about what you are thankful for. Christmas is a time of giving to others w/out thinking about getting anything back for yourself. Being Catholic, I appreciate Christmas more than I did in the past.

  77. 256

    Lindsay says

    The holidays mean spending time with family, relaxation, and it’s a great time for me to reflect everything I am so grateful to have around me and in my life.:)

  78. 257

    Sandy Le says

    The holidays are times when younger to spend quality time with your loved ones. It also means good food, good drinks, unlimited laughters & precious memories. It is also the best time to have everyone together for holiday portraits! ;0)

  79. 259

    JeninWA says

    Stress! I am beginning to not like the holidays at all…ended up in the hospital the last two years. Hopefully not this year!

  80. 260


    What do the holidays mean to you?

    BIRTHDAYS!!!! Thanksgiving means my older two kids birthdays are here (Nov 26 and 29th) Last year, my son’s bday was actually ON Thanksgiving. And my youngest was born just a few days after Christmas. So, the holidays mean tight paychecks, lots of shopping, a bit of stress…. but lots of LOVE!!! The holidays are always special BECAUSE of the birthdays!!! (Not to mention the most IMPORTANT birthday of them all!!! Jesus’ Birthday!!) Christmas is a big time around here!!! We don’t get to be home for the holidays (military family living 24 hours from home :( ) So, we make the holidays very big and important for our kids!!!!

  81. 262


    The holidays is a time to remember your family and enjoy them. It’s a time where you need to stop what you’re doing and make time for the loved ones in your life.

  82. 264


    I love the holidays because everyone gets together and enjoys each other. I love to cook for people, and love to have people come over and share what I have been blessed with. It’s magical.

    Also just became a fan on Facebook of MCP Actions. Thanks!

  83. 266


    The holidays are all about family for me. I love when we are all together just hanging around the house, playing games, watching movies, ragging on each other, and eating. There’s lots of eating!

  84. 267

    Heather G says

    The Holidays mean a lot to me! It means more time for family and friends, time for giving, and to be thankful of what God has given me and my family!

  85. 268

    Holly says

    The holidays mean to me spending time with my family and friends. I only get to see most of them once a year, so it’s a great time of the year. My most favorite time of the year, to see the exictement on there faces, I just love it.

  86. 271


    To me, the holidays mean a time for enjoying family and friends in their entirety without having to worry about work or other day to day responsibilities. It’s about children and their innocence, their curiosity and the light in their eyes when they see the lights on the tree lit up for the first time. It’s about making memories and carrying on traditions that last a lifetime. It’s about love and laughter and remembering those who are no longer able to be with us.
    I love the holidays because, no matter how old I get, I still feel like a little kid on Christmas morning only now I get to live it through the eyes of my daughter (2 1/2 years old).

  87. 272


    Love time with the family at Christmas, when the photography sessions are over and I can really finally relax with my family! We have traditions and they are so much fun!

  88. 274

    Melanie says

    The holidays are such a busy time but all the work is so worth the special bond that is strengthend as our family comes together. I wish during these moments that I had the ability to make time stand still. I do have the ability to REMEMBER and it is those memories that create anticipation for the next round of holidays to begin!!!

