Giveaway ~ Easy As Pie Guide: How to Price Your Photography

WIN one of two copies of the NEW Easy-as-Pie Pricing Guide for Photographers from Served Up Fresh

If you never really know how to price your photography, then you will want to enter this contest!

First, there was Easy as Pie.
Then, there was Pastry School.
Served Up Fresh has combined ’em into a single, ridiculously-easy-to-use document that includes worksheets that make creating pricing a cake walk. There’s also an ADVANCED collection building module for those of you who have mastered the pricing basics.

Today – Served Up Fresh is celebrating a grand re-opening and giving away 3 copies of Easy as Pie, common sense pricing strategies for portrait photographers (each valued at $349).

To Enter: (up to 3 entries per person)

  • Just leave a comment, here on the blog (not on Facebook), and tell us why you deserve to win this pricing guide.  Make your answer serious, funny, or outrageous.  But tell us why you need it more than anyone else!
  • If you need it so bad, want an extra chance to win? Just go on Facebook and/or Twitter, and tell people about this contest. Then come back and let us know you did.
  • Still want an additional chance? Go to the MCP Facebook Page, and click on “suggest to friends” – tell at least 10 photographer friends about us! Again, come post a comment and tell us you did.

The 3 winners will be announced on Sunday, Dec. 12th via random draw.


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Free Stuff:

  • While you wait for the giveaway- go to Served Up Fresh to download your free chapter from Easy as Pie!
  • Also check out the free e-courses! The first is now available – Business Basics. Thinking of starting your portrait business or just getting your feet wet. You need this course!
  • If you post to Facebook, make sure you download the FREE Facebook Fix Photoshop actions, for an even better presentation of your photos.

Looking for a Coupon Code, Discount Code or Promo Code to buy?  You don’t even need one.  They have a LAUNCH SPECIAL- $249 good through December 12th! No coupon code necessary!

easy as pie pricing guide for photographers

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  1. 2

    Dana Williams says

    I have been taking photos for years but am just starting to put together my own business. My problem is when someone will ask my how much I charge I will say oh I dont know how about nothing this time and the most that I have charged is $30.00 and they get alot of pictures that I have edited. Please help….

  2. 3


    I NEEEEEEED this book more than the rest of the folks because I need to …ahem… properly price my work and EDUCATE the rest of the folks (through example honey!) as to WHY custom photography is priced the way it is. Heck and if that fails, I’ll just smack ’em with the book! That’ll get the pricing through their heads, no? LOL

  3. 6


    I have heard fantastic things about Easy as Pie! I have my Photography blog being created as I’m writing this. Newbie here! I read and surf and follow blogs to absorb all the information I can to succeed in my business! This would be an invaluable tool for me to launch my business.

    Many thanks

  4. 7


    well duh…just look at my current prices and that should say it all!!! :) I need desperately to raise my prices and have such a hard time setting them…so need HELP!

  5. 8


    I need to Served Up Fresh Pricing Guide in the WORST way! I love doing photography! It’s a side business for me, but I’m afraid that I’m letting people walk all over me. I don’t want to give it away…someday I might actually want to do this full time and I don’t want to make huge mistakes now that could prevent that from happening…Please help! :)

  6. 9


    I’ve been shooting for awhile now, but I’ve never actually sold prints, just the DVD of images. Probably because I don’t want to “rip off” my clients with crazy high print prices. I think that if I have a better knowledge of what to charge and why, I would feel so much better about asking my friends and clients to pay.

  7. 13

    MelissaF says

    I need this guide because I’m getting ready to introduce prints into my business because I’m not making any money and I need to know how to price them properly and put together package offerings. This would be GREAT!!

  8. 15


    I could really use the new Easy as Pie pricing guide. I’m starting my photography business and am sitting down to create a viable business plan and pricing list.

  9. 16

    Krystal says

    I need help getting my plan off the ground and besides I need to know everyone is talking about. It seems that EAP is all I hear about these days.

  10. 17


    Ha! I need to win the Easy As Pie Pricing guide so bad. I am so afraid to raise my prices for fear that people won’t be able to afford to get their photos taken (by me). :( Heck my every day price is lower than most photos mini shoots. I need H.E.L.P

  11. 19


    I guess I don’t “Deserve” to win, since I really believe no one deserves anything, if you earn it, thats a different story. I guess I feel like I’ve earned the right to profit in my business. After 7 years and struggling while we move from state to state with my husband since he’s a active duty marine, its hard to make a profit, constantly having to start the business over in a new state.. I hope that there is something in the easy as pie to get me going quicker and into the green!!

  12. 25

    Janie says

    Why do I need this pricing guide?? It would be easier to tell you why i don’t need it. Here goes:
    1. uhm…….well….
    2. let’s see……..
    3. Oh nevermind…….
    It’s obvious I NEED THIS GUIDE!!!

  13. 26


    I’m losing sleep with constantly second guessing myself. I need something to say this is how you do it. I’m so close to success, or success at the level I dream of. I just need an extra push.

  14. 27


    Pricing – the single item that has stalled my progress. How do I price to be fair to my customers and fair to myself. Would love any and all help so I can get out of neutral and into drive and make my business and life “easy as pie”

  15. 29

    Barbara Louise says

    The reason why I need this book, is because every time someone asks me what my fee is I clam up, I don’t know, I can’t get myself to say my fees is BLA, I think about it, and think about it, and then I over think about it some more, then I under charge them because I want the business…. Ugh I really need this book to help me get my act together ! :)

  16. 30


    I neeeeed this because I am an ar-teeeest and math is so not my thang! I neeeeeeed this because I want it, my precious, I want it! And really, isn’t that enough reason? Okay, I need it because I am going to succeed, no doubt about it. And this will help me. Please? THANKS!

  17. 31

    Kay says

    OMG! I really, really need this!! I am fixing to start up and this would be a tremendous help. Currently Computer Technician but wanting to move on to what I love to do just don’t know how to get it going and I really do need this book to help point me in that direction! :)

  18. 32

    Barbara Louise says

    Wooo Hoooo I posted about this on my FB page !!!! (well actually I posted about this on my personal page AND on my photography page !!!!!)

  19. 33

    Allison says

    I am the absolute WORST at figuring out what to charge people. I need this so I don’t have to hire someone to talk to clients for me. Thanks!

  20. 34

    Rebekah says

    I have struggled for years and I still am struggling to set prices that are competitive but also fair to me! I want to relaunch my packages in the spring and need so much help figuring it all out!

  21. 36

    Connie Fintel says

    I have been waiting for the new release….Starting up my business next month and need some good direction!

  22. 37

    SusanB says

    I can’t cook – I like to eat out as much as possible, so having Easy as Pie at my finger tips will help me with my pricing so that I can continue to eat out and have my Pie too.. ha ha ha – I would love to win this, I need to change up my prices for 2011 and I don’t know where to start! Help me please!

  23. 40


    I would so love to win this! I am a military wife in a military community trying to balance high quality custom photography with a military family budget! I need to make money but don’t want to overcharge! I just started my business and need all the help I can get! AND I think I’m the only person that will enter who can sound like Chewbacca, so that right there should be weird enough for you to pick me!!!

  24. 41


    I am a brand new photographer; literally, I am currently doing 3 test sessions with friends and my business will go live on January 1, 2011. I would love to win this because it would help me to launch my business on the correct footing.

  25. 42


    I need this book badly….I live in a small yet quaint town. We have various incomes within a 50 miles radius. Behind the camera, I feel at home…business wise, I know I have to grow in order to make in this indrustry. This town has many “picture takers” as I like to call the hobbist and I know I have to stand out in more ways than one. I think pricing is a part of standing out. I’m just not sure of the recipe. Hehe..get it recipe! I have so many dreams and energy when it comes to my business I’m always willing to change, research, read, learn. Changing my prices is the next step for me. Photography is my main source of income, I have to make the most of it. I would love to have the book! I need the book! I promise it will be read!

  26. 46

    Kari says

    I’m such a dumdum when it comes to prices. Its hard for me to say hey pay me this because I said so or I think this will cover my cost. HELP! I don’t know where to start with prices.

  27. 48


    I have spent the past few years of my photography career making a business of giving my work away. I’ll tell people I charge but then feel bad taking money. I recently went over what it is costing me to do this and aside from taking time from my family it costs me a new camera, payments for my camera, wear and tear on my camera, storage space on my computer, several external hard drives to store “customer” files. I charge for my senior shoots but it doesn’t cover any of the above or the cost of business cards, gas, props etc. I get so frustrated I just keep it simple and tell them $100 for the CD and print rights. I recently tried to host a holiday photo session.. because so many people were asking me about scheduling photo shoots. I rented a background and an extra flash and had one person sign up… another contacted me and offered me $25 (because that is what target is charging and she didn’t want to devalue my time) for ten minutes and wanted me to email her the finished digital files. I posted $100 for the shoot and prints starting at $10 for a 4×6 through pictage. This makes me feel like they were just in it for a cheap shoot :( this took money away from my kids for christmas and now I feel stuck. Idk if I am overcharging or what but I felt like I had to make money to pay for the rentals and as it is I’ll be paying to do this shoot.
    How do I appropriately price my work so I don’t feel like a sleeze for attaching a pricetag to my own time (because honestly it’s hard to see value in myself) or like I’m getting used and taken advantage of? I see people out there charging more than me and obviously shooting with their camera on auto, awkward posing, harsh shadows, everything centered and people rave about their talent as a photographer so I really find it hard to believe when anyone says the same about me.
    as much as I want to win… I can’t share this on facebook because I can’t stand the idea of putting these feelings out there where I’m supposed to be the “confident” photographer :/ and now I’m hitting submit before I chicken out and change my mind.

  28. 49


    I would love to have this pricing guide because I am unemployed and trying to get my photo business started, and I simply cannot afford to buy the guide. If I could afford it, I would totally shell out the bucks for it!

  29. 53


    In this modern era, when so many believe they are or could be a “professional photographer”, we all need help to be the best. This side of the business is just as important as the ability to take photographs, as many potential clients could be put off by price. Everyone needs help to be the best they possibly can be ! That’s why I would love to win this book !!!!!!

  30. 55


    I need this so bad, because I’m trying to help our family get out of debt, and bring our daddy home more. Sure wish I could win this!

  31. 57


    Pricing guide… oh my.. I need this to know where the “norm” is or if there isn’t such a thing. I feel like I need validation on why are prices are what they are. I would love to have a resource to help me rebuild my current prices and be able to tell and speak positively to clients when they say “What is your pricing?”

  32. 58


    I am just starting out and have no idea how to charge. I’ve been pulling things out of the air, or comparing to other photogs, but I just haven’t found MY price yet. HELP!

  33. 60


    I am a visual person, so if I see this in writing, then MAYBE, just maybe, I’ll finally get my pricing set and get on with the fun stuff!

  34. 61


    I need Easy as pie!! I am so broke it’s not even funny. I got a coupon from her and still could not afford to buy it b/c my bank account is in the red which I think even more proves why I have to get my pricing under control! She did let me pass the coupon on to someone who could use it so at least someone benefited from it. Even though I almost cried at having to see it go. Maybe I got enough karma points for doing that to win here 😉
    Thanks MCP and Alicia for the opportunity to win, I will def be joining in on the chat. Thanks again, now off to cross everything!

