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Inspire™ Photoshop Actions

(26 customer review)

$99.99 $39.00

The Inspire™ Photoshop Actions set includes 99 actions to polish and perfect your photos including: lighting fixes, quick looks, mood rings, custom looks, special effects, color tricks, polishing actions…and more!

Photography fads come and go, so how can you ensure that your images will transcend the trends? We’re proud to introduce MCP Inspire, a new set of actions that puts a timeless twist on the latest trends (think Vintage Chanel, not shoulder pads!)

Compatible with:
Photoshop CS2 – CS6
Photoshop CC (All versions of Creative Cloud)
Photoshop Elements (All versions)


Love the muted tones of a matte image? Obsessed with bright, airy edits? Prefer bold, rich, high-contrast looks? Whatever your current post-processing passion is, MCP Inspire has an action that can help you embrace and enhance the latest trends while staying true to your own personal style. We spent months developing, designing, testing, and fine-tuning these actions to bring you a set of actions that will instantly transform your images — without losing any luster in years to come.

MCP Inspire begins with the Brilliant base action, which provides a clean and well-balanced image in both color and black-and-white. The finished result is strong enough to stand alone, or it can act as the perfect foundation for your favorite effects.

This Photoshop Action set includes 99 actions to polish and perfect your photos, including:

Base Actions

  • MCP Brilliant Color Base
  • MCP Brilliant B&W Base
  • MCP Brilliant Combo Base (Color+B&W)

Lighting Fixes

  • MCP Auto Exposure
  • MCP Increase Exposure
  • MCP Decrease Exposure
  • MCP Night-Light (Shadow Lightener)
  • MCP Highlight Tamer (soft)
  • MCP Quick Flash (All Over Light)
  • MCP Light Painting (Paint on Light)
  • MCP Light Blocking (Paint on Dark)

Quick Looks: Inspires Color

  • MCP Beaming (Warmth & Light)
  • MCP Bittersweet (Brown & Peach Tones)
  • MCP Countryside (Haze & Light)
  • MCP Cruisin (Retro)
  • MCP Denim & Pearls (Soft Blues & Yellows)
  • MCP Enchanted Rainforest (Lush Color)
  • MCP Color Merry-Go-Round (All Looks)
  • MCP Color Carousel (Base + All Looks)
  • MCP Georgia Peach (Peachy Tones)
  • MCP Lemon Sorbet (Bright Yellow Tones)
  • MCP Maplewood (Warm Brown Tones)
  • MCP Modern Matte Twist (Matte XProcessed)
  • MCP Plum Perfect (Plum Tones)
  • MCP Prom Queen (Pink XProcessed)
  • MCP Rose Petals (Warm Red Tones)
  • MCP Silk Blend (Creamy Tones)
  • MCP Spunky (Bright Color Pop)
  • MCP Sun-Drenched (Warm & Sunny)
  • MCP Sweet Dreams (Blue & Peach Tones)
  • MCP Vitality (Subtle Color Pop)

Quick Looks: Inspires Black & White

Add metallic tones, bold contrast, or film grain to your black-and-white images with these seven B&W actions.

  • MCP Brushed Metal (Metallic Tones)
  • MCP Chic (Subtle Matte)
  • MCP Grain-it (Film)
  • MCP Hush (Bright & Soft)
  • MCP Vogue (High Contrast)
  • MCP B&W Merry-Go-Round (All Looks)
  • MCP B&W Carousel (Base + All Looks)

Mood Rings: Overlays, Toning, Haze

Instantly add overlays and toning to your images. Can’t decide which look will work? This set includes mix-and-match mood ring actions to help you find your mood!

  • MCP Sweet: Brown
  • MCP Daring: Orange
  • MCP Emotional: Yellow
  • MCP Peaceful: Light Blue
  • MCP Blissful: Purple
  • MCP Simple: Cream
  • MCP Passionate: Red
  • MCP Caring: Peach
  • MCP Sensitive: Green
  • MCP Relaxed: Blue
  • MCP Loving: Pink
  • MCP Calm: Mint
  • MCP Wistful: Lilac
  • MCP Find Your Mood (Toning Mix & Match)
  • MCP Find Your Mood (Overlay Mix & Match)
  • MCP Find Your Mood (Hazy Mix & Match)

Custom Looks, Color Tricks, Special Effects, Polishing Actions…And More!