  89. 278


    To me, the holidays mean: opening a care package of holiday cookies sent half-way across the states from my mom to the delight of my family with samples of all the cookies she’s baked for Christmas as far back as I can remember, opening the rubbermaid bins of each family member that are filled with their personal Christmas ornaments and watching the tree progress a little each year as the ornaments have moved from being placed only on bottom branches on the front of the tree to almost three-quarters up the tree all the way around, taking the three kids for their Santa picture with the best photographer ever and crying knowing that this “is” the “real” santa and being thrilled that I too get to hug him, knowing that with my oldest “in the Know” and with the threat I mean encouragement that she doesn’t tell the younger siblings, that she can “help” with the behind the scenes “magic” that happens the night before Christmas, the knowing that the five pine trees in the backyard have probably grown again this year and that even though I need more strands of lights to cover them, every neighbor will stop to say that they love the glow of the season that they get to share and me personally as I sit in my parka, hat and gloves on the patio with my hot chocolate in the peace of the night air with the glow of Christmas, attending Christmas Eve mass with my community wondering if we will be in the church, school gym or the mission room as we arrive more than an hour before mass but thrilled as everyone smiles, shakes hands and hugs their Christmas greetings, watching my daughter with pride as she altar serves and then catches the fainting altar server next to her (I kid you not!), calling my dad who is out-of-state so he can read “The Night Before Christmas” just as he did when they lived nearby, laughing as we hold the kids back on Christmas morning as we turn on the lights, turn on the video camera take pictures of them looking over the railing and race down the stairs for their presents wrapped in Christmas paper chosen just for them, seeing the grandparents arrive in the middle of the paper flying chaos, picking up a cup of coffee and finding a chair to watch their dividends (grandchildren) with smiles in their faces and pride in their hearts and finally gathering at the grandparents home for a celebration with the whole family!

  90. 279


    The holidays for us is a time to see our extended family. As a military family we miss out on having our family around all the time. Usually, we are overseas or so far way that Christmas is when we have everyone home to share all the news from the prior year. I LOVE the smiles, smells and laughter. Truly a wonderful time!

  91. 280


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    I did all of the above…
    and am now going to post it on my facebook pages :)

    Thank you :)

  92. 281


    we have hosted most hoidays for the last 10 years and we love having everyone all together to celebrate. i love using things from my grandmothers since they are no longer here to share these holidays with us.

  93. 285


    warm. fun. family. singing. cider. root beer floats. hot spice punch. pumpkin rolls. running. laughing. playing. joy. memories. love.

    I LOVE the Holidays!! :)

  94. 290


    On one end the holidays mean the end of a very busy season (which includes lots and lots of Christmas card orders!!!) And that means putting my feet up, decorating gingerbread with my kids, drinking mulled wine, playing in the snow and seeing the sparkle in our children’s eyes. On a sad note, it also means missing my sweet mom who passed away two and a half years ago.

  95. 294


    Halloween kicks off a wild rollercoaster ride of funness! Candy, family, friends, silly games, fun secrets and lots of whooping and hollering! Love me some holidays!

  96. 295

    Judith says

    The holidays to me mean giving. I love going out and giving to complete strangers. Even small gifts are so meaningful and to have my boys do it with me is even a greater gift than anything in the world.

  97. 301


    To me, the holidays mean family. Living far away, I only get to see my entire family in one room once a year — Thanksgiving. I can’t count Christmas, but they always pile infront of a computer to Skype with me, my husband and our daughter. I miss them like crazy, but I always look forward to the holidays to see everyone. It’s such a special time of year.

  98. 304


    The holidays are a time for reflection on what our past, and that of our families, has brought to us and contemplation of what the future holds. A time to give thanks to God for the outpouring of blessings we receive every day, yet often do not take the time to give thanks for.

  99. 306


    The Holidays mean alot of things for me. Since I live very far from my family it mean going to see them all and being with them. I love spending the months before finding the perfect gifts for them all, especially my younger sisters and seeing them light up on Christmas morning. But its also about remembering why we even have Christmas and that its a celebration of the lives we are able to live because of that reason.

  100. 311


    The holidays for me is a time for the family to get together and eat way too much (that includes the 4 legged family members as well – they enjoy the leftovers or the pieces that “accidentally” fell off the table)

  101. 312


    Holidays to me are the one time busy families can finally get together and remember…my favorite is when my Grandpa (Papa) gets out all 12,000 of his slides and we start from 1953 and watch and laugh and hear stories. There is no better gift than memories!

  102. 315

    Wendy Walker says

    The holidays are special to me as I enjoy spending time with my family and those less fortunate. I enjoy giving to others as we celebrate the birth of Jesus. I praise him for all the many blessings he has given me in my life!

