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Product Photography for E-Commerce: Getting it Right

As someone who owns or works at an e-commerce store, you already know that product photography for your e-commerce store is the life of the business- literally. As the brick and mortar for a successful e-commerce store, your product images must always breathe life! With Threekit Visual Configuration, your product catalogs no longer have to…


How to Get Featured on a Book Cover

Books are a comfort for many, yet the publishing side of literature is often seen as an intimidating world of contracts, offices, and deadlines. It seems that only the very best photographers can get the opportunity to successfully contribute their work and get published. Because of this, many book-loving photographers refuse to contribute their work…


5 Ways to Earn Extra Money as a Photographer

Being a photographer can be financially challenging sometimes. There’s nothing wrong with facing issues that constantly plague the world of creativity. Wanting to be economically stable is what will help you get through times of drought. The best thing you can do during this phase is experiment and persist whenever you can. Experimentation can be…


How to Market Yourself on Social Media

The Internet can be an intimidating place. There are millions of photographers out there, millions of successful artists with an abundance of great clients. Having this in mind may discourage you from pursuing your dreams. This frightened mindset, however, is wrong. It’s very possible to succeed in a busy online world filled with endless news…


3 Questions That Need to Be Answered When Starting a Photography Business

You could be the most talented photographer in the world, but if you don’t know how to market your business, failure is almost a guarantee. A mediocre photographer with great marketing will usually succeed over the more talented photographer with weak marketing. If you’re brand new to the business, you’re probably not a marketing wizard…


Meet Tom Grill – Photographer of the 2017 United States U.S. Flag Stamp

We’re thrilled to announce that the work of MCP contributor and actions creator, Tom Grill, has been selected for the 2017 United States U.S. Flag Stamp!       An industry veteran, Tom Grill has been a professional photographer and artist for over 40 years. He began his career in Brazil as a photojournalist while…

Large Bridal Party

5 Tips to Keep Clients Smiling and Energetic Through the Photoshoot

Follow these tips to build a better rapport with your clients, be early, smile, keep things moving and more.

photography scam

Photographers Beware: Text Message Scam

Don’t fall victim to this common scam against photographers. Here’s what it is and what you can do about it.


3 Mini-Session Mistakes to Avoid + A FREE WEBINAR!

Mini-sessions are a great way to share your photography and get new clients, but avoid these 3 common mini-session mistakes to get the best results.

What should you do when you are asked to provide a discount?

How to Keep Your Photography Prices Firm

What to do when you are asked for a discount? Here’s how to keep your prices firm and your customer happy.

Dancer in Flour

Set Your Photography Business Apart with Creative Flour Photo Sessions

How to Stand out in a Sea of Photographers. Use creative sessions for your photography business – such as this flour shoot.


Attention Photographers: What You Need to Know if You Use the Retiring SmugMug

This Blog Article provides information to Legacy SmugMug users switching over to the New SmugMug.

Photo by Thomas Martinsen

7 Essential Tactics When Starting Your Own Photography Business

Wondering how to start your own photography business? We’ve collected a list of essential things you may need to start a successful photography career.

Maryland creative child photographer

Too Expensive? How to Help Clients See the Value In Your Photography

Learn how to show your client your value – and why you are worth the price of your photography!


5 Ways You Can Use Periscope To Help Your Photography Studio

Learn how to use the new video streaming app Periscope to help your photography studio.


Tips for Getting Paid as an Assistant or Second Shooter

Working as an Assistant or a “Third” or “Second” shooter can be a fantastic way to get started in photography. Here are Kat Forder’s tips for getting paid!

book list for photographers

The Essential Business Book List for Photographers

For established photographers and new business owners wanting to grow their businesses – check out our business book list for photographers.

photography workshop

How to Choose Your Next Photography Workshop

Learn how to choose the best photography workshop for you.


5 Easy Steps to Executing a Successful Senior Rep Program

So there you have it. By carefully choosing my reps, choosing them early, making it worth their while, giving them incentives for referrals, and helping them out on social media, I was able to create the most successful Senior Rep Program I’ve ever used, for the least amount of money.

Makeup Artist Natalie Sky prepping model Kiah in the studio of Devorah Goldstein Images, Rockland County, NY

A Photographer’s Guide to Working With a Makeup Artist

Learn inside tips to take your photography to the next level by working with a professional makeup artist.

Spread the Cheer with Holiday Gifts for Clients

Give great, easy holiday gifts to your photography customers this year. They’ll love them and remember you next time they need a photographer.


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