Giveaway: Win $50 Gift Certificates to Photo Card Boutique

Giveaway: Win one of three $50 Gift Certificates to Photo Card Boutique

Photo Card Boutique is a great new resource for photo style holiday card templates, luxe die-cut cards, birth announcements and more. Angie, the owner, is slowly stocking her store with great photo card Photoshop design templates for photographers! I love that she also sells some amazing digital background papers. If you love creating and making fun templates, cards and more, you will love her products. And next week, Angie and I have a special BIG surprise coming for everyone!

This week, make sure to scroll down to enter our contest to win one of three $50 gift certificates to her design store.

rounded corner storyboard templates for Photoshop

Her beautiful digital papers allow you to customize the look of your cards, The papers also work great in collages and storyboard templates. As shown above, I used one of the Photo Card Boutique digital papers in an opening of a MCP Photoshop Storyboard Templates: Rounded Blog It Boards and Rounded Print It Boards.

holiday photo cards for photographers


  • 3 lucky winners of this giveaway will win $50 gift certificates to Photo Card Boutique
  • Winner to be picked Sunday
  • Everyone - Purchase $5 or more from Photo Card Boutique by November 30th, using the code “mcp-actions” at checkout – and get a $5 reward gift card good toward a future purchase at her store.

To enter:

  • Add a comment to this post (not on Facebook) and answer the following question: For your own family, do you send out holiday cards? If yes, which option below.
    • Photo Card: Online or at a store kiosk, I drag and drop photos into a template using a pre-made card from the professional or consumer print company.
    • Photo Card: Using a Photoshop template from a graphic design company or photographer’s resource site.
    • Photo Card: Design a card from scratch
    • Non-Photo Card: Store bought package or individual cards
    • Non-Photo Card: Designed in Photoshop and printed
    • Other: tell us more…

christmas card photoshop templates

Want more entries: The more times you enter, the better your chances to win!

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How to get extra entries in the MCP Actions Photoshop Contest

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  1. Melissa Abbey says

    I haven’t sent out Christmas cards in the past 2 years because of the cost of postage. When I did, I created home-made cards and added a family photo. This year, I believe I’ll make a digital card from scratch and drop in a family photo and just email it.

  2. Laura M. says

    This year I think I will be using an online source for our photo card. I’d love to make my own in PSE, but just haven’t had the time to learn that yet. I love LOVE these offered by Photo Card Boutique… might just purchase one of these.

  3. says

    yes, i send out a card.

    ◦Photo Card: Using a Photoshop template from a graphic design company or photographer’s resource site. – but one I haven’t shared with my clients ;)

  4. says

    We send Christmas Cards each year and I design them myself on photshop!! I look forward to it every year and start designing them months before I really need to!

  5. Brant says

    I use MPIX or Shutterfly for my cards. Would love to design my own, but with two jobs I barley have enough time to relax on the couch let alone anything else.

  6. Tracy says

    Most years we send out cards. I usually mean to do a photo card and then run out of time and just send purchased non-photo cards, but we have printed photos and put them on blank cards and printed photo cards ourselves at home. Depends on the year. This year I plan to do good ones, and winning this would sure help!

  7. Brenda C says

    UI love sending a card for Christmas and it takes me forever to make a decision. I send a photo card using a designers template.

  8. Stephanie Lyons says

    I send a Christmas card every year! In the past I have purchased my Chistmas cards at online line pre-made template. This year I plan to use a template that I purchased for use with photoshop.

  9. says

    I love sending out holiday cards! I do both personal and business cards. I send out photo cards and switch between designing my own and using a designers template.

  10. Natasha says

    I send out cards to all of our family and friends. Usually it is a photo card from an online store or one I have designed myself. Sometimes it is prepackaged store cards.

  11. Laura says

    I send out christmas cards and have always just bought them online. Some year I’d like to try to design my own though, just never have enough time.

  12. says

    Before I started dabbling in Photography, I actually had my own card website and designed birthday invitations, baby announcements and christmas cards. So, to answer your question, I design my Christmas card each year. I love to create cards arond the photographs that I take!