  103. 319


    Holidays mean family to me. We can get caught up in everything else, but if I’can’t be with at least SOME of my family for the holidays, it isn’t the same. Pictures help lessen some of that… Love your holiday templates!

  104. 320


    The holidays have been such an important part of my life since I was a child. I’ve passed the love and special feeling of the season to my son as well. His favourite time of year is Christmas and that’s when he always takes his holidays so he can soak in the beautiful, gentle feelings of the season. We no longer exchange gifts because we don’t want it to have a commercial feeling. It’s all about love, family, memories, music.
    PS: I’m already a fan on FB for MCP and PC but I hate twitter so won’t join over there :~)

  105. 324


    FAMILY. The holidays are all about family. We live far and wide and have commitments that often keep us apart. But at the holidays all of that gets put in its proper place and we come together. Renewal. Joy. Family.

  106. 325


    The holidays mean love to me. Increased love for family, friends, and all mankind! A time to refocus and reprioritize things…to realize what is most important: love.

  107. 327


    Holidays mean Christmas. And Christmas means celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ, my Savior. It is my favorite time of year because we decorate and celebrate and make beautiful memories to help us remember how much God loves us and sent his Son for us. He is the ultimate gift of love.

  108. 334

    mitzi perkins says

    what do the holidays mean to you?
    Watching the innocence and excitement of my kids during this special time. It brings me back to a time when I used to believe in the Magic of the holidays:)

  109. 335


    The holidays for me have always meant family. As the years pass, my family seems to move farther and farther away from each other, but they ALWAYS make it home for the holidays. Having your loved ones close is the greatest gift of all!

  110. 337

    Kelly Rama says

    Magic. There is no better word to describe what the holidays are to me. It never ceases to amaze me how people tend to transform…adults to children, frustrated to thankful… Each year I find myself regressing to my childhood and constantly trying to recreate it for myslef and my family and friends.

  111. 340


    Submit a comment on the MCP Blog (not Facebook) and answer the question, “What do the holidays mean to you?”

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    DONE – Posted to my Facebook wall

    Hoping to win this fabulous prize!!! :)

  112. 341

    Jamie Ronck says

    To me, holidays are all about spending time with family, traditions, and remembering all the blessings in our lives.

  113. 343


    The Holidays for me mean so much, it truly is the best time of the year. It is a time for giving, serving and reflection. And especially a time for family which I am beyond grateful for!

  114. 344


    The holidays mean spending some quality time with my family. It means going for hikes together, building a snowman together or just sitting down and reading a good book together.Taking the time to talk to each other and share dreams and memories!

  115. 347


    First and foremost, the celebration of the birth of Jesus. Secondly, I enjoy spending extra special time with my family. We don’t have a lot of it due to my husband’s frequent deployments to the middle east. We missed our 1st Christmas last year in 18years. Looking forward to Christmas 2010!

  116. 349


    The holidays are a time to be thankful and joyful for all the blessings in my life. To me, Christmas is about celebrating my Savior and His awesome love for me.

  117. 351

    Brooke says

    Christmas is time to spend with family and enjoy the holiday spirit.

    I liked the MCP Actions facebook and Photographers Cafe page on F/B.

  118. 352

    Victoria says

    It means family, giving, sharing, laughing, hoping, praying, and looking forward to what the next year has in store and reflecting on the blessings of the year passed.

  119. 357


    To me, the holidays mean the magic of childhood, soaking up the happiness of a home decorated for Christmas & gazing at the tree, driving to look at houses decorated with lights, and Christmas morning with presents from Santa, and extra time to spend with family!!

  120. 358

    Lauren Davison says

    To me, the holidays mean that extra sprinkle of happiness! I have been looking forward to Christmas since June! :)

  121. 359


    It’s all about celebrating the birth of Christ and spending time with family. My family and I live on opposite sides of the country so it is one of the few times I’m actually able to spend time with them!

