Win a NEW Camera Bag {You Pick the Style and Color}

The winner of the camera bag is: Laura Stewart – Congratulations.

For everyone else, make sure to check out the discount code om Jo Totes through tomorrow at midnight.

Now is your chance to win a Jo Totes Camera Bag – the perfect gift for yourself or to give as a holiday gift for a photographer on your list.

If you’ve been searching what seems like forever for the perfect camera bag you will want to check out the fun, professional, classy camera bags by our friends at Jo Totes.

Jo Totes has an exclusive offer for MCP Fans – take 20% any bags in the Gracie or Georgia bag lines by using the promo code “MCP20″ between today and the Nov. 19th at midnight.



With so many styles to choose from, which would you pick? To enter for the chance to win, all you need to do is answer that question. If you want to purchase now, and you are picked as a winner, your purchase price will be refunded.

To enter:
  • Just add a comment on our blog post – and let us know, which style and color most fits your personality.
For extra entries:
  • You know the drill…  Get a bonus entry for pinning on Pinterest, sharing on Facebook, or tweeting on Twitter about the contest. Then add your bonus comment.

WE WILL ANNOUNCE THE WINNER ON SUNDAY, Nov. 18th at the top of this post.  Once the winner is announced you will know the contest is over. Good luck everyone.



Jodi Friedman, MCP Actions

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  1. 6

    rachel says

    ohhhhhhh the Georgia bag in herringbone is <3<3<3 so classic and perfect for photographing any occasion… even if I don't win, I need to snag one of these babies up (dear santa….) =]

  2. 8


    I would LOVE the Gracie Magenta Magenta :) I am a a new photographer and need a little confidence that I think this can really help with. What girl doesn’t feel confident with a GREAT camera bag?!

  3. 12


    I would LOVE the Betsy Chocolate bag! I already have the Rose Teal (which is my fave color), I use it daily as my purse/camera bag, I would love to have the Betsy Chocolate to go with some of my more neutral outfits.

  4. 20


    Beautiful, stylish camera bags! I would LOVE to win. If I did, I would like the Rose Sugarplum. So pretty!!! PS. I’ve tweeted, shared on facebook, and pinned on Pinterst to get an extra chance to win.

    Thanks for the awesome chance to win, Jodi!

  5. 28


    I looooove it! The black one looks so vintage! It will fit my style perfectly! It looks casual, comfortable and very functional. And the best part, it doesn’t scream “I’m a camera bag, steal me!”. I’m completely in love!

  6. 32

    Ann says

    I LOVE the Rose style. But I do favor an over-the-shoulder style when shooting so it’s there but not in the way so I might be swayed to the Millie.

  7. 53

    paola says

    LOVE the Gracie in Magenta!!!! Hoep I win otherwise hubby will be getting a link to this from an anonymous source 😉

  8. 56

    Kera says

    I want the Betsy or the Millie and don’t care what color I love them all! Been drooing over these bags for awhile

  9. 69


    LOVE the Gracie Teal!

    Right now, I’m using a cheap case that only fits on camera body and one lens. It went through a car accident with me and when my makeup bottle shattered, the makeup got all over it and it looks atrocious now!
    A new bag would be great!

    Pinned it, Shared on FB, AND I’m about to tweet it!

  10. 72

    Laura Mettee says

    Jo Totes are so versatile and I love how they don’t look like a camera bag. Their size is just right, with plenty of space inside, but not so big you feel like a sherpa. My favorite is the Missy in Mint, followed closely by the super chic Rose Pewter, and the classic Noir Tote. Good grief, I can’t believe I have to choose from so many!!

  11. 77

    Debbie Borato says

    I just cant imagine winning this beautiful bag. Been looking at it for soooooo long. My friends and photographer friends would die to have this. They would be soooooo jealous. Love the Gracie Mustard, mmm-mmmm

  12. 84

    Wozniak says

    I love the Millie Pewter bag! The bags offered are beautiful! These bags are fantastic, I’ve been looking and looking for a new camera bag.

  13. 91


    The Georgia Herringbone is what I’d choose. “Classic” is the key descriptive word. As an editorial photographer I appreciate a look that is sophisticated yet stylish. You never know who you’ll meet when out on assignment! You can’t go wrong with classic.

  14. 110

    Juanita W says

    I love the Georgia Plaid as I love all things plaid. The long strap would be great when I’m carrying additional bags when I travel. Love the look!

  15. 121

    Rebbecca says

    I really like the Betsy in Chocolate and the Rose Moss. Having a hard time picking. Either would be great. I love them both!!

  16. 137

    Michelle Hider says

    My bag of choice would be the aqua blue one with the flower LOVE IT!…I also pinned on Pinterest and on Facebook

  17. 145

    Heather says

    Georgia Neon is my favorite by far. I absolutely LOVE anything Rainbow reminiscent. Right now I have a bulky, plain black, canvas, camera bag. This would be a grand step forward to a more professional presentation! Thanks Jo Totes for this opportunity!