  13. VALERIE D. says

    I usually use just a templete in my Photoshop Elements 6 (haven’t been able to upgrade) maybe add a little thing here or there to the picture, but her templates look amazing. We just had our second baby boy this year and I would love to send out a beautiful family card to celebrate our newest gift from God. Thanks!

  14. says

    Beautiful offerings!
    Yes, I send out Christmas cards. Photo Card: Using a Photoshop template from a graphic design company or photographer’s resource site.

  15. says

    I always send out cards with pictures. I’ve designed some from scratch but lately I usually go with one I’ve purchased and drag and drop and I’m ready to go!

  16. Dawn Gans Frydl says

    Such cute stuff. To answer your question, Yes, I send out photo cards usually from scratch!! The pic I attached isn’t my christmas card, but is one of the pics I am going to use on the card. A little biased, but love it!!!

  17. says

    I do send out photo cards. Last year they came from Tiny Prints.

    This option:Photo Card: Online or at a store kiosk, I drag and drop photos into a template using a pre-made card from the professional or consumer print company.

  18. says

    Photo Card: Using a Photoshop template from a graphic design company or photographer’s resource site.

    I love sending out holiday cards with photos of our son so that family and friends who haven’t seen us in a while can see how he has grown. And I love getting photo cards from others, too. It’s like getting presents in the mail all month long!

  19. Paula says

    I use: ◦Photo Card: Design a card from scratch
    I like the ability to make it my own & original. I will browse online and get some inspiration. Thanks for the chance!

  20. says

    ALWAYS send out cards, rarely send photos, BUT this year there’s some change and I’d love to have a wonderful template to include a photo! Now I’m motivated!

  21. says

    Every year I have such a hard time picking our card out. There are so many wonderful templates out there!! I use templates by graphic design companies/ photographer resource site. The only thing that I am sure of at this point is that I will be doing one of the Luxe cards by Millers! Not sure which template or from where yet!

  22. says

    I have not sent cards in over three years, because I have always run out of time. It is my goal this year to get a great family photo, and send cards–even if its a new years card! I designed the last card, but would use a template next time!

  23. says

    I used ◦Photo Card: Using a Photoshop template from a graphic design company or photographer’s resource site last year for the first time and got SO many compliments on our card. Doing the same again this year!

  24. says

    The last couple of years I have designed my own card in photoshop (I love designing!). This year, however, I will be purchasing a template, I just don’t have time! I love the samples you have posted here and would love to win a gift certificate!

  25. Carrie Nadziejko says

    Our Christmas card is possibly the one photo I’m in during the year! We always send and I spend 6 months pining over all the fabulous designer cards out there! I love Angie’s works and recently bought the Christmas Damask set she has available. I’m eyeing one more luxe card design in her shop for our card this year.

  26. says

    I definitely send out photo cards :) However, I have to pick and choose what I have time for these days, so I purchase my templates for myself and my business from another photog who sells them :)

  27. Michelle says

    I try to design my own cards as much as possible. Last year I did non-photo box cards cuz there was just too much going on. We’ll see what I can get done in the next few weeks!

  28. says

    Since I’m a graphic designer as well as a photographer, I HAVE to design our Christmas cards from scratch. They always include at least one photo of all four of us or just the kids. I try to make them my best work since they serve, not only as a Christmas card, but as a marketing piece! :)

  29. Tracey Skadberg says

    I send out holiday cards and have used a Photoshop template from a graphic design company or photographer’s resource site.

  30. Audrey says

    Photo Card: Design a card from scratch.

    I keep switching back and forth between whether I want to mail or email this year. Either way, I design it from scratch.

  31. says

    I use to always send out cards using ps templates, but THIS year, I am trying something new and sending out e-cards!!!! cheaper and less work! however, I will print a few up for my non-techie relatives (think great grandma, ect)

  32. Melinda Salazar says

    Yes. I always make a Christmas Postcard with a Photo, so everyone can just drop it into a frame or put it in their album. I think it serves two purposes and the postage is much cheaper. Just think how many people get to enjoy my beautiful family along the way.

