Contest: Win a Westcott Ice Light

The very lucky winner of the Ice Light is:

Rhonda Bowman

Screen Shot 2013-06-23 at 9.59.41 PMScreen Shot 2013-06-23 at 9.58.44 PM


Thank you everyone.  We hope to have more exciting products from Westcott to share with you and give away in the future.



What is an “Ice Light?”

When Westcott sent me an Ice Light to try, my husband saw it and immediately asked “why are you holding a Lightsaber?” And yes, I suppose it does resemble one.  But the truth is that this oddly shaped light is lightweight, transportable, and meant for photographers, not Star Wars fans.

You can adjust the brightness and it’s daylight balanced.  It attaches to light stands or you can simply hold it. Jerry Ghionis designed this light for Westcott, as a portable, rechargeable, continuous lighting source.  And it is just that.

My Initial Impressions

Fun, lightweight, and the quality of light is very nice.  I am 99.9% a natural light shooter – and I add light using our Photoshop actions or Lightroom presets as needed.  Many years ago, I used strobes when I had a product photography business, but since 2006 MCP Actions is my full time job. Photographing my kids, nature and wildlife, is more for pleasure than pay. In fact I no longer have strobes – just a few speed lights and reflectors.  So for me, I am interested in the Ice Light as a quickly accessible tool that does not take up much space in my office or home, and something I can pop in my camera bag should the need arise.

ice light

I’ve only practiced with it a few times so far.  But I see it having a place in my photography, for the reasons noted above.  The major downside I see to buying one of these: price. It is expensive for a small, saber-like light.  And truthfully, when I used it, I wished I had a second one simultaneously.  If you are a professional and shooting models or high school seniors on location, these may be the ideal quick lighting source you need. If you have limited space and mostly shoot with natural light, but want a daylight balanced light source to add in, definitely consider these.  If you photograph young kids, it may be hard, as they will want to play with it.  They aren’t going to just let you use it – they’ll want your toy.

As I mentioned above, I definitely am not seasoned with the use of lights, but I’ve included a few of my daughter Jenna taken in near darkness in my home.  I wanted to see if it could help me in low-light indoor situations. And compared to not using any light at all, for my first try, I was pretty happy.  I just need more practice.

Jenna lit up-15 sq crop

Here are two professional images taken with an Ice Light:

photo by Jerry Ghionis


photo by Rick Sammonwin-an-ice-light

Are you ready to win an Ice Light?

Entering is easy!

  • Check out the Ice Light, and then leave a comment on our blog post and let us know “In what type of photography do you think the Ice Light would be most useful and how could it help you get better images?”

Extra Credit

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Are you the winner?

  • The contest ends on June 23rd.  Check back to see if you are the lucky winner – it will be announced at the top of this post that night.

Jodi Friedman, MCP Actions

Jodi Friedman is the founder of MCP Actions. She designs popular Photoshop actions and Lightroom presets that make editing faster, easier and more fun.

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  1. 1
    James Haverstock says:

    The Ice Light is MADE for portrait photography! Taking it on location alll the time (it is easy to carry) would make my portraits sing.

  2. 2
    Hazel Irvine says:

    Would love to use the icelight for wedding photography to get that extra bit of light indoors, some days there is not a lot of natural light around in Scotland :)

  3. 3
    Jessica says:

    I also shared on Facebook!

  4. 4
    Isiah Xiong says:

    Definitely a great tool for portraiture!

  5. 5
    Zarah says:

    This would be fantastic for artistic shoots!!! Shared on fb :) this would be so useful

  6. 6
    Maragie Livelli says:

    i would love this. I don’t have any place to store big lights and this is just the perfect size and function, yet easy to handle and good light source.

  7. 7
    Jennifer says:

    Would love to give it a try! Love to work with new things.

  8. 8
    Rahil says:

    I liked it, I love to take car photos, this can be amazing for close ups to create different looking light effects.

  9. 9
    sheri wegner says:

    I would LOVE to offer that quality of light to my wedding customer, it would be a huge asset ot my wedding portraits.

  10. 10
    Tracy Shaide says:

    Natural light photographer, this would be awesome especially in low light situations especially when shooting Boudoir sessions :) shared on Facebook :) as soon as I am done posting this I will pin it! Thanks for the awesome opportunity :)

  11. 11
    jason french says:

    Now that looks sexy and very very handy to use on location and in Studio!!!

  12. 12
    Kasia Dunn says:

    I would love to use it on model photo shoots in dark places
    For example inside a barn, in the parking lot.
    The light usually is very harsh from my flash and I end
    Up adjusting it .

  13. 13
    Theresa Moynes says:

    Oh how I would love one of these Ice Lights. I never even knew they existed until a few weeks ago when I saw one in use on a webinar I was watching. Ever since I saw it I WANT it. I could think of many uses for it but for my own purposes I think I would use it mainly in portraiture. You can direct the light exactly where you need it and it seems so easy to use. Please may I have one :) Good luck to everyone and may the best man/woman win.

  14. 14
    Andrea Mcclenning says:

    I would love to try this for boudoir. Im just learning about studio lighting.

  15. 15
    Mallory Renee says:

    In my opinion, the Ice Light would work best for either weddings or newborn photography and here’s why. Both types of photography traditionally use natural light for a classic, marketable look. However, both types of photography also have limits that other types of photography don’t have.

    The limit on wedding photography is that you typically just have only the wedding day available to get all of your shooting done. What if it’s raining and you need to find a last-minute indoor location? What if the indoor location doesn’t have good window light? A lot can go wrong on the wedding day and you are usually limited to the wedding venue locations as well as restricted by the wedding day schedule. Having an Ice Light would dramatically increase your options. It’s like carrying a mini sun with you everywhere and you get to choose the direction of its light. Even if it’s raining cats and dogs, it doesn’t matter. You can go inside and make it look like it’s a perfectly sunny day.

    With newborn photography, you are limited to indoor locations. You are also limited because the baby cannot pose on its own, can’t move itself closer to the window, and might wake up while you’re trying to position him. With the Ice Light, you can bring the window light TO the baby and minimize movement.

    Other types of photography are easier, since you can reschedule sessions or ask your subjects to reposition themselves, etc. You have more control over the location and time of day.

    Anyway, that’s just my opinion as to what an Ice Light is best suited for. If I had one, I know my wedding photography would be changed as I could truly go to almost any location I wanted to (especially indoors) without being worried about where the sun is. I would be thrilled and honored to win one!

  16. 16
    eric buschmann says:

    These lights are sweet. I could see using them for pin-up or boudoir shouts done on or in cars to add interesting catch lights.

  17. 17
    Gina Knowles says:

    Love it! Cannot wait to shoot with it!

  18. 18
    Chantel says:

    I shoot a variety of photography, and the ice light would greatly help because of it’s portability! To be able to shoot with such awesome light in a variety of conditions would really be awesome!

  19. 19
    Chantel Stimpson says:

    added you to pinterest too!

  20. 20
    Judy Whitmore says:

    This is an awesome giveaway! I would love to try it out!
    I could see using it in homes when the light is not acceptable, using it on backlit situations to open up the face with some light. I’m going to do a small school and I would love one to supplement natural light for that as well.

  21. 21
    Matthew Crabtree says:

    Shared on Facebook

  22. 22
  23. 23
    Chelsie says:

    I would love one of these to help me with my start up. It could help me with all portraits indoors.

  24. 24
    Ashley says:

    I could use IceLight in wedding and senior shoots however, I can see this making a HUGE difference in newborn photography.

    I usually shoot newborns at my home studio because I have a great natural light source. I know that some new moms feel uncomfortable coming to a home studio and are always most comfortable in their own home. However, You can never count on a good light source (a big window) and you may end up shooting in what is equivalent to a cave.

    Using this light would open up an opportunity to shoot more newborns in the comfort of their home without lugging lights to a clients home.

    It also looks simple enough to use so that the parent can easily become my assistant by holding the light.

    Bravo Jerry!

  25. 25
    Vienna Sparrow says:

    I have seen these lights used many times at workshops that I have watched online. Although I have never had the chance to try one in action…it would be amazing if I got my hands on one! :)

  26. 26
    Vienna Sparrow says:

    Oh and I have all everything to enter…except Google +! Maybe I should get on that lol! :)

  27. 27
    Kara says:

    I’ve had my eye on the Ice Light since I saw it at an expo last year! I’d love to use it for bridal portraits — not every hotel or house has a perfect picture window, so this would let me create dramatic light anywhere.

  28. 28
    Kara says:

    Extra credit entry — shared on Facebook! :)

  29. 29
    Jessica Wellman says:

    I think I’d use it a lot in photographing men!

  30. 30
    Brian Hanna says:

    This light would be awesome for glamour photography. Would be easy to place a many angles not possible with softboxes or dishes.

  31. 31
    Debbie says:

    I have pinned, tweeted, facebooked and googled+ this on all of my pages. I would love to win this because it would be an asset when shooting meet & greets, the last time we shot one was at night on the side of the tour bus…….NO LIGHTING, this would be excellent to use for that. The design is elegant and simple and looks easy to use. Thanks for sharing this.

  32. 32
    Debbie says:

    I am now following you on google+, June 23 is my birthday and this would be an awesome birthday present! Thanks again for sharing.

  33. 33
    Andrea says:

    I would love to try it with newborn photos!

  34. 34
    Tracy says:

    I’d like to use it for everything :-)

  35. 35
    Rensi says:

    Will use it for studio along with my beauty dish..

  36. 36
    Kate says:

    Love love love Jerry’s Ice Light. I have played with it many times but haven’t made the splurge. I would love to win it for glamour sessions. It offers such versitle light.

  37. 37
    Leslie G says:

    This would be great for portrait photography

  38. 38
    Theresa says:

    I would use the ice light for model portraits.

  39. 39
    Marissa McBane says:

    I would love to try it with my portrait photography, I think it would add new depth to the pictures!

  40. 40
    Lola says:

    Wow! You weren’t kidding about the price. I’m definitely not a professional photographer, but if I won I’d give it a try. Then give it to my professional photographer sister. :)

  41. 41
    Erin Pasch says:

    I would love to try this with newborn or boudoir photos,but really I could take this anywhere!!

  42. 42
    Rebecca says:

    It would be great for indoor newborn sessions – especially when you go to the clients house and aren’t sure of the lighting!

  43. 43

    As an wedding Photographer i’m working à lot at small locations and there is à short time to setup flash. So i thinking The icelight Will help me in these difficult situations.

  44. 44
    Michele Gagne says:

    This light would be amazing for portrait photography. It would be so easy to place it at many angles that are not possible with other lights.

  45. 45
    Susan says:

    I would use this with my Senior photography and I’m starting to go into modern glamor portraits which would be awesome with the Ice Light!

  46. 46
    Lewis Ross says:

    this light has a home in every time of photography, it should not be pinned down to one thing, i could think of a use for it in everything from weddings to still life and even nightclub work that i do, a great pice of kit.

  47. 47
    Leah Parsons says:

    The Ice Light would be great to use for portraits in places where I need just a little more light for interest! What a great invention! :)

  48. 48
    Dawn Rotta says:

    This light would be perfect when I’m doing indoor pet (rescue) photography where lighting is poor or nonexistent!

  49. 49
    rebecca says:

    Icelight would be uber helpful with portrait photography for this natural light photographer. I have zero desire to get into heavy bulky studio lighting but this handy little light looks like it can create really dynamic cool stuff!

  50. 50
    Mikelangelo says:

    I would use this light to enhance my product and still life photography. Mobile and easy to fit in tight spaces would be crazy-useful.

  51. 51
    Jessica says:

    I would love it for on-location portrait photography! I love that it’s battery powered and lightweight!

  52. 52
    Dave Pelham says:

    I’m looking to use the ice light to bring extra portable pop and interesting light to portrait shoots- I shoot primarily with couples and performers – musicians, dancers, and so for these guys the ice light would give a really nice, quick, spur of the moment injection of light. I’d love to win one! Thanks Jodi :)

  53. 53
    Courtney dalton says:

    I would love it for portraits!

  54. 54
  55. 55
    Heather Day says:

    The possibilities seem endless… dark nursery shots, portrait, glamour, the dark reception hall… this thing is brilliant!

  56. 56
    Dawn Rotta says:

    This would be perfect when I’m doing indoor pet (rescue) photography where lighting conditions are usually poor!

  57. 57
    Rebecca says:

    I also shared on my page!

  58. 58
    Whitney says:

    I seriously need this for newborn portraits! Small compact (don’t need those bulky light stands anymore!) and don’t have to depend on the weather for great lighting. Perfect!!

  59. 59
    Sarah says:

    If love to try this out at weddings for dramatic glamorous lighting!!!

  60. 60
    Kassi says:

    Please please pick me pick me!!! This is awesomeness!! :-D

  61. 61
    Christine says:

    I think it would be perfect for outdoor portrait photography.

  62. 62
    Rebecca says:

    Also pinned it – thank you!

  63. 63
    Alexander S. says:

    Ice Light would be best with night photos…

  64. 64

    I think the ice light would be great for onlocation portraits and for documentary photography to augment ambient light.

    I need one for my gear on the go bag!

  65. 65

    This such an awesome giveaway! Thx MCP!
    I would use the Icelight at my Weddings and for Portrait sessions and even add some cool effects to photos with long shutter shots. :-)

  66. 66
    Ashlin says:

    The IceLight could be used for any type of photography due to its portability but I would mostly use it for my models and boudoir work :)

  67. 67

    I think this would be brilliant for location sessions, either outdoors or indoors, when you don’t have full control over the light sources. Seems almost too good to be true :)

  68. 68
    wendy says:

    Looks small and compact…would be great to take along on location shoots…never know when you may need more light!!

  69. 69
    Andrea Brink says:

    I would love to try it indoors when natural light is not an option!

  70. 70
    Courtney Dalton says:

    Would love it for portraits!!

  71. 71

    Love to use The icelight in my wedding Photography. A lot of Times is it an difficult light situation and not enough time to setup flashes properly. So the icelight Cam make thus situations rock.

  72. 72
    Alexander S. says:

    Icelight would be good for a night photo…

  73. 73
    Jennifer says:

    I would love to use this for Seniors and Boudoir images.

  74. 74
    Whitney says:

    Shared on Facebook! Can seriously see using this in almost every type of session I could do!

  75. 75
    Lindsay Williams says:

    The Ice Light would be perfect for those times when I am taking pictures for people who insist on indoor shots with less than perfect lighting. I wouldn’t have to lug my big set with me!

  76. 76
    John B. says:

    While it’s definitely a useful tool for portrait photography, I can imagine it having applications in experimental art photography as well – light painted long exposure landscape shots come to mind immediately.