  122. 360

    Kate says

    For me, the holidays are a time to be with family and give thanks for all the wonderful blessings we have and to celebrate Jesus’ birth. I absolutely love spending time with family and remembering all the ways I have been blessed throughout my life! Thanks so much for the chance to win!!

  123. 362

    rebecca kilian says

    Holidays to me is, eating, photo taking, shopping, photo taking, cooking, photo taking…you get the pattern… LOVE HOLIDAY time for all those things!!

  124. 363

    Amy Lee says

    To me the holidays mean family. Time to spend together to focus on what is most important, to reconnect. Time to evaluate priorities and set things right if needs be. Holidays are family.

  125. 365

    Andrea Neal says

    Holidays mean the WORLD to me!! Especially now that we have a son of our own! It’s time for family, fun, presents, food.. And as always, Jesus Christ!!!!!

  126. 366


    This year the holidays will be even more special to me and my family. For the first time in 11 years (and in the lives of both of my children) I will not be working retail with those horrible hours and stress. I actually get to enjoy my 7 and 6 year old this year!

  127. 367


    Holidays mean FAMILY! I know that is a pretty common answer, but it is the only time of the year that all the people I love are together. It can get crazy, but I cherish the time. And we take a horribly embarrassing family photo in matching clothes :)

  128. 373

    Denise R. Contreras says

    Holiday means, sharing love with family & special friends. A time to enjoy the blessing that God has given us. Also it’s a time to remembered that Jesus had to born & died for us on ther cross for the redention of our sins. Jesus will always be our everyday reason to live. All honor & Glory to him! Thank Jesus for your greates gift… LOVE!

  129. 375

    Kristen says

    Being THANKFUL for family, friends, and blessings…..and a decent metabolism that keeps me from becoming the goodyear blimp from all the great food!

  130. 379


    The Holiday Season in my house is about Christ and His purpose in our lives. It is about appreciating time off from work/school so we can be together as a family. But our “season” is year-round, not just November and December. =)

  131. 380

    yari vera says

    Holidays mean to me when every one stops to realize that life is more than just our daily routine. When everyone can share and care, love and give, laugh and sing. Its a time to be grateful for all that is. Holidays is unity!

  132. 382

    Misty D. says

    The Holidays are all about getting together with family and friends, gathering around a table filled with food cooked with care and love, observing old family traditions and creating new ones, being thankful for another year gone by and looking forward to a new year coming.

  133. 383

    Jenny Crandall says

    The holidays are code for lots of guilt-free, high-calorie food, cherished traditions, and good times with family.

  134. 385


    the holidays are special to me because i’m one of the many that got engaged at that time of year. the reason my husband chose that time to propose was to give me a reason to like christmas. it’s always been a rough thing with my family, so it was a great way to start the holidays out good as a new family together. the holidays to me mean a fresh start.

  135. 387

    Britta says

    To me, the Holidays are a very special time with my family and friends. and seeing the joy in my children – that’s really christmas!!

  136. 388

    Elissa Dahlgren says

    To me Holidays are about family and spending as much time as you can with those that you loved. It’s a time to make memories that will last a lifetime.

  137. 393

    PeggyN says

    The holidays mean celebrating God’s greatest gift to mankind, the birth of Jesus Christ. It also means spending time with family and friends and reaching out to the lonely, hurting and less fortunate.

  138. 403


    The holidays mean a busy but wonderful season. A great way to reflect on the year and how much I have accomplished. Spending time with family is the best!
    I also followed photographer cafe for the first time on twitter:) would LOVE to win!

  139. 410

    Becky S. says

    I LOVE the holidays! The birth of Christ and all the fam together to celebrate such an amazing event!!! What could be better!

  140. 413


    Holidays mean hot chocolate, candy canes, decorating trees/doors/mantles, listening to Johnny Mathis, and lying on the floor in front of the tree with my family.