  33. says

    I do send out holiday cards to friends and family and have never sent photo cards before. I usually hand make all my cards with cardstock and stamps. I really want to do photocards this year, if I can get the kids to cooperate. :o)Thanks for the great giveaway!

  34. says

    Photo Card: Design a card from scratch

    I love sending out photocards! For my personal cards, I design them from scratch, adding details of various pictures around my main image and playing with brushes and color.

  35. says

    In the past, I’ve used regular store bought cards and inserted a picture. This year I’m making a digital photo card from scratch…though I would PREFER using one that was made for me!

  36. Ashley E says

    Usually I make all of our Christmas cards by hand and include a photo. This year I will have a busy toddler with another baby on the way, so we will be doing photo cards to save time.

  37. Melina M says

    I think this year I’ll be designing one from scratch-but some digital papers would be awesome to make the card even better!

  38. Jamie C says

    Photo Card: Design a card from scratch

    I love to design cards so this time of year I look forward to sending Christmas cards to friends and family.

  39. Melanee Peterson says

    I have never sent out photo Christmas cards ever. Mostly because of budget reasons. I have done a printed “newsletter” about things we did this year. I haven’t done that in year. But now that I have a good camera, some talent, and an eye for flair, I will probably do the photo cards from here on out.

  40. says

    I don’t get them out until a few days before Christmas, but I always send a family card. I usually design it from scratch but this year I think I’ll be using a designer template (for mine and my clients’). I’m starting to embrace the fact that I’m a photographer and not a graphic designer.

  41. Marisa says

    I make my Christmas cards online with one of their templates. I really want to design my own in Photoshop though, but feel like I barely have the time to get it done in the first place!

  42. Greta S. says

    The last few years I have used a drag-n-drop photo card from an online printer. This year, I may try something new since I’ve learned a great deal of things over the last 8 months!

  43. Heather G says

    Past couple of years, I haven’t sent any out; however, this year, I will be sending out photo cards. I hope to design it myself!

  44. says

    I always have and always will send out Christmas Cards personally. I enjoy when clients order cards for their family. I am always looking for new and modern card templates to offer. :)

  45. says

    In the past I’ve used a pre-made template from Costco, created my own postcard and had it printed at Costco, and this year I’ll be using a template made by another designer and printing from a real printer.

  46. says

    I haven’t sent out Christmas cards before, but I’m getting married next year. So next Christmas I’ll be designing one/using a great Photoshop template. I’m a photographer, so there has to be a photo! I’ve also started making cards for my friends with babies, so these would come in handy.

  47. Karla O. says

    Make my own photo holiday/b-day cards from scratch…not saying they look great but have a blast doing it. Usually download free scrapebook papers and design them in photoshop. Love showing off my 3 little girls.

  48. Brenda says

    I send out Photocards straight out of snapfish because all of this is new to me in the last year or so. Yay for new hobbies!

  49. says

    I used to do the non-photo cards with a personal message and sometimes a Photo Card from Snapfish or Shutterfly. But since getting more into profressional photography, am experimenting with different designs and also using Smugmug for my clients’ cards.

  50. Jen Chesnut says

    I always do a photo card. Some years it is just a 4×6 photo put in and other years it has been premade templates from Costco or I did not realize all these other resources were out there until I started my own photography business this year. And I am loving the option!!!! thank you

  51. Katherine Wall says

    I always send a photo card….last year and this I used a digital template…one from this shop! Love her stuff!

  52. Christine Crumbaugh says

    I always send out Christmas Cards. Primarily Photo Cards: Online or at a store kiosk, I drag and drop photos into a template using a pre-made card from the professional or consumer print company. Would much rather send these. They are STUNNING!!!

  53. says

    My family sends out photocards – around 100 of them! I usually design them from scratch. But this year I want to be smarter and use a template. Especially for some cool new die cut cards!!