  35. 62

    Amanda M. says

    OMG….I need this book! My child is hungry, I’m going to have school loans out my WAZOO, and I need new shoes!! :) On a serious note, I am feeding my child, but I would love to have this book to help me get my business off the ground and running. I’m so tired of the Cheapies! I deal with them to get word of mouth marketing, but I think that Cheapie is too good to spread the word! UGH! Please Help, I need some EAP in my life!

  36. 63


    I’ve had my eye on this pricing guide for a while but haven’t budgeted for it. (That makes sense, right? I’m too poor to learn how to make more money?? Wait…)

  37. 64

    kim bolyard says

    why I should win….because I take more photos then should be allowed…I would do it for free, but all my friends say I have to charge people, I started my photography business because my kids got tired of me taking their photos all the time and with your help I reach my goal of being a better and fairly priced photographer…thanks for the chance.

  38. 65

    Libby McFalls says

    Not only do I want it, I desperately NEED it! I know that my product is not priced properly but many times my big heart overrules common sense! Please, please, oh please, pick me!

  39. 66

    Elizabeth says

    I NEED Easy As Pie as I need to learn to price myself for a profit and not feel bad about charging what I’m worth.

  40. 67


    This would be an amazing gift. I graduate college back in 2002, and immediately set my prices that summer. 8 years later, running a full time studio now, my pricing structure is the same. On top of that, I have multiple different pricing structures for my portrait work, wedding work, school photography and sports. Sometimes it can be hard to explain to people why a 2 hour session on the beach costs more then the photo I took of their children at daycare. Makes perfect sense to me, but not them! Hope this book could help me get a better direction on my pricing.

    I have suggested to facebook friends as well

  41. 71

    kat says

    Too High? Too Low? Right? Of Course! No way…… Too Low! Uh uh…. For Real? Minimum wage? You’ve got to be kidding right? Help!

  42. 72


    I REALLY need this book. I have my prices where I think I want them, but I’m always on the lookout for better ways to do what I’m doing. I’m struggling with getting clients in the door and I want to change that in 2011!!

  43. 73

    Jennifer says

    This is THE guide to pricing! I MUST have this! I’m not ready for business yet, but when I do, I want to be 100% ready!

  44. 74


    Formulas, percentages, discounts, yikes! If only a profitable business was as effortless as throwing your dinner in a microwave! I could use Easy as Pie to deliver me to my Happy place!

  45. 78

    Becky Thomas says

    I have three children and have lost too many brain cells to think straight anymore. . .that’s why I need this book!

  46. 80


    I need this book to help guide me on how to put a value to my work, time and talent. Right now I am so under pricing myself which means I am doing more work then making money and I could use a good foundation of pricing to help me really break into the business. My wife and I are both self taught and truely love the art, now we just need to learn to charge what we are worth.

  47. 81


    I am in desperate need of Easy as Pie pricing guide!! I have fallen into a price rut where people are taking advantage of me and I need to re-structure my pricing and business so that I can gain my passion back for Photography and enjoy time with my family!!! This is an awesome giveaway!! Thank you for the chance to win!

  48. 83


    As a new photographer, I’ve continued to up my prices but I know that I’m still very low it would be great to have a guide on how I should price!! Awesome giveaway!

  49. 84


    Hi! I’d so love to win this! I’ve been eyeing it for over a month now, and it would take a HUGE load of my back before the new year to get this settled. I homeschool my kids, take care of the house, do photography on the side, and am finding less and less time to get this done!! Thanks for the great giveaway!!

  50. 91


    Well, I’m finishing my second year of business and did MUCH better this year thanks to some basic tips from the Easy As Pie blog~ got to thinking about this giveaway and I don’t currently offer collections, DVD’s etc. and would like to but don’t know where to start with pricing! Winning this would be a blessing to anyone who receives it~ thanks!!

  51. 94

    Jonathan Clark says

    The reason I need this book is because I dont have a clue when it comes to pricing my work. I have been told I am under charging and when one figures the time I take to do the shoot, edit the pics and so on, then I am really not making anything at all. My wife and I are both self taught photogs, probably as with most, and are slowly building up a decent reputation for our work but we are totally lost when it comes to how to charge.

  52. 96


    The timing is perfect! i am in the middle of re-vampling my business plan and product offerings and I could REALLY use this information right now. Thanks for offering the possibility!

  53. 98


    I’d LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to win this book! I’m just starting my photography business now (about to go to my FIRST newborn shoot) and I am in need of any and all help/education/feedback! Come on, please pick my number!!!!!

  54. 99

    Becky says

    how awesome is it to work right along beside your best friend … We are a husband and wife photography team. We are new at this and hoping for our business to launch sooner than later. Pricing is one of our biggest issues and this pricing guide will totally help us in being able to determine how much we should be charging our clients.

  55. 101


    I have been coveting this guide FOREVER. I can’t afford it because my prices aren’t set appropriately to make a decent living. So basically, I need it so that I can afford to buy it.

  56. 103


    Custom photography much like pork barrel spending and quantum mechanics is a hard thing to explain. Practitioners of all three know the value of their work, but they also know the difficulty of explaining it to the uninitiated. People’s began to glaze over when Max Planck and Neils Bohr got on one of their rants. It took Schroedinger and his unreliable cat to finally make some sense of their babble. Tom Delay had such a difficult time explaining the intricacies of Congressional spending he was sent to prison. I, as a photographer, need tools to help me explain to my customers the value of custom photographer without relying on colleagues or worrying about jail time. The Easy-as-Pie Guide is the perfect tool to help me do it.

  57. 104


    It would be SO COOL to win this giveaway! #1 – so many people have raved about these tools and #2 – I love structure and just know that using a tool like this to structure my approach and ultimate pricing would be so beneficial to my business!

  58. 106

    Katy Carroll says

    So far, it seems like I am paying people to take their pictures. They are all “friends” or “acquaintances” who want a deal. Help me to break even or maybe be able to afford a lunch or 2 after my shoots. I am wasting away and would love to be chubby again. Thanks.

  59. 107


    I need this because I’m on a quest for the most enticing prices but still make a profit. This would be a great weapon to aid me in my adventure.

  60. 108

    Marcia says

    I need this the worst, because I am just getting started, although I am so excited that I have found my passion and figured out what to do with the rest of my life. I cannot figure out the pricing, because right now clients are going to be people that are already in my life. It is going to be very hard to take their money and I am going to want to give everyone a huge discount. Help me!!!!

  61. 110


    I REALLY need this, I am so struggling to make ends meet for our family. My hubs is a FT student and my 3 yr old has leukemia, which means lots of Dr. visits, which keeps me from getting a FT job. Not to mention my other 2 kids! I am so passionate about photography and my business. And my client base has grown a lot over the last year, but I need to find a way to make it more profitable. This would be so beneficial to me!

  62. 112


    Ha ha ha … let’s just say after the recent “Name Your Price” game, I realized my prices are all over the board and a bit crazy. It honestly seems like I just pulled some numbers out of a hat and said, “sure, why not?!” I know I need an extreme pricing makeover. Could Alicia Caine please be my “Ty Pennington”?

  63. 116


    I need this so I will quit feeling like a whore when I tell people ‘my rates’.
    Seriously, I need more confidence that I am worth charging a livable price and a more upfront system in place so when I do give friend and family discounts they are reasonable and standardized.

  64. 117


    Ahh.. pricing.. the bane of the photographer. We all struggle with it and most of us who are not biz majors, need all the help we can get with it. I’m not a biz major :) I always need help.. or so I’m told 😀 This sounds like the perfect assistant for my pricing woes.. so yes, I really , really , really.. did I mention I really want it?

  65. 122


    Hi, my name is Molly, and I have no idea how to best price my photography to make a living off of it. (“Hi, Molly!”) I just found ‘Served up Fresh’ a few weeks ago, and I am wanting to win this so very much! I feel like this is the best site to explain all the business-y side of the field to a right-brained girl like me. I hope I win! Thanks!

  66. 124


    I need to win this because I am looking to make changes to my pricing in the new year and I have a spiral notebook full of brainstorms of different pricing structures for my services and I can’t settle on one way to do it!

  67. 126

    Diane says

    Oh, whoa, (Joey Lawrence impersonation…)I need this pricing guide because, well I am so lost as to how to charge…I am just starting up, and don’t have a clue..would love to win this…

  68. 127


    I would LOVE to receive the EAP pricing guide!!! My fiance and I have set a date – for going FULL TIME into photography – two months before our summer wedding!! Call us crazy but we can’t wait to have our own business doing a job that we love!! We need to price ourselves right from the start so we can survive our first year of marriage!!!

  69. 129

    Sandi Hansen says

    I really need to win this. I am just getting started and don’t have any idea how to price things out and I don’t want to charge to much, so people want to try me out but I need to charge enough to make some money. There is so many photographers in our area, I want to have a little lower prices then them to build up my business.
    I have out of work, since I hurt my back and photography is a way for me to earn some money and it does not hurt my back doing it!!
    Everyone that knows me, knows I need all the help I can get!! Bless me with this for Christmas Please!

  70. 130


    I need the pricing guide so that I won’t have to be just a trophy wife anymore. 😀

    No seriously, I would love to earn decent money with a photography business to help facilitate being a homeschooling family. It would really ease the financial pressure on my husband and allow us to really build up a savings. Being a one income household has been challenging, and we are ready to make the switch to me earning for our family. This would take the guess work and mistakes out of running a profitable portrait photography business.

  71. 131


    I made the Thanksgiving pies this year for the first time. I’m not a baker. It wasn’t EASY. But sometimes, I think I would rather make a thousand pies than try to set my photo prices. I need this book! Winning it would TRULY give me something to be thankful for. 😉

  72. 135


    I need this because I’ve been stuck in the charging too little, because I don’t have the experience yet level. I think I’m finally ready to raise my prices.

  73. 137

    Erin B says

    I’m 6 months in and I already feel like my business is running me! I need Alicia and EAP to knock some sense into me…actually if you could include a big smack upside the head with to the guide I would benefit doubly. Thanks!

  74. 139


    I am trying to learn all I can about pricing right now! I am about 6 months into my business. I have a great base of clients started, but I have hit that wall of needing to upgrade equipment to get to the next level, but I am not sure how to raise prices and keep my business growing at the rate it was before! I need this more than the others because I have figured the rest out and if I don’t figure this pricing piece out I won’t be able to reinvest at the proper rate for growth!!!

  75. 140

    Victoria says

    I have been in business a year and was only a la carte. I always wanted to offer collections/packages but struggled with how to price/what to include so I just remained a la carte. I like how this helps you build collections and price them accordingly. I need this to start 2011 off with collections pricing that will be hard to resist!

  76. 141


    Everyone needs a little bit of Pie! I am struggling to find that little bit of heaven where clients value my work AND spend a decent amount to reflect that value. It seems to be I only find those who value me (which is absolutely good!) but don’t put their wallets where their mouths are.

  77. 142


    I need Served Up Fresh because:

    My website (and I use that term VERY loosely) sucks
    I bounce checks when I order client prints
    I still work part time at a “real job”
    I have 4 different price guides and I send different ones to different people and then get confused and can’t remember who should be paying what.


