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All rise for “Camera” return!


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Hear ye, hear ye! Legendary Camera Magazine is back, after more than 30 years of absence, incredibly good news for all you photographers and photography enthusiasts out there!

med_couverture-camera-jpg All rise for "Camera" return! News and Reviews

Cover of January 2013 Camera Magazine, first issue after 30 years of absence. Photo Credit: Françoise Huguier

People are still in shock after finding out that the legendary Camera Magazine is back in the newsstands starting this year. The first issue was released in January and promises to maintain the same allure of the publication that was first launched almost a century ago.

91 years of thumbing through photographic culture…

Camera was first launched in Switzerland in June 1922 by Adolf Herz, with the purpose of supporting and promoting photographers and artistic photography. Everything was to be made for and by the photographer. Even the articles were essays written and submitted by photographers who wanted recognition. The only rule? To be “good-quality reproductions”, as  Herz and book-publisher C. J. Bucher declared in the very first issue.

The magazine was first published in German, but later published in English and French also after World War II, to gain a bigger audience and become more popular. Still, it was American editor Allan Porter, an innovator, who brought the publication its fame, after taking charge of it in 1966. Porter only wanted what was best for the magazine: from content to paper quality, everything had to be perfect. And expensive too, for that matter, but quality came before anything else.

This attention for fine detail won the attention and loyalty of readers throughout the years. Still, the magazine stopped printing in 1981, a little before its 60th anniversary, as it did not meet the interests of owners Ringier Printing.

… and at least 91 more to come!

The magazine will keep the original spirit alive through the logo, design and paper quality. Also, the aim will remain the same: promote photographers through quality works, although with slightly different approaches, given the change over the past decades.

Brigette Oller and Bruno Bonnabry-Duvall, the brains behind this operation, are determined about one thing: no matter how much the world of media has evolved in the past years, Camera will remain a real, tangible magazine that will not be moved online, because nothing beets the feeling of thumbing through a magazine, the old-school way. Not to mention the importance of the print quality that the magazine is famous for.

Like the original Camera, the magazine has a structure of 72 pages, 32 of which being exclusively pages of photographs. It also features a detailed interview with a photographer, a portfolio of another, news and reviews. As if for old times sake, it will preserve the multilingual side, so people are able to enjoy it in both English and French.

The 20,000 copies of this first issue of Camera are distributed throughout the world and can be purchased at about 9€ in Europe and $12.50 in the U.S.

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