  54. says

    I usually buy the premade photocards from Costco since it is so inexpensive, but I was thinking about going digital this year as well. Nowadays you can send cute slideshows and almost everyone I know has email, but these templates on your site are very tempting!

  55. Tommy Botello says

    In the past I’ve used an online template through a popular retailer. This year we’re hoping to jazz it up a little.

  56. says

    I send out cards every year (some years I enjoy it more then others)!and ususally do- ◦Photo Card: Using a Photoshop template from a graphic design company or photographer’s resource site.

  57. says

    Yes I do send out personal holiday cards. I try and get them out before Hanukkah starts, but sometimes I end up sending New Years cards instead. I send Photo Cards: Using a Photoshop template from a graphic design company or photographer’s resource site that I can change. I love using templates that let me change the background and add elements to the card.

  58. Toni Woodham says

    I usually switch between store bought cards and photo cards using a Photoshop template from a graphic design company or photographer’s resource site. It usually depends on how late I am running with sending them out! ;)

  59. Meghan says

    In years past, I’ve ordered non-photo cards from a charity. I love sending handwritten cards but I wanted to design my own photo card this year. Of course it’s already Nov 10th and I haven’t started!

  60. Taraw says

    I send over 100 Christmas cards every year. Time consuming but I love it. And I love getting them tho it seems fewer and fewer send them each year. I do store bought ones but now that I have my business up and running, I am doing them online!

  61. says

    Definitely send out cards. I think it’s a great way to keep connected that’s a little more personal and I love looking at photos when people send photo cards. I sometimes use a template and sometimes design my own. It depends on my mood and the amount of time I have. Regardless, I always seem to be a little later than I want in sending them out. :)

  62. Steph says

    Up until now, I’ve been using photo cards that I create online by uploading photos into a pre-made template from the consumer print company. This is the year I hope to change that!

  63. Laser says

    I make my own photo card from scratch and also use some purchased non photo cards.I don’t send a lot of cards out but still have aunts, uncles etc who like to get a card every year :)

  64. Erin Lenore says

    Yes, I usually design a card from scratch. We got a new doggie and I can’t wait to feature her on our card this year.

  65. says

    I use a template from a designer I purchase and tweak to fit my style and photos. Last year was so busy with client cards, didn’t even get my own done and mailed. Have not used the die cut cards yet, so would be fun to win.

  66. says

    We send out a photo card. Last year I designed my own, but this year, I think I’m going to let a photo site do it. I have my eye on a potential tri-fold and I’m not sure on how to go about creating that myself.

  67. patti says

    We don’t usually but I just love the die cut ones from Miller’s this year! If those little stinker boys of mine will un-punk long enough to get a great photo, I may do it this year!

  68. says

    I usually like to design my own photo cards from scratch to send out to family and friends but this year I am contemplating buying a pre designed card as recently having had had a baby I am not sure I will have the time. These templates you are showcasing are perfect. Thank you xo

  69. Shelly LeBlanc says

    Holiday cards are my most favorite project of the year!!! I’m having trouble choosing my own this year, but I’m leaning toward a die-cut card. What a fun contest!!!

  70. says

    I usually do send out cards, although I didn’t get them done last year. I like to use (and plan on using this year) a professionally designed card template from a graphic designer.

  71. says

    In years past I have drag and dropped a photo into a pre designed card. THIS YEAR I AM DOING IT MYSELF!!!! I have learned how to use PSE (with the help of MCP!) and can’t wait until I get my finished cards in the mail! And, I send them to all my family and friends!

  72. Cathy Wendtland says

    Yes, I send out cards. I send out all kinds. I have a family member who makes cards and gives them to us as gifts and so I use them and place pictures inside. I also make my own photocards in many different styles and designs. I love the versatility of the collage templates. Lets me use many pictures. Soemtimes it’s hard to choose which picture to use.

  73. Allison Jones says

    ◦Non-Photo Card: Store bought package or individual cards
    But I’m hoping to change that this year! Especially with this company’s products!

  74. Allison Jones says

    Just shared this contest on my facebook. I usually send out non-photo cards but haven’t because of the cost of postage. I hope to get creative this year (new backdrops, lights and hopefully these templates!) and send out a great one of my three boys. Good luck to us all!