  78. 146

    Amy L says

    I need this because no matter how much studying I have done on the topic I can’t seem to get it right. My prices don’t seem ridicoulsy low( just low) but my average sales are well, wimpy, wimpy wimpy. I am need of help!!!!!

  79. 149


    Sometimes pie isn’t easy! But I’d love to have an easy guide for pricing- the easy type of pie. Right now my pricing is more like one of those pies that takes hours and tastes bad.

  80. 150

    PeggyN says

    I REALLY need this book because I REALLY need help with my pricing!!! I set a price but then I am wishy washy about it when asked. Someone asked me to do product photography and I have no clue what to charge. HELP!

  81. 153


    I SOOOOOO need this book! I am located in the Midwest where there is such a differnce in pricing between photographers I am totally confused! Some people are charging a TON for their work…..and maybe they deserve it???? HELP ME!! I am sure that my photographer freinds are tired of me asking them what to charge for different things!!

  82. 154


    I’m at the very beginning of my business, I would love to get EAP! I’ve been going through so much in my life, and finally found my calling. EAP would help make it possible!

  83. 157


    I neeeeeeeed to win this! I started my business last year and I never know how to price my prints, heck even price for a sitting fee. I never win anything so it would be so awesome if I won!

  84. 158

    Molly says

    I need to win this! I’m just starting out, and trying to figure out pricing is super stressful!! Please help a newbie out! Thanks!!

  85. 159

    Shay says

    I need this because I’m getting ready to launch my new website and am still unsure as to exactly how I’m going to price everything. I would love this guide to help me!

  86. 160


    I need this book because as I am developing my business I am also doing so with Multiple Sclerosis. This is not a plea for a sick person because I probably have the best scenerio you can have with this disease. However, one of the main things I fight with because of MS is a cognative (comprehension/memory) struggle. This makes the business side of building my photography business a much bigger struggle. I would really appriciate any help I can get! Thanks for the chance to win!

  87. 163

    Angie Mock says

    I would love to win the Pricing Guide so I can launch my business in the New Year!
    I will graduate from The Art Institute in 2011 and I am so excited to finally wear that cap and gown and be on my way with a BS in Photography.
    It is going to be an amazing year!

  88. 164


    I would LOVE to win this! I get really stuck on what to charge people and what my pricing should be! Sometimes I think I’m charging too much, and sometimes I think I’m charging too little – all within a 5 minute period!

  89. 166

    Miriam says

    Have had my eye on it for a while and am waiting for the moment to buy it! Winning would obviously better fill the need!

  90. 169


    I NEED this because I’m a total noob that hasn’t a clue what I’m worth or how to price or to stick to my prices! I’m always cheating myself because I feel too badly asking for money!

  91. 170


    Since I am portfolio building, I do plan to go into biz eventually, I would love the yumminess(!haha!) of the “Easy as Pie” pricing guide. :)

  92. 173


    I realize that there is a struggle in the industry when it comes to pricing. So many hobbyist are under pricing to the point where it is making the more expensive professionals look way over priced. I am struggling with knowing how much to charge because everyone’s are all over the place! I know mine are too low because I am working myself to death for a couple hundred dollars…but I have no idea how to get my prices in line. Of course I can’t afford EAP since I am struggling:( I need to win this so that I can price my stuff accordingly and not be someone else dragging the industry down!

  93. 174


    Ohhh, to win this would be fabulous! I’m spending this winter getting myself ready to launch myself in portfolio building, and pricing is something I’m (slowly) working on now! I’m finding it very challenging to know exactly where I should place myself in the market. I’ve heard such good things about Easy as Pie! What a great opportunity!

  94. 175

    Elizabeth says

    I am just starting out and I am almost clueless what to charge people. I want to take pictures, but I don’t want to do it for free. I think winning, I will have the tools I need to mantain a successful and profitable business for myself and my large family. My husband is Active duty Army currently attending college FT for ROTC. I am taking on-line classes through the AI while taking care of our 5 children aged 7 years, 3 years, and a set of triplets 6 months.

  95. 180

    Allison Jones says

    I’m just starting out looking for a way to be home with my kids. It’s such an important part of the business plan! Plus I asked Santa Claus for this and you wouldn’t want to get in the way of that would you!? :)

  96. 182

    Ashley Spray says

    I was just looking at this pricing guide YESTERDAY!! I would absolutely love to win it because I need some serious help in setting prices for my business. I am looking into offering prints and print packages, but have absolutely NO clue where to start my pricing for that… to get this guide would be AMAZING! Thanks MCP and Alicia Caine for offering this contest :-)

  97. 183

    Brittani says

    I have the old EAP, but I reallllllllly would LOVE the new EAP so that I can start the new year right and really make my first year of business a super success!

  98. 186

    Stephanie McKee says

    The reason I feel I would be great to win this is that I am very new to photography. I am just starting out and honestly feel so stumped as to what I should charge and how to even go about things to make my business successful. This would be a great guide for me to help me along!

  99. 187


    I need this pricing guide more than anyone else because I have no idea what is high or too low!!! I have been told my prices are too low but yet I am not getting any business. If I win this maybe I can price my sessions/prints/etc. correctly and bring in more business!!! So pick me!!!;)

  100. 189

    Christine says

    Thanks for hosting this giveaway! I’m in the very beginning stages of planning my business, and the Easy as Pie guide would help me avoid a lot of problems with pricing.

  101. 192


    Like probably every photographer out there, I have struggled hardcore with pricing for my business. I feel like i’ve gotten myself out of a little bit of a hole, but still need some extra work! I think this pricing guide would give me that little extra “umph!”

  102. 195


    I “deserve” to win this because I am a newbie just starting out in my photography venture and am kind of stumbling through the pricing aspect. I have looked around at other photographers in the area, but I’m still unsure of how I should price my services and packages. I think this would be a good jumping off point to really get me on the right track and get my business rolling! And, I LOVE PHOTOGRAPHY, so I knowing how much to charge for a passion (and a job) would be helpful. Please pick me! :)

  103. 196


    I NEED this because pricing is HARD! And, I’m about to move to a new state and complete re-vamp my pricing in the meantime as I re-build my business. And I love pie. 😉

  104. 198


    I would like to win this because after reading all of the posts on your facebook name your price game I can’t tell if I’m priced just right or overpriced for my market. I am just opening up for business and have gotten very little business and mostly that I’m too expensive. I’m starting to believe it. So I’d love to get some easy as pie strategies for pricing! Not to mention work on a plan for minimum print orders and making my business profitable!

  105. 201

    Leticia says

    Why I NEED this… I have a toddler and a newborn and I would love to be able to stay home with them. I love photography and I’ve decided to start a photography business to help my husband. I need to learn how to price along with other things. Daycare isn’t cheap so I’d rather be able to stay home with my little ones and still be able to make money from home.

  106. 208


    This would be great to have…
    I have read many people talk about this but, honestly cannot afford to make this jump yet, as.. well I dont charge that much yet and I know that this would help and give me the .. AHH HA MOMENT!

  107. 211

    Melissa says

    I need this guide because my jaw dropped when I saw Jodi’s name that price game on facebook. I’m way out of line, and clueless on how to fix it!

  108. 212


    I’ll be honest, I’m no more deserving than someone else, but I DO need the EAP pricing guide. Appropriately pricing my products and services is overwhelming to navigate and I feel like it’s holding me back from marketing myself. Please randomly pick me! :) And thanks for the opportunity to win!

  109. 214


    I need this more then anyone!!! I have three kids and a husband that works out of town 5 days a week as a plumbing contractor… and he already works for pennies on the dollar! I started my business less then a year ago and pricing has got my head absolutely spinning! I know there is a balance out there but I can’t find it! I can’t sleep at night, I dream about it… I blog, and facebook stalk other photographers just to see what they are doing that I am not doing! If my three kids don’t drive me insane… this pricing thing just might! There is nothing worse then a nutty photographer! I will lose my business, my home, my car…. and I might have to sell my camera just to buy food. You wouldn’t want that to happen would you? And if this isn’t enough to convince you…. how about this? My daughter is BEGGING you to choose me… She doesn’t want her mommy to lose her mind! 😀

  110. 215


    Once Upon A Time…..
    In a land not so far away there was a little blue-eyed, blonde-haired maiden who would dream all day. She would dream of photos in books and magazines and at night she would pray “please let me do that one day”. She grew and she grew….she studied like all good maidens do. Still she would dream and practice she would, with her little point and shoot thinking “someday I’ll be good. A photographer I will be and in the books it will be my photos they will see!”. A big maiden now, she worked for evil Mr. Corporation, day in and day out “what about my dream” she would shout! Then the day it finally did happen….a special present from Santa was there for un-wrappin’. A shiny new DSLR with all the bells and whistles she ever did dream for! That maiden finally bid evil Mr. Corporation farewell and started her own business which did quite well! As the days passed by she was happier and happier except for one ply, she was living in the red…oh how could this be! There would be no presents for her tiny ones under the tree! She tried and she tried to get it just right but still she has been unable to win the fight. “What shall I do” she cried. Her prince was all in huff and worried that things were getting so tough. “Your dream is so great and you are very good but without bread on the table it’s just no good” he proclaimed. All in a panic she sits day to day wondering if her dream will fade away. “Back in the green, I have to find a way to put it all together. If I have to give up I would just die….if only there was some way to make this EASY-AS-PIE!!”

    I have just started out in the last 6m, I’m getting fabulous feedback and booking lots of sessions but desperately need help on the business end. I don’t want to give up on my dream but I have a family to support and have to figure out a way to make it all work!

    Thank you so much for this giveaway!

  111. 219


    I really NEED Served Up Fresh! I’m just thinking about starting a small photography business and have no idea where to start. I’m going to need the extra income to keep my 5-year-old son in glasses since he seems to break them about every other week!

  112. 221


    After the past few days of the Name your price game on FB, I realized I need more help with pricing than I thought:) This would be a great help! Thanks!

  113. 222


    I have been dying for the Easy as Pie guide! We’re so poor we have to move into the ‘hood in downtown Atlanta. Ok so we are choosing to move there . . . but I am hoping that photography can be a way that we can sustain our ministry there, and I believe that will be much more possible to do that with the pricing guide!

  114. 223


    I want Easy as Pie Pricing guide because I’m having a really hard time getting my Pie business off the ground! Oh… thats just a metaphor? Ummm…Its for photographers? I feel sheepish…
    I need it! Pick me!!

  115. 224


    I have struggled with this my whole career and would love some help and guidance in this area. I always seem to run into this problem and I want to move forward and past this. I want my business to continue to grow and strengthen and I feel this would be the perfect help! Thanks

  116. 225


    I need this guide because we are moving more into portrait work and out of weddings. Since it’s a new area I want to make sure I’m evaluating our studio correctly so 2011 will be a big success!

  117. 227

    Rachel Crane says

    Hi! I would love to win this giveaway because I am FREAKING out over what to charge my clients and I need to get some pricing pronto because all of a sudden, I’m getting a huge influx of photography requests and I don’t even have a website up yet. Please Alicia, help me! I’m dying here and could use your help badly!

  118. 228


    Please pick me!!! I should win because I’m almost at my one year anniversary of starting my business, and with what I’ve accomplished this year to begin my business, educate myself (studying for the CCP) and what I have planned for the future, the only thing stopping me is what I don’t know! I want to learn more and I’ll make you proud!

