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Get the amazing power of Frequency Separation in a snap with Portrait Suite, containing 5 very advanced photoshop actions designed to give you professional portrait retouching results. Get smoother skin, blemish removal, fine hair removal, and stubble/goosebumps removal with simple, frequency separation photoshop actions. Perfect for Portrait, Beauty, and Fashion photography.

Along with the Portrait Suite, you will also receive a special bonus tutorial on using the Dodge & Burn Technique and the Accenting Technique!
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Compatible with:
Photoshop CS2 – CS6
Photoshop CC (Creative Cloud)
Mac and PC

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Using Portrait Suite Frequency Separation Photoshop Actions:

Known as the single, best method for retouching portraits in Photoshop, frequency separation allows you to separate the texture from the tone and color of your image to achieve flawless skin. Each of the five actions in portrait suite uses a different method/technique of frequency separation and makes the process easy for even a Photoshop beginner!

Portrait Suite Frequency Separation Action Overview

Skin Fixer

Removes blemishes, marks, stray hairs, etc. while not changing the tone of the skin.

Skin Blending

Frequency separation action used for smoothing skin tones while keeping skin texture untouched.

Skin Suite

A unique version of frequency separation that allows for multiple levels of portrait retouching. It combines Skin Blending and Skin Fixer but uses a different technique. The result is a perfect portrait edit.

Peach Fuzz Removal

Removes fine hairs (peach fuzz) from the face and arms, giving you smoother results.

Stubble Removal

Frequency separation action used for removing/reducing shaving stubble and goosebumps. Best used on legs.

Add More Actions

Apply multiple actions to your photo. It is recommended to SAVE your image before you apply this action in case you need to go back and change something.

Watch RedAction show just how easy it is to use the Portrait Suite Photoshop Actions:

How does it work? It’s so easy!


Instructions are INCLUDED right inside the action!!When you run one of the Portrait Suite actions, you will see a color overlay with instructions on how to use the actions and tips for different results. This is conveniently located right inside your layers palette and is called “INSTRUCTIONS – HIDE ME.”

As you can see by the circles on the image, these are some of the major areas that we’re going to fix.

Let’s apply the Skin Suite actions and get started.

Identify Areas to Smooth

Select the LOW layer and use the lasso tool to select larger areas at a time to create big, even sections of the skin that blend really well. Just follow the instructions on setting the lasso tool correctly and you’re ready to go.


Evening Skin Tone

Use Gaussian Blur to smooth the color of the skin, not the texture/HIGH layer. Adjust the blur until the skin is smooth and even. Usually about 30.3px works well, but experiment to get the best results.

Repeat this process all over the face, avoiding the eyes, lips, nostrils, and ears. Make sure you also do other the skin shown in the image so everything in the image is uniform.

***Tip*** Try adjusting the blur amount differently for different areas. Some areas you may want to keep more of a natural skin look (example: areas of soft focus).

Removing Blemishes

Select the High layer and use the healing brush tool. ALT/OPT click near a mark you want to remove then click on the mark to remove it. Re-sample often to ensure you’re getting the best results.


Repeat the blemish removal as much as needed for desired results.

***TIP*** Adjust the hardness of the rush to a higher number (about 90) to cleanup around eyebrows, eyes, and lips.

It really is that simple! All the actions in the Portrait Suite action set have similar processes but deliver unique results.


Buy the Portrait Suite Frequency Separation Photoshop Actions today and create beautiful, smooth skin in your photos!



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    James J.:

    I take a lot of portraits for people and commercial clients. The reaction from my clients is unbelievable. This has been such a time saver in my daily workflow.

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