  75. says

    I send out cards every year ..100 plus. Usually I handmake every single one, but this year I bought some templates and used a professional photog pic. Yeah! All ready to go!

  76. says

    wld love to win this…. i buy our cards online, usually shutterfly, or Sams Club… but I really want to try to do my own this year. I think I might!

  77. says

    I used to send scanned drawings by my kids, but this year I’m planning to send some photos on a template. I love the ones I see from the Photo Card Boutique. They’re lovely.

  78. says

    Last year I forgot to send out Holiday cards, but this year I plan to either design my own or buy a template. I really hope I win because I LOVE the photocard boutique’s designs.

  79. says

    I have done drag & drop cards online in the past. I’ve learned enough now to try a purchased template or use a “create your own” template this year. Now I just have to get our photos done!

  80. says

    We don’t usually send out photo cards but for sure want to send one this year, we always went old school and sent out hand written cards, I never knew anyone would really want our pictures on their cards but we do receive tons and tons every year….. so we are going to try it this year…

  81. says

    For the past several years I have been sending beautiful non-photo holiday cards my mother-in-law has created for me. This year will be my first year sending photo cards I have created.

  82. Jill J. says

    I enjoy sending out holiday cards and my family and friends love to receive them!! I’m a ‘Photocard – design it from scratch’ girl who loves to create something bigger and better each year. I sent out a tri-fold two years ago, an accordion fold last year, and I’m hoping to have fun with the new die-cuts this year. Love the designs from Photo Card boutique. Very cute!!

  83. Jen Faust says

    Photo Card: Using a Photoshop template from a graphic design company or photographer’s resource site.

    Although, last year, I decided to save money and send out NO CARDS!

  84. Jennifer B says

    I definitely do a photo card + letter every year! I’ve always “dragged and dropped”, but last year my husband and I designed our very own, and had tons of fun doing it! I learned a lot about patterns and brushes and such just from making our holiday card. It was fun, and I’m excited to do it again this year!

  85. nikki m says

    i have done a combination of the options listed. when my son was first born and i did not know much about photography, i used the pre-designed store cards and added my picture. one year i designed my own card using a digi-scrapbook kit. last year i may have forgot to send cards. this year, i have an image i would like to use, just need to find the right card.

  86. says

    This year, my plan is to buy a luxe template from a graphic design company and pop the family photo in with Photoshop! Hopefully, I can use one of these new featured designs! Thanks for the great giveaway! I’ll be sure and use the code to buy a template!

  87. Natasha says

    I do send out photocards of my family for Christmas. I usually just drag and drop from and online site like Walmart. However, since my photography business is taking off now, and several clients are asking about Christmas cards, I will most likely purchase a template and use it for my cards as well. Gotta get my money’s worth! :)

  88. Erica Kresovich-Rockey says

    In the past I have sent Photo Cards that I purchased online at Snapfish. I hope to do my own this year….

  89. Laney Mc says

    I’m getting more selective about whom I send to…when I do send, it’s:
    Photo Card: Design a card from scratch
    or Non-Photo Card: Store bought package or individual cards.
    I would like to note that the cards I receive have dwindled down to one or two per year.

  90. says

    I just recently got married so I would just give out non-photo cards to friends and family. But it would be nice to send christmas cards with a design to my family this year since I moved away when I got married.

  91. Missy Dodds says

    I usually use photoshop and use a template to create my cards. I print a couple different ones using different pictures. Havent attempted to make my own yet.

  92. says

    i use Photo Card: Using a Photoshop template from a graphic design company or photographer’s resource site. i try to make it unique and really set the standard with something amazing!

  93. says

    I send out Christmas cards. Format: Photo Card: Using a Photoshop template from a graphic design company or photographer’s resource site.

  94. says

    Wow….beautiful things. I love the storyboards and the cards. One is more beautiful than the next!

    I always send out cards. I use the online drag and drop method in a pre done template.