    You’d have to create a shielding for the side facing the camera, but the size and shape of the light would mean that one could illuminate large portions of an image with a few waves of your arm.

  77. 77
    V says:

    Love that it’s daylight balanced – perfect for skin tones. I would use this for portrait and baby photography.

  78. 78
    Alexander S. says:

    Icelight would be nice for night photos

  79. 79
    Sarah says:

    Pinned the giveaway

  80. 80
  81. 81
    Kassi says:

    This would be awesome for NIGHT photography!! I could illuminate old buildings while shooting the Northern lights!!

  82. 82
    Susan says:

    I’ve seen the ice lite in action and think it would be great for portraits and even some street scenes. Rebuilding my website so its not in perfect order right now.

  83. 83
    Lindsay Williams says:

    I shared this contest on my Facebook page.

  84. 84
    Maggie says:

    This would be perfect for dramatic lighting in a maternity session. Wow! Would love to try it.

  85. 85
    Mette says:

    I shared on my page, twitter and pinterest :)

  86. 86
    Candice Smith says:

    I haven’t used one and it looks amazing. Because it’s so lightweight, this would make for an amazing addition for on-location portraits!

  87. 87
    Amanda says:

    Love this… want one…This would be perfect for senior portraits

  88. 88

    I think this light would be awesome for my seniors!!! So easily portable and the continuous light would make lighting a breeze!!

  89. 89
    Sarah says:

    New follower on Pinterest :)

  90. 90
    Heidi Melms says:

    I am an avid light hog! I use all sorts of strobes and speed lights to produce a unique image, especially with my senior and engagement sessions. I have been known to drag my poor light assistants into rivers, lakes, up into high perches, pretty much wherever I need them. I would love to try a lightweight continuous light source, and my assistants would gladly drop the large strobes and softboxes to use such a small device!

  91. 91
    Amanda Panetti says:

    The Ice Light would be an amazing tool for any photographer. I see it being very beneficial to photographers that need lights on the go, especially on location shooters, such as weddings.

  92. 92
    Courtney dalton says:


  93. 93
    Cay Justice says:

    I would use the ice light doing portraits when natural light isn’t enough. I love the images you took of your daughter in complete darkness Jodi! I’m sure one I start using an Ice Light, I will find more uses for it!

  94. 94
  95. 95
    Leigh W says:

    Living on the east coast of Florida I spend a lot of time shooting portraits with sunsets and backlighting. This would add just the right amount of fill light when the sun starts to go down and I need that extra little bit of light to eek out some dramatic shots at the end of the session.

  96. 96
    Joe Marshall says:

    As a lighting coach – this will add a new tool to my arsenal of learning. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity.

  97. 97
    Manuel Lemus says:

    Would be great for a portable wedding light in dark lot rooms!!! I am certain it would help obtain better images in bad lighting environments. Hope to win! :)

  98. 98
    wendy says:

    look forward to receiving your newsletter :) fingers crossed…hope I win!!

  99. 99

    I would LOVE the IceLight for my work with high school seniors. I know this light would come in handy often for additional lighting and special effects.

  100. 100
    Lindsay Williams says:

    I also started following you on Pinterest.

  101. 101
  102. 102
    Crystal says:

    I think this work great for newborn sessions!!

  103. 103
    Marleen says:

    Ooooh would love to win this!

  104. 104
    Amanda says:

    Tweeted about it this amazing giveaway

  105. 105
  106. 106

    I think the Ice Light can be used for all types of photography. I am also a natural light photographer but I could definitely see myself using this light for many of my sessions. I would love to get my hands on one of these amazing Ice Lights. The versatility would really be endless.

  107. 107
    Tiffany Luc says:

    I would DEFINITELY use the Ice light for my wedding photography! Clients want that added lighting effect and sometimes the sun and/or reflector just doesn’t cut it! I WANT!!!

  108. 108
    Susan says:

    I just shared this on google+. Really hope to win as I have no interest in studio lighting but this will add dimension to my work in a natural manner

  109. 109

    I’ve seen the Ice Light at photography conventions and would LOVE to add one to my kit for dramatic lighting in my women’s portraits! Fingers crossed! :)

  110. 110
  111. 111
    Candice Smith says:

    I already follow you and MCP via facebook, facebook group, twitter, and pinterest…but…I am now a NEW fan of your google+ :)

  112. 112
    Crystal says:

    Shared and repinned!!

  113. 113
    Carrie says:

    This easy to carry tool would be an asset to my portrait photography as I do most of my portrait sessions outdoors. It would help with some creative lighting! thanks!

  114. 114
    Eric Tran says:

    I do photography for fun but I love taking pictures of my girlfriend! It would be nice to have the Ice Light to have free control of lighting!

  115. 115
    Trevor says:

    This would be great for portraits and some wedding photography~

  116. 116
    Becky Cabral says:

    Would love to win this! It would greatly improve my on location portraits and think it would really be great for senior portraits!

  117. 117

    I would mostly use it to get some nice bridal shots in low light/getting ready situations or for newborns in my studio. I would love to play with one of these with my own kids as well. I love the look they give to a photo!

  118. 118
    Tiffany Luc says:

    Also started following on Pinterest!

  119. 119
    april says:

    I would love to have a ice light for portraits.

    It’s size & portability would be a great benefit.

  120. 120
    Marie Janssen says:

    I shared on Facebook!

  121. 121
    Lillian Feliciano says:

    This would so help with my portrait photography…I think it’s perfect for that. Not having to lug around a stand with a softbox all the time.

  122. 122
    Meghan says:

    Oh my goodness, I can think of soooo much that could be done with this wonderful creation! I shoot mainly natural light so this is a dream come true. The fact that it doesn’t put off much heat makes me quite anxious to try it out on a newborn shoot :)

  123. 123
    Amanda says:

    posed on Google….

  124. 124

    The Ice Light is great for portrait photography. Having this along with me for babies and seniors would give me some unique opportunities for photos that are out of the ordinary and would allow me to hit some really creative angles with the client. Hope I win.

  125. 125
    Pat Collins says:

    ICE LIGHT would be perfect for portrait photography. It would truly help me when I go to nearby parks and sometimes the best shots don’t have the best lighting because of the trees, this light would help me in getting a nicely lit shot.

  126. 126
    Jessica says:

    I would find using the ice light very helpful in those situations where your scenery is beautiful but you’re just not getting enough light! I would love to win this to help enhance my portrait photography!

  127. 127
    Jillian says:

    I would love to be able to use this for my stylized childrens sessions and couples!

  128. 128
    Maggie says:

    Having a small, lightweight and easily portable light is a blessing to those of us that do not have studios or generally shoot on location. This would be an amazing addition to any photographers wheelhouse!

  129. 129
    Marie Janssen says:

    I pinned this on Pinterest!

  130. 130
    Nikki says:

    I think this would be perfect for night portraits or even newborn photography instead of carrying around a large softbox. In the examples the light is so soft and the size would make it easy enough to store in my camera bag! Neat product!

  131. 131
    lisa arana says:

    How fabulously portable! It would be great for portraits and outdoor shots. LOVE it.

  132. 132

    Shared to facebook!

  133. 133
    Chandra Montgomery says:

    It would be so perfect for portraits! I saw It used on CL and was smitten. Would love to win one as the price is pretty spendy.

  134. 134
    Manuel Lemus says:

    I woul love to try this out! It would perfect for low light wedding photography. This would allow me to be portable and still be able to light my subject.

  135. 135

    I love this light. I reposted to Twitter ,FB and Pintrest!

  136. 136
    Marie Janssen says:

    I tweeted this contest as well!

  137. 137
  138. 138
    Yvonne says:

    I would love to win this. I currently don’t have an lighting set up as I’m just a hobbyist and can afford it right now. So right now I use as much natural light as I can. If I won this I could learn more where I would like the light to be and play more. :)

  139. 139

    Shared on my facebook page

  140. 140
    Becky Cabral says:

    I shared on Facebook!

  141. 141
    Jennifer Daane says:


  142. 142
    Theresa says:

    I would use this for model portraits… and to defend myself from Darth Vader!

  143. 143

    I have upcoming artistic portrait shoots and food photography shoots. I need this for portability!

  144. 144
    Katie says:

    I often use an inexpensive video light for detail shots for weddings and events, but this! WOW I can’t even believe I didn’t know this existed. I initially thought how wonderful this would be for close-ups on people or props, but now I’m convinced after scrolling through the gallery this would solve my slave and strobe woes in dimly-lit receptions and mostly allow me to not be afraid of the dark–literally! Being a “natural light” lover is really limiting when you want to also be diverse in your style and when you have no other option. Thank you Jodi for all your posts!

  145. 145
    Angela Smith says:

    It would be great for seniors in urban settings at night, and for light painting too.

  146. 146
    Casey says:

    It would be a convenient and easy tool to put in my camera bag. I use a shop light right now that requires an electrical outlet, and I rarely get to use it because of that reason. I would love to use it for portrait and wedding photography, or an emergency in the dark that requires light. Thank you!

  147. 147

    I think that this IceLight would be perfect for indoor studio or on-location shoots dealing in portraits, newborns, glamour, etc., especially when it’s so easy to carry with you, when you don’t know what the lighting is like at clients’ locations!

    This would be amazing to have as a part of my gear, and would most certainly make all of my images just stand out from all the rest!

    I would give almost anything to win this!!!! :)

  148. 148
    Leigh W says:

    Sorry if this a repeat but I dont see it listed;

    Living on the east coast of Florida the sun is superbright, even in the late afternoon, and the ICE LIGHT would be just the perfect portable light source to add fill in backlit situations. It would also allow me to eek out a few extra frames as the sun is setting and I am losing all my ambient light.

  149. 149
    Shelley Payne says:

    I would use the ice light for portraits!
    This would be a fabulous device to use indoor on a portrait to really make the clients face “pop”

  150. 150
  151. 151
    Denise says:

    Would love one of these

  152. 152
    Lauren Renee says:

    This would so helpful for weddings when you need more light for those detail shots!! It would also be great for newborn shoots, oh and portraits! I think it would be awesome in any situation where you need more light and can’t lug around soft boxes! And it’s also way better than holding your iphone up like a weirdo too :)

  153. 153
    Theresa says:

    I would use this for model portraits and to defend myself from Darth Vader!

  154. 154
    CARLA PATTON says:

    I would love to try it with newborn photos!

  155. 155

    This would be Perfect in my newborn kit!

  156. 156
    Melissa Heinemann says:

    perfect for all specalties! Shared!

  157. 157
    Shawna Weaver says:

    The ice light would be awesome in low light situations for shooting portraits. I could really benefit from using one.

  158. 158
    Katie says:

    Shared on my Facebook page!

  159. 159

    Hello!!! I think the Ice light would be most helpful in my boudoir sessions. See, I shoot mainly in hotel room and the hotel doesn’t let you check in until 3:00pm, which only gives me about an hour to shoot and no time for hair and makeup which also takes an hour. So the Ice Light would give me the option to shoot about 30mins in natural light then for a more dramatic look, the Ice Light would be perfect to use!


  160. 160
    Nikki says:

    Pinned it!

  161. 161

    Would love to have this for portrait, which is my most passion! I am a natural light lover too, but this flash got me. Whoa

  162. 162
    Casey says:

    I pinned and shared on FB :)

    Thank you, I would absolutely love to win this <3

  163. 163
    Denise says:

    I would love one of these

  164. 164
    Nikki says:


  165. 165
    Michelle says:

    I think this would greatly enhance natural light photography. I could see myself using it to brighten faces and enhance catch lights. It would also be wonderful for some moody, low light photography – very dramatic. I like that it is portable too!

  166. 166
    susie says:

    Can’t wait to try this for portraits!!!! ;)

  167. 167
    Lisa Crane says:

    Use the Icelight before for some low light wedding work and its awesome. Great to light just about anything and its very clean light also.

  168. 168
    Jim Nedved says:

    I can see where this would be a really nice addition for boudoir and portrait shoots. It’s easily portable and you can quickly see how light bounces off the subject and background before for shot even goes off.

  169. 169
    Chandra Montgomery says:

    I also shared on Facebook. :)

  170. 170
    Katie says:

    Shared on Pinterest (I never enter contests….I really want this!).

  171. 171
    Shelley Payne says:

    I also shared on Facebook

  172. 172
    Melody says:

    Just getting into speed lights and lighting other than natural and this would be so much fun to play with!

  173. 173
    Robin says:

    I would like to try it with my portrait photography!

  174. 174
    Kristy says:

    I can’t think of anything on location that this wouldn’t be great for. Weddings, parties… A million things!

  175. 175
    Melissa Heinemann says:

    perfect for all specialties!

  176. 176
    Marie-Eve S. says:

    Would love to win the Ice Light. I think I would use it for outdoor session just to add more light. I would also use it for general portrait. It could help me do special lighting.

  177. 177
  178. 178
    Mary Rogers says:

    I would mostly use it for senior portraits. We are exploring with all types of lighting possibilities and ever since I saw this light saber (lol) on America’s Next Top Model I have wanted one.

    thanks for the chance.

  179. 179
    Angela Smith says:

    Just signed up on twitter!

  180. 180
    Tabitha says:

    Perfect for on location newborn sessions. Carrying this instead of other bulky lighting equipment=more room for props.

    I have shared this on my page.

  181. 181
    Susan Sawyer says:

    I think the Ice Light would be great as a supplemental light source for a darker space.

  182. 182
    Susan Sawyer says:

    I pinned this

  183. 183
    Angela Smith says:

    I tweeted it too!

  184. 184
    Mark Jolly says:

    This would be the perfect addition to my wedding photography kit. I can just imagine thousands of new bridal shots made possible by this light!

  185. 185
    marcel bauer says:

    For sure portraits. I saw this being used by Roberto Valenzuela and was totally sprung, I want one so bad!

  186. 186
    Sarah says:

    In portraiture for sure – looks most excellent

  187. 187
    Pat Collins says:

    I want this light for portrait photography. Im a beginner and need all the help I can get

  188. 188
    Michelle says:

    I “like” you on facebook and I also subscribe to your mailing list. :)

  189. 189
    Jim Nedved says:

    One more time….

  190. 190
  191. 191
    Joseph Heh says:

    I would find a way to incorporate this into lightpainting photography.

  192. 192
    Susan Sawyer says:

    I am a member of MCP Actions on Facebook!

  193. 193
    Lynda Benden says:

    I would TOTALLY use this awesome light for fill light in my back lit portrait sessions as well as in studio lighting!! It looks like a very handy tool to have!!!