  119. 229


    I am a new business, registered about a month ago. I can’t say no, attract cheapies and give to much away! I want to get my website up January 2011 and I need to figure out pricing to do this. I have heard so many great things about Easy As Pie and would LOVE this valuable resource.

  120. 230

    Christina Newby says

    Who wouldn’t want to win this? EVERY photog needs a little help and direction in some way, shape, or form throughout their career! I have been telling myself that 2011 is the year to make some big changes and make myself more profitable, and this will get me started in the right direction! Thanks for the giveaway :)

  121. 231

    Heidi Maranell says

    I need this for too many reasons to name!!! I am scared I won’t have any customers if I really price it like I think I should…I need this to convince me it’s time to do it! :)

  122. 232


    I really need and would like to have the Easy As Pie pricing guide. I have been trying to get my business going and have been trying for over a year. I have been reading the MCP questions and responses on pricing and finding there is sooooo much and I get sooooo confused. I live in Lincoln, NE, and have been having a hard time trying to find someone to mentor me or that I can learn from. Most people don’t seem to want to share with the competition??? I have been doing everything wrong it seems and want to get on the right track.. But with no money to put extra toward marketing and advertising and training…as I have no income….makes it very challenging. I want to succeed as a photographer. I love photography and what I do…just don’t get to do it enough. Maybe if I had a better pricing structure it would be one step in the right direction. If I had the money, I would just buy it. I did buy a lot of MCP actions and still trying to figure those out. And I don’t know 10 other photographers to post this to. Please please please consider me as one of the winners for this fantastic pricing guide. Thank you. Tina

  123. 235


    Oh how I need Easy as Pie pricing! I’m getting ready to serve up some new prices in 2011 and I neeeeeed help! I think I’m close to having things cookin’ but still need some tweaking. It would make my year!

  124. 236

    Debbie Gibb says

    Remember the taste of something so delicious that you just had to get the recipe? You say “Easy As Pie”, so pass on the recipe sista. I NEED THE RECIPE!! I need this because my recipe box is disorganized, the ingredients are not what I understand and I need YOUR help… I understand that “Easy As Pie” is that perfect little recipe to getting great results every time… I am ready to cook up some action here.

  125. 237

    deb c says

    i need all the help i can get!!! i’ve recently started doing more work, not just for friends, but for colleagues and friends-of-friends, and grapple constantly with pricing. numbers make my head explode….please help me!!


  126. 238

    Jason says

    i would love this because I am just getting started out and have no clue how to price anything. So I just say the first price that comes to me. I am most likely loseing money. PLEASE HELP!!!!

  127. 240

    Melanie says

    I could really use this pricing guide because I am just starting out and have $200 left in my budget and just found out that my city’s business license costs $200.

  128. 243

    Chelsi says

    I would LOVE to have a copy of this book. I am in a very tight financial situation with my husband only having a seasonal job right now. I know that if I got my pricing in order, I would have so much more success in my photography business than I am having now. I have the photography skills and tools, but am really lacking on the whole pricing slice on the pie. Thank you for this opportunity to win a copy!

  129. 247

    Lisa Gutierrez says

    I need this because I feel like I’m just coming up with numbers out of the air that sound good, but then I don’t feel confident about them because I really didn’t *base* them on anything! I would love to read about an actual method of setting reasonable photography prices!!

  130. 248

    Bethany Shirk says

    Hey! I am a newbie at photography and am just starting down the road to a hopeful profession in this. I’m looking at different class options, and ways to get better at this skill. So far, I’ve done several shoots for friends at no cost to them to get experience shooting. Free for them, experience for me. Now though, I’d like to have a sure-fire way to know how to price my pictures. I don’t want to get walked all over! This would be a fantastic Christmas gift :) Thanks so much for not giving away one, but three guides for us in need!!!

  131. 249


    I facebooked about the giveaway! I already left a comment that I did… and it is not showing up! I sent it over an hour ago and it still isn’t showing up. So if this shows up twice… I am so sorry!

  132. 250

    Summer says

    Help! I have no idea how to quote prices for my customers. The most I have charged is 50.00 and I KNOW they got their pictures at a steal! I also had to pass on a shoot for a family of 14 because I was unsure on what to charge. Please, Please, Please HELP!!!

  133. 251

    Christina says

    I need this bad – I keep giving my photos away for free while my husband is talking making it our sole income!!! Free != livable income! 😉

  134. 252

    Bethany says

    Man, do I need help with my pricing! At first I started off with super cheap photos and then started pricing them higher. I still don’t think I charge that much but now people don’t want to come back to me because of my pricing…is $15 for an 8×10 really that much??? Geeze, would love some help :)

  135. 253


    I really do need Served Up Fresh Pricing Guide! I love doing photography but it’s a part-time business for me along with my full-time job. Unfortunately, it’s more like two FT jobs! I do way too much for what I charge so your book would REALLY help me! My hope is that someday I will only do photography FT. :)

  136. 254


    GAO + EAP = PERFECT MATCH!! As a new Mom, I would LOVE to be a stay at home Mommy and the Easy As Pie guide is just what I need to take my photography business to the next level! I need to price my work where I can make a profit, have time to enjoy my family without feeling like I am cheating myself of fair market value or gouging my clients to the point where they can’t afford to come back. I have been in business for three years. Three years of trial and error, learning from my mistakes. Three years of thinking there has to be an easier solution to the mental pricing limbo I play each year. Please make the next 3 times 10 years work for me!!

  137. 255

    Kasia says

    I recently started my own business and have a hard time figuring how much to charge. Some people are willing to pay what i suggest some don’t and I need some guidance on what is right and how to justify the prices.

  138. 256


    I am a mother of three and a wife to a husband who works out of town 5 days out of the week. He is a plumbing contractor and at this point has to work for pennies on the dollar just to get work. I started my business less then a year ago and pricing has got my head completely spinning!! After I read posts about pricing on your blog it kept me up at night. I couldn’t sleep, I started dreaming about money blowing away out of my hands because I didn’t have my pricing right. I can’t focus at home or spend time with my kids because I am online trying to figure out where I should set my prices. If my kids don’t drive me insane this holiday season, or if my wallet doesn’t hate me because of all this shopping… this pricing thing sure will! Can you imagine booking a session with a crazy overworked photographer!! My kids need there mommy back… please choose me!!! And if my begging and pleading doesn’t work will my daughter convince you? If this picture could talk then she would be saying “PLLLLEEEEASSSE!!!

  139. 258

    Amy says

    This is exactly what I have been searching for! My friends and family are always asking me when am I going to start advertising that I am a professional photograher and my answer always is “I don’t know how to price myself as a professional photographer.” This would be a wonderful gift for me! It would make my husband happy also :).

  140. 260


    I have a photo business that I have been starting for about 2 years now on the side of another family business…in the hope of this being able to be my ‘at home’ job when I have kids. The family business is now falling through and I need to figure out how to start really making money though my photos if I want to build my family to where it needs to be. The plan is to try for our first child in June…which leaves me just over a year before baby is here and before I need to be up and running full time. This is my passion and I want to do it right, just need the direction to do it….

  141. 261


    I need this, being that this is my first year in business and I seem to be putting in a lot of my time but not getting back a lot in return LOL I am sure lots of others are in the same boat. I want to be fair and reasonable to my clients but I want to be able to make some money as well.

  142. 263


    I have been trying to find a happy medium for me and my clients. I am still new to all this and still learning. I have changed my pricing several times and nothing seems to be working. I would love this to help I can’t afford it at the moment.So to win it would be amazing. I love being a photographer and want nothing more but pricing is hard and not as easy as it looks.

  143. 267

    Jen says

    I’m a disgruntled lawyer trying to figure out if I can afford to make the transition to photographer and still afford to make my massive law school student loan payments. Figuring out the financial aspects before seriously giving this a try is paramount. Winning this would put me one step closer…and doesn’t the world need one less practicing lawyer?

  144. 269


    Once Upon A Time…..
    In a land not so far away there was a little blue-eyed, blonde-haired maiden who would dream all day. She would dream of photos in books and magazines and at night she would pray “please let me do that one day”. She grew and she grew….she studied like all good maidens do. Still she would dream and practice she would, with her little point and shoot thinking “someday I’ll be good. A photographer I will be and in the books it will be my photos they will see!”. A big maiden now, she worked for evil Mr. Corporation, day in and day out “what about my dream” she would shout! Then the day it finally did happen….a special present from Santa was there for un-wrappin’. A shiny new DSLR with all the bells and whistles she ever did dream for! That maiden finally bid evil Mr. Corporation farewell and started her own business which did quite well! As the days passed by she was happier and happier except for one ply, she was living in the red…oh how could this be! There would be no presents for her tiny ones under the tree! She tried and she tried to get it just right but still she has been unable to win the fight. “What shall I do” she cried. Her prince was all in huff and worried that things were getting so tough. “Your dream is so great and you are very good but without bread on the table it’s just no good” he proclaimed. All in a panic she sits day to day wondering if her dream will fade away. “Back in the green, I have to find a way to put it all together. If I have to give up I would just die….if only there was some way to make this EASY-AS-PIE!!”

    Thank you so much for this giveaway!

  145. 271

    AimeeJ says

    I need this more than anything so that I can learn to structure my sales correctly…and earn money…to feed my kids!

  146. 272

    Shawn says

    because I have no good idea how to price and this is something I have wanted for years …
    And I’m sitting in a dentist office with my mom who has Alzheiners and am getting ready to take get assisted living to stay and it will be a but of a sad today…winning this would bring me one step closer to a dream…

  147. 274


    I have been wanting this forever. I’m often confused about my prices because 50% of people tell me I’m too much and the other half says I don’t charge enough. This would be super helpful!

  148. 276


    Well, The clients that I serve are a 2 fold. I do a few weddings a year just to pay for major expenses..but then the clients that I really work with are all special needs familes. I struggle with figuring out how to price my work apprpriate for the area as well as not being so low that it degrades the profession but then high enough that I can make a living but then low enough again so that these wonderful families don’t have to choose between familiy portraits (which are a HUGE challenge in and of themselves) and much needed therapies and equipment. It’s like this roller coaster I work with so any help would be awesome!!

  149. 278

    Kellianna Wirth says

    I ABSOLUTELY NEED this pricing guide because as you can tell from this completely unconvincing post, I have no idea how to sell myself and therefore my business! You guys wouldn’t want me to fail would you? Would you? Hey, I figure if all else fails guilt will work!! I was going to add a picture of my son in the middle of a quasi depression sulk but I didn’t want to make you avoid the post! Cheers!

  150. 279

    Kathy Johnson says

    “Easy as Pie…that’s what I am…just for you…Help yourself some love’s that’s true…”{channeling Peaches & Herb} Photography is my love and I’ve had too many pies in the face from not charging enough for my work. I’m all sugar and spice and everything nice, but I’ve gotta stop burning myself and cook up a good recipe for success! …”No use searching all over town” {Peaches & Herb, again)Lemme win this! Please Please help me!