  18. 168


    Pinned, Shared on Facebook, Business & Personal and Tweeted this awesome giveaway! I have always been told that I have a classic style, and I think The “Betsy” in chocolate would accent my style and personality perfectly! Beautiful Bags!!

  19. 189

    Anne Gardam says

    Gracie Black – practical for a mom with little kids who wants to carry a camera! :o) I shared on FB and I follow you there. :o)

  20. 192

    Rhonda-Lynne Lanctot says

    The Rose Sugarplum is to die for!! I love that you design bags for women! We have certainly earned it!

  21. 212

    Marcy A says

    Love Millie, Gracie, Rose and Betsy. In teal, magenta, mustard, coral and black! It seems as if I like them all!!… Which I do!! :)) Adorable bags!!

  22. 216

    Krysta McClure says

    My favorite is the rose bag… any color, but especially in coral, raspberry, and teal!

    I’ve been waiting forever it seems to get my hands on one of these fabulous bags!

  23. 238

    Meera A says

    The Betsy bag in Mustard is perfect for me. I like toting bright colors in both winter and summer, and making the colors for the season rather than letting the season dictate colors to me!

  24. 256

    Mark says

    I can’t pick a style or color as this would be a gift for my wife…..but I’m sure she’d have fun picking one of these amazing bags.

  25. 276


    I love the first one. brown leather with blue stripes. I’ve had 3 weddings and a small camera bag that barely holds a anything cause I’m so poor haha. I’m always sticking stuff in my pockets. All my money keeps going back into my business for other more important expenses. I really could use one. And these are adorable <3

    I picked that one because I tend to have a more of a laid back boho style. I like mixing and matching patterns. I also wear lots of dresses, tights, and scarves (in the winter).

    I've been following you forever. Thanks for these give aways. I haven't won anything yet but I'm still so hopeful!


  26. 303

    Lori Spitnale says

    I think it is hard to pick just one. I really love the Gracie Magenta. I have been really good this year!! Maybe Santa will bring it to me! LOL

  27. 309


    The Gracie in Mustard is at the top of my list! I LOVE my Rose in Sugarplum, but it’s been at my side for so long, it’s time to give it a break! (Plus the zipper broke and the bottom corners are all rubbed away… I’m telling you, it’s been around for a loooooong time!)

  28. 312

    Mary says

    I would totally go with the rose teal. I am not a girly girl by any means, but that bag is amazing! I am so glad you posted this! I have been unsuccessful finding a bag I like and now I know where to look!

  29. 320

    John says

    Well, I think I would give the Gracie Black to my wife… or maybe I could pull it off… OK no, I’ll just give it to her.

  30. 347

    Liza Qaddourah says

    OMG – These bags are GORGEOUS… I can already see myself with the Chocolate Betsy !! ( of course that teal is fun fun fun!!)
    Georgia Herringbone runs a close runner up…. Thank you for the contest!!

  31. 348

    Shelly Rogers says

    I would LOVE a Gracie Teal! This would be a wonderful step up from the standard issue black, unstylish Canon bag!:)

  32. 357

    Liza Qaddourah says

    WOW – just saw the Millie Sugarplum, ADORABLE! So glad you shared these bags with us… and a discount coupon too !!! ching ching!
    I shared on pinterest too – I am sure many of us are looking for sharp bags to carry our passion in style!

  33. 358

    Tiffany Patheal says

    ~inserting bonus comment here~

  34. 378


    I would LOVE the Georgia Nautical..but it’s sold out :( (and for good’s gorgeous!) Second choice would be Gracie Black (I would love to be brave enough for a bold color…but basic black would probably be best to carry on shoots..or maybe not..oh decisions!!)

  35. 396

    Becky Poynter says

    I am having a hard time choosing which one I even like more than the other.
    It would either have to be Georgia Herringbone or Millie Sugarplum for sure!

    definitely pining, posting and doing whatever I can to try and win one!! 😀

  36. 406

    Kristin Stuthard says

    I reallllly love the one on the bottom left, with the rose. If they had that in pink I would be in heaven!!

  37. 412

    Crystal (momaziggy) says

    I am a HUGE Jo Tote fan. I have two already… Rose Plum & Rose Raspberry. I’d LOVE to have the Missy Mint or the Allison Mustard.

  38. 414

    adela says

    Shared and posted,love all of them,but would love to have the brown with blue lines,as always thanks for the awesome giveaways!!

  39. 417

    Crystal (momaziggy) says

    Posted on FB… would love Missy Mint or Allison Mustard. I currently have two Rose bags, Plum & Raspberry. Thanks Jodi & Jo Tote!

  40. 422

    Crystal (momaziggy) says

    Posted on Twitter… would love Missy Mint or Allison Mustard. I currently have two Rose bags, Plum & Raspberry. Thanks Jodi & Jo Tote!