A huge collection of color tricks, special effects, and finishing effects will complete your image. Urban, matte, bold, hazy – whatever your style, you’ll find it here.

You can also add rainbow flare, fix glowing grass, paint on blurry backgrounds, add streams of light, pop or change colors, resize for web, and more! And as always, each layer is fully customizable so you can adapt your favorite actions to suit your style. How many hours would you have to invest to master all these toning techniques?

Custom Looks

  • MCP Drama (Dark & Intense)
  • MCP Epic (Cool Fall Tones)
  • MCP Fantasy Land (Peach Soft Tones)
  • MCP Magical Matte (Ultimate Matte)
  • MCP Multi-Matte (Matte Mix & Match)
  • MCP Metropolitan (Urban/XProcessed)
  • MCP Theatrical (Deep Burnt Color)

Color Tricks

  • MCP Bold Color (All Over Color Pop)
  • MCP Ultra Color (Paint On)
  • MCP Custom Color Pop (Pop a Specific Color)
  • MCP Auto Color Switcher (Change Object’s Color)
  • MCP Manual Color Switcher (Change Object’s Color)
  • MCP Fix Glowing Grass
  • MCP White Balance Sliders
  • MCP Color Fix (Paint On)

Special Effects

  • MCP Shallow DOF (Paint On)
  • MCP Custom DOF (Paint Off)
  • MCP Toned Blur Overlay
  • MCP Custom Faux Cloud Overlay
  • MCP Custom Ball of Sunshine
  • MCP Custom Sunlight
  • MCP Custom Sunbeam
  • MCP Custom Sunburst
  • MCP Rainbow Maker

Polishing Actions

  • MCP Quick Contrast
  • MCP Rich (Contrast and Clarity)
  • MCP Haze Reducer
  • MCP Custom Edge Burn
  • MCP Classic Vignette
  • MCP Precision Sharp (Selective Sharpening)
  • MCP Gem Polish (Selective Sharpening)
  • MCP Perfect Print Sharp (For Printing)
  • MCP Webify Sharp (For Web: Resized)
  • MCP Custom Webify Sharp (For Web: Resized)

Little Helpers

  • MCP Snapshot*
  • MCP Flatten Image
  • MCP Select the Mask*
  • MCP Select and Invert the Mask*
  • MCP Paint with a White Brush
  • MCP Paint with a Black Brush
  • MCP Convert to 8-Bit (Faster Editing)
  • MCP Convert to 16-Bit (May Slow Editing)*
  • MCP Convert to sRGB*
  • MCP Convert to aRGB*
  • MCP Group Everything*

* Helpers with an * are not available for the Elements version. Elements also includes a “Remove Folder” action.

Why You Need the Inspire™ Photoshop Actions:

We know your time is valuable, so MCP Inspire was designed to help you spend less time in front of the computer and more time finding inspiration and creating images you love. For only $99.99, you’ll have everything at your fingertips to masterfully edit your images and turn your photos into true art that your family, or your clients’ families, will treasure forever. This is the perfect combination between workflow and artistry.

Ralph Waldo Emerson said it best: “Every artist was once an amateur.” Sometimes it just takes a little inspiration to get to the next level.

You may purchase Inspire™ for either Photoshop OR Elements. Our actions will work in all of the Photoshop or Elements versions listed above. If your version is not listed, it is not compatible. Please make sure that you have the required software before purchasing. You will need access to the English version for full compatibility. We make every attempt to ensure that our products work in future versions of Photoshop or Elements, but due to possible changes Adobe may implement, we cannot guarantee future compatibility.
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26 reviews for Inspire™ Photoshop Actions

  1. nancy zavaglia

    thank you! You don’t know how much you rescued me from everything. I was on verge of giving up photography… till I purchased your Inspire actions and connected with your page. Now I’m motivated again. I enjoy getting your emails and I feel connected in your group. Thank you Jodi!