  194. 194
    Chris Stolte says:

    I would use it to help out with some light painting techniques that I have been starting to try out.

  195. 195
    Chris Stolte says:

    Pinned To Pinterest

  196. 196
    Elizabeth Hall says:

    Would be great for my dark cave of a house ;)

  197. 197
    joy swatsworth says:

    I do portraits mostly…this would be fantastic!

  198. 198
  199. 199
    Jamie McDonald says:

    This would be perfect for weddings and seniors..I love the idea of them so much!

  200. 200
    Jennifer M says:

    This would be great for portraits! I have a few sessions that I know this would be fab for!

  201. 201
    Marcel Bauer says:

    Saw this used by Roberto Valenzuela on CreativeLive, I totally got to have one of these.

  202. 202
    Susie Mathisen says:

    Perfect for any portrait, wedding or infant photo

  203. 203
    Pam Headridge says:

    Because it is so light, you could use it anywhere!

  204. 204
    Jaime says:

    I do a lot of natural light photography and I think this would help a lot with shadows and weird lights….

  205. 205
    Christine says:

    I have been looking into these ever since seeing his amazing wedding shots. This would be a great light source to take anywhere…. fingers crossed, Momma wants a new toy :-)

  206. 206
    Duna Adel says:

    Hey, with this special Ice Light we can “Play” and make some beautiful and creativ pics from our romanian Brides and Grooms :))) I think it will be very usefull in my work:)

  207. 207
    Heidi Melms says:

    Tweeted! Heidi Melms (@heidimelms) tweeted at 10:47am – 19 Jun 13:

    Contest: Win a Westcott Ice Light… (

  208. 208
  209. 209
    Jennifer M says:

    Pinned it!!

  210. 210
    joy swatsworth says:

    I shared on facebook

  211. 211
    Robin Nichols says:

    I would love to try this with my senior sessions.

  212. 212
    Joel Werline says:

    I NEEEEEED this! I’d be so grateful to have this!

  213. 213
    Angela G says:

    I will lovw to use it for outdoor portrait photography.

  214. 214
    Harold Dunn says:

    This would be so helpful with senior portraits during outdoor locations.

  215. 215
    Kristen says:

    Portrait photography for sure! Might come in handy for some more extreme locations!

  216. 216
  217. 217
  218. 218

    I like it because it’s portable and I could use it anywhere that I may need extra light. I think it’s fantastic and would love to have one.

  219. 219
    Maggie Irwin says:

    Would love to try this!

  220. 220
    Marissa Bowering says:

    The Ice Light is perfect for Portrait photography! I better it would be great for macro or wedding photography as well. It seems like it gives off such a perfect, natural-feeling light. Would love to use it in my photography.

  221. 221
    Heidi Melms says:

    Shared on Facebook.

  222. 222
  223. 223
    Tammi Scritchfield says:

    I think that this could be used in most situations! Great for indoor portraits. What a cool concept!!!

  224. 224
    Haytham Hajir says:

    This product is just what I need for my portrait work. I would love to use it as a filler in day shots, or to create a dynamic contrast.

  225. 225

    YES PLEASE!!!! New photographer who would LOVE to add this to my arsenal!

  226. 226

    Looks a awesome very useful bit of kit

  227. 227
    Haytham Hajir says:

    Shared of Facebook

  228. 228
    Aaron R. says:

    The Ice Light would be perfect for a compact studio where space prohibits larger lights.

  229. 229
  230. 230
    Robin Nichols says:

    I shared on Twitter.

  231. 231
    Haytham Hajir says:

    tweeted about it

  232. 232
    Christabel says:

    Thanks for this opportunity Jodi! Hopeful my name is drawn for this awesome lightsaber! :) I primarily shoot with natural light and find that at times when I am shooting with a high ISO due to limited light, my pics are obviously going to be noisier. I would love to have access to this light for evening shoots, or shoots that just need that umph to make the image sharper/clearer. Thank you!

  233. 233
    Haytham Hajir says:

    Pinned it

  234. 234
    Shelly Filz says:

    I think it would be great in boudoire sessions to provide nice soft fill light!

  235. 235
  236. 236
    Heidi Melms says:

    Joined your MCP Facebook group. :)

  237. 237
    Courtney dalton says:


  238. 238
    Marissa Bowering says:

    Following of Facebook, Facebook Group, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+

  239. 239

    I’m very curious to play with this one in location shoots. Urban jungle shoots, where it’s awkward to bring studio lights and where speedlites can be problematic if you want a large light source. Sounds like it’d be a lot of fun to work with.

  240. 240
    Angela Gamiz says:

    Tweet it, Facebook!

  241. 241
    Martinique Curti says:

    During my brief stint as a wedding photographer assistant I had to the opportunity to see this beautiful light in action. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to have have one of my very own to use for portrait photography. I was JUST talking about this the other day to a dear friend! Love love love!!!! :)

  242. 242

    This would be fabulous for my outdoor model, senior portraits and general portrait shoots.

  243. 243
    Marissa Bowering says:

    Tweeted, Pinned and Shared the Contest! :)

  244. 244
    NjKev says:

    I think these lights are rather neat. They will let you bring lights to places like never before. I think they could be a great add to an outdoor photographers kit because of the portability. It may also work great for an on location portrait photographer. There are many possibilities that can be explored. I wonder if they could be used underwater in some sort of water proof tube.

  245. 245
    Mark Jolly says:

    Shared on Facebook . This has to be the best invention ever

  246. 246
    Sabine Cane says:

    I would use this for portraits. I’m really trying to get in to taking portraits, but usually only use natural light. This would be a great asset! Fingers crossed!!! :o)

  247. 247
    Annette G says:

    I would love to try this on my Senior clients!!

  248. 248
    Sabine Cane says:

    Also pinned it! :o)

  249. 249
    Erin says:

    This would be perfect for portraiture! I’m a natural light photographer, but this could be helpful when natural light isn’t available!

  250. 250
    Cheryl says:

    This light would be great for portraits anywhere. I love that it is so compact. And I am always looking for new lighting techniques and sources.

  251. 251
    Zarah says:

    This would be fantastic for artistic shoots!! Shared on fb! :)

  252. 252
    Kiera Withers says:

    Definitely portrait photography, for those times you just need a slight extra boost!

  253. 253
    Sabine Cane says:

    oh, and also shared it on Facebook. ;o)

  254. 254
    Mindy says:

    shared on FB!

  255. 255
    Heidi Melms says:

    New follower on Pinterest.

  256. 256
    Jamie Heyl says:

    By far, I think this is an amazing product for wedding photography! With a lot of locations being unpredictable for lighting and background as well as a light of nighttime weddings, I think this will greatly expand the opportunities for great couple photos!

  257. 257
    Lindy Leigh says:

    This would be a great light for a lot of things! Mainly portraits…but it’s very cool!

    I shared the post on Facebook

  258. 258
    Jason McKain says:

    This light would be awesome for fusion photography. We shoot weddings and it would be awesome to have the same lighting on the stills and video.

  259. 259
    Kiera Withers says:

    I pinned it :)

  260. 260
    Mary Rogers says:

    shared on facebook as well!

  261. 261
    Tina Vasquez says:

    I would like to do old glamour photography with it

  262. 262
    Joe Randeen says:

    First saw this on CreativeLive. Saw the price and nearly fell over. Tried to fake it with a worklight but it failed. It’s worth every penny. Low-light portraits that call for that extra bit of mood is where I would use this light.

  263. 263
    Mark Brooks says:

    I could TOTALLY use one of these for light-painting cars when doing automotive photo shoots… it would be great for putting the highlights exactly where I want them and highlighting the bodylines of the car!!

  264. 264
    Aaron R. says:

    The IceLight would be great for a compact studio where space is limited.

  265. 265
    Tiffany Carrillo says:

    It would be great for wedding photography in low situations.

  266. 266

    Mostly for portrait and might be macro for me :)

  267. 267
    Joanna Davis says:

    I’m just a hobbyist…… but I can certainly see the benefit of having an Ice Light in my equipment bag! The versatility is endless….light and portable! Will share on facebook!

  268. 268
    Dawn Howeth says:

    I am also a natural light photographer and would love the opportunity to WIN an Ice Light. I saw it in use in October and I’ve been drooling over it ever since.

  269. 269
    Jamie Heyl says:

    I’ve pinned all of the photos and shared about the contest on FB!

  270. 270
    kev says:

    think it would come in handy for both my styles portrait and light paining

  271. 271

    I’ve been following you guys on FB and Twitter for a while now and I’ve been subscribed to your newsletter.

    And I’ve tweeted about the contest.

    Contest: Win a Westcott Ice Light— Craig Lawrence (@fightguyphoto) June 19, 2013

    I’d love to have an Ice Light to work with on my location and intimate shoots. When the natural light isn’t cooperating and my reflectors are blowing in the breeze.

  272. 272
  273. 273
    Mark Brooks says:

    Shared it on Twitter, Pinterest and Google+ too :)

  274. 274
    Manuel Lemus says:

    Pinned and shared.

  275. 275
    Karen Gibas says:

    Would love this for portraits!

  276. 276
    Paul Hirst says:

    Wow! Lovely piece of kit! I can visualise using the Ice Light both in studio and on location creatively it would be superb!

  277. 277
    Heidi Melms says:

    Added you to my Google +

  278. 278

    I think the ice light would be the perfect addition to my photography gear…..for portraits taken in low light to nighttime photography projects. The price is really prohibitive…so I could never buy one, at least not now…so I’ll have to hope that I win!

  279. 279

    I am an Irish wedding photographer, I could do with an Ice Light to get me through our grey Summers and black, black Winters!

  280. 280
    Kim Boyd says:

    I’m a wedding photographer and the icelight is perfect for reception details and bridal portraits! Two icelights would be even better! I’ve rented two and FELL IN LOVE with the diversity of looks you can get with them! I keep telling my husband that I need it. I really really need it. Soon….very soon.

  281. 281
    Diana Behrman says:

    this would be great for portraits, indoor or outdoor! its so portable making it easy to move from place to place during a shoot. would make a difference for me as my only lighting is my flash! Pinned this and will share on FB :)

  282. 282
    Tiffany Carrillo says:

    I pinned it!

  283. 283
    Mark Brooks says:

    I tweeted about the contest…..thanks for having it!

  284. 284
    Amara Cohen says:

    I would love to use it with my portraits to add pop to eyes! So cool.

  285. 285
    Gina says:

    I am an aspiring natural light photographer (just starting out) and would love to win the Ice Light. What couldn’t you use it for? I saw it used on CreativeLive and thought, wow, that’s one I could really use. I’m thinking for low light weddings (just shot one and could have used it then) and possibly even to add dramatic light. I would love to be able to play with it and see what happens. (isn’t that what our craft is all about?)

  286. 286
  287. 287
    Heidi Melms says:

    Subscribed (and activated subscription) to your mailing list! :)

  288. 288
    Dawn Howeth says:

    I pinned!! :) Thank you Jodi for the chance to win.

  289. 289
    Wayne Berry says:

    Saw this Jerry demo this light at Photo Plus. Great light. Looking forward to using for some portrait work.

  290. 290
    Tanya Simpson says:

    Would love to use this for a range of things – portraits, macro, weddings, commercial; so versatile and would I plug it? Yes I would like crazy. Could never afford one as I have loads of lighting but would it be the most used piece of equipment I’ve ever used? Absolutely … please pick me xx

  291. 291
    Kevin Abernathy says:

    I think this would be perfect for product photography!

  292. 292
    Lisa Warren says:

    This light would help me so much. I have been debating on which type of light to go with and this would be it. It seems to add just the right amount of drama to the shots.

  293. 293
    Julie says:

    I’d love this for portraits (even though it’s a hobby for me).
    Also pinned, tweeted and shared on facebook.

  294. 294
    Kellie Schroeder says:

    So want to win this!

  295. 295
    Valerie Mazzelli says:

    I have one of these, my dh bought it for me for my birthday! LOVE it, but yes, instantly wanted a second one! Would love to win one!

    Pinned, shared on fb and tweeted!

  296. 296
    Dee V says:

    The Ice Light would be a great tool for portraits, and would be a welcome addition to our Son’s gear as he takes photos to help pay for his college.

  297. 297
    Angela Gamiz says:

    I want to try it for outdoor portrait photography

  298. 298
    Lisa Warren says:

    shared on Facebook so second entry

  299. 299
    Patty says:

    I live in the PNW and near the base of the mountain (Mt. rainier to be exact). Why does this matter? Because I live 10-11 months in dark overcast weather. This light would really help to bring extra light to situations where I can’t even get reflection from my reflector because the natural light is just too low.

  300. 300
    Kim Boyd says:

    Just tweeted!!!!

  301. 301
    Brooke says:

    I would like to use it on location in alleyways for portrait photography.

  302. 302
    Valerie Mazzelli says:

    I tweeted, shared on fb and pinned!

    Very useful in my natural light studio for my work with women and seniors!

  303. 303
    john q says:

    awesome creative possibilities with one of these lights

  304. 304

    I saw this on CreativeLive and feel in love with it! Of course for me, it was a little spendy so had to add it to my “Someday My Lights Will Come” list. Since I specialize in high school seniors, I see how this could add some edginess to their portraits! I mostly shoot outdoors and this could solve the great problem of having to carry around light stands, strobes, etc….Plus, I could look super cool…like Obi-Wan Kenobi or Luke Skywalker!!

  305. 305
    Patty says:

    Pinned and shared

  306. 306

    I pinned AND shared it!

  307. 307

    I think this would work wonders for wedding photography, during those situations where you need to quickly light an image but don’t have time to figure out your flash settings. I would LOVE to win one of these for the wedding I’m photographing in September!!

  308. 308

    We’ve rented Ice Lights in the past to help with portrait and bridal sessions and LOVED them. Would love to be able to use one all the time!

  309. 309
    debra says:

    I would love to win.the light would be great for portraits and I would love to use it photographing flowers

  310. 310
    Olga F. says:

    I think that Ice light would be pretty cool for a stylized film noir shoot.

  311. 311
    Brant Marston says:

    I had never seen one before. Would be great to use on close-ups.

  312. 312
  313. 313
    Natalia says:

    wow, great giveaway, thank you! I think the best way to use it – portrait fotografy. I am Natural Light Portrait photographer and I think it can help me in some difficult light situations as Backlit or Low light or just for some artistic effect&

  314. 314
    C.B. says:

    This would be perfect for portraits in the dark. I love that the light looks so natural. Thank you for a great giveaway.

  315. 315

    Just shared on Facebook. :)

  316. 316
  317. 317
    Tabitha Rhea says:

    Ohhh… I would love one if these! I would use it for portraits for sure! Thanks for the chance to win! (Ps- love Jerry G.’s work!)

