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MCP Inspiration™ Lightroom Presets

(7 customer review)

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The Inspiration™ Lightroom Presets includes more than 250 presets to polish and perfect your photos. Create trendy and timeless images without ever leaving Lightroom.

Spend less time in front of the computer and more time creating images you love with these presets!

MCP Inspiration combines the versatility of our Inspire actions with the speed and simplicity of Lightroom. We took the most popular aspects of Inspire and created a set of streamlined workflow presets for Lightroom. While it’s impossible to make photos edited with Lightroom presets look exactly like photos edited with Photoshop, we think that Inspire actions fans will be happy with the results.

Compatible with:
Lightroom 4 -6
Lightroom CC (Creative Cloud)

Workflow Category: Lightroom Presets


We’ve taken the most popular elements from the Inspire actions and created a set of streamlined workflow Lightroom Presets.

Get ready to simplify your post-processing — now you can create trendy and timeless images without ever leaving Lightroom.  Get a sneak peek at each preset using Lightroom’s convenient thumbnail preview, then fix exposure and apply your favorite effects instantly. Use Inspiration presets to prep your images for Photoshop, or let them stand alone to speed up your workflow.

MCP Inspiration presets put a timeless twist on the latest trends (think Vintage Chanel, not shoulder pads!) Love the muted tones of a matte image? Obsessed with bright, airy edits? Prefer bold, rich, high-contrast looks? Whatever your current post-processing passion is, MCP Inspiration has an action that can help you embrace and enhance the latest trends while staying true to your own personal style.

Our Inspiration presets take batch-editing to a whole new level.

Inspiration begins with the Brilliant Base Lightroom presets, which provide a clean and well-balanced image in both color and black-and-white. The finished result is strong enough to stand alone, or it can act as the perfect foundation to layer more complex looks and your favorite effects. Then use Lightroom’s powerful syncing abilities to streamline and save time as you edit your portrait sessions, weddings, and nature images and more.

The set includes more than 250 presets to polish and perfect your photos, including:

  • 17 Lightroom presets and resets to help adjust your exposure and white balance.
  • 26 presets and resets to give color images a sunny vibe, a dreamy haze, and a dramatic cross-processing effect, just to name a few.
  • 13 presets and resets to convert your images to black and white and add optional metallic tones, bold contrast, or film grain.
  • 41 presets and resets to instantly add or remove overlays and toning on your images.
  • 7 build-able preset sections with 109 additional presets and resets – it’s like having 7 additional mini Lightroom sets! Each of these sections contains stackable presets to produce looks similar to (but not the same as) Drama, Epic, Fantasy Land, Magic Matte, Multi Matte, Metropolitan, and Theatrical from Inspire actions for Photoshop.
  • 23 custom adjustment brush presets let you apply sharpening, blur, color, contrast, and toning just where you want them.
  • A huge collection of 22 color tricks, 8 vignettes, 36 polishing/finishing, and 6 custom sunshine effect presets and resets

Why you need the MCP Inspiration™ Lightroom Presets:

Ralph Waldo Emerson said it best: Every artist was once an amateur. Sometimes it just takes a little inspiration to get to the next level.

We know your time is valuable. That’s why MCP designed Inspiration. You want to spend less time in front of the computer and more time creating images you love. You’ll have everything you need to masterfully edit your images and turn your photos into true art that your family or your clients’ families will treasure forever. This preset collection is the perfect combination of workflow and artistry.

Whatever your style, urban, matte, bold, hazy, you’ll find it in the Inspiration Presets. Here are just a few of the effects Inspiration gives you: fix glowing grass, paint on blurry backgrounds, add streams of light, and pop and enhance colors. You can achieve airy, light edits and deep, rich tones.  There’s no end to the looks you can create with this set.

** While the Inspiration presets are designed to evoke the same style as Inspire Photoshop actions, Lightroom does not have the same functionality as Photoshop. The appearance of photos edited with Inspiration presets will not be identical to photos edited with Photoshop actions. Inspiration presets are a unique complement to our Inspire actions, that can be used alone or in harmony with the actions.

These presets will work in any of the Lightroom versions listed above. Please make sure that you have the required software before purchasing. We make every attempt to ensure that our products work in future versions of Lightroom, but due to possible changes Adobe may implement, we cannot guarantee future compatibility.
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7 reviews for MCP Inspiration™ Lightroom Presets

  1. Valerie Bybee

    I absolutely love MCP’s products. MCP now has given photographers the opportunity to edit their photos in Lightroom with very similar presets to Inspire actions. I love Lightroom’s ability to edit multiple photos by synchronizing them for a quicker edit time. This set allows me to accomplish my goal of faster output for my customers with the same amazing quality for my photos. I love that I can get similar results to Inspire, minus a few things only you can do in Photoshop, and be 100% satisfied with how my edits turn out. In many ways I have achieved results that I couldn’t achieve in PS. This set is well worth the price and you will be very happy that you purchased it.

  2. Carla Lehhman Photo

    As a long time user of MCP Actions in Photoshop, particularly Inspire and Fusion, I was thrilled about the Inspiration Lightroom presets. There’s great attention to detail and the presets are versatile and easy to use. I could edit the same photo as another photographer using this set, and it would have a completely different look. These presets allow photographers to express their own styles and creativity. Instead of spending 30 minutes per image, I can get similar looks in a minute or two. Instead of planting myself at the chair at my desk, I’m spending time playing with my kids. Thank you Jodi and Erin. These presets are truly a photographer’s dream.

  3. Blythe Harlan

    Inspire is my favorite Photoshop action set, so naturally, I was excited to get these presets which have the essence of Inspire. These allow me to get looks similar to those that I love in the Inspire set, but I can now batch edit hundreds of photos at a time using these presets in Lightroom! I especially love all the awesome brushes that come with these presets, because there are always those few photos that I really want to do something special with. Now, I am able to quickly edit all my photos and then do creative edits with my favorite photos without ever leaving Lightroom.

  4. Lori Day

    These presets have been a godsend to me. I have been able to complete most of my edits just using Lightroom and these presets. My editing process has been shortened considerably. Thank goodness!

  5. JulieBuffalo

    I love this new set! I have the Inspire Actions and now that I can get a similar look in Lightroom, it will decrease the amount of time i spend when I don’t need to take my pictures into photoshop for a full edit. I love the fact that I can batch edit now an achieve similar looks to Inspire. Thank you MCP. As always, you hit a home run with these. I would recommend these to anyone from beginner to expert.

  6. StaceyBarnes

    What an awesome collection of presets! I have been able to improve my workflow process and develop beautiful edits. The presets are easy to use and are a wonderful addition to my other MCP Actions! Great job!

  7. StaceyBarnes

    What an awesome collection of presets! I have been able to improve my workflow process and develop beautiful edits. The presets are easy to use and are a wonderful addition to my other MCP Actions! Great job!

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$99.99 $39.00

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