  2. Andrea

    I fell in love from the very first click! These actions are great for just about any editing style. They add dimension and finesse to every single photo. Even if you are in a hurry they are wonderful. One or two clicks and you go from a boring SOOC image to an image with depth and clarity. Thanks to the MCP team for all their hard work and creative talent!

  3. Blythe

    This action set is my all time favorite! It’s huge and versatile. It’s fun, dreamy, whimsical, enchanted and most of all… Inspiring! You are really given the tools to let your creativity run wild, and to do it in a fraction of the time. I love this set so much, I just want to edit all the time! It’s THAT fun! If you are thinking about buying this one, you should!

  4. Alex Win

    I love that even after using the Inspire action set for over a month that I’m still finding out new ways of using it. The Brilliant Base itself will add a pop to any image, and there are so many other actions that you can add on, adjust, and mix & match that you end up will literally endless possibilities to express your creativity. The color actions are wonderfully versatile, and if you’ve never ventured into black & white because you never really liked whatever options you’ve had, trust me, you’ll LIKE the B&W actions in Inspire. Awesome set, and I think it’ll give you so many more possibilities to play with your images when you’re stuck in a creative funk.

  5. Jessica Rotenberg

    I was in a real editing rut before I discovered MCP’s Inspire set. It made editing photos truly enjoyable again. Whether I need a quick edit or something extremely customizable, this set has it all. I really love the various matte options and black and white conversations. The mood rings might just be my favorite feature though. I can tone any image just right with one click – from soft pinks to warm browns to cooler tones. My prints are looking better than ever thanks to Inspire. This set is a must have.

  6. Leigh Williams`

    Do yourself a favor and purchase MCP’s newest action set Inspire! The best part is that the possibilities are truly endless. Whether you are new to actions or a well-versed editor, Inspire will set in motion your creativity with the tools to establish a unique style to call your own. From the softest mattes to the most vivid punchy looks your images will turns heads and most importantly delight your clients.

  7. Andrew Miller

    The MCP Inspire set looks like any normal Photoshop action set until you start to dig deeper under the hood. It is packed with features that all work together, in stackable layers, to give a stunning experience when editing photographs. From the simple and quick Brilliant Base to the in-depth Workflow, Quick Looks and more, this action set truly has something for every type of photographer.Being able to tweak the actions to suit my style allows me to work quicker and smarter on my images and workflow giving me valuable time back. This is a must have action set!

  8. Jane Atwell

    MCP has done it again! The Inspire action set is AMAZING! It is jam packed with actions that help my workflow and give my photos any look I want! It’s the most versatile action set to date and has quickly become my go-to product!

  9. Karthika

    MCP Inspire actions give me flexibility to create different looks for all of our landscape and portrait images. The Brilliant Base + Mood Rings = instant love. They are the perfect touch for my images.

  10. Amanda Clarke

    The Inspire action set offers professional and hobbyist photographers looks to suit nearly any style. I love the tricks, effects and little helpers that are included to help save time when editing. Thank you MCP for these fabulous new actions

  11. Amanda Johnson

    Jodi has done it again! These are the best Photoshop actions money can buy – they help me edit quickly, grow my business, and allow me to spend more time with family. MCP Inspire is so versatile and makes editing more fun! Brilliant Base is my new favorite batch action and I am using it on every photo.

  12. Ann Bennett

    MCP Inspire is my new favorite set for editing seniors! With it’s wide versatility, this set would be the perfect starter set for a new photographer as well as an excellent addition to a seasoned photographer’s editing toolbox.

  13. Pia Rautio

    MCP Inspire truly works wonders on photos – this is my all time favorite action set! Brilliant Base is worthy of the name – it gives a wonderful lightness, crispness and depth on images in just one click. The mix of looks and special effects give playful inspiration and blend together beautifully. Editing images has never been this easy and this much fun. You will love it!

  14. AndreaKing

    MCP Inspire is absolutely amazing. In the short time that I have had this set, it has become my go to for editing. It literally has something for everyone and every style of editing. I love that brilliant base makes my photos pop and shine, and I am in love with the dreamy and whimsical effects I get for editing weddings. It’s such an amazing set to fall in love with!