  318. 318

    I first saw the Ice Light at WPPI. I LOVED IT! I would use it to capture emotive photos in low light with kids and their parents! Fingers crossed!

  319. 319
    Dawn S says:

    I’ve always wanted to try light painting and this would work great! It would really work well too for illuminating someone from behind, like in a sunset type pic!

  320. 320
    Hope D says:

    I would LOVE to use the Ice Light for my senior sessions! We are always moving pretty fast and I love how portable it seems. :)

  321. 321
    Nichole says:

    I have wanted one of these for so long!!!! Come on, luck, don’t fail me now!!!

  322. 322
    Michael Crow says:

    I saw it on creativelive as well and it would make an ideal replacement for my second hand speedlight. I would use it for the portraits i like taking of my granddaughter and nieces

  323. 323
    Emisha H says:

    I pinned, shared on FB & posted this comment :-)
    Thank you!

  324. 324
  325. 325
    Lauren Enfield Boyce says:

    What an incredible tool to have in my bag. I could imagine a multitude of uses for the Ice Light. From low light indoor on the run event photography, to special spot’s in studio, to experimental night shoots to innumerable “available” light shoots with emergency boosts required.
    For me, the sole drawback is the price-point. In as much, to win this in a prize would be the only way to attain such a great tool for a very long time to come.

  326. 326
    Chantelle says:

    The Ice Light would be fantastic for my dog photography. I work with a rescue and big clunky equipment can actually be pretty scary to them. This is great!

  327. 327
    Cara in NJ says:

    Would love this for portraits!

  328. 328
    debra says:

    Posted on pintrest

  329. 329
  330. 330
  331. 331
    Cara in NJ says:

    Shared on Facebook!

  332. 332
    Kelsi says:

    I think the Ice Light would be super convenient for outdoor senior/engagement shoots! It would also be handy in the study for a quick extra light source.

  333. 333
    Emisha H says:

    Joined FB group!!

  334. 334
    Lauren Enfield Boyce says:

    Shared via facebook, and pinned on pinterest.

  335. 335
    Cara in NJ says:

    Subscribed to the newsletter!

  336. 336
    Cheryl says:

    I would love to try and use this underwater O_O … That has intense potential ^_^

  337. 337
  338. 338
  339. 339
    Mags says:

    You could use these in any situation where you want to add light in a controlled way. This could also be perfect for headshots!

  340. 340
    carrigotti says:

    looks like a wonderful tool for low light situations

  341. 341
  342. 342
  343. 343
    Gretchen says:

    The ice light would be phenomenal in dramatic portraiture. Oh how I’d love to win this! I can imagine the hours spent playing with light to add emotion and depth in my upcoming teen portraits, capturing everything from the sweet fresh faces to the solemn teen angst. I have a father/baby shoot coming up that I have visions of dramatic lighting, and this light would be amazing for that! My current lighting setup leaves me rather uninspired and I find myself relying solely on natural light. Shine a light on me MCP, I could use some lighting inspiration! :)

  344. 344
  345. 345

    I love low-light and portrait photography. I can’t imagine how useful this would be, especially since I don’t yet own a Speedlite. This would definitely add some dramatic lighting flair to my photos!

  346. 346
  347. 347

    Just joined the Facebook page and the MCP Pinterest Page. I’m already a member of all the other MCP Social Media pages! YEAH!

  348. 348
    Magan says:

    I believe it would be great for glamour portraits and possible boudoir. Thanks for the giveaway!

  349. 349
    Elaine Lowry says:

    The ice light would be excellent for Boudoir photography. Dramatic, minimalist in tight spaces in the studio, and a wonderful fill light for outdoor Boudoir. It would be a great way to sculpt a woman’s body. I would love an opportunity to try it. Thank you.

  350. 350
    Gina says:

    I shared on Facebook! This is AWESOME!!!!!

  351. 351

    This would be awesome for weddings!! (Portraits too). Thanks for the opportunity!

  352. 352
  353. 353
    Courtney M says:

    My house has very low light so it would help me achieve better pictures in my environment!

  354. 354
    Sarah says:

    Perfect for newborns and young babies. Warm, natural glow, large enough to light their entire body, small enough to be out of site. Easy to move around. I love this light!

  355. 355
    Sheryl says:

    That looks like a great tool. I could imagine tons of uses for it.

  356. 356
    Sueze says:

    Pinned, shared and would love to win!

  357. 357
    Martha Bravo says:

    I think this light is awesome for any kind of photography from newborns to glamour shots. I think that it will help me a lot in glamour and boudoir especially for the high fashion look you can achieve.

  358. 358
    Dawn Lepper says:

    I would use for doors and other low-light situations. Very cool!

  359. 359
    Gretchen says:

    Shared on Facebook :)

  360. 360
    Adrianne says:

    I photograph beach weddings and use OCF every time. I find myself wishing I had a smaller light for my assistant to just hold or a second light source. This would be perfect! I saw the announcement when it came out and loved the idea but, like you, the price is off-putting. I would love to get my hands on one of these and try it out, though.

    Thanks for the review, Jodi!

  361. 361
    Joe Justice says:

    I can see using this anywhere, but particularly on location shoots during the evening. Drag the shutter to expose for background sunsets or night lighting, use this to fill on the subject. BANG.

  362. 362

    Hands down it would enhance my location wedding sessions to a a whole new level. I would LOVE to be able to offer that quality of light to my wedding customers.

  363. 363
  364. 364
    Adrianne says:

    Pinned it! Thanks, again!

  365. 365
    Ria Waugh says:

    I think the Ice Light would be great in any low light portrait situation, especially those outside of the studio where you want to take a lightweight kit. The constant source of light would be a huge plus for me to see exactly where highlights and shadows will hit my subject.

  366. 366
    Denise Beck says:

    I think this light would be great for outdoor portrait photography. I would also like to try it out with dog portraits. Both places it would help me get better pictures when I need a little more detail in the face, but do not have enough light.

  367. 367
    Martha Bravo says:

    twitted, and shared in all my FB groups!

  368. 368
    Brenda says:


  369. 369
    Thauna says:

    I would love to win one of these…I think it would be very helpful to brighten up faces and chase away the shadows. Love what you’ve done with it.

  370. 370
    Joni H says:

    Looks like a great portable light. I try not to use flash, but this would be great when you need just that little bit of added light.

  371. 371
    Thauna says:

    Shared on FB.

  372. 372
    Tanya@from the heart photography by tanya says:

    Would love to try out in my in “studio” (spare room in my house right now)

  373. 373
    Joni H says:

    Shared on FB!

  374. 374
    Rachel Bauer says:

    This would be great for my on location senior sessions. Those backlit scenes need some fill light!

  375. 375
    Ria says:

    Pinned it and shared it!

  376. 376
    Joyce says:

    This would probably save my marriage. My husband is my assistant and he is highly resistant to my ideas for lighting solutions. He tends to go for on camera speedlight. I go more for natural light. Yesterday we had an outdoor engagement shoot and it ended up pouring rain. We sucked it up and drove around to a variety of covered locations. As you can imagine, the natural light was sketchy at best. The Westcott Ice Light would soooo satisfy both of us and as I said, probably save our marriage.

  377. 377
    Jolene A. says:

    I’ve shot mostly natural light, and am learning how to effectively use my speedlite. I would love to incorporate other light sources too. This would be a great addition. Imagining now what creativity would spill out painting with this light.

  378. 378
    Rianna Best says:

    The ice light could be used for anything portrait, wedding, boudoir, and so much more. It would be great to own.

  379. 379

    Wow! I could see this being useful in so much, but, I think especially with food. It’s always so hard to get good lighting in a restaurant.

  380. 380
    Tanya@from the heart photography by tanya says:

    Shared on Facebook

  381. 381
    Christy Peterson says:

    Would be fantastic for senior pictures!

  382. 382
    Rachel Bauer says:

    Extra credit! Pinterest!

  383. 383
    Tanya@from the heart photography by tanya says:

    Would love to have this to try in my home studio

  384. 384
    Jolene A. says:

    Shared on Facebook :)

  385. 385
    Federica Moretti says:

    I think the Ice Light would be very useful for my wedding jobs, where I have to travel with few things and often I have to work in low-light situations.

  386. 386
    Jolene A. says:

    Pinned it!

  387. 387

    This would be great with on-location headshots.

  388. 388
    michelle corbo says:

    I think Ice Light would be useful outdoors as well as indoors! I love old buildings and some spaces are too dark.. this would be so helpful!

  389. 389
    Tanya@from the heart photography by tanya says:

    Also pinned

  390. 390
    Lori B says:

    I think this would be awesome for indoor low light photography!

  391. 391
    John says:

    I want one! Sharing on fb

  392. 392
    Allison Moore says:

    I’d love to try this out for indoor portraits! I’m mostly trying to build my portfolio now, and indoor lighting sent something I can reasonably purchase yet, so I mostly use natural light. This is fabulous.

  393. 393
    Lori B says:

    I pinned, tweeted and shared this post!

  394. 394
    Shanna Gagnon says:

    Definitely for portraits! What a neat light!

  395. 395
    michelle corbo says:

    I pinned and shared this contest!

  396. 396
    Marcie S. says:

    I would love to have this for wedding portraits. Great for an evening wedding!

  397. 397

    I would love to win a Ice Light. I believe the Ice Light would be very useful in portrait session. The quality of the light looks amazing. I would definitely use it when shooting weddings and beautiful portrait of the bride.

    Good luck everyone!

  398. 398

    I would love to use it for wedding photography. Looks easy and wouldn’t have to worry about it falling over due to wind.

  399. 399
    Terri Plummer says:

    I pinned and shared. I would use it for things that require light! I love taking pictures of flowers so would use it for that and I would try portraits.

  400. 400
    Jim Nichols says:

    This would be great for so many things. Price is out of my budget, winning one would be awesome!

  401. 401

    I think the Ice Light would be most useful in photo shoots that are on-location, when you don’t have your full studio and lighting equipment or you just want the flexibility of moving from one background to the next. It is portable and light and gives an additional lighting boost to any indoor or outdoor shoot. I think I would use the Ice Light most often in evening or low light situations. I think it would be a huge benefit to my photography and my clients!

  402. 402
    kevin c says:

    I think that this Lite would be great not just for portraiture work but also for nature/macro work……

  403. 403
    April says:

    I can’t even begin to list all the ways I could use this! The creativity factor is endless!

  404. 404

    I live in sunny South Florida and shooting in the bright sun, especially on the beach and open fields oftentimes results in blown out skies. I would love to have the Ice light to illuminate my subjects so I get proper exposure for them as we’ll as exposing for the sky. I love how portable it is too.

  405. 405
    Cynthia says:

    On the mailing list!

  406. 406
    Heather says:

    This would be awesome for any type of portraiture, would love to win it and add it to my bag! :) entered in as many ways as I could this would be a great source for extra light :)

  407. 407
    Shanna Gagnon says:

    Pinned and shared!

  408. 408
  409. 409
    Cynthia says:

    Pinned it!

  410. 410
    jeni says:

    I’ve used an Icelight during a workshop and I was amazed by the natural-ish light that it gave out. Definitely great for those dark photos and when you want the catch lights in the eyes but don’t want to spend hours editing poor light sources!!! I didn’t buy one because of the price… I agree with your blog post Jodi, not sure I need it but it does look like a toy!

  411. 411
  412. 412

    I think the Westcott Ice Light would be best suited for product or still life work…at least that’s how I’d use it. I think it could also be a great light-painting tool. I’m sure I’d also find other uses for the Ice Light that I have not though of yet.

  413. 413
  414. 414

    What a perfect tool the Ice Light would be to use during sessions with my growing list of female musician clients. I do so much location work in many different settings, and this would be a dream tool. I just relocated to near Lake Michigan beaches and am excited to play in the new light atmosphere there.

  415. 415
    Alex says:

    As an event and potrait photog I have been diversifying into the application of the video lights for stills. Though it works nicely of the time the rectangular boxes are not shaping the light near as good as the IceLight.

  416. 416
    Jim W says:

    Portraits, products, macro … the soft, diffused, and balanced light would be great for anything within about two meters or so!

  417. 417

    Following on Pinterest!

  418. 418
    Michelle says:

    I think it would be great for travel photography!

  419. 419
    Cristen says:

    The Ice Light would be incredibly useful for fashion photography as well as sports. It can give an edgy vibe to the photos. It would be great to be able to easily move and place the light where you need it quickly and seamlessly. These are awesome!

  420. 420
    Danielle Esplin says:

    Shared on facebook :)

  421. 421

    This would be amazing to use as a natural light photographer. I see many uses for it. Bridal portraits and newborns especially! Some day it’s a little cloudy here in FL and this would be the perfect tool to remedy that pre-post! This would give my pictures the edge I’ve been looking for without a lot of fake/harsh lighting.

  422. 422
  423. 423

    I also shared and tweeted this. :-)

  424. 424
    Amanda says:

    I would love to use it with my boudoir shooting. I got to talk to Jerry Ghionis and play with one at Imaging USA. I wanted to sneak away with it.

  425. 425
    Cathy Seaver says:

    I could have really used an Icelight last week while shooting a potter at his wheel. With the speedlights I was using, I could light up his face well, but had a hard time lighting the clay on the wheel. An Icelight would be perfect in this situation.

  426. 426

    I would use an ice light everywhere!! Would be great for weddings (low light first dance, evening shots, etc).

  427. 427

    This would be amazing to have for my portraits of athletes! Ack! I need this!

  428. 428
    John says:

    So many uses I could get creative with portraits with this

  429. 429

    shared on facebook :)

  430. 430
  431. 431
    Terry G Hathcock says:

    I would love to try this out on a night time portrait..

  432. 432
    Michelle says:

    It would be amazing for travel photography. It is easy to put in my camera bag and light up subjects while hiking and doing portrait photography.

  433. 433
  434. 434
    Mindi S says:

    Just getting ready to launch my business, so the lighting budget is extremely tight. But I can imagine all kinds of uses, from indoor low light photography too those dusky wedding portraits.

  435. 435
    Deborah S says:

    This light would be great for low light dramatic portraits. I would also use this for some macro work. I would love this.

  436. 436
    katy gray says:

    I would looove an Ice Light for wedding portraits of the bride and groom – such a great way to add drama!

  437. 437

    An IceLight would be a huge addition to my portrait and glamour photography. It’s an awesome tool, I’ve seen it in several video seminars already!