  41. 439

    Tina Forbes says

    I love these bags… I am going to the site right now to check them out. From what I have seen the leather with the blue and white stripe fabric is my favorite! Thanks for sharing :-)

  42. 440

    april f. says

    oh, i love the teal b/c of the color, but i prefer the longer strap, so i guess it would be the striped one, or the black… or the yellow. I don’t know – i love them all!!!

  43. 458

    Megan L. says

    I love the Georgia Nautical bag! I love anything nautical, and this particular bag is simple, classic, and sophisticated. Wonderful design! :)

  44. 461

    Laurel says

    My first choice would definitely be the Missy in Mint, but since it says that one’s sold out, I guess I could go for the Millie in Sugarplum. Unless you’ve got a Missy Mint hiding somewhere….

  45. 478

    Kimberly Moye says

    I like the Gracie Black and posted to my facebook page and Pinterest (under Photography tips and techniques :) Face book page is kimberly Moye and same with pinterest :)

    Thanks for having this nice holiday giveaway :)

  46. 483


    I would love the Betsy in Black…mainly b/c black goes with everything and every time i get a pretty color, i get it messed up pretty quickly!! They are all so great though. It’s hard to choose just one.

  47. 495

    Nichole Harpel says

    I like several of the camera bags, but I believe I would like to carry around the Georgia Plaid. It is so cute!

  48. 496

    Kerry Gibson says

    SOOOO Torn between the Betsy Black & the Millie Sugar plum but I think size would win out & I would LOVE LOVE LOVE the Betsy Black

  49. 507

    alicia says

    Really love the tote… only see noir in the catalog, but love the red one on the blog post! Thanks for a great chance!

  50. 508


    I would want the Betsy Black because I have a large camera and I am always carrying extra accessories such as batteries and memory cards. It would work perfectly for simple photo shoot outings and when I work at weddings.

    I also pinned it on

    and shared it on facebook too.

    This would be a perfect birthday gift and a great addition to my work equipment.

  51. 529


    I LOVE the Georgia Plaid, the one with the blue and grey on it. It has a punk rock feel to it with the plaid. Also, I’ve never had a bag for my camera and just kind of have to wrap it in a t-shirt and put it in my purse, and I just wish it had more protection. This is an awesome bag, and it’d be amazing for this to be my first official camera bag.

  52. 530


    I am in love with the Rose bag in Teal! It’s so fabulous with that black and white houndstooth print! Love it! Love It! Love it! Can you tell I’m not kidding! lol I have been hoping to catch a sale on it for almost a year now. Too bad the coupon won’t work on this style! Only winning it coulod be better! *wink*wink*
    Kindest regards,

  53. 537

    Nicole Allen says

    The Betsy Teal is beautiful, perfect for holding onto my precious piece of equipment, Love it, great design!

  54. 539

    Pam M - Grand Inspirations Photo says

    Oh my . . . I’m torn between the butterscotch or greige Gracie or the Missy in chocolate

  55. 541


    I would just ADORE to have the Missy chocolate bag!! :) It would be just perfect for me and to hold everything I need! <3 Thank you so much for this contest!!

  56. 558

    Joshua Dutt says

    I think the Georgia Nautical suits me best. I love horizontal stripes and how they can be flattering to a persons figure. And like it says in the name it has a nautical look to it and I’m a huge fan of that style. Also, me being a guy, it would pass as a great man bag 😉

  57. 567

    Laurie in FL says

    I like the Allison – Mustard. BUT I got one about 6 months ago and think they are awesome!! Of course, one is not enough. :)

  58. 573

    Christa says

    I love the Rose bag in both Teal & Sugarplum. Usually I’d go for plaid, but I love the pleats & the little rosette on the side! Plus the B&W houndstooth/damask lining! So cute.
    Thanks for the giveaway.

  59. 595

    Joella says

    I’m having a hard time picking between Besty Teal & Rose Teal… they’re both my favorites! I would probably go with Rose Teal because it’s so cute, but the Besty carries so much!

  60. 599

    Natalia aka Maygirl says

    I am in between practical side and expressive side of me :(( Practical color is black, expressive – blue, red and yellow. But for practice – I can have black backpack, so I’ll choose bright colors:)

    Type of bag – I need rather big one, so my choice is between Missy and Gracie

    So my final choice is Gracie Magenta!;)

  61. 627


    I would love to have one of the Millie bags. I think any of the colors are fabulous. I hate carrying around a big bag, the Millie is the perfect size but can still hold all my camera equipment! LOVE THEM!!

  62. 634

    bdaiss says

    Thanks for the chance! I’ve been drooling over Jo’s Totes for so long. My favorite is hands down the Rose. But I waffle over color. Today? Bronze. (Tomorrow? Maybe Moss.)

  63. 648

    Hye Kyong Kim says

    Wow ~ awesome giveaway~! I love ‘Rose’ in coral. I would be the stylish teacher at school with this lovely bag ~! Also, thanks for the promo code~!

  64. 674