  95. says

    This year for the first time I designed my own photo cards in photoshop. In the past I have used a drag and drop template offered by the company with whom I am ordering cards.

  96. christy says

    Here’s my answer: Photo Card: Using a Photoshop template from a graphic design company or photographer’s resource site.

    Good luck everyone and thanks for the giveaway!

  97. says

    I haven’t sent our cards in a few years. We’ve only taken a family picture once in 8 years. I love designing cards myself, but have a few designers that I love and would consider using theirs. I usually hand out pictures of my daughter that I take, that are not Christmas related, so they can be viewed year round.

  98. says

    We have sent out the online (drop your photo into the templet design), but we have decided that this year we are not sending out Christmas like we have in the past (times are hard and we just need to cut out something}

    For more chance to win I suggested this on my facebook page and I blogged about this on my website.

  99. Judy Cook says

    I would love to win. I always have my friend custom design our photo christmas cards each year. But would love other options too! The ones shown here are awesome!

  100. says

    I send out Christmas cards with my family pictures last year. I made my own design on PS, 5×7 folded card, printed by professional lab. It was a big hit! Everybody liked it.

  101. says

    I always send a photo card!
    Photo Card: Online or at a store kiosk, I drag and drop photos into a template using a pre-made card from the professional or consumer print company.

  102. says

    I usually choose one of the cards that I’m offering to clients that year. The biggest factor in choosing which one is how many good photos I actually captured of my own children. :)

  103. photomagic says

    In the past I have used premade non-photo cards and I have also printed my own non-photo cards . . BUT . . this year I plan on making my photo cards to send out. I have gotten soooooo much inspiration from all my web favorites that I just want to jump in and do it myself!! :)

  104. says

    I just tweeted about this great contest – thanks! For cards I used to do this: Photo Card: Design a card from scratch (with my Graphic Designer husband) – but now I have purchased some templates for my own use and for clients and I love them. I am now going to check out your site. :)

  105. claudia says

    We’re expats, so send out about 80 cards every year. We used to do the Shutterfly thing but this year (as I started my own photography business) we used a card from Jamie Schultz and I’m loving the results. I’ll never go back to store-bought cards. We order the cards from a printing company.

  106. says

    I DO send out holiday cards! I send a Photo Card using a Photoshop template from a graphic design company or photographer’s resource site. Then I print it using WHCC.

  107. Serena Garcia says

    We have done many different things over the years including a preset from a store kiosk, paper (non photo) cards, and a made from scratch photo card in ps.

  108. says

    Since I got married (four years ago yesterday) I’ve made my own Christmas cards to look like scrapbook pages. But now that I have Photoshop, I may design a photo card (if I get in front of the camera that is).

  109. Angie Cella says

    Have had a Photoshop wiz friend design one for me in the past. But I’m going to use a Photo Card Boutique one this year :)Still learning how to design my own….

  110. says

    I usually send out Christmas Cards with pictures enclosed. But I’m dying to try out the templates…soooo…I think I’ll be testing out my cards this year with a Photo Card, either from scratch or template…haven’t decided yet!

  111. says

    Yes, I send photo cards to both my family and friends. For the last couple of years, I have created these from scratch. I’ve always gone for a unique look, something I haven’t seen anyone else do.

  112. Jeannie says

    This year I came across Photo Card Boutique and purchased a gorgeous card. Finished and ready to print! Love the designs!

  113. Pam J says

    I send out Christmas cards every year. Last year, I used a photo card from an online store, but this year I am using a template from photo card boutique.

  114. jessi says

    I’d love to win!! I get Photo Card: Online or at a store kiosk, I drag and drop photos into a template using a pre-made card from the professional or consumer print company.

    I would love to try out Photo Card Boutique this year!!

  115. says

    I would loveee to win this :) I have a very small template collection! When sending out christmas cards I usually do a Photo Card: Using a Photoshop template from a graphic design company or photographer’s resource site.

  116. Aimee N. says

    I’ve created our card a few different ways, depending on how much time I have.