  438. 438
    Dana says:

    An Icelight would be a wonderful addition to my wedding and senior photography. I would use it to sculpt shadows and create fantastic lighting for my bridal sessions and seniors. It would create a fantastic catch light! I bet it would produce greatly for a pwl sessions that I love to do with my engagement photos.

  439. 439

    Great for portraits!!

  440. 440
    katy gray says:

    pinned on Pinterest

  441. 441
    Becky says:

    I LOVE the IceLight! I saw it first hand at WPPI in Atlantic City, and it has so many uses! I think it would be amazing on location to add that extra pop of light, or even indoors in low light situations. It is so portable!

  442. 442
  443. 443
    Deborah S says:

    I love this light. Great light for portraits and some macro work. Gotta have this!!

  444. 444

    I would use it for my favorit type of photography: lightpainting.
    It’d definifly help me to make better pictures!
    (And shared on facebook)

  445. 445

    I would use it for my favorit type of photography: lightpainting.
    It’d definifly help me to make better pictures!

  446. 446

    Started following you on G+.

  447. 447
    Jay McIntyre says:

    I’d love to win the ice light. It would definitely come in handy for on location shooting, when lugging gear can slow you down.

  448. 448
  449. 449
    Heather says:

    Ice Light would be wonderful to have for weddings!

  450. 450
    Luigi says:

    I am a big fan of strip lights, and this seems a great solution because of it versatility.

  451. 451

    New follower on pinterest.

  452. 452
    Becky says:

    I shared this on Facebook and Pinterest. I also followed MCP Actions on Pinterest. And I subscribed to the mailing list! Thanks!! :)

  453. 453
    ryandigweed says:

    I think i could use this for macro photography to really light the eyes of some bugs etc. :)

  454. 454
    kami says:

    I would love to use this while shooting weddings, I only use natural light and an extra pop of light would come in handy! It also might be fun to try light writing with it.

  455. 455
    DITA says:

    LOVE the ice light….I’m natural light but sometimes I just need that little BOOST in a tricky location…very cool!

  456. 456
    Deborah S says:

    I love love love this light. This would be great for low light portraits. Also good for macro work. I would really love this!!

  457. 457

    Joined the MCP facebook group!

  458. 458
    Amy Megia says:

    I think the light would be useful in portraits. it could provide nice side lighting

  459. 459
    Adam Kesner says:

    I’d love to win an ice light. It would be amazing for indoor portraits, especially on location. There are so many times I am someplace even with my own kid and don’t want to carry a ton of lighting equipment or stumble into a place I wasn’t planning while on a shoot. Something like the ice light gives me more flexibility and that is fantastic in the photo world!

  460. 460

    I follow you on Twitter!

  461. 461
    Deborah S says:

    Love this light!!

  462. 462

    Looks cool and useful! It would be great to have it with me all day long to always have the perfect light and good to make low light shots.

  463. 463

    I follow you on facebook.

  464. 464
    Lisa Hadley says:

    This would be perfect for dark hotel rooms when I shoot portrait and boudoir! Would love to experiment with this.


  465. 465
    Denise says:

    I pinned to pinterest…..

  466. 466

    I would love to use this at my weddings!! This new gadget is amazing!!

  467. 467
    Maureen Souza says:

    Now this looks like a great tool for my night photography!

  468. 468
    Deborah S says:

    love this light!!! Great for portrait work.

  469. 469
  470. 470
    Denise says:

    I use mostly with portraits

  471. 471
    gailllc says:

    This light sounds amazing! I would definitely appreciate it when I want to take just a handful of pictures for my blog, in my kitchen mostly. It’s a small kitchen and studio lights fill it up. And sometimes there’s no sunlight coming in my favorite window at, say, 1 a.m.

  472. 472

    This would be great for some wedding portraits at night! Or boudoir! Would love the chance to use it!

  473. 473
  474. 474
    Judy Goldman says:

    Oh how I would love to have one of these.

  475. 475
    Trevor Baird says:

    I love taking landscapes typically but have very photogenic daughters and love to try my hat at out door portraiture pictures of them but find lighting is tricky and have never been able to afford any sort of flash so would love something like this…it looks awesome!

  476. 476
    Hye K Kim says:

    Wow. Your pictures are amazing. I am a teacher and I love taking pictures of my students in action. Often I find myself with lighting issues because the auditorium and the chapel building has very dim lights. I would definitely be able to use this ice light in situations like those.

  477. 477
    Shannon W says:

    oh, I would love to give it a go on food shots and my kids. It might actually make them look towards the camera. ;)

  478. 478
  479. 479
    gailllc says:

    Shared the fb post about this!

  480. 480
  481. 481

    facebook and google plus too!

  482. 482
    Hye K Kim says:

    I am a subscriber on Facebook and a follower on Pinterest. :) Thanks always for such useful and helpful ideas and tips!

  483. 483
    gailllc says:

    Now following you on Pinterest! Thanks for the Extra Credit entries :)

  484. 484
  485. 485
    Tammy Long says:

    This looks amazing…I’m just starting out and this would be an awesome tool to have for my indoor senior sessions…Thank You for the opportunity to win one! GOOD LUCK everyone!!

  486. 486
    Tammy Long says:

    I shared on Facebook as well…

  487. 487
    Dianne says:

    I’ve seen these before and think it would be super handy for senior portraits. Looks like an amazing light. Would so love to win this.

  488. 488
    Trish Kern says:

    I think this light would be great for portraits and also the evenings shots at weddings.

  489. 489
    Brooke says:

    This would be an amazing addition to any photographers arsenal. It seems so versatile. I would love to use in my low-light on-location shoots where larger equipment doesn’t travel as well.

  490. 490

    would love to try a little light painting and in any situation my lighting capabilities can use improvement.

  491. 491
    Christine Bevilacqua says:

    This would be great for yoga studio shoots where the lighting is always uneven and unpredictable from studio to studio. Thanks for offering this give-away!! =)

  492. 492
  493. 493
    Peaches says:

    I think it would help a lot for me for portraits and artistic ventures
    Might even be good to try with my pet portraits

    Thank you for running this sweepstakes!
    Good Luck to all!!!

  494. 494

    I want this SO badly. I heard about this through a photographer I really admire and I have been dying for it ever since. I would love to win this and it would really help with my portraits – as I am looking to expand my headshot business!

  495. 495
    Brooke says:

    I also shared on FB, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+

  496. 496

    These lights are amazing! They would be a perfect addition to indoor bridal portraits in low light or creative senior sessions.

  497. 497
    gailllc says:

    Street photograpy, all the way!

  498. 498

    I would love to see this with some of the photos I am taking. I am into the automotive and Drag racing photography. I would love to see what this light can do with trying out some of the new styles we are after. Thanks

  499. 499
    meire torres says:

    I would like to use it for portrait
    pinned it in pinterest
    and shared it on facebook

  500. 500
    bobbie clark says:

    This is an amazing product and will be very helpful in portraits for brides, couples and even family shoots. I would love to have this..I am sharing all on all my social media outlets!

  501. 501
    Kashia Vice says:

    This would definitely be useful when doing indoor sessions. There is very little natural light in the indoor locations that I shoot in, so this would be perfect! I don’t have any ocf gear, so having something like this would really broaden my options in terms of being creative with lighting.

  502. 502
    Terri says:

    Shadowed a photographer who used one of these. It made a wonderful difference. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  503. 503
    Catherine Halvorson says:

    The Ice Light would be beautiful as just a pop of light for portraits in shade to add a twinkle to the eyes; highlights on the face….

  504. 504
    Petrina says:

    Amazing light! At WPPI, I saw a beautiful portrait taken with an ICE Light and an iPhone! This would be a good addition for portraits.

  505. 505
    Amber O'Dell says:

    This would add the perfect touch to my boudoir sessions. Just a little highlighting can mean a world of difference to catch a great expression or angle in boudoir :)

  506. 506
    silvia w says:

    Would love to use the ice light for indoor session with newborns and parents!

  507. 507
    Steve Jeffreys says:

    I take a lot of macro pictures and it would be excellent to have a continuous light source when the light has gone – it would open up a whole new area of subjects. Please chose me!

  508. 508
    Petrina says:

    Amazing light. I saw a portrait done with an ICE light and an iPhone at WPPI….would love to add it to my portable lights for portraits!

  509. 509
  510. 510

    My previous comment has lost so I should repeat that it not just looks cool and useful but would be awesome to have it all day long. Would be great to low light shots and on-location portrait shootings. :)

  511. 511
    Melissa says:

    I would love to try it for my family portrait. I did not seemed them for a long period of time. I want to take a nice picture of all together.

  512. 512

    I have wanted an ice light for some time now, but as you mentioned, it is pricey. I would use the ice light in low light situations where my ISO is 800 or higher, to give controlled directional light for shaping shadows. It would be so helpful in wedding portraits, senior portraits, or anywhere indoors (or in a car, an elevator, a phone booth like Jerry’s famous pix) where I needed portability for creating dramatic, artistic images. I am a huge fan of Jerry Ghionis and I study anything I can find on him on the web (hoping to join the ICE Society someday). The ice light allows him, and would allow me, to shape and control light like Cliff Mautner whose saying is “Shadow is my camera. Light is my paint.” The ice light should be a tool in every wedding and senior photographer’s tool bag. Thanks,Jodi for offering this contest. I’m crossing my fingers and toes and earlobes….

  513. 513

    Tweeted it, shared it and signed up.. :)

  514. 514
  515. 515
    gailllc says:

    This would be great for photo journalism. We tend to be natural light only…but there are times you want something more on the dark streets. Here is a shot from above Lewiston, Idaho at night. My videographer in the foreground could use a spot of light. I had no intention of shooting this…and flash is hard to meter for in a split second.

  516. 516
    claudia says:

    Wow, I’d not heard of this light before but there’s been many times this would have come in handy for my portrait photography! (Tight locations with poor lighting, or even to fill in shadows in harsh, contrasty lighting conditions!) I could even use this as a fill light when shooting architecture or products too. :)

  517. 517
    Tammy Noble says:

    This is excellent! I think this light is so versatile, it could be used in any number of photography sessions! At night, to illuminate silhouettes; spot highlighting… anywhere a lite, portable light can be thought of! I’d LOVE to win this!! Pinned & tweeted! ;)

  518. 518
    Erwin says:

    I would totally use this during one of our weddings where natural light is lacking… which seems to be always whenever we go into a bridal or groom prep room in a hotel. And of course add it to the repertoire during portrait time after the sun sets.

  519. 519
    Shannah Y says:

    Would love to use this for weddings and portraits!!!

  520. 520
    Paula Fahey says:


  521. 521
    Jody Strang says:

    Wow….fantastic light! Would be so handy for those low light situations and for on the go shoots.

  522. 522
  523. 523
    Matthew Crabtree says:

    As an outdoor potriature photographer. This would give that pop that my photos need. This Ice Light would be great to have in my collection.

  524. 524
    James Sword says:

    I travel light and occasionally like to shoot a picture without much notice and I am not a big fan of strobes and usually use natural light. This might be a big help without a lot to have to carry along.

  525. 525

    I would LOVE to try one of these in tight spaces when I’m low on time…like weddings! How fun!

  526. 526
    Kevin R says:

    Would love to win one of these!!

  527. 527
    Ken says:

    Great backlight for Boudoir photography.

  528. 528
    Cora T. says:

    Pinned it☺
    I would love to venture out to events and this would truly help with that.

  529. 529
  530. 530
    Suzanne Baumruk says:

    This looks awesome for those times you just need a little more light, but don’t want to mess with setting up a big external flash. It’s so small and portable that you can take it anywhere!

  531. 531
  532. 532
    Adrienne says:

    Jodi, I’m mainly a natural light photographer of kids, families and high school seniors. I have been wanting one of these since I first saw Roberto Venezuela use one last year on Creative LIVE. I think it would be a terrific tool for on-location fill light.

  533. 533
    Peaches says:

    pinned it, shared FB, posted to G+, tweeted

  534. 534
    Maggie Magee Molino says:

    I would love to own an Ice Light. It really looks incredible! I do think I will have to check this out.

  535. 535
  536. 536
    Teresa Woods says:

    My studio is very small and dark, and a majority of my subjects are kids. I have my main light, which is a 4’ octagon that takes up a lot of space in the corner of the room. The octagon stays in the corner regardless of what I’m photographing, and is used to fill the whole room full of light. For babies I use the octagon as fill, and an additional 2×3 soft box close to the baby as the main light. With limited space, this setup works pretty well. If I had the ice light I could replace the octagon, and free up a lot of space!

  537. 537
  538. 538

    I would use it for my wedding photography. It seems like it would be much easier than putting up a light stand, and it easier to use!

  539. 539
  540. 540
    Denise Neesie says:

    I could use this for my Wedding Portraits…Just startingout would be a great tool….I already subscribe by email…I checked out the ice light looks great…I pinned, Tweeted, shared of FB…Shared on Google+and left a comment

  541. 541

    Pinned to pinterest and shared on my FB wall.

  542. 542
  543. 543
    Tonya says:

    I also shoot only with natural light but could see how this could enhance in some situations I find myself in.

  544. 544

    I know what the Ice Light can do with portraits but I want to rock it in my Real Estate Photography!

  545. 545
    RaeAnne S. Meaders says:

    So exciting you’re giving away an ICELIGHT!! I think it would be perfect for my portrait and bridal work, to add an artistic flare. I’ve also wanted to try an Ice Light in newborn photography because I haven’t found a light set-up I’m happy with yet, and I feel the Ice Light could give me the look I envision!

  546. 546

    I believe the Ice Light would be a great tool to have in making environmental portraits. Adding a light on top of ambient allows for a greater control of the exposure.

  547. 547
    Katie Wagner says:

    I would like to use the Ice Light to take indoor photos of my kids since I don’t have fancy studio lights.

  548. 548
    RaeAnne S. Meaders says:

    I SHARED it on Facebook!

  549. 549
    Kari says:

    I love the sample photos you added at the end where it was used. I see it being very useful for detail lighting, and also for adding in light in outdoor shots. That’s most likely how I would use it at first but I can totally see myself experimenting with it in all sorts of ways :) Cool product!

  550. 550
  551. 551
    carole brown says:

    I would love the ice light!!! I would like to use it to be really creative like jerry was in his video… stunning pictures!!!

  552. 552
    Kari says:

    Shared on Facebook!! :)

  553. 553
    Christel says:

    I think the Ice Light would be a godsend for the low light at the Anime and other fan conventions that I attend. I’m not a huge fan of flashes, and the constant light from this would be wonderful!

  554. 554
    Christel says:

    I’ve posted to Pintrest and Google+ :)

  555. 555
    Katie Wagner says:

    I pinned it and shared to facebook :) Already on the mailing list and follow board on Pinterest.

