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Baby Steps™ Newborn Lightroom Presets

(10 customer review)

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Includes more than 160 powerful Newborn Lightroom baby presets and resets designed to streamline your photo editing workflow for newborn and baby sessions.

Editing newborn photos in Lightroom just got so much easier!

Designed to help photographers edit challenging newborn sessions in Adobe Lightroom, the MCP Baby Steps™ Lightroom presets combine easy workflow presets with state-of-the-art retouching and color correction tools. Whether you want soft and clean color, dreamy black and whites, or creamy skin tones, this set has what you need.

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MCP Baby Steps™ includes more than 160 powerful Newborn Lightroom baby presets and resets designed to streamline your editing workflow for newborn and baby sessions! We’ve divided them into six organized folders, along with an additional section of local adjustments:

These presets help you get the best possible exposure and white balance. Due to the unique stack-ability of this collection, you can adjust exposure and white balance at any point during your edit.


  • Three underexposure presets
  • Three overexposure presets
  • Seven white balance presets
  • Two custom resets

These soft, multi-level color conversions and beautiful black and white presets bring out the best in your newborn photography. Each workflow has three levels (regular, haze, and pop) so you can customize your look right in Lightroom.


  • Sugar-n-Spice
  • Pick Me Up
  • Twinkle Twinkle
  • This Little Piggy
  • Peach Fuzz
  • Keepsakes
  • Vintage Pram
  • Bedtime B&W
  • Nap time B&W
  • Play time B&W
  • Workflow reset

These global skin tone correction presets will make any subject look flawless. Each correction is available in three levels so you can customize your look.

  • Dusting of Baby Powder
  • Hush The Reds
  • Hush the Reds with Baby Powder
  • Hush Jaundice
  • Hush Jaundice with Baby Powder
  • Hush the Grays
  • Hush the Grays with Baby Powder
  • Skin color reset

Simplify contrast, midtones, exposure and other adjustments. Each workflow helper has three levels of intensity for maximum flexibility.

  • Brighten Midtones
  • Darken Midtones
  • Quiet The Highlights
  • Nightlight (brighten shadows)
  • Crying For Contrast
  • Cake Smash Color Pop
  • Sharpen (global sharpening)
  • Quiet the Noise (noise reduction)
  • 8 custom helper resets

Give your photos the light, dreamy look that complements newborn photography so well. Each haze tint includes three strengths to suit your photo.

  • Baby Bottle
  • It’s a Girl
  • It’s a Boy
  • Lavender Lovey
  • You Are My Sunshine
  • Peaches-n-Cream
  • Teddy Bear
  • Nursery Rhymes
  • Baby’s Room
  • Overlay reset

We’ve included five spots to create presets from your most used recipes — build a new one for each session, or save your favorite and use it forever . (Or both!)
Apply these spot-editing tools exactly where you want them, and make a huge impact on your final image. Click the videos tab to watch a tutorial taht will help you get the most out of these powerful local adjustment brushes.

MCP Baby Steps™  was originally designed for the unique challenges of editing newborn baby photos, but it’s an invaluable tool for any portrait photographer who wants to achieve flawless color and smooth skin in their images. Even wedding, nature and wildlife photographers love subtle enhancement tools in this set!

Start by choosing an exposure and a white balance preset, if needed.  Then pick a workflow preset to define your style. Apply a skin tone correction preset, and add an optional haze overlay to soften the look. Finish your image with noise reduction, sharpening and even a subtle vignette. No matter how you choose to build your Lightroom edit, the MCP Baby Steps™ set provides all the tools you need for a complete baby and newborn workflow.

These presets will work in any of the Lightroom versions listed above. Please make sure that you have the required software before purchasing. We make every attempt to ensure that our products will work in future versions of Lightroom, but due to possible changes Adobe might implement, we cannot guarantee future compatibility.
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10 reviews for Baby Steps™ Newborn Lightroom Presets

  1. Jacky T Photography

    I have been looking for ways to speed up my workflow with newborn sessions and Baby Steps Presets is it! I’m able to quickly create that soft dreamy look for proofing galleries and not even open photoshop unless more extensive retouching is needed. Before these Presets I would have never thought it was possible to edit a newborn session in Lightroom alone!

  2. Tara Fletcher

    The MCP Baby Steps Preset Collection for Lightroom has been such a huge time saver for me! I have used this collection on it’s own in Lightroom and as a companion to the Newborn Necessities collection in Photoshop. It is so versatile. It can make my images pop or subtly soft. I especially love the hazes. This collection has shaved so much time off of my workflow!

  3. Jessica Rotenberg

    As a skilled user of both Photoshop and Lightroom, I am finding myself using Lightroom more and more because it cuts down my overall editing time. Baby Steps maximizes what I can do in Lightroom. From creamy black and whites to more vibrant looks, Baby Steps is extremely versatile. It has a very thorough collection of skin correction brushes that allow me to adjust both difficult newborn skin and make minor tweaks to older children and adults. It’s not an exaggeration to say that Baby Steps will be used on all of my images.

  4. Tracy Callahan, Memories by TLC

    This new action is simply amazing for not only newborn edits but portraits in general. They are easy to use and save time. I LOVE this new set and cannot wait to play more.

  5. Michelle McClafferty

    Highly recommended. The MCP Baby Steps Presets make for a nice and quick workflow when editing in LR. They make it super easy which allows for editing a complete session very quickly.

  6. Blythe Harlan

    This is my favorite Lightroom preset collection to date! I never thought I could so easily correct isolated skin issues or general color issues in Lightroom! If you strive for speedy and beautiful editing, these are the presets you need. They are PERFECT for editing newborns and babies, but also work amazingly well for other subjects. I am so happy with these!

  7. Nikki Baldwin

    Lightroom and I were once mortal enemies. It is true, I HATED it. But that has all changed thanks to Baby Steps. This one set of presets has opened my eyes to the wonders of LR, allowing me to fluidly move between presets and brushes to magically transform my images from so-so to stunning. Thank you MCP for meticulously creating products, and for single-handedly unlocking the power of lightroom. My edits have never been more beautiful, or faster.

  8. Paula Hasson

    I have been anticipating this product since I started seeing some of the images that it was being tested on. I bought it the minute it was available, and LOVE it! It truly is worth all the hype! I’ve used it on several old sessions, putting it through a tough test on images that I would have normally trashed! It has saved and given life to some images that I would have never wasted time editing! Thanks for another great product!!

  9. Nauseen

    I bought Baby Steps lightroom presets and my workflow start with it andfinish with it. Its my favourite preset and my goto preset 🙂

  10. MCPActions

    I’ve been using this for 4 years and it is my go-to set.

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$99.99 $39.00

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