  151. 280


    I NEED to not undervalue myself any more! I NEED to be able to look clients in the eye and not budge on my pricing!! I AM worth it!!! I can do it!!! (this is a little pep-talk to myself I guess). Anyway, I do NEED Easy as Pie :-)

  152. 282

    Joe Dosch says

    Would love to win this guide! This is exactly the crossroads my wife and I are at in our photography business…we know how to work with clients, but have really no sense of how to price our work. This would go a long way to help us start our on the right foot, rather than try to figure it our as we go along.

  153. 283

    Lisa House says

    Good Golly Molly…this is for me!! I am so hopeless when it comes to pricing. I can’t decide on a standard formula. I can’t count how many times I have redone my price list!! My finges, toes and all available appendages are crossed that I win this and can finally make sense of my price list!!

  154. 285


    Pricing has always been a frustration to me. I am running this business on my own and though I have done reading and asked for advice from other successful photographers, I would love to have an in depth guide that I could use as my business grows. This business recently became a major source of income for my family and I need to learn how to price myself to be successful for their sake. Thank you so very much!

  155. 286

    catherine says

    I would LOVE to win a copy! I have been wanting one for about a year now and I could really use some spicing up in 2011. Help me please!!

  156. 287

    Amanda I says

    I’m a photographer for a newspaper, and freelance rates are typically set by the client. So I really need this guide so I can respond with a price when portrait or wedding clients ask. Thanks!

  157. 288


    I have wanted this for a long long time! I have such a hard time with pricing and just can’t afford the Easy As Pie on my own. Thanks for such an awesome give away!

  158. 289


    I need this guide!! I worry sometimes that I’ve either overpriced someone or that I’m undercutting myself and not giving my work the justice it may (or may not) deserve.

    I ESPECIALLY feel guilty when I’m pricing to people I know.

  159. 290


    Just yesterday my boss asked me to take pictures of her daughter and to name my price – and I feel guilty charging people I know. I need help. Pick me!

  160. 292


    I need this because I’m tired of the cheapies! I need this because I am getting way too many sessions and way too much work, all for nearly no pay. I just got done with my portfolio building, and trying to make a business model without guidance is maddening! And mostly I need this because I actually had some people tell me that my insanely way too low Portfolio Building prices were too high!!! I need to get a kick in the pants to figure out what I am really worth so that I can inteligently answer that.

  161. 297


    I need this more than anyone else because I suck. I suck at pricing myself at my true value. I suck at telling people WHY my pricing is what it is. And I suck at getting good print orders. HELP!

  162. 300


    I NEED this because I am just starting out, and could use all the advice I can get! I don’t want to start off on the wrong foot, and I know this book will help me set prices at just the right level. I want to build the RIGHT kind of client list, lol!

  163. 302

    Erin Lenore says

    I would LOVE to win this, because I am definitely without a doubt right-brained. Analytical thinking or anything to do with numbers confuses the heck out of me! I want to take my business to the next level, and I truly feel this product will help me attain my goals. I read the first chapter and I’m already blown away.

  164. 307


    I need this pricing guide because I want to plan my 10 year anniversary vacation (3 years from now) and rather than checking into to the Holiday inn with my hubby i want to go to Paris… helping balance my pricing would help me figure out how to actually make a profit and plan this trip! LOL… seriously.,….. launching my business in 2011 and still have along way to go…. xoxo

  165. 308


    It’s a constant struggle for me to try to be priced accordingly. We’re a military family and I understand the pay (or lack thereof) and I want to be able to provide an affordable service to other military families without selling myself short. I’d love to have this and get a better idea of where I stand and where I need to be.
    Thank you for the opportunity!

  166. 309


    This is my first year with my photography business (which I love) and I’ve done everything pretty well on my own up until this point. Except the pricing. My head has been spinning for weeks trying to come up with how to charge for prints, albums, etc. I want to be fair but also want to make money, especially since my husband has been unemployed. Brides are asking me, “how much are your albums and prints?” to which I respond, “uhhhhhhh …” I need help!!!

  167. 312


    I need this pricing guide because, through your recent pricing posts on your page, I have learned that my prices are too low. I don’t want to be “that photographer”! My business is fairly new, and I feel that I am at a point where price inc…reases are appropriate for 2010. I just have no idea how to do this in an appropriate way. I am working way to hard to market my work at they prices I am selling my prints and other items for right now. I have a 15 month old, and I am a full time elementary music teacher along with being a photographer. I give so much of my time to this business right now that I could be giving to my daughter. It should be worth it FOR HER too. I think my work makes me “professional”, but I also want my prices to reflect that statement as well.

  168. 314

    Tiffany M. says

    I sit here day in and day out doing free photos for friends family and all of their friends and family… I’M DONE I want to charge but I don’t know how, I feel totally horrible to charge for images. BUT IT MUST BE DONE so I sit with my hub…by to figure out a price plan and then get stumped. I then repeatedly bash my head into the wall till I’m a bloody mess to leave the room broken. Next day I have good ideas so we start over and he says something that makes me question everthing and then here I go again to the wall to do more bashing to the point that I just want to give up… I just need direction to how to charge thats it help please help.

  169. 316

    Prescilla says

    I can honestly say, “I need this!” I’m in the process of starting up my business. For the last 3 years, I’ve been the photographer for everyone I know . . . for free! I’ve only given away CDs of the images. I want to sell prints, with boutique packaging, and to price them wisely. I have been wanting to purchase Easy As Pie for awhile, just haven’t had the money. I would LOVE to win!!! Thanks for the chance.

  170. 319


    I am an amateur photographer trying to turn my passion into a career. I have no idea how to start pricing my sessions or prints. I could use all the help I can get!

  171. 320

    Anna Borisova says

    I need this book because my family want to immigrate from Belarus to New Zealand and we still can’t afford this! :(

  172. 323


    I need this really bad. As I type, my studo space is being painted. I will be opening soon…ready or not. My husband retired due to health issues, and we have a 14 year old son…I guess it is up to me to carry us for awhile. I do love photography and I think I am ready for this leap! of course this easy as pie pricing guide would be a great help

  173. 324


    I read the first chapter of the Easy-as-Pie guide and told my husband that it IS possible to read my mind! I need your guide because I have been catering to cheapies for way too long. I’m stressed, overwhelmed, and want this to be enjoyable again! Please help!!!

  174. 329

    Jen R. says

    This sounds like a great resource and I would love to win it. I’ve been trying to work out a business plan using spreadsheets, but would love to be able to supplement my info with what an expert has already figured out.

  175. 332


    Wow, I sooooo need this! I have been in business for about 6 months and there is no rhyme or reason to my pricing whatsoever. I started this as a “side” business for extra money and I was laid off from my full time job Sept 30th. So, I really want to expand my business as much as possible next year. I would LOVE to do this full time and I think this would be so awesome!

  176. 334


    I need this guide because I am notoriously CHEAP (I blame this on Dave Ramsey’s debt free living program which we follow religiously. Damn you, Dave, and, since I’ve already sworn on a blog comment, I will also damn the recession that is preventing us from selling our house and so now we’re paying mortgage on the house in the old town and rent on a houe in the new town). I penny pinch and budget, I pay cash for everything and don’t even own a credit card. And because of Dave Ramsey and his recession-proof budgeting lifestyle I am literally SCARED to charge the ‘professional’ prices for what I do. Because I know that me, a middle class 1-income housewife, choosing to stay home with 4 kids, would never ever spend what people say should be charged for custom photography services. I have done photography for friends and family for years and, frankly, I am starting to feel ripped off (everyone online said this would happen and.. ta da… it has). But I still cringe at the thought of charging what everyone on Clickin Moms and MCP etc etc say I should.

    In fact, now that I’ve put myself up here, I will probably get yelled at for devaluing the business of custom photography all together. Le sigh.

    I think this guide would give me the shove I need. And, because it’s not in the budget, I would never buy it for myself… I would much rather spend the money on more actions, or save for a new lens, or put it toward a family vacation…… You see. It’s a problem.

  177. 336

    Rach.H says

    I really, really need this so that I can get my business up and running and give up my day job. Please, please don’t make me be a Realtor in more. I just want to take photographs.

  178. 337


    Please! I am just starting out in the business and feel I am way underpricing, but I can’t decide what I should be charging. I need help big time! Thanks!

  179. 339

    jennylee says

    Why do I need Easy as Pie? Let’s see here… I’m hanging on by a thread. I want to open up shop. I’ve done my research. I have a tiny sense of pricing, from said research – but I’m no where near feeling comfortable with it or confident in my numbers. I need a resource to guide me. I need you, Easy As Pie. Please pick me, pick me! 😉

  180. 340


    I opened a videography business five years ago. I stopped marketing it and stopped taking new clients over a year ago, after realizing I had spent nearly every weekday evening and weekend editing video for four years, and had made NO money. In fact, due to the high cost of equipment for this business, it COST me several thousand dollars to lose thousands of hours a year. I stopped doing video, and decided photography was less time consuming, and also was selling for more in my area than videography. I decided I’m not going to repeat the same mistakes! But I don’t know what to do besides posting good (high) prices and hoping folks will discover me and want to pay that. So far I’ve only done free photo shoots for family and some VERY close friends. Have had several referrals from these, but no one wants to pay up, so I’ve not booked any paying business yet. Sigh. Need help.

  181. 341

    Meghann Clark says

    Hello, I would LOVE to win this book, pricing is the hardest part of starting my business, I dont want to break myself but I also dont want to price so high that noone will want to come back! Please help!

  182. 342


    I am a photographer, yes, but also a mother. Currently I am working two full time jobs: I work a 40-hour work week and am also doing photography full-time, with 3-6 sessions a month. This makes for long days and even longer nights, with almost no time for friends or family (especially my 8-month old baby boy). We are charging for the sessions, prints, and products but are struggling with bring the sales up to a point where I can walk in, quit my job, and stay home with my little boy… doing what I love each day with the people I love.

    Yet that dream seems so elusive. I’ve never been good at math and I’m arguing with my husband (who is also my business partner) with not wanting to feel as though we’re gouging people. We NEED to figure out how to make a profit without selling our souls.

    This is the answer… please…

  183. 344


    I need this because there’s no way I’m going to continue to shoot…and edit….and format….and design…and proof…and email…and listen…and re-edit….and ignore my kids….and not make any money!! If I’m gonna work I’m gonna make $$ so I’d like to take care of that right away!

  184. 345


    I need to win this because I hate math and am never sure that my pricing or packages are as they should be. I need to learn how to sell more product to beef up my business.

  185. 346


    I NEED this because figuring out pricing is NOT “Easy as Pie” to me… more like “Difficult as a perfect souffle” – This is a mid-life career change for me and my “past life” was social work and counseling… in other words, I served others and never priced those services… my mind-set is one of “give” and I need to learn how to “earn.”

  186. 347


    I would so love to win a copy!
    I need it because I’m not making any money off of my photography yet, and so I don’t even have the money to purchase EAP to change that!
    Being a stay at home mom of a 4yr old and a 4 month old, I would really love to get my pricing where it should be so that any time spent away from them isn’t just a waste of time, I want to at least get paid properly for my time and effort.
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  187. 349


    I need the Easy as Pie Pricing Guide because if I dont change my prices and make a living as a photographer I will lose my house and have to live in my car and then my car will be repossessed and I will be homeless with 7 horses and a dog. I live in very Northern NY and its about 12 degrees right now, so it might be a cold winter…please dont let me be homeless!