  556. 556
    Christel says:

    I’ve also posted to Twitter and Facebook :)

  557. 557
    Leslie Bowen says:

    It would come in hand or wedding/night time photography,hope I win!

  558. 558
    Christel says:

    And I just sent a request to join the Facebook group. I don’t know how I didn’t know about it before!

  559. 559
    amber flynn says:

    I think this would help in my wedding photography! When ocf just won’t do.. :)

  560. 560
    Elizabeth Graham says:

    I would love the ice light to create dramatic wedding portraits.

  561. 561
    Gabriel Mora says:

    I’ve seen the ICE light in action and it’s amazing! Phenomenal! Would love to have one (at least) as part of my arsenal… the images are stunning as result of a more controlled/softer light source (not to mention that in low light situations helps the camera focusing as well)

  562. 562
    Erin Moffett says:

    I would use it with wedding photography for bridal portraits and groom portraits….dramatic, etc. It would be AMAZING!

  563. 563
    amber flynn says:

    I shared via facebook and twitter!

  564. 564

    I’d love to win an Ice Light! It looks like it’s the ultimate in portability and flexability. Way cool! Perfect support for personal portraits.

  565. 565
    Tom says:

    I’ve wanted one of these since I first heard of them. I’ve used them (someone else’s) on a couple of shoots and they work amazing!

  566. 566
    Christel says:

    I’ve also sent a request to join the Facebook group. I don’t know how I didn’t know about it before!

  567. 567
  568. 568
    amber flynn says:

    I am apart of your mailing list here on your blog :)

  569. 569
    Elizabeth Graham says:

    I am on your mailing list

  570. 570
    Elizabeth Graham says:

    I shared on Facebook

  571. 571
    Michelle White says:

    The Ice Light looks like a wonderful light to bring with me on newborn shoots. Working in the parent’s home, I never know what to expect when it comes to available lighting and this would be a perfect solution!

  572. 572

    …and joined you and shared on Google+. Thanks, Jodi!

  573. 573
    Ruth Alvarez says:

    I’ve been eyeing this lightsource forever! I will be sharing this on my facebook page and crossing my fingers that I win! Thanks!

  574. 574
    Shai says:

    I’ve begun doing portraits outside. It’s time to bring it Inside!

  575. 575
    Rachael K says:

    Would love this for a quick OCF in my dark house, or for some fill outside.

  576. 576
    Jeffrey says:

    This light is great for everything!!! for a nude, wedding, portrait, surrealist photo! you can experiment with this and you bring to all the places! can help for architecture, food and beverage, product, still life! is wonderful!!!

  577. 577

    The Ice Light would help me perfectly when I have to move my portable studio to a low light area, but do not have the space to set up a full studio with 4 lights and a hair light. From the examples, it looks compact as well as bright. It would be very convenient for me when moving(which I do a lot of outside photography and run into areas I can not set up a light for lack of power cords)

  578. 578

    Shared on facebook and tweeted :) I would love to use this outdoors to fill in shadows in the face or add a catch light in the eyes in shaded areas outdoors. Looks like it would be nice to have for detail shots in a dark room at weddings, like the cake and such :) I would LOVE to win and start playing with :)

  579. 579
    Lee Ann Morgan says:

    I would love to use this for boudoir and would make for very dramatic bridal portraits!

  580. 580
    Rachael K says:

    Shared on Facebook.

  581. 581
    Crystal G says:

    I checked out the Ice Light. It would make a very convenient portable light source when you need one!

  582. 582
    Lee Ann Morgan says:

    Pinned, tweeted and shared on Facebook!

  583. 583

    I’ve been wanting one of these. I can build it if necessary, but winning one would be better. :-)

  584. 584
    Gerald Vance says:

    WOW..lovin the ICE light. I operate a small studio and it would be a very versatile addition to my lighting setup.

  585. 585

    I have added you on my facebook and facebook group

    The Ice Light would also as I said help me with travel. When I travel to locations(usually the woods or even an art like part), some of the best places are extremely dark. It would help if I can light the place by holding a light long enough to take a picture. Usually these areas have no power source and unfortunately my lights are power cord based. It would be perfectly convenient to have one with me.

  586. 586
    Nichole Jensen says:

    The ice light would be perfect for me to use with my moody lighting portraits I have been working on with my kids. I presently don’t have a great light source.

  587. 587
  588. 588

    to add a soft angle of light in portraits, its not as harsh as speedlights,
    & allows glass to be lit up without a blinding reflection .

  589. 589

    to add a soft angle of light in portraits, its not as harsh as speedlights,
    & allows glass to be lit up without a blinding reflection .

  590. 590

    I have also shared your contest.

    The Ice Light is very light weight and since I am up and moving with my photography most of the time whether in a portable studio, a low light event, or to a darker area of the woods, it would be perfect to take with me. Instead of having to set up a stand and light for one shot they want in a small corner, I can pull out the ice light and take the shot. I currently go to school for photography and it would help me take amazing pieces in low light areas.

  591. 591
    Rachael K says:

    Pinned it, too.

  592. 592

    I think this light source would be useful backlighting indoor scenes and weddings. I’d love one!

  593. 593
    Deborah S says:

    Would love to use this for portraits especially in low light.
    I also pinned this.

  594. 594
    Keyton says:

    My photography is going to a whole new level if I were to win this. I do a lol of portrait work and weddings. This would be perfect.

  595. 595

    awesome ligthing for green rooms photographing bands!

  596. 596
  597. 597

    This would be perfect for seniors.

  598. 598
    James Sword says:

    Shared on facebook.

  599. 599
    Nichole Jensen says:

    I shared on Facebook

  600. 600
    Saykana Briana Temples says:

    I would love to use this on portraits and close up shots. The even spill of the light is fantastic!

  601. 601
    Sherri says:

    I can’t think of anytime that it wouldn’t be good to have it on hand to use….I had recently rented for a wedding and was amazed at how handy and durable it is.

  602. 602
    Nichole says:

    I am now following you on Pinterest!

  603. 603
    Alan Panas says:

    The portability of this product makes it an incredible asset to any location shoot, especially at Cons and events.

  604. 604
    Cheri Taluzek says:

    I think the ice light looks awesome – and I would love to work with one when photographing my kiddos who move in and out of the light at every moment.

  605. 605
    Matt Law says:

    I’ve been eyeing these lights for a while. I’d love to try them out for headshots and environmental portraits.

  606. 606
    Angie Minshall says:

    It would be WONDERFUL for weddings and portraits! And pretty much any other shoots!

  607. 607

    I would use this mostly for portraits… both senior and wedding portraits. I love the fact that this light is rechargeable! I shoot most of my portraits outside and sometimes a light would add a wonderful touch!!

  608. 608
    Angie Minshall says:

    Pinned ya!!! :)

  609. 609

    Could be very handy for unique portraits on location.

  610. 610
  611. 611

    Would love to use it for portraits and infant photography. I saw Jerry at a conference and he was telling us all about it… they look really cool!

  612. 612
    Heather says:

    This would be a cool tool to use for senior shoots.

  613. 613
    Nicole says:

    Would love to try this for indoor portraits for babies and weddings.

  614. 614

    I’m a natural light photographer and I have been wanting one since I first saw Roberto Venezuela them on Creative LIVE. It would be an awesome portable fill light for my shoots.

  615. 615
    Priscilla says:

    This would be so wonderful for indoor shoots like infant & boudoir. However the first thing that comes to my mind is sunset shoots at the beach. I’m constant asked for this popular photo shoot location because I live in Hawaii. This would help me to capture all the beautiful colors from the sunsets but also have a better lighted subject.

    Pinned and subscribed!!

  616. 616
    Angie Minshall says:

    I’m now following you on Google+. I’ve been following you everywhere else for quite some time.

  617. 617

    This light would be perfect for a touch of drama indoor and out. I could also picture using it to help balance out an unevenly lit backdrop if in a pinch. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE one of these.

  618. 618

    It would definitely be a handy tool for outdoor portraits or any other outdoor photography. It would also give my daughter something to do while I was taking photos, she could hold it for me or pretend she was in star wars!

  619. 619
    Michelle White says:

    I just shared this on Facebook. Fingers crossed!

  620. 620

    Pinned it, followed on twitter, g+ and facebook

  621. 621
    David Moriya says:

    it would be really helpful in lighting those dark times when you’re outside and you have only a few seconds to take the photo. Something like a night graduation. I’ve had so many problems lighting those and Flash bulbs are not my favorite when on the go and I have nothing to bounce it off of. Other than that, I love natural lighting and a reflector as a setup, but I can’t’ do that at night.

  622. 622
    Kimberly says:

    I think it could work in Urban Photography as well. Its pretty cool for when you want to take images with low light and just want to add that extra volume to your images. Great Product!

  623. 623
    Matt Law says:

    I’ve had my eye on these for a while now. Would love to try them for portraits.

  624. 624
    Matt Law says:

    Posted to Facebook and Twitter

  625. 625
    Kimberly says:

    The Ice Light would be ideal for a small garage studio (like mine) and would provide an excellent alternative for large and cumbersome strobes. I currently have a very small studio space and I have to be very creative in finding a way to squeeze myself, a model, a backdrop, props, and my extra-large softbox/grid into this area. It’s also very inconvenient for me to lug my lighting equipment and find a power source for on-location shoots. For someone like me, with boundless vision but restricted space, the Ice Light would allow more freedom in studio and on-the-go.

  626. 626
    Jennifer Raff says:

    I would definitely use this for portraits both indoors and out. Looks amazing! pInned it too!

  627. 627
    Jenn A.F. says:

    I would love to use this for my portrait work. I’m constantly trying out new lights for artful effects.

  628. 628
    Amy H says:

    I think this light would be very useful for portraits, especially when you’re starting to lose daylight. I’d love to try it out!

  629. 629
    Tracy says:

    I want one!! This would be a very fun and useful tool to use for getting dramatic wedding photos! A portable light that is easy to use would make my job so much easier! I am also a garden photographer and I would love experimenting with this light for plant portraits!!

  630. 630
    Jenny G says:

    Oooo, I’ve wanted one of these! I am a natural light photographer, but have been in situations where this would have been a dream come true! Like a newborn shoot on a SUPER cloudy day. Yes please!

  631. 631
    Amy H says:

    Shared & pinned!

  632. 632
    Megan says:

    WOW! I love this product! I would definitely want to experiment with it outdoors and indoors. I love shooting kids, seniors with a fashion edge and I think it would work both categories beautifully. I do agree that it might distract the little kids. I think this is such an awesome light!!!

  633. 633
    Kimberly says:

    Did I mention the Ice Light would be an invaluable addition to a small garage studio LIKE MINE?Seriously, I’ve had to shoot while straddling the back of my husband’s motorcycle because I have so little space? Good luck to all, but please God let me win! :-D

  634. 634

    I’d use it on everything :) Love the look it gives

  635. 635
    Kayla says:

    I think this would come in helpful in any indoor shoot. I only photograph in natural light so this could be used on an overcast day for a burst of light. Would love one of these!

  636. 636

    I would love to win this! I think it could really help take my senior pics to a new level. Thanks for the opportunity!

  637. 637

    This is my second comment for an extra entry! :) now to share this post.

  638. 638

    Added you to my G+ and +1’d the post

  639. 639
    Chelse says:

    Indoor wedding photography, to help in the dark churchea! And for EVERYTHING!

  640. 640
    Kristi says:

    I saw how Roberto Valenzuela used it and fell in love almost the very second! This is so great to carry along to any portrait shoot!

  641. 641

    I would love to have one or two of these for headshots, either in studio or on location!

  642. 642

    I just posted to FB, Twitter, G+ and Pinterest! Crossing my fingers and toes.

  643. 643
    Kristi says:

    Shared on facebook!

  644. 644
    Stirling says:

    This would be PERFECT for overcast days, and for those evening shoots that last just a liiiittle too long after the sun goes down.
    Living in Florida gives us the most horrible unexpected weather changes at the drop of a hat, so this would be something perfect to grab from my car when the clouds get too overwhelming!

  645. 645
    LaVonne says:

    Would LOVE to win one of these!!!

  646. 646
    LaVonne says:

    Shared on Facebook for a second entry!

  647. 647
    Teresa Woods says:

    I have joined the FB Group.

  648. 648
    Stirling says:

    I had no idea there was an MCP Pinterest! Just followed it!

  649. 649
    LaVonne says:

    Also Pinned on my Pinterest page for an entry!
    THis would be so awesome to add to my shooting gear!

  650. 650
  651. 651
    Teresa Woods says:

    I just joined your mailing list! Looking forward to keeping up with MCP!

  652. 652
  653. 653
    kathy pilato says:

    I think directional photography would be a great use for this product! food photography would be fun.

  654. 654
    Brad says:

    I need this light for wedding and portrait photography. It would create the right kind of soft light and, subsequently, shadows on faces. I like that I can hang it from a light stand and adjust the brightness. Plus, it would fit in my camera bag.

  655. 655
    der Harry says:

    I would like to use it on lokation in Bars / Pubs. Great light!!!

  656. 656
    Teresa Blades says:

    Would love to use it for artistic head shots.

  657. 657
    Maui Up Close says:

    I do macro photography and love doing out doors. However, the slightest bit of breeze ruins my shot. I would LOVE to use something like this indoor. You outta see my set up…Norman Rockwell would have done a whole series on me and my ridiculous ‘studio’! This looks like something I NEED and WILL USE!!!

  658. 658
    Deanna says:

    This looks really cool! A great way to get started with artificial light. I think this we be great for all kinds of portraits.

  659. 659
    Ellen says:

    I think this would come in handy for portraits and possibly some wedding day details. Very (ice) cool!

  660. 660
    CM Barber says:

    What an incredible tool! I like the ease of use and portability. I believe I’d use it for a little fill in outdoor portrait shots, perhaps as an assist in low-light or uneven lighting situations as well.

  661. 661
    Debbie Borato says:

    Read about this a while ago. Love to have one.

  662. 662
    Adriana Janky says:

    I’d use this as a portable indoor studio in place of the bulky studio lights. This is pretty awesome!

  663. 663
    CM Barber says:

    Just shared on Facebook – this is would be a great addition to any camera bag!

  664. 664
    EveJo says:

    It would be great for my indoor portraits. Absolutely love this!

  665. 665

    I would love this for a little fill when I need it on outdoor portrait shoots and for some nice natural light indoors or low light situations at weddings. It would be perfect for me, and I like the idea of it better than using speedlights!!

  666. 666
  667. 667
  668. 668
    Corey Bryson says:

    I would love this. I would use it all the time. It would be perfect for those times when you just need an extra kick of light.