    Photo Card: Design a card from scratch
    Photo Card: Using a Photoshop template from a graphic design company or photographer’s resource site

  117. laurihill says

    I like to design my own, but if I run out of time I will use a template that I have bought or someone shared. I can’t imagine Christmas without sending out cards…………

  118. Diana Zimmerman says

    OTHER: It varies each year. Sometimes I type a “Christmas letter” and add photos on it or I just include a 4×6 photo. This photo was my first attempt at Photoshop and I was quite proud of my creation (despite cutting off my husband’s hand!! lol)

  119. Jennifer D. says

    We send out photo cards each year designed from scratch and featuring our only “child” at the moment, a yellow lab named Max:) I love these design elements! I am excited to find this site!

  120. Lea says

    I always create my own cards for each Holiday. Usually they are totally created from PS, but sometimes I let the kiddos help and we do it as a craft.

  121. says

    I have just started doing christmas cards for my clients and part of the cost that is prohibiting me from being able to offer a nice variety is the cost of the templates…..I know that quality is worth paying for and I dont mind paying for it, but I just started my business and anything like this would be a great help!!!!

  122. Bernell L. says

    Photo Card: Online or at a store kiosk, I drag and drop photos into a template using a pre-made card from the professional or consumer print company.

  123. says

    Usually I will make a photo card from a pre-made design….however, this year will be the first year that I designed our own card from scratch……the photo below is just the front of the card. :)

  124. says

    I always send out Christmas Cards. Love taking the family photo and sharing it with friends and family. Years before I have designed my own but last year I used a template I couldn’t resist. Loved my card!

  125. Amanda A says

    ◦Photo Card: Using a Photoshop template from a photographer’s resource site.
    I love holiday cards! I usually send out two different ones!

  126. Heidi says

    I usually choose this option: ◦Photo Card: Online or at a store kiosk, I drag and drop photos into a template using a pre-made card from the professional or consumer print company.
    BUT………….This year I would like to win & send a Photo card boutique card :-)

  127. Shelly LeBlanc says

    We always send out a photo card. It’s my favorite project of the year – perhaps because I love a challenge!!
    Depending on how the spirit moves me, I have designed our card, printed a photo and glued it to a card, or used a template. Despite two attempts, I don’t think I have a photo for this year so the spirit isn’t moving me at all. The spirit needs to get her act in gear!! I’ve attached the front of last year’s card…..

  128. says

    Whenever I have a good family picture to use, I send out a Christmas photo card. I purchase templates from graphic designers, photographers, etc. where you drag and drop the images. I love layered PSD files so I can make different changes to give a card multiple looks.

  129. says

    I use a photographer’s template and then email out the card! No sense in paying over $200 for postage for card to my family when I can use that money on MCP actions and cards from Photo Card Boutique! A girl’s gotta prioritize! haha

  130. Heidi Brand says

    I try to send Christmas cards every year. I try to do a photo card Using a Photoshop template from a graphic design company or photographer’s resource site.

  131. says

    I always send out Christmas cards, but last year I didn’t because I was so busy and never had time to make a card design. I love the designs shown here, and am off to browse the rest of your product offerings. :)

  132. says

    I usually send out a Christmas card every other year…although I am actually not following through with that this year. We missed last year because we were moving during the holidays, and missing this year because we are so busy, pregnant and preparing for my husband’s deployment. Anyway, when I do send out cards they are photo cards made from PHotoshop templates from photographer resources. =)

  133. says

    Yes, we do photo holiday cards…sometimes using a template but normally tweaked and other times from scratch. Love designing them…normally use something I like as inspiration and end up creating something very unique once I get into it!

  134. Kris Allbright says

    I usually mail out cards every year for the past 20 years. I have started doing them from scratch, but would love another option…

  135. says

    Yes we send out a christmas card with a photo and also include a letter! Christmas cards are no fun if there is not a picture included and a letter telling us what’s new!!

  136. Angela says

    I usually combine a few templates that I got from a photographer’s forum along with some papers that I bought. I try to make it unique to my own style!

