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All in the Details™ Photoshop Actions Set

(13 customer reviews)


The All in the Details™ Photoshop action set contains more than 30 actions that will bring all those hidden details in your photos to life.

Often, it’s the little details in an image that make it really special. This set of actions is designed to bring out the contrast, texture, and color in your images—giving it extra pop and interest. Works beautifully for landscapes.


The All in the Details™ Photoshop Actions set contains more than 30 actions that will bring all those hidden details in your photos to life:

Important Details: Soft Color, Color, Extreme Color, Urban, Vintage, Antique, Sandbox, Tinted, Muted, Pastels, Mixing Bowl, Penny for Your Thoughts, Mocha Madness, Newsprint B&W, Silver Lining B&W

Additional Details: In Stark Contrast, Flashlight, Binoculars, Telescope, Extra Details I, Extra Details II

Finishing Details: Hide and Seek, Dusty Vignette, Dirty Vignette, Smoky Vignette, Burnt Out Vignette, Tunnel Vision (Radial), Tunnel Vision (Circular), Tunnel Vision, Quiet the Noise, Quiet the Band, High Definition Sharpening, Crystal Clear Web Resize & Sharpening

These unique actions work best on the environmental elements of a portrait such as trees, cars, bricks, rocks, wood, sand, concrete or any other textured surface. With the All in the Details™ actions, you may choose among vivid colors, pastels, vintage, antique, black and whites and so much more! Then follow up with Additional Details and Finishing Details actions to bring out even more detail, add a vignette, sharpen, and many other finishing touches.

Make your photos come to life and find what you’ve been missing… It’s “all in the details…”

Your purchase of All in the Details™ covers both Photoshop AND Elements. Actions will work in all of the Photoshop or Elements versions listed above. If your version is not listed, it is not compatible. Please make sure that you have the required software before purchasing. You will need access to the English version for full compatibility. Cross-platform upgrades from Photoshop to Elements or Elements to Photoshop are available for half off the purchase price. We make every attempt to ensure that our products work in future versions of Photoshop or Elements, but due to possible changes Adobe may implement, we cannot guarantee future compatibility.

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13 reviews for All in the Details™ Photoshop Actions Set

  1. Angie

    Amazing Transformations! I recently began my own outdoor photography side business, and these actions take my photos from nice to AMAZING! My clients have raved about the colors and effects. Thank you so much for making this even more fun than I had imagined! (Posted on 6/29/11)

  2. Noblemara

    LUV IT!!! I luv taking pictures and now with this set of actions my pictures couldn’t look any better. Looking forward to purchasing more actions….Thank you so much =D (Posted on 5/4/11)

  3. Robyn

    Great I have just purchased “in the Details” and I use it on every photo I take. It’s fun to try all the different looks on the one photo, and I’ve found that it compliments other actions I have perfectly.Thanks for making my life so much easier.

  4. Stephanie

    um, WOW! I’m a fledgling photographer and I was using a myriad of actions before to get the looks I wanted, but now I’m a total believer in your action set. I have been using them for an hour and they are so easy and produce great effects effortlessly, with intuitive adjusting of layers. LOVE the flexibility!Thank you thank you thank you!Stephanie (Posted on 1/30/11)

  5. Melissa Sheets

    WOW I love these actions. They are so easy to use and really give my photos a standout feel. (Posted on 1/30/11)

  6. Pam Landolt

    The finishing touch! This set takes a really great photo just a step beyond to fabulous!All of the MCP actions I have purchased are the best investmentin not only my time, but in the quality of the product that I can produce. (Posted on 1/30/11)

  7. Jennilyn Proulx

    Quick yet AMAZING results! This set of actions has helped millions in my production time and quality! EVERY photo I edit I use several actions from this set! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! Thanks Jodi! You’re amazing! (Posted on 1/30/11)

  8. Errin Andrus

    Use them on every picture. There is not a picture I edit that I don’t use magic actions Bag of Tricks or All in the Details. (Posted on 1/30/11)

  9. Sandy Sallin

    I use them so much! I love Jodi’s Eye doctor, Dentist and Skin Doctor actions. I consider them essential. I also use the Touch of Light and Touch of dark all of the time. I use her Complete Workflow and All in the Detalis. I use them so much I can’t remember which one the actions I use most. Her tutorials are invaluable. I’ve learned so much just by watching her tutorials on her web site and also the tutorials that she includes with her actions. Great stuff!I’m not a professional just an ordinary photographer. Her actions make my work so much better.(Posted on 1/30/11)

  10. Asther Lau

    Help make my photos pop! I was looking for a new set of actions for my work to create a new style for my work and came about MCP’s website. Wallah! The MCP All in the Details as well as Complete Workflow Action help me to make my photos pop even better! (Posted on 1/30/11)

  11. Tricia Dunlap

    My go to actions. OMG – Jodi’s “In the Details” action – The results are STUNNING!!!! I own SEVERAL actions, but this will be my go-to for most of my images – especially urban. LOVE THEM!!!!!

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