  669. 669
    Sebastian says:

    Definitely good for portraiture. It would be even better for video though, as I don’t have any good continuous lighting.

  670. 670
    Abbey Benson says:

    I would love this because I could take it with me to newborn shoots out of studio. I’m not always sure about my lighting situation until I get there and this would be perfect to supliment for poor lighting.

  671. 671
    Sebastian says:

    Shared it on Facebook!

  672. 672
    EveJo says:

    Shared on my own FB page!

  673. 673

    I would love to win this! IT would be great for seniors!

  674. 674
    Leslie says:

    Def could use this!! I’d like to see how well it works as a fill light.

  675. 675
    Angela Agnew says:

    Would love love to try this!

  676. 676
    RobinJan says:

    My sister always wants me to photograph her bakery treats but it’s always when there is little light and no space for other lighting setups. This would be perfect!

  677. 677
    Leslie says:

    Pinned!Already a long time FB, Mailing List and MCP member!

  678. 678
    Marc Espina says:

    I saw the creativelive episode with Roberto Valenzuela and I really wanted to get an ice light. I think that it will make a great, light-weight supplement to any on-location photographer’s arsenal.

  679. 679
    Crystal G says:

    Hello, joined MCP group on FB so glad I did! Thanks for the giveaway!

  680. 680
    Marc Espina says:

    G+ and Facebook shared.

  681. 681
    Conan says:

    My wife and I are primarily wedding and portrait photographers, so there are infinite uses for the Ice Light. It would be most awesome to get our hands on one of these versatile lights : )

  682. 682

    I follow you on Fb and on G+ now!

  683. 683
  684. 684
    Cyiara M says:

    I saw one of these a while back and would love to have one. Far more portable and manageable than some of the other lighting options out there. Thanks for the opportunity!

  685. 685

    I think this would be awesome for portrait sessions! I’m mostly a natural light photographer, but I’d love to have this to get some more interesting shots at the next wedding I do!

  686. 686
  687. 687
    Dawn B says:

    This would be great for portraits in low light or night time.

  688. 688
  689. 689
    Dawn B says:

    I shared on facebook

  690. 690
  691. 691
    Tract W says:

    Pick Me!! This would be great for dramatic wedding photos! Love its portability and looks pretty easy to use! I also photograph gardens and would have a blast experiment with this while taking plant portraits. Oh and light painting would be fun too!

  692. 692

    Pinned! Love the ice light.

  693. 693

    I would use this in portrait or wedding photography. Would add that extra something special!

  694. 694
    Stephanie says:

    Facebooked it, pinned it, googled it, tweeted it Hope I can win this amazing product =)

  695. 695
    Beth Adams says:

    I suspect this item would be handy for fill light when working with the animals I photograph. They are usually terrified of flash or strobes, so this might do the trick very nicely!

  696. 696
  697. 697
    Jodi Wilson says:

    What a genius invention!

  698. 698
    RaChelle Squibb says:

    I would LOVE an Ice Light! I’ve wanted one for a while now to use at weddings. They are SO cool!

  699. 699
    Norm Chiu says:

    I’d use it for portrait work, the type of catch light could be a very romantic look, really nice for head shots.

  700. 700
    Colleen S. says:

    I could see this being useful for senior pictures for sure. I also think it would work great with animals.

  701. 701
  702. 702
    Wendie says:

    This will work any type of photography! I would love to see it work with newborns and high school seniors!!

  703. 703

    What an awesome give-a-way! There are endless possibilities with an IceLight at a wedding. I can only begin to imagine what can be created.

  704. 704
    Katie Hargis says:

    Shared on FB, Shared on Google+, and have Pinned!

  705. 705
  706. 706

    I would love to have an Ice Light for indoor dark wedding receptions. It would be great to easily pull out and create some drama.

  707. 707

    Tweeted about it! Thanks!

  708. 708
    sugar says:

    At first glance, I thought I’d want one for on-the-road food photos (in restaurants/bars) but after checking out the Amazon page for the light, I realized it’s much bigger than I thought – 24 in. So, given that, I would use it to create a little food photography studio in our living room (where there’s zero space) since it seems powerful enough that I could kill the regular lights (tungstens) and just use the Ice Light to light the food. I’m compelled to do a lot of my recipe photography at night (after work) and the lighting is so awful. I’ve thought about getting a studio light, but they’re so huge! This would be a great solution. Thanks for offering the giveaway!

  709. 709
  710. 710
    Darlene Cates says:

    Perfect for some extra light on evening senior sessions. Pinned!

  711. 711
    sugar says:

    Tweeted! (via @sugarandshake)

  712. 712
    Cynthia says:

    I’d love to use this for portraits indoors (weddings, seniors, etc)!

  713. 713
    Elena says:

    I would love to use this for some edgy portraits.

  714. 714
    Debbie Sneed says:

    I also saw the ice light at WPPI and it would be great for seniors, or couples in low light situations. Would love to own it!

  715. 715
    Debbie Sneed says:

    Just pinned too!!

  716. 716
    elena says:

    I pinned it. Would so love to win this and add to my studio lighting.

  717. 717
    Elena says:

    I already joined the group. This is for another entry for the icelight.

  718. 718
    Jessica says:

    I would love an ice light- in fact its on my wish list!!

    I would love to have this for my wedding photography- as most weddings are not during the perfect lighting during the whole ceremony/portraits/dancing/cake cutting— and I LOVE the glow that this light gives off.. bonus it looks like a light saber! :)

  719. 719
  720. 720
    Lenka says:

    I have been wanting Ice Light for a while, I think it has sooo many uses – portrait, baby photos … anywhere you need a bit of extra light, would be a great addition to my photo gear. Love it!!!

  721. 721
    Kristi says:

    Would love for portraits!!

  722. 722
    Kristi says:

    Pinned it, tweeted it, shared on Facebook! What an awesome product!

  723. 723
    Lisa Fischer says:

    So many uses, however this would be awesome for sport’s photography! Would love one!

  724. 724
    Cretia says:

    Awesome! I would use outdoors in shady areas…indoor lowlight situations, too!

  725. 725
    Carole says:

    I think this would be a dream to use during a wedding for some really dramatic bride/groom formal shots. What an excellent giveaway!

  726. 726
    Carole says:

    Shared it on FB!

  727. 727
    Debbi Nelson says:

    OMG–portraits! I photograph a lot of children as well as adults. I love natural light but sometimes it’s not enough> How can I shoot sizzling hot photos without an Ice Light? Now that I have seen I can’t live without it.

  728. 728

    I would absolutely love to use this at weddings and gown shoots! It’s the perfect light for low light situations!

  729. 729
  730. 730
    Katie says:

    I would use it for my portrait, boudoir and especially my wedding photography. I’ve seen ice lights used by many other professional photographers and think they are da bomb diggity!

  731. 731
    Tami says:

    This would be fun for my weddings!! how cool if I would win. I love your stuff and advice thanks for doing all you do!

  732. 732
    Mark Brooks says:

    I have tweeted it, facebooked it and google plussed it!

  733. 733
    KathyP says:

    Would love this for head shots and so easy to carry around, love the results.

  734. 734

    This is the first I’ve seen of this, looks awesome, would love to have it for my in studio sessions and take it outdoors with me also.

  735. 735
    Jennifer says:

    I would love to add this to my bag for weddings!

  736. 736
    Jennifer says:

    I follow you on Pinterest!

  737. 737
    Annette Scholtz says:

    It looks great – would love to add it my indoor baby and family shoots.

  738. 738
  739. 739

    I am just getting started in photography, trying to get my business moving. The Ice Light would help me create better images and make me stand out from others!

  740. 740

    Tweeeted it too! Hope I win!

  741. 741

    Followed on Twitter!!

  742. 742
    Paul Brace says:

    Awesome… light saber to cut your way through the jungle then and ultra portable fill light to to take the ultimate shot of the tigers jaws wide open. Hope NatGeo publishes the final pic. Seriously looks like a sensation design. Would be fun to find all the ways to use it.

  743. 743
    Kim Young says:

    I think this would be great for macro photography!! I got to see one at WPPI and it was awesome!

  744. 744
    Dave Reed says:

    An ICE LIGHT would be a great addition to use on my senior photo shoots.

  745. 745
    Mary says:

    I think this would be best for low light situations when you want a natural glow when photographing families and I think I would get better images since it would give that natural glow.

  746. 746
    Rob Krueger says:

    I want to win so bad!!! this thing is awesome and I love Jerry Ghionis’ work!

  747. 747
    Melissa says:

    I would love to have in ice light to help with indoor photos of day to day. And I can just imagine how great it would be for fill light outside.

  748. 748
    Melissa says:

    Pinned it!

  749. 749
    Melissa says:

    Shared it!

  750. 750
    Melissa says:

    I’m a subscriber!

  751. 751
    Mackenzie says:

    I would love to use this for portraits. Thanks!

  752. 752

    “In what type of photography do you think the Ice Light would be most useful and how could it help you get better images?”

    I’m certain the Ice Light would be perfect in a pinch for outdoor available light photography, with all manner of models. Having a daylight balanced (between 5200-5500 Kelvin) light source would certainly be useful in brightening the shadows during low-light shoots outdoors. The Ice Light would also find itself at home in a food bloggers photography arsenal, especially when it’s inconvenient to setup a full lighting rig with softboxes etc.

    In my case, this would be a great help for after work portrait and foodie shoots (I have a 9-5 day job) where most of the lighting available has that orange or yellow cast to it.

  753. 753

    I shoot boudoir and would LOVE an Ice Light! ;-) Thanks for always supplying the good giveaways Jodi!

  754. 754

    I love the ice light! I have one already and would love to have a second one. It is a very handy light to have when you don’t have enough light for indoor natural light studios or night shooting or even just to add some flair to a picture.

  755. 755
    Whitney says:

    This light is awesome! I would take it everywhere (weddings, on location shoots, headshots, commercial shoots, newborns, etc.) It would be awesome to use in addition to strobes just to add cool catch lights. It would definitely help in newborn portrait situations by preventing startling flashes of light and adding control and speed. I would name it, and hold it, and pet it!!!!!!!!!!!! Please pick me! I cant afford $500 ducats to purchase it! Hahaha. Thanks for all you do!

  756. 756

    Shared on Facebook and Tweeted here < now crossing my fingers and toes!

  757. 757
    Sarah says:

    I think the ice light would come on very handy with on location photography. I’d love to use it with my senior portraits!

  758. 758
    Sarah Torres says:


  759. 759
    Sarah Torres says:


  760. 760
    Jim Elliott says:

    Plus + it, Pinned it, tweeted it, liked it! Nice product. Kudos to another great contest!

  761. 761
    Jen Casper says:

    I would love to use it for product photography. Natural light usually looks best when photographing my creations. I would also like to experiment with it using my macro lens. It would be compact enough to take on hikes and such.

  762. 762
    Jen Casper says:

    Joined on pinterest

  763. 763
  764. 764
    Brenda J says:

    I would love to add an icelight to my list of lighting options!

  765. 765
    Your name says:

    I am a family and child photographer – I would LOVE to have this handy during a newborn session when I’m lacking natural light! It would also be extremely handy to have on location or when I’m doing portraits! This would definitely be such a useful tool for me!!

  766. 766
    Ramona P says:

    It would be great for weddings when you need a little more light for those indoor bride/mother images.
    Or for the high school seniors when you want that extra boost of drama with lighting!
    Or maybe even for a newborn image to highlight those tiny feet.

  767. 767
    Melisa says:

    Just shared it to facebook!

  768. 768
    Melisa says:

    Just shared this on Google+

  769. 769

    Love this, would really work great I portraits. Pinned it.

  770. 770
    Daphne says:

    Weddings! Especially when the bride is getting ready. (There is always some commotion going on and not having to set up lighting would help.)

    Also would be great for outdoor portraits in the shade. I live in the West and it can get real hot so, the shade of a grand old oak tree helps but, natural light can be too dark under the tree canopy and using the flash is too harsh.

  771. 771
    Amber says:

    Honestly, I have no idea what type of photography that would be best for, but I would certainly love to experiment with it!

  772. 772
    Annie says:

    As a NILMDTS photographer this would be a life saver in small dark hospital rooms!

  773. 773
    Katie Hargis says:

    I think that this would be perfect for newborn photography! You could then be more flexible as to where you take the little one’s picture in their home and you are not just limited to your set-up area near a window. You could have great light in their nursery, in mom and dad’s bed, on the couch with the family, etc. I love it; what a great product! If I win it, I may have to start wearing two breaded buns on each side of my head for photo shoots. :)

  774. 774
    Michael says:

    I would like to use one when doing portraits of the grand kids.

  775. 775
    Donna says:

    The ice light would be great for doing studio macro flower photography or outside also to add light where needed. Might also be useful for light painting!

  776. 776
  777. 777
    Jimmy Arcade says:

    The Ice Light would be most useful in studio portrait photography, but I could also see uses for filling in shadows in outdoor lighting scenarios. For me personally, I mostly enjoy outdoor portrait session and it would really help me in lighting from underneath, so as to remove the harsh shadows under the nose, chin, and jaw line, as well as the upper part of the eyes. And then, of course, I would use it as a light-saber with my friend’s kids…just kidding.

  778. 778
    Jimmy Arcade says:

    I tweeted about the contest and shared through a pin on Pinterest.

  779. 779
    Jimmy Arcade says:

    I was already a subscriber through every social media outlet, with the exception of Google+. Now, I am following on Google+, as well!

  780. 780

    This is such a wonderful tool. Currently my lighting is non existing. I have used flashlights and speedlights. Since most of my clients are done on location portable lighting is important. The Ice light is super portable and the lumens are out of this world!

  781. 781
    Holly Allred says:

    I’d love to try it out in my newborn photography when I need a little extra light. I could see where it would come in really handy on details in a wedding or in car shots for the getaway photos. This would be an awesome new tool to add in my bag!

  782. 782
    Erik says:

    This would be great at fashion photography

  783. 783
  784. 784
  785. 785
  786. 786

    Totally cool! I would like to use it for those instances when I am indoors and just do not have enough natural light, and also for weddings :)

  787. 787
    Crystal says:

    The first time I saw the Ice Light was when Bambi Cantrell use it to augment Studio and Natural Light on Creative Live a couple of months ago. I have wanted one ever since unfortunately other things are priority.

    I typically shoot natural light and I think it would be a great portable fill light. Reflectors catch the wind and can be difficult on location this solves the issue.


  788. 788
    Shannon says:

    Wow! I could use this for so many sessions. Love that it is rechargeable!