  141. 415


    To me, the holidays are all about love and family. It’s Xmas, which is also my husband’s birthday. It’s our anniversary, which is also New Years Eve. And our oldest son’s birthday is January 7th. It’s a busy time of year, but it’s full of friends, family, good times and plenty of lovin.

  142. 418


    When I think of the holidays I think of: time with friends and family, Christmas cards with great letters, hot chocolate and Christmas carols, snow ball fights first thing in the morning and sledding after dark, and a million other little things that make me wish we could have all year long…well I do play Christmas carols all year long which drives my husband crazy. :)

  143. 422

    Darlene says

    Family and a time to give thanks for everything .For me it is also a time to remember loved ones who are no longer with us.

  144. 425


    To me the holidays is all about spending the most time with my family and friends. All my family and close friends decided to forgoe gift giving and spend time together (mainly eating!). We do still however get gifts for the little ones :o)

  145. 428


    For me, the holidays are a chance to give back. A chance to remind those you love how much they mean to you. And a chance show those in need that they are not alone. While we should strive to do both of those things all year long, the holidays seem to bring those opportunities closer and allow more people to participate.

  146. 431

    Sarah Dotson says

    The holidays are a time for us to celebrate the birth of our savior, Jesus Christ!! It’s a time to spend with our families and close friends and to cherish the moments we share.

  147. 435


    The holidays are all about family for me. I’ve lived on the opposite side of the country from my family for the last 6 years, so there is a lot of traveling involved between my family, my in-laws, Thanksgiving and Christmas every year. But it’s always worth it to be close to them!

  148. 437

    Brandi says

    Christmas is my most favorite time of the year. There’s a certain warmth to the holidays and one of the most amazing gifts life can give to watch the glow on my children’s faces as they leap down the stairs on Christmas morning.

  149. 450

    Eric Roseberry says

    The holiday’s mean everything to me! A time for family, for sharing, for giving. The holiday’s are a time to remember the sacrifice our lord made for us.

  150. 451

    Kathy Johnson says

    Holidays mean wishes and madness, and hope and challenges, love and loneliness, and giving and receiving….love and family.

  151. 455


    The holidays mean family, love, comfort, and giving to me! There is nothing sweeter than spending days with my loved ones, sharing gifts with them, watching the joy and spirit of the holidays embrace them, and reflect on how lucky I am!

  152. 460


    The holidays for me are a special time but it is also a tragic time. On December 20th, 2003 I lost my only sibling to complications from epilepsy. He was 26 years old. So Christmas is especially dear. I spend every Christmas with my parents and family. They visit me and we get through the holidays together and remember my brother and are grateful for each other.

  153. 462


    The Holidays mean a lot to me. Jesus Christ is our Savior and I am excited to celebrate his birthday! Also, This is the first year that my 2.5 year old daughter might actually know who Santa is! Spending time with Family and eating great food also scores high on my list!

  154. 463


    The holidays mean family, and enjoying each other’s company. Sharing what you haven’t seen throughout the year and big meals. Being lazy and enjoying the snow!

  155. 466


    What I like about the Holidays is that people seem to be happier for some reason. Like there’s a certain kind of magic in the air and everyone feels it!

  156. 467

    Sarah says

    To me, holidays are a great time to catch up with family and friends that you don’t often get a chance to visit with.

  157. 471


    The holidays mean family to me. It’s a time when we all get together and leave the stress of jobs and school behind. We decorate, we eat, we enjoy each other’s company. And of course take lots of pictures.

  158. 477


    I am listing a group of words to answer the question, “What the Holidays mean to me?” family,love, peace, joy, grace, mercy, celebration, thankfullness and of course for the Christmas Holiday only one word comes to mind: Jesus! Oh, and one more word “STUFFED”

  159. 483


    Love these, another great giveaway…

    Holidays mean family,food,celebration and gratitude. Such a time of reflection when everyone can be united. I love making wonderful memories that hopefully my children will have for a very long time.