  137. says

    I’ve only sent out Christmas cards once but it was one that I put together and had printed out from a store. It was a great way to show off some of my very first work : )

  138. Bibi H says

    yes I sent out a card.
    Photo Card: Online or at a store kiosk, I drag and drop photos into a template using a pre-made card from the professional or consumer print company.
    This year I am planning to use my lab to print Photo Card: Using a Photoshop template from a graphic design company or photographer’s resource site.

  139. says

    I design my own cards for all the holidays…but then I am a photographer and a graphic designer…so not a stretch. I find my clients are always looking for something original to be designed…everyone knows the standard sites to go to for the cards and they are looking for something unique.

  140. says

    I design my cards from scratch, but I use a program from Creative Memories called Storybook Creator Plus 3.0. Graphics and papers are inexpensive, beautiful and endless. I can do many of the things I can do in Photoshop with a smaller learning curve! But SBC+3.0 doesn’t have ACTIONS! LOL! Love both! This is the one I did last year…before I found actions in Photoshop.

  141. says

    I am horrible when it comes to sending out Christmas cards. I create photo cards for many of my clients, but fail when it comes to doing them for myself. Many moons before digital was so popular I would by store bought boxed cards to send out, or purchase them on clearance for the next year, but then would wait too long and they wouldn’t get sent out. I think I still have some boxes of cards from the 90’s!

  142. Betsie says

    We do picture cards, I have always done the drag-n-drop, but this year will be attempting my first Photoshop cards. Just got pictures done today! :)

  143. Gretchen P says

    I have only sent out Christmas cards once in my 13 years of married life. The one time I did, I used Non Photo Cards that were store bought. I keep telling myself I am going to, but it just never happens.

  144. says

    I ALWAYS send out a family photo card. This year I am using a photoshop template but in the past I have purchased from a commercial supplier…It really sucks when you start opening cards and you open 3 in a row that are exactly the same

  145. Sonnia V-F says

    Awesome contest!
    This is the first year we are doing a Christmas Card and we are doing a Photo Card, Using a Photoshop template from a graphic design company or photographer’s resource site. Can not wait!

  146. says

    Our Christmas came early last year with the birth of our second daughter. I am so excited to actually send out “Family” photo cards this year showing off our two little princesses! I usually send out a photographers template for our photos.

  147. jennifer m. says

    i am sending photo cards (from online sites…drag and drop) this year for the first time. in other years, i have made my own non-photo cards, and sometimes purchased non-photo cards. looking forward to using photos more!

  148. says

    I love using templates because they are so easy and fast. When I want a challenge, I design my own. It also depends on how much free time I have on my hands which is not much lately!! Looks like a template this year:)

  149. Sara S says

    Yes, we send out a card. Last year we used a Photoshop template from a graphic design company or photographer’s resource site…might make a go of designing my own this year.

  150. Debbie Herring says

    I’m ashamed to admit I sent no cards out last year. In the past, I have purchased cards that have a place to insert a print. This year, I have created many card templates in photoshop and bought some templates. Now….gotta decide which card to use! Thanks for the chance to win a gift card!

  151. says

    I left a comment earlier (around noon today) but I can’t find it, so I would like to try again. I love MCP and I think Photo Card Boutique may be my new next favorite. Thank you so much for letting us know about her. I already have several items in the shopping cart and can’t wait to look through the rest tomorrow when I have time. Yes, I send photo Holiday cards and so do my clients. I think they appreciate the fact they can have one custom designed for them that isn’t like what everyone else can find at the usual fast-but-looks-just-like-what-everyone-else-can-get-and-have-seen sites. I can’t wait to use some of her papers and elements. Thank you for sharing some of your valuable resources with us!

  152. Rashelle Cuperus says

    In the past, I’ve uses a photo kiosk, but this year, I want to try my hand at my own on photoshop. Would love to win one of these gift certificates!

  153. Brandi Lee says

    I have sent e-mail cards the last two years in an effort to save money and be more eco-friendly, but I want to send a REAL card again this year! There are so many amazing options now, and I really want to something special.

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