  789. 789
    Sylvie Doucet says:

    This light would be perfect for my needs as I travel many times a year to do sessions in small communities.. pined and facebooked !

  790. 790
    Tammy B says:

    I would love to use an Ice Light in my portrait photography!

  791. 791
    Tammy B says:

    I tweeted!

  792. 792
    T says:

    I subscribed to your newsletter!

  793. 793
    Mary Lynn E. says:

    I’m a hobby photographer with a few people who occasionally ask me to take photos. I would use this then. Looks fun!

  794. 794
    Mary Lynn E. says:

    Pinned and on Google plus

  795. 795
    Mary Lynn Evans says:

    Started following on Google Plus.

  796. 796
    Nic says:

    With so many comments I probably don’t stand a chance. However, you have to be in it to win it :) I currently only have speedlites and reflectors in my kit, as my budget is tight, I have seen these used in Creative Live classes and would dearly love to be able to win one. It’s amazing how inspiring the thoughts of winning is. Great competition, great actions. Keep up the good work. It will be one lucky winner that is for sure. :)

  797. 797
    Kathy Worley says:

    I would love this for newborn photography

  798. 798

    I think an Ice Light would be great for outdoor photos to overcome shadows, but looks like it is great under any portrait situation.

  799. 799
  800. 800
    Josh says:

    Looks great! would love to try it!

  801. 801
    stefan says:

    I’d use the Icelight with my portrait photography or even my wedding work to put some extra-MOJO to the pictures.

  802. 802
    stefan says:

    pinned it, shared FB, posted to G+, tweeted

  803. 803
    Erica w says:

    I would use this in a lot of my portrait photography. As I now live in a tiny tiny apt instead of my house the size is ideal.

  804. 804
    Jen Smith says:

    Cool, love the light. I mostly use natural light but I’ve been trying to learn to use flash and lighting for indoors. This light seems to very portable and would really be useful for portrait shots. I’ve pinned this, now I will have to share, tweet and so forth!!!

  805. 805
    Denise says:

    These would be great for those UK winter months where it gets dark by 3pm! Would love to use it for my winter weddings

  806. 806
    Jimmy says:

    This would be a great addition to my lighting workflow. Just starting out in weddings, I could see where this light would reall be useful. Another reason- I take monthly photos of my 8 month old grandson, my daughter is expecting twins in 4 months. 3 children in 1 year. What a great way to use the ice light. Great product!!

  807. 807
    mark says:

    Would love to try this out for some outdoor closeups instead of using the speedlite.

  808. 808

    Definitely food! I don’t have a lot of natural light in my kitchen right now and this would be an awesome tool.

    I also shared this on Facebook.

  809. 809
    Emilia says:

    I would love to win this for low light situations or indoors, I love the soft light it gives. And it’s so portable it’s a dream!

  810. 810
    Emilia says:

    I’m a follower in FB, Pinterest and Twitter.

    Now I’m following you on Google+

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  811. 811
    Emilia says:

    I shared on Pinterest, FB, twitter and G+!

  812. 812
    John Kline says:

    I’duse the Icelight as supplemental light outdoors and for indoor portraits.

  813. 813
    Fabrizia says:

    I’d love the ice light for portraits! In fact, I think I’d love at least TWO :) Yes, I’m greedy when it comes to fabulous things like this!! Thank you for your blog, thank you for your fb group… it’s really fantastic. Love it!

  814. 814
    Shannon says:

    Definitely for portraits!

  815. 815
    Shannon says:

    Shared on Google+

  816. 816
    Fabrizia says:

    Oh, yes, and I did share it and like it and plastered it just about everywhere :) of course!

  817. 817
    Kristy T says:

    I have got to try one of these out!!

  818. 818
    Peter Upmanis says:

    Ice Light , cool lighting for the future.
    It is like having a portable studio with You.
    No time wasted setting up lights for a shoot.
    A real time saver !

  819. 819
    Rose Stone says:

    Wow, the ice light looks amazing and so versatile, I would use it across a range of photographic genres – weddings, newborn portraits, product, corporate. This would be an incredible tool to have in my kit!

  820. 820
    Sandy says:

    Wow! Weddings, for sure! :)

  821. 821
    Katie says:

    Wow! I would love to win an ice light!! It would be fantastic for those beautiful moody shots at weddings! Bonus – so portable and doesn’t take up much room. :)

  822. 822
    Katie says:

    Pinned and shared!

  823. 823
    Amy P says:

    I’m a high school yearbook adviser and desperately need this. It will help make us look less jaundiced, despite every attempt by the crappy paint and lighting to do so. :)

  824. 824
    Jody Rollins says:

    I would use this for portrait photography, especially when it is difficult to find the right light indoors.

  825. 825
    Jody Rollins says:

    I also pinned this contest at Pinterest…

  826. 826
    Annalee says:

    I think it would be most helpful for me to take individual portraits. I travel a lot, so easily portable light sources are a must.

  827. 827
    Anna Rose says:

    I would love to use this light for my indoor and outdoor portrait sessions. I am just now learning about light and how to light people and this would be a very valuable tool. I shared on Pinterest and Facebook :) Thank you for doing this! I have seen this used on Creativelive and I drool ;) Such a neat thing and it so small.

  828. 828
    Annalee says:

    I’m interested to see more images made from these

  829. 829
    Kevin says:

    It will totally be awesome with macro work, being able to control lighting with impunity!

  830. 830
    Loretta Macfee says:

    Would love to try this on shots of livestock in the barn.

  831. 831
    Liz says:

    I’d use this for newborn photography in my home.

  832. 832
    Craig says:

    For indoor photos or extra light on location.

  833. 833
    gina says:

    It would be so helpful on newborn shoots with natural lighting!!

  834. 834
    Steffani A says:

    I would use this to help with low light when photographing brides or newborns :-)

  835. 835
    Steffani A says:

    Pinned to my photo tips board :-)

  836. 836
    Iris says:

    These are totally cool. I seen them in use at a workshop last year. Unfortunately they are not in my price-range right now.

    I really could use one for my Senior photography. Thank you so much for the opportunity to win one :)

  837. 837
    Julie says:

    I would love to use it outdoors & on location. Would be great to not have to carry a big bulky light & stand around, but instead have this awesome little invention! I’d love to win!!!

  838. 838
    gailllc says:

    This would be such a quick solution in our cloudy western WA weather.

  839. 839
    Mindy says:

    This looks amazing! What an investment though… something I’d be a little scared to purchase but happy to win and spread the word on!

  840. 840
    rick says:

    looks very cool – i’d love to give it a try.

  841. 841
    Christine b says:

    I could see how this would be useful in any low light situation. I have a softbox but it is very large to lug around.

  842. 842
    Christine b says:

    I am following now on pinterest

  843. 843
    BriScrye says:

    Seems like a great product. Would like to test it for myself!

  844. 844
    Valerie says:

    I think the Ice Light would help tremendously with low-light portrait work, as well as brightening up backlit subjects or evening out full sun/shadowing instances.

  845. 845
    Tam says:

    I would use this for outdoor photoshoots! I love the size and portability!

  846. 846
    Maggie Stapper says:

    as I am just beginning to take pics of people, I can imagine this being perfect for me. Kids, Babies and of course some stunning adults…. that’s why I would like to win!

  847. 847
    Brian Miller says:

    This would work great for soft portraits, trying to get light into the shadowy ares would be much easier!

  848. 848
    Lauren Colsen says:

    I feel the ICE light would be most useful for on-location portraiture, for the scenarios where you need that extra kiss of soft wrapping light. It would help me get better images by ensuring that I could literally pull beautiful light out of my pocket!

  849. 849
    David Sharp says:

    I would definitely use the ice light for portrait and wedding photography. I often run into situations where this tool would give my images the extra light they need without using flash.

  850. 850
    Rebekah B says:

    I would use this for boudoir photography to help balance out the natural light I love to use!

  851. 851
    Todd Galbeath says:

    Would be great for boudoir photography. It looks like it has a nice soft feather to the lighting..

  852. 852
    Esther Chanie Dushinsky says:

    I think the ice light would be amazing for any photos that need dramatic light. I would also love to try it for newborns.

  853. 853
    Jennifer Howe says:

    Cool light! I could see it being very useful with newborn photography, weddings, or pretty much any low light condition (receptions, evening parties, etc)

  854. 854
    Jamie lawrence says:

    My boudoir shoots could use this :)

  855. 855
    Suz says:

    I would love this for photographing my kids!

  856. 856
    Suz says:

    Pinned this on Pinterest.

  857. 857
    Ashlee Krammes says:

    I think this light would be amazing for newborns and lifestyle shoots, especially when working in small houses and rooms.

  858. 858
    Suz says:

    shared this on Facebook.

  859. 859
    Ashlee Krammes says:

    I just started following you on Pinterest!

  860. 860
    apryl says:

    I would love to have an Ice Light for portraits. I have limited storage space and this looks idea!

  861. 861
    Lynley Byrd says:

    We are turning a building we have into a studio for me but it doesn’t quite have as much light as I would like. This would be absolutely perfect!! I would be doing mostly newborn/ children.

  862. 862
    shawn says:

    I love the portability of this for newborn pictures so the tired moms don’t have to leave home to enjoy those precious newborn moments.

  863. 863
    Debbie says:

    I think the ice light would be great for dramatic portrait images, like fashion head shots… I’d use it for senior photography and for shooting images of my three girls when we do a concept shoot.

  864. 864
    shawn says:

    pinned it! :o)

  865. 865
    FranP says:

    I would love the Icelight to help with my photography in low light situations. I think it would really come in handy as a fill light, or to add some contrast to a portrait. It looks really handy and easy to hold.

  866. 866
    Debbie says:

    I shared on FB and Google +!

  867. 867
    Jane says:

    New to photography, especially lighting issues. The ice light would be a great addition to my portrait photography.

  868. 868
    bryan corder says:

    This would be great for shooting Skateboarder

  869. 869
    Emilie says:

    I would love to use it for bridal portraits. Highlighting the face and getting the subtle details of the dress in the background.

  870. 870
    Jane says:

    Shared on Google+, following on Pinterest, Google+, & Facebook Group.

  871. 871
    Kristin Williams says:

    This would be great for weddings!! I would use it a lot, especially before the ceremony for those detail shots!!

  872. 872
    Gabrielle Harrison says:

    I do a lot of macro and flower work, mostly using natural light. Occasionally I have shadows, depending on the time of day and would most definitely use this light to alleviate those shadows and enhance my photography. They sure are expensive! But they looks great.

  873. 873
    Grady Richardson says:

    I do primarily location shooting. This looks to be much more portable that the standard lighting systems, so it would be great for light control on location.

  874. 874
    Rebecca says:

    I would love to use this in newborn and hospital photo shoots. Sometimes you just don’t have enough room to set up a large light source, this would be perfect.

  875. 875
    Whitney says:

    Great for low light situations, and for creating mood in a shot.

  876. 876
    Nancy Wilkins says:

    Oh how awesome…I do alot of rodeo photog and behind chutes at night would be awesome to have this!! and it’s my birthday what an awesome gift!!

  877. 877
    Vera Matson says:

    I definitely would use one of these! I would most likely use it for my HS senior work. Oftentimes, I’ll be shooting a senior and we’ll be on a roll, and we’ll be losing light at sundown. I’d love to be able to extend my shooting time and get some more portraits with the ice light!

  878. 878
    Laura Jens says:

    I have been drooling over this light since I first saw it. Love it! I could see so many uses for it. Being a natural light photographer as well, there are instances where you just need a little extra help because the light just isn’t “exactly” right. I think the Ice Light can and will provide just the right amount of kiss of light in those situations when needed.

  879. 879
    Jeffery Chavez says:

    I Would Use This Ice Light In My Wifes Creative Floral designs As Well As Smoke Photography.

  880. 880
    Joshua Harrison says:

    It would be best for portraits requiring mobility and flexibility, with special reference to urban portraits. The light can fit where an umbrella can’t, in a tight doorway, window etc.

  881. 881
    Wendy O says:

    Wow. How cool is this Ice Light and I could even carry with no problem. Thanks Jodi for a wonderful giveaway.

  882. 882
    Jaye says:

    I think I would use the light primarily in still-life shots and outdoor photography to get that extra “punch” and life.

  883. 883
    Erin Paxton says:

    The weight and small size is perfect for any photography where you are on the move. Macro shots at the botanical gardens and auto shows and conventions are the first things that come to mind.

  884. 884
    Kim B. says:

    This would be great for photographing products.

  885. 885
    Diane Davis says:

    I am just a beginning photographer…trying to build up not only a budding business but also assemble the necessary equipment for whatever need may arise. The Ice Light would be a wonderful addition for those times when I am in a situation that calls for extra lighting.

  886. 886
    Sarah Tully says:

    I am new to photography, but I would live to use it indoors & outdoors on my own children. I especially want to try using the Ice Light on my son’s senior portrait this year.

  887. 887
    Tommy B. says:

    This would be great for some edgy senior portraits.

  888. 888
    Barbara P. says:

    I would love this light for low light situations. I totally see using this to take creative portraits bc of the flexibility/size!

  889. 889
    Jennifer Cascon says:

    This would be an awsome tool for Boudoir! Good luck everyone!

  890. 890
    Lana Lawrence says:

    Pinned, Posted to Facebook, Tweeted!! I love this concept. As a working photographer for several years on Capitol Hill, there were many occasions to use this light for portraiture. I can think of many uses for it, including video, and it would make an awesome addition to my lighting equipment.

    I also want to mention how important this equipment is to photogs with disabilities. Many of us who have worked the news beat for several years, or who have done extensive event work, have back problems, or other issues, and must lighten our loads to function. I tend to be a gear geek, and love gadgets, but have become more of a minimalist since becoming ill a few years ago. This light would help me tremendously, as I regain my ability to do shoots.

    And thanks for all of the great actions and tips on the website!! It rocks!!!

  891. 891
    Katherine says:

    I’d love this for family portraits!

  892. 892
    Debbie Wells says:

    This would be a great all around tool. For portrait and wedding for those up close and personal shots.

  893. 893
    Pam Heisler says:

    I think the light would be very useful for the photography of flowers. It would add an extra dimension to their detail.

  894. 894
    Hannah says:

    I use only natural light in a studio. It would be so helpful to supplement light when I don’t have much natural light and I need to bump my ISO way up.

  895. 895
    Miki says:

    I think the Ice Light would be great for infant photography. Keep the lights dim & use the Ice Light to light what you would like featured in photography (face, hands, feet).

  896. 896
    Tammy Adams says:

    I would love to use this even with low light when I shot my indoor flowers

  897. 897
    Jessie Sarrazin says:

    I would love this! It seems to produce ama