  15. Sarah Zingler

    I have to say l love Inspire!! I already have Fusion and NN and I didn’t think I needed it. I was wrong!! This is going to be my new go to action set to use!

  16. Maria Arcement

    Nothing tops MCP Actions! Inspire is my all time favorite and part of my everyday workflow. If Brilliant Base was the only action in this set, it would still be worth every penny!

  17. Angela Miller

    This set is great! My favorite action by far is brilliant base, it gives every picture that extra touch needed to change a good photo to a great photo. I have bought a lot of action sets and this one has a ton of actions, more than any other set I have bought! It will not disappoint you. It has bold, matte, sun burst, clouds, sharpening, resizing, tones, etc., there is a lot! Bittersweet, Spunky and brilliant base are the best for me, but I use a lot of them as needed. You cannot go wrong with this set. Have fun editing! Angela Miller

  18. tash19880

    Im glad I purchased this. has made so much improvement and saves so much time

  19. DianaKinkor

    This is just a plain heartfelt THANK YOU to MCP & Jodi, and who ever else designed the products. You just saved quite a few photos from a volunteered shoot. I volunteered to do a photo session for this group that helps kids in foster care get adopted. They get the kids photos out there to more potential adopters. The little girl I did the session with, when asked where she wanted to do it at, replied the Barbie Dream House exhibit at the Mall of America…… can you say PINK!!!!! and she dressed in pink. There was a blue room…ie like Frozen… Her skin was blue, her dress was bluish pink….oh my oh my…. I had my flash but no gels and not sure if those would have helped. I don’t use Lightroom, just PSE and one of the sets I have is Inspire. That white balance slider set with the wording to help choose which color slider to use, and the paint on black notice to remove the action from areas….REALLY saved those photos quite fast. Because of those actions, I can now give them about 60 shots to choose from for their online gallery & the rest can go in a printed album someone is donating. Unfortunately I can not post a before and after as she is under 18 and those are the rules from the group. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! I am so happy I bought this set!!! YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT!!!!!!

  20. scconsiglio

    Photoshop Inspire actions make photo retouching a breeze! Brilliant color base is the perfect starting point. The ability to customize each action gives photographers creative control of every image.

  21. KatyHucks

    I love all the action sets I have purchased from MCP. The last one Inspire has ended up being my favorite! Glad I purchased it. They make my job much easier!!

  22. MelissaErdemir

    I love these actions. It will auto enhance, give you a color pop, decrease exposure and much more. It is so easy to do on my photos. I have a lot of your actions but this one is the one I go to all the time.

  23. AlanaDonovan

    So happy to sing your praises!!I have used MCP actions for the last 8 years. They quickly became andremain my go-to actions. I’ve purchased from other companies throughoutthe years, but always go back to my MCP actions because of their accuracyand ease. These were the first actions I was introduced to and I’m sograteful for how easy they make my workflow in Photoshop!

  24. MariaArcement

    I use MCP Inspire on all of my photos. I specifically use Brilliant Color Base bc it’s everything I need to make my images pop and look like clean edits. It’s AMAZEBALLS! Thank you for creating this action! I can’t do without it! Maria

  25. SeanMcCool

    I use the MCP Inspire Action set for almost every single image that I edit in Photoshop. As a Marketing Professional, it is imperative for me to have clean images. With MCP Inspire, I have been able to consistently use the Color of B&W Base Action regularly, then I am able to find what works well for that particular image in the Quick Looks. After using a light vignette and precision sharp, my images are so much better after using MCP Inspire.

  26. SeanMcCool

    I use the MCP Inspire Action set for almost every single image that I edit in Photoshop. As a Marketing Professional, it is imperative for me to have clean images. With MCP Inspire, I have been able to consistently use the Color of B&W Base Action regularly, then I am able to find what works well for that particular image in the Quick Looks. After using a light vignette and precision sharp, my images are so much better after using MCP Inspire

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$99.99 $39.00

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