  188. 350

    Tamie says

    I’m trying to launch my business at the beginning of 2011 but it’s gonna be hard to stop being NICE and doing free photos for all my friends and start making it an income producing business! I want to be a badass photographer!!

  189. 351


    If I don’t win I might just……well……hmmmm…. I won’t die but my business might!! No, but really, this would be a lifesaver for my business AND my bank account!! :)

  190. 352

    Erin says

    I would love to win this! I need it so I can quit my other part-time job and make what I need to doing photography!

  191. 354


    I would love to win this book! I have only been in the business for a couple years, and I have so much still to learn. It wasn’t until this past year when business started picking up that I realized I’m working ridiculous numbers of hours for very little pay. I would love nothing more than to be able to make a living doing what I love and I know this book would help me to do that. Thanks so much for offering this wonderful opportunity!!!

  192. 355


    My New Year’s resolution for 2011 is to take my business to the next level. Last year it was “lose weight” – didn’t happen. The year before it was “learn how to exploit social media” – didn’t happen. The year before that – well, I’m too embarassed to say what didn’t happen that year! For 2011 – please help me make my resolution become resolved with a copy of EASY AS PIE! :-)

  193. 356

    Damon Crawley says

    I need it because I am getting a business going and need all the help I can get for guides like that and also resources for procduct orders.

  194. 360


    I totally need to win because I’m about to launch my site and I’ve been going to the Easy as Pie page EVERYDAY to order that book and the Blog/Site/Thingy was STILL under remodel! I’ve been very patient and deserve a prize ;-D Congrats on the re-opening.

  195. 361


    I need this book. No really, I do.
    I want to KNOW that I am charging the correct amount, and be able to justify it. I have read the first chapter, and Alicia TOTALLY speaks my language! I Have read so many forums, etc. about pricing and what to charge… but I need it broken down and specific to ME and MY business.

    Please oh please pick me!!!

    Also, I need this because I love pie.

  196. 366


    I have heard so many good things about his book from other photographers that I have become friends with in year and a half since I started my business. My clients love their photos, but I am tore as to how I should raise my prices without losing the clients I do have and then visiting with potential clients without underselling myself when talking with them about my prices. When I have broke down the time that I spend on each session with the actual photo shoot, editing, and the the business part of it, I feel like I’m working for a McDonald’s Happy Meal. I would love this book. It’d be the best Christmas and New Year’s present ever!!!

  197. 369

    Christina says

    I am right at this point in my photography career and am just starting to price myself and I want to do it right. This would be so, so helpful!

  198. 370


    I need this book because, well, i want to read all the new awesome stuff! I have the original with pastry school but would LOVE LOVE LOVE to read what she has to say about her new collections. Plus- I’m a loyal customer! :)

  199. 372


    Oh goodness… serious, funny, outrageous… I’m not sure, but lets just go with this: I started a photography business this fall, it’s been wonderful so far, I started with a basic price sheet and offered a “50% off portfolio building” discount, and now I’m exiting the portfolio building ‘year’ and I want to make sure my pricing is right – especially for the area I’m in, so I’d love any help/advice I can get!

  200. 373


    I would do anything to win this! I’ve got to get my pricing under control by the beginning of the new year and this would help me out so much! Pricing is the hardest part of my business and I’m in need of big time help!

  201. 374


    I deserve to win an Easy as Pie price guide because this year has been ANYTHING but “easy as pie” goshnabbit, and I need a little positive reinforcement! LOL So let the pie gods smile down on me with a little Easy as Pie coming MY way!

  202. 375


    If it is one thing that keeps becoming a thorn in my side, it’s pricing!! and lately all of the signs have been pointing to the Easy-as-Pie pricing guide to figure it all out! I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to win it…this year has been a super tough one for me, primarily because I think I didn’t have the confidence to price my products appropriately and now I am paying for it (dearly) :( thanks so much to Alicia and MCP for the opportunity to enter this great giveaway!

  203. 377

    Ryann says

    This would make a GREAT Christmas present for my wonderful hubby! He is trying to turn his hobby of photography into a business.

  204. 378


    This is my 2nd year running my photography business, and the 1st year legally 😉 I have not acquired the average sale that I am looking for, and I know that it is due to the way I have my print prices structured. I just can not afford the books at this time, so please let me win them!

  205. 379

    Laura Pfaff says

    I really want to start a photography business, and how to price is just one of the many questions I have been researching. This would be extremely helpful to have!

  206. 380

    juliP says

    I really LOVE pie and NEED pie…..I am just starting out, launching in 2011 and really think this would get me off on the right foot!

  207. 381


    I wanna make the money I know I deserve to be making so that I can have the best of both worlds, taking something I am passionate about and making money, and allowing me the time to still spend a great deal of time with my kids. I don’t know if this book can help me! Prove me wrong!

  208. 382


    I really need this! I started my business in oct and am having diffculties with pricing. I am in Brazil and this market is really something new to me. I am hoping this would give me some insight!

  209. 385


    I sooooo need to win this! I’m just starting out and need all the help I can get. I’ve been playing with photography and taking classes for the past 10 years. I used to art direct photoshoots but never dealt with the business end of photography. I feel confident in my skills but need more direction on the business and pricing end. Once I get that done, I think I could really rock!

  210. 386

    Dana M says

    I would love to win this pricing guide! I am in the process of creating my new business, and that task in itself is quite overwhelming. I don’t really know what to charge my clients, or what to base my prices on…so this guide would be unbelievably helpful!

  211. 389


    I have been struggling with getting my business up and running. I started out charging less than everyone in my area (thinking that would bring me more business, quickly). When that didn’t work, I started quoting just about every person a different price because I wanted to “fit their budget”. That ended up screwing me up in the long run. This is my passion. I love photography to the core of my bones and deep down in my soul. I want to provide “everyday people” with a great affordable service, and make enough money to support my family in the process. PLEASE help!

  212. 394


    Oh, I am desperate! So is my husband on my behalf. The agony of figuring out my target population, my prices, and all that business stuff is giving me stomach aches! I need this before I decide it’s not worth the stress.

  213. 395

    Carolyn Gomez says

    I really want/need this! I’ve been wanting it before she upgraded the version. I’m glad it’s finally available! It’ll definitely help me out on pricing when I finally go pro. Good luck everyone!

  214. 396

    Melanie says

    I am a ninnymuggin. I spend more on my services than what I get back. I love photography and I am a terrible business woman. I need all the help I can get…

  215. 397


    Why I need Served up Fresh? Well, if I had it than I wouldnt be entering contests to buy it. Haha…I’d have the money to purchase it at full cost, rather than working myself to death, getting up at 3am to edit, only to make $100 per client! 😉 I NEED Served up Fresh!! My KIDS need me to have it…they want their mommy back! 😉

  216. 398


    I really need to win this to keep my husband and I working together smoothly. Going into business together is a challenge, but there is nothing we disagree about more than $$$$$! Specifically, what to charge our clients. I’m ready to stop giving deals and earn a fair rate for all the hard work we’ve been putting in and I think this book would really do a lot to get us on the same page! I’ve read the sample chapter and would love to be able to afford the book, but that won’t be happening till we start charging what we’re worth. It’s a Catch-22!

  217. 402

    Ellen says

    I have been in business for about 5 years full time and had my best year 3 years ago. Now all I get are price shoppers who seem to be able to find “Uncle Harry” to photograph their wedding for free. I realize that I should NOT be lowering my prices, but at this rate, I’m not sure what else to do. I am not someone who typically asks for help, but “desperate times call for desperate measures.” I want to continue to be in business next year! A pricing guide may just do the trick…

    Many thanks.

  218. 404

    Rachel McKinney says

    I love photography. I have been doing it for about 10 years, but am just now trying to turn it into a business. I have 3 boys who are my world and I want to have a job where I can stay home with them and work when I want to. Right now, I know I don’t charge enough for the time I put into it for my clients, which makes me stressed and unhappy. I need a happy place and I know that EAP can get me there! I need EAP so I can be home with my kids, doing something that I’m passionate about to help support us.

  219. 405


    I am just going to swallow my pride and put it out there. I want a free copy because we are broke. My business isn’t making profit at all, we are losing the house and moving into a 400 x 400 sf garage that has been converted into a room on the side of my mom’s house to help us get our feet back on the ground. If it wasn’t for that, I would buy one from you. Okay there it is, straight and to the point and totally embarrassing lol.

  220. 408


    I need this pricing guide because I need to quit shooting for almost free and start making a living! Sheesh! I am stinkin’ worth it! (Plus, I just like to win stuff!)

  221. 411


    OMG I need this so much more than anyone else. Why? Because I’m stuck in a crappy job and all I want is to do photography full time. But in order to do that, I need to bring in more clients and more money. That’s where this pricing guide comes in. PLEASE PICK ME AND HELP A GIRL OUT!!!

  222. 413

    Jessica Janes says

    Wow, I need this so bad!! I have had so much trouble with pricing and how to set it up. I am not a business person, which I hope to change, and there are so many different ways to price photography that it gets confusing. I have changed my pricing structure a few times and what I am on now is better, but still doesn’t work completely. This would help me build my business faster and more confidently!!!!!

  223. 415


    My dearest….the funniest thing, I was just on her website last night wanting so badly to buy the book. However, I didn’t because it’s just not in my budget right now. You see I have two boys ages 5 and 3 and I just delivered twin girls in September. Before my pregnancy w/ the girls I was really busy and doing pretty good. But then the Dr. said I shouldn’t shoot. So I have been out of service. But I’m slowly getting some families this season. However, I NEED to do something w/ my pricing. My husband is still in school and working full time. My photography was helping ends meet, but now with 4 kids under the age of 5 my time is priceless and I need to make it worth me wild. I’m sure you understand :)

  224. 417


    I need this booklet b/c I stay awake at night fearless that I’ll never get it figured out & I’ll never be able to quit my job to only do photography, all b/c I don’t know how to price myself accordingly! When I finally do fall asleep – I have nightmares about pricing myself too cheap & tickin’ off my fellow photographer/friends! The comment I read on your website rings in my ears…”If I don’t have respect for the photography industry, who will?” I NEED THIS BOOKLET! :)

  225. 418


    Wow, I could really use this. I have been laid off for the second time in three years and it is seriously looking like my best option is to take my favorite hobby to the next level. I’m really having trouble bridging that gap and fair pricing, organizing packages and really selling the value has been quite a stumbling block for me.

    Thanks! Shared MCP Actions and the contest on my facebook page.

  226. 421

    Ruby L says

    Until recently I’ve been mostly a landscape and scenery photographer. I’m beginning to do people more. I have no idea what to charge–scouting locations, taking the shots, editing. There’s a lot to consider when pricing.

  227. 423

    Anjuli says

    Why do I need this? Well, in actuality my Mom passed away in August from a brain tumor, and she always told me to follow my dreams. She was my best friend. I quit my job to stay home with my son and to get my DREAM business off the ground (photography!). This would be a great guide to win to help me start off 2011 as a NEW and BETTER year. Thanks.

  228. 425

    Melissa says

    I really NEED this. One thing that I struggle with is pricing, and Served up fresh would TOTALLY help that. If I don’t win, this will definitely have to be something that I invest in. :)

  229. 426

    Crystal Smith says

    I need this more than anyone else because, quite frankly, I need to make more so I can work less and I can spend time with my son like I planned when I first quit my day job. Not that Monsters Inc and Wonderpets aren’t wonderful baby-sitters.

