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Free Curvy Women Posing Guide for Photographers


Women, regardless of their shape and size, can look incredible in front of the camera. Since any female — whether she’s gracefully slim or beautifully curvy — will find flaws in her body, it’s your job as a photographer to show her that she can look fantastic without the use of Photoshop. The MCP Actions™ Curvy Women Posing Guide will help you help your clients pose with confidence and beauty.



Though this guide specifically focuses on curvy women, don’t let the label limit your flow of ideas. Portrait photography is all about making your client feel as confident as they really are. No matter how insecure an individual may be, they have the potential to be photogenic. It’s your job to show them that. Your skills, posing knowledge, and artistic confidence will help you take the best possible photos of women who are gorgeous both inside and out. Most importantly, don’t photograph the size. Don’t photograph the shape. Photograph the exquisite woman within.

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