  160. 484

    Jodie Cox says

    To me the holidays mean spending time with my family. There is something about Christmas which creates a magical feeling in the air and everyone just seems happier, more loving and appreciative. I’m also from New Zealand so the holidays means lots of sun, barbeques, beaches and relaxing!

  161. 489


    The holidays are a time of reminiscing and creating memories with loved ones. It’s about honoring tradition and the quiet of winter and preparing for the new year that lies ahead.

  162. 491


    Time is the greatest gift I receive and give during the holidays. Time for my husband and little boys, time to make hot chocolate and sit by the fireplace, time to reflect on the true meaning of the holidays and to show my love for those in my life.

  163. 493


    Holiday…it’s the time we wait for all year around. A time to rest, be creative and get inspired by our family and friends. You then realize, that you spent that very long holiday on counting down the days because you don’t want it to end. SIGH. yes, it’s the last week of MY holiday.

  164. 497


    The holidays are a time for sharing the love. I get to spend my time with my family, baking cookies and lighting candles. I also have a tradition of buying a gift for the Salvation Army’s angel tree so another kid can feel as happy as I do to unwrap the perfect present.

  165. 499


    The holidays for me mean I go on vacation somewhere exotic! Don’t have much family, so that’s what my husband and I do. I do, however, love designing holiday cards, so this would be perfect for me! :)

  166. 500

    AMY GREENE says

    The holidays are a gift. Some people think the gifts are the holiday, but it’s the other way. It’s a hope for love, friendship, peace, excitement, and a reason to live. This gift of hope is God’s gift to us for loving his son.

  167. 508


    To me the holidays are all about family. I spend the majority of my time with my family and helping my mom continue her long tradition of having a great Christmas Party for family, our friends and anyone who wants to join us!

    I really love the site and all of your templates! Would love to win the holiday sets! Pick me!! Pick me!!

  168. 511


    A time for appreciating the true meaning of life — sharing love with the world around us, and holding tight to our family and friends to recognize that we’ve already been given the best holiday gift ever — each other!

  169. 525

    Linda Blank says

    The holidays mean family a family vacation and then heading home for a wonderful Christmas day with with Prime Rib and family telling stories and having a wonderful time!

  170. 528

    Brooke says

    The holidays means so much to me. Spending time with family and making memories that my children will never forget!!

  171. 531

    Patricia Schario says

    The holidays to me means getting to see each and every family member!! Having a large family, you can lose touch over the year, but this is one time when everyones schedules stop and we can all gather in one room :)

  172. 533


    Where to start? Holidays are the most important thing to me it is a milestone. My favorite holidays are the ones in the fall and winter. The leaves change, the weather get colder, the smell of pumpkin pie, Christmas garland, the warm hugs from all the people you love. Don’t forget there are not a lot of holidays you don’t receive a gift. :) Most of all it is finding that person you love and want to share that moment in time with them.

  173. 534


    The holidays mean to mean family & friends around the table and in the kitchen eating lots and lots of food then regretting it when unbuckling our belts. Also, lots of laughter, poking fun at each other, & photo opportunities so we can look back and remember the moments!

  174. 542


    ““What do the holidays mean to you?””

    Family of course! My and my husband’s families all live in different cities than us, so Christmas is a time when we can all get together under one roof and my daughter gets to experience the chaos that is our extended family.

  175. 550

    Kim Benesh says

    I love the holidays and the get togethers with families, good food and good times! And I love giving to others gifts that make them happy.

  176. 552


    What the Holidays mean to me….The joy I get as I watch my children get so excited about everything “Christmas”. But mostly the reminder that we have that we have received the greatest gift of all and that is the gift of Jesus’ birth so many years ago.

  177. 555

    Jeannie Thiessen says

    I love the holidays! A time for great food, family time and so much laughter. Love the music during the season as well! Having come close to losing my sister in a motorcycle accident 2 months ago, will make this season even more special.


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