  230. 427

    shelley schuette says

    I need this desperately!! I am a newbie and currently just offering a cd of prints. I know I am getting ripped off and walked on but don’t know how to break away! Would love this!!

  231. 431


    I have been in LOVE with photography and creating photographic art for so many years now. I have spent every spare penny and more in refining my skills, practicing, become really good at Photoshop, really learning how to create art out of photos. Now I am moving into the world of portraiture for people and am absolutely ready give value to my work. I love people and want to create beautiful treasures that they will love…. AND I want to take care of myself to the same extent that I will take care of the people who come to me.
    Thank you for your help in the business end of the equation!

  232. 433

    Tara says

    I have been shooting for a little while now and I am ready to take it to the next level. I say I am lucky enough to stay busy, but I must be doing something right because most of my work comes from referrals and repeat customers. I am just barely making ends meet though. I have upgraded my camera and studio equipment. I have also invested in workshops. I have been lusting over this guide and honestly {if I were making enough money} I would have purchased it a long time ago.

  233. 434


    Wow! I need this!!!! I want clients to value my work, hire me for my style and not just because I am cheaper than the guy down the road.

  234. 435

    Anna says

    I’ve been wanting to get this ebook for how many weeks now since learning it from CM forum, everybody’s been raving about it. I thought EAP was a food recipe!!! I have been planning to start my business of my own this 2011 right before or after I have my baby. So for now all I do is read and learn and get my business permit. Now that EAP was released again I found the price over my budget, she did mention if I don’t have the money right now…then I don’t! Or what if I try to have a little saving like…instead of eating out w/ the fam…cook at home? Hmmm…that got me thinking…that might work…but! It’s like depriving them a routine that we do every weekend…but what about instead of buying starbucks just make it home made? Hmmm that can work too…but it’s like taking a lolillop away from my husband! So! What to do? Because of good testimonials about EAP, it just made me want something so bad this xmas! Hello! Im pregnant! isnt it pregnant women get what they want all the time? Now that I finally have the  courage to start my business I can feel that EAP will give me a great help, in a way of showing my worth to my future clients, help me grow into a better business woman, and give me enough information to start into the photography business. I can google for hours, read info from forums… but why would I do that if one ebook offers it all? I’m sure this book will be a great piece to my business plan. And by giving this prize to me it will be another way to prove others how EAP can help people to become successful with their business with just by reading, a click away and without spending $1500. Now if I don’t win? Maybe I can really have my husband stay away from starbucks and no eat outs every weekend…or better yet my baby inside me can wait for her car seat and a playpen? Hmmmm… :) 

  235. 436


    I need this book very much ! I am starting out with my business and I need to get my pricing right and feel good about it. When I charge too little I know that I’m working too hard for very little money. However, when i charge more I sometimes feel that maybe I’m overpricing my work. This book will give me the confidence to price my photos and know that they are worth that price. :)

  236. 437


    I need this because I’m a beginner and a softy. I want to give everyone this great deal because I’m just that kind of girl. Unfortunately, giving good deals all the time is toxic. I need something to tell me what I’m supposed to charge so I feel like I can stick to it and really make some money doing what I love. You know that saying “find something you love and you’ll never work a day in your life”? If I had the right tools, maybe I’d feel like money was falling out of the sky rather than being pinched out of people. I can almost see all those dollars bills falling now.

  237. 438

    Wendy says

    Completely need this and probably a slap up side the head when it comes to pricing. My achilles heel for sure.

  238. 439


    I need all the guidance I can get! If I don’t start making a business soon, my husband will realize that my ‘hobby’ isn’t making enough to justify me not working :( But I can’t afford it on my own!

  239. 443


    I have been taking photos for years but am just starting to put together my own business.I’m losing sleep with constantly second guessing myself. I need something to say this is how you do it. I’m so close to success…. but I feel fear think about say a nice price for my customer and the run away…. I know my work is great, but I need how to get a basic idea how to charge and do not feel I am loosing a session….

  240. 444


    I figured that since I have a 20 month old son, another boy on the way in a few weeks that this would be a perfect time to start a business! Between midnight feedings, breast pumping, changing diapers, walking the dog in the frigid weather, cooking meals and tackling the terrible twos (which have already started) there would be no better time to figure out how to run a business, set up a website, create marketing materials, track clients info, blog, update Facebook, create a business plan, manage a business and home budget and also create a PRICING strategy – I just wanted a few more things to do! Any help would be greatly appreciated – thank you from a crazy momma!!

  241. 445

    Andy says

    My wife desperately needs this. She works so hard and I don’t think she gets paid enough for the amount of tims she puts into it all. Please help her!

  242. 448

    Michele says

    I struggle daily with pricing – should I charge higher sitting fee vs print fee? I don’t want to price myself out of the market. Aye Carumba!

  243. 450

    Erica says

    I would love a copy of the Easy as Pie Pricing Guide! I’m trying to work out pricing and it would be so helpful to me right now!

  244. 452


    I need these because I have done my best to figure out total cost of goods but of course forgot to pay myself. I am doing my best in getting information from current photogs so that I don’t undercut anyone. I believe you should actually sell your art and not give it away, but I want to make sure I’m on the right page.

  245. 460

    Danielle says

    I NEED the new Easy As Pie pricing guide because when it is broken down into hours spent, I yhink I make about $0.10 an hour and that is BEFORE taxes!!!

  246. 464


    I need this guide because I think I have changed my pricing after every customer! I am in my first year of business and am still getting the wrinkles worked out, but seriously, I need a price structure that I can stick with!

  247. 466

    Stacy Cavanaugh says

    I recently read an article about new Photography Business. Apparently, a large percentage of our business do not make it to the 1 year mark… Not because of lack of talent, but lack of business skills. I would love to have the pricing guide to help me with my business…

  248. 467

    Stacy Cavanaugh says

    I posted the details of the contest on Facebook.. I really, really want the Pricing Guide…. Did I say pretty please??

  249. 468


    Ohh, I need this! I started portfolio building for my business a few months ago and am still clueless about where my prices should be. I feel like I’m practically giving it all away, but still hear complaints about cost from clients! I’m just not sure what’s reasonable. From what I’ve heard, this book is the answer! Thanks for the great opportunity — I’d love to win!!

  250. 469


    I’m changing my prices with the new year, and winning this would be so helpful to me! I am at the point where I’d love to charge alot more, but I’m scared of making such a big jump. I need some guidance!

  251. 472

    liz says

    I would love to win the pricing guide. I enjoy photography and have a difficult time putting a price tag on something I love.

  252. 479

    Jeannette says

    Why do I need to win this??? Because I soooooo need it! I have been turning down jobs b/c I don’t really know how to price my work yet, and I don’t want to fly by the seat of my pants…..I desperately need EAP!

  253. 480

    Nikki M says

    I desperately need that guide because I have absolutely no clue where to start! I want to do it right from the beginning, and I’m sure this guide will get me going the right way!

  254. 481


    i need EAP because i would love to start taking money for taking peoples pictures. I get asked to take pictures, but because i have no pricing set (because i dont know where to begin) i either say no or just do it for free. i want to get serious and i need HELP.

  255. 483

    Carmen says

    I need this book in the worst way. I know I am WAY under priced and need to increase prices January 1st but struggling with how much is too much!

  256. 484


    I’m priced high enough where I don’t want to work for less, but I’m thinking I’m one of those middle of the line photographers that should raise my prices to increase my business (since I’m pretty dead and hurting for clients) but am not sure how to do it! Help!!

  257. 486


    I deserve to win this because when my husband asks me for the 248th time if I have started a business plan, I can say “YES! I’ve started working on my prices!”. This could seriously save my marriage :)

  258. 487


    I am addicted to photography, photoshop, lightroom and MCPActions. I started my business this last year and have invested a LOT (BOLD, RED and ITALICIZED!!) of time, blood, sweat, tears and MONEY in it. I love it, and I want to take it to the next level. To be able to do this, my love, my life full time would be a dream come true. I spend every waking second of my time (when I’m not at my day job earning a paycheck) learning and practicing things I’ve learned to be the most amazing photographer in my area. I’ve come a long way in the last year. This I know for sure. I will always continue to hone my skills and RELY on MCPActions to support my images! You ROCK Jodi!!! *I put a link on my blog and my website to your site. I hope thats ok?! You are awesome and people need to know it!!

  259. 488


    I started my business over a year ago, but recently had my first child and need to price things differently so I get the clients I want, and have fewer clients so I have time for my son and husband! I would love to learn how to do this, and feel the book would be a huge help!Here’s a picture of my adorable son Atticus, just to make you pick me!

  260. 490


    YES please, and Thank You!! I posted on Twitter and Facebook.

    So I deserve this because I serve my prints up fresh,
    my portraits aren’t weak, but do my prices pass the test?
    If your guide is on the list to make the clients happy,
    I need it in my hands and I need it real snappy.

    Weak rhyme? Yes. Strong desire to have this? Yes and YES!

  261. 491

    Michelle Anderson says

    Embarrassingly enough I’ve been in “business” for 5 years and just now charging $75 for a sitting fee (I’m breaking out in a cold sweat at the mere confession of this travesty!). I’m learning to value myself and have faith in my abilities to produce consistent quality images – now I’d like to teach others to value that consistency, too. That’s why I need this pricing guide.

  262. 492


    I fogot to say that the photo that I posted was with MCPActions Rounded Blog It Board I just purchased the other day. SAWEEEEEEEEET!! Thanks for your most excellent work Jodi!!!

  263. 494

    Becky W says

    I need to learn how to price my photography properly!! I have literally been digging into my own pockets! Can’t get a business off the ground if it’s footing the bill, rather than making money. HELP!

  264. 495

    Gabby says

    You should see my desk & the PILES of papers with ideas, pricing, collections, you name it that I have collected from numerous other photogs sites while trying to work out how & where I want to fit in! Would love to win a copy do I can sort it all out before I start accepting clients for 2011.

  265. 496

    Amanda Meberg says

    I need this soooo bad!! I officially started my business Jan. 2010 and my prices are too low, and I want to be able to know what to price myself! Not just compare to the other photogs in town, but what I truly should be !! I am planning on some changes next year and this would make it “Easy as Pie”!!!!

  266. 498


    I keep hearing how amazing this book is.. I am so indecisive I struggle with pricing so I think I defiantly should make this an addition to my photography business!

  267. 500


    This would be a great investment for my photography business. While I have a set price structure designed in excel with various formulas, I want to make sure this is the best BUSINESS decision that it can be.

  268. 501


    Oh my gosh, I’m so excited about this! By the time I “found” Easy as Pie and Pastry School they were off the market and I was wondering where I was going to find something similar. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE it and would put it to great use!

  269. 502


    Oh, how I could really use this….I’m giving all my work away for FREE and I NEED to have a really good script down that I can truly feel good about rattling off with NO feelings of guilt!

  270. 504


    I need the pricing guide very badly. I just started out not too long ago, and I have a ways to go. I have a decent session fee, but my print costs are low. Plus, I don’t think my prices are giving the right idea of just how much work I really put into the prints they are receiving. At the same time, I’m not sure how much is too much to charge for my work. PLEASE HELP!!!

  271. 505

    Valeria says

    I am just starting out and that it is the big piece that is missing. Plus after I have all figure it out, I can tell my boss to kiss my big black @#$$ and be free

  272. 506

    Shelbi says

    SO I don’t know how many people know this, but did you know the term “Easy as Pie,” came from the fact that it is a cinch to eat pie? Yeah, me neither. Contrary to popular belief, it is *not* as easy as one would think to make a pie from scratch…

    I feel I deserve a copy of the “Easy as pie” pricing book because I do not want to contribute to the horrible trend of photographers charging incredibly low prices, thus giving less credence to photographers who actually know what they are doing. Even though I am fairly new onto the photography business scene, I hope to contribute to the art aspect of portrait photography. Pricing it right, I feel would be a step in the right direction. Cheers!

  273. 507

    Ashley T says

    I soooo badly need to know how to price! My family always tells me I am giving away all my time! Oh please let it be me!!!!!!! My family would love you FOREVER!!!! :)

  274. 509

    Verity says

    I need this pricing guide because I realized yesterday that essentially, if I make minimum wage, not only am I paying my clients, I am buying their prints as well… Kinda counter intuitive.

  275. 513


    I would *love love love* to win this guide. I’ve seen it before and thought about buying but I’m so brand new, I haven’t got the nickels to rub together. Maybe I’m undercharging… :)

  276. 514

    Jean H says

    I need Easy as Pie so I can get my business started–and make enough money to upgrade my Fisher-Price camera and be a bajillionaire!

  277. 516


    Hmmm… You ask why I deserve to win & need to win… I don’t know about the deserve part (Do any of us really deserve free what you’ve worked so hard on to make us successful)? But as to the need… I certainly need it like no other because I’m preparing to launch my business full-time while recovering from neck surgery where the Doctor literally broke my neck to fix it. This information you’ve worked so hard to put together would help ensure I start off on the right foot so I don’t get another broken neck :-) Help me because broken necks hurt & I sure don’t want another .

  278. 517


    I could so use to win a copy of your fabulous book! I am the owner of Print Photography, have been working to restructure my business pricing for the last 2 months, with the hopes of hitting 2011 running. I am an Artist, first and foremost, and really need help improving the business side w/ “easy as pie!.”

    I am also the founder and director of a non profit organization called HeARTs Speak, which works to bring Photographer and Animal Shelters together in an effort to greatly reduce the huge numbers of adoptable animals killed each year in shelters. One of our goals is to support our artist members, it would perfect make sense to have some affiliation with you on our page, as well… just a though! Please check out HeARTs Speak on FB and our website is

    I hope I didn’t confuse you, just trying to show why I could really use your book, and, how our connection could definitely a lot of photographers!

    Thanks so much for this opportunity!!

  279. 518


    I’m looking forward to winning this guide… Especially after all the conversations through all your Name Your Price game threads. Been very eye opening. Thanks for providing the seed for this!

  280. 519


    Okay, I’ve posted a link on my HeARTs Speak Website too! Also posted it in our private discussion forum! Not only could I am sure I am not the only one that could really benefit from your learning how to improve our businesses! I hope you’ll consider us! I attached a HeARTs Speak logo before, will enter my own image here:

  281. 522


    Shared the contest with a bunch of friends on fB as well! Now all I can do is sit back and cross my fingers.. and please know, I could REALLY benefit from this book (just can’t afford it right now!)

  282. 524

    Stephanie P says

    I tend to underprice, so I’d love to win this so I can build my business to actually make money (what a concept!). :-) Thank you!

  283. 525


    I don’t want to be overly dramatic or anything, but PLEASE, save me from myself! I am a pushover currently sabotaging myself by giving too much away free! I’m looking forward to reading the first chapter and hoping that will begin to reorient my thinking, but I need the whole thing! Thanks. :-)

  284. 530

    Kellie says

    I am currently taking the 5 week free Easy as Pie E-course and I would love,love, love to win the Easy as Pie Pricing Guide! I first heard about EAP from other wonderful photogs at a conference who said it has revolutionized their business! I feel like I have already made so many costly mistakes in my first year of business, though I have learned so much. It would be wonderful to actually be profitable in 2011!

  285. 533


    I absolutely need to win the pricing guide because I am running in circles with my price list. I would really love the help in figuring out my prices so I can set them and stick with it.

  286. 535


    Hello- I need EAP, because I suck at numbers and I need all the help I can get. Plus, I don’t have a pot to pee in now because of the holiday! Thanks for being so generous.

  287. 537


    I need this because I am starting fresh running my own photography business and really want to get down to the nuts & bolts of why I charge what I do – for my own good and for that of my clients. I want a fair pricing structure that I can also make money from! This would be a tremendous help as my pocket change is far and few between this year!

  288. 538

    robin says

    I NEED to win this! I have been in business only 1 year and I think I have priced myself out of any new clients (too low!) Also I have to set my prices so my friends quit asking for free or discounted work! I follow EAP and MCP on FB, love them both!

  289. 541


    I am an excellent cook! I have created recipes for apple-stuffed pork chops with a caramel-balsamic glaze (to DIE for) and roasted red pepper meatloaf (scrumptious)…and even a top secret chocolate chip cookie recipe (addictive). But, I have NO CLUE when it comes to baking up prices for my photog business. Help!

  290. 543


    I need this so badly because I just suck at the business end. I LOVE this job. I love everything about it but I HATE the business end of it. I wanna break and be able to breath and go AHHHHHHH okay I did this and yes I can do this. But I need your help. So please please please pick me. : )

  291. 544


    Why do I need this more than all the others here…. I started my business at the beginning of the year and now that I am done with my portfolio building I need to start making some real money!! We are about to loose our house due to my husband being laid off from his job and I need to step up and start helping with the bills before we are homeless with our two kids and two dogs. I need some serious help and I think this is just what I need to get me on the right track!

  292. 545


    I so need to win this!!! My business is in it’s infantcy stage and I’m having such trouble with getting things started correctly. I know that it is so important to get it right from the beginning. Would be honored to be chosen!

  293. 546


    So I would LOVE to win this… Honestly the HARDEST thing in my business is NUMBERS…. You would think 1 2 3 would be easy but it’s NOT…. ohhh I hope i win :)

  294. 547

    claudia says

    I need this because I live in a rural town in Germany with one other photographer who is rather opposed to my “coming out” — and I need to show everybody that my pictures are special in every way to get a piece of the pie! (Hah, get it? I’m so funny…)

  295. 548


    I NEEEEED this pricing guide. I am stuck on my pricing! I really want to start making my way in this business, but I don’t know really where to have my prices start from. I don’t want to price myself so low that people take advantage of me. But I don’t want to over price and find myself not getting ANY business!!! WHERE IS THE MIDDLE GROUND?!?!?! I seriously need some pricing help!!! HEEEELP!!!

  296. 551

    christina h. says

    I’m discouraged and considering quitting with all the work I do and the very little profit I bring in…I need Easy as Pie!!

  297. 552

    Dean says

    Reason #1
    I’m not a super award winning photographer but I did stay at Holiday Inn express last night!

    Reason #2
    Dammit Jim, I’m a doctor, not a bean counter!

    Reason #3
    You will give me the guide.

  298. 553

    Dean` says

    Reason #1
    I’m not a super award winning photographer but I did stay at Holiday Inn express last night!

    Reason #2
    Dammit Jim, I’m a doctor, not a bean counter!

    Reason #3
    {Jedi Mind Trick} You will give me the guide. {/Jedi Mind Trick}

  299. 554


    Simply put, I am completely underselling my work. I know I am. I set my prices based on searching out random photographer sites and doing a comparison. I don’t have a clue as to what my area will support…and I know that people are looking at my prices and saying, “if her prices are so low, she’s obviously not very good”.

  300. 556


    Well, after reading a lot of the posts from the “Name Your Price Game” I’m even more stressed about creating the right pricing strategy. I just started my business and really strive to make my clients happy, but also to make some money for myself. HELP! I need this pricing guide!

  301. 557


    I’m sixteen years old and I’m trying my darndest to make my own photography business. Photography is one of my biggest passions and I have every intent on making it my career.

    I’d heard about Easy As Pie from a family friend. She kept describing it and had me so excited about finding this great way of making prices, then ended with “And it only cost about $200.” Yep, only cost. Because, you know, I obviously have a couple hundred lying around to spend on a book. Did you catch the sarcasm? I think you did.

    I know my photography is exceedingly better than ‘good enough’ to start my own business. My problem is, I have no idea what to charge for prices. So far, my pricing method has been, ”Well, what do you wanna spend?” Not very effective. I want to come up with a price list that make both me and my clients happy.

  302. 560


    I really need this book….lets just say I’m about as good at pricing as I am at thinking of witty blog post comments. Not very good. At all.

  303. 561

    Tiffany Toldson says

    I’m a wife/mother of 4 and have never really worked so this will help me put my best foot forward.

  304. 562

    Christina says

    I’ll tell you why I need this book… because I just did a newborn shoot for $35 (including a cd of images)! Because I’ve sold over 500 20×30 prints (some local landscape photos that are popular in my area) for less than $35 in the past 2 months! And I totally know better too! I want to be ‘nice’ and I don’t have enough confidence in my work to charge more. I need something to give me that pricing backbone:) Easy as Pie would be awesome!

  305. 563

    Brittany Davis says

    Oh my dang I want this! I have been anxiously awaiting its release but I can’t afford it right now! I need to win this book because I just paid my tuition for next semester and I cried because now my husband and I have to eat ketchup soup for dinner. :) I need help to make money at my photography!

  306. 568


    I would be the perfect person to get a copy. Why you may ask? I am the perfect target market. I am just starting out in photography. I have a kind of 2 and 5 year plan in which I hope to make this a full time career. I do all types of photography (portraits, art, weddings, concerts, events,…) so I could really benefit by ALL the info in the book. Plus I am just a really swell guy who is in need of catching a break.

  307. 569


    I want and need this guide because I am in this business to WIN IT. I want it all. I want the fun AND I want the profits. I want to wake up the morning and sing because I am on my way to a super fun shoot AND I’m doing it to finance my wonderful life…not just doing it because it’s “fun” or “exciting”. Fun + Exciting = Great + MONEY = SPECTACULAR.

  308. 570


    OMG – I need this soooo bad!! I’m currently struggling with how to price – do I do what I know my photography is worth or do I try and compete with the other people in my area?

  309. 574


    Last night I got to bed at 3.00 am … again …
    This time I was resizing 450 photos to a client who got married in August. She let me know that this was the least I could do for her; -give her these prints to help her choose which additional pics (she already got 140 in the original package) she wants from their big day. The reason she wants the prints, is that she doesn´t want to go online and look through the proofing gallery. We did the photo session for close to nothing, including 140 well edited photos! Now she is in shock of how much we charge per additional photo, and says that anyone can take pictures and anyone knows Photoshop !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know this is not the truth, but comments like this intimidates me. Especially when it´s right up in your face like this. This is just the latest story I have, but I have tons of more………. Since I joined Easy as Pie´s Facebook I have come to learn that I am not alone in this Big “Bad” World and I am extremely excited to see a light out there…at the other side of the tunnel. I could really need what Easy As Pie has to offer 😉