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Sketch & Pop Art Photoshop Actions


The Sketch & Pop Photoshop action set is a fun bundle that allows you to recreate hand-drawn and retro halftone printed images. These simple one-click actions will add all the pop, sizzle, and pizzazz to your images that you so desire. The Sketch & Pop actions set is fun and easy to use. Made with Photoshop CC.

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Using Sketch & Pop Photoshop Actions:

So, you want to get snazzy with your photos? Thinking about a cool way to add some spice, or just make them works of art? Well, look no further because the Sketch & Pop Photoshop Actions set is here to save the day. The action set contains nine (yes nine!) outstanding and quite frankly awesome actions that will bring your photos from blah to bling! Let us take a look at the wonderful world of Sketch & Pop.

All the actions contain Smart Objects with Smart Filters so you can always tweak your results for a desired outcome. It is recommended that you set your foreground color to black and your background color to white for best results…but hey, experiment with color combinations before you run the actions and see what happens.

Sketch & Pop Photoshop Actions Overview:


Sketch-and-Ink-_0024_Sketchy-Detail Sketch & Pop Art Photoshop Actions


The name says it all. This sketch photoshop action will create a hand drawn pencil look, but with a little twist … bringing photos from full color to a blue/yellow sketch with amazing detail.

Sketch-and-Ink-_0021_Superhero-Detail Sketch & Pop Art Photoshop Actions


Total halftone madness is at your fingertips. Give your photos the superhero treatment with this homage to classic comic books. Works best with colorful/saturated images.Sketch-and-Ink-_0018_Pop-Detail Sketch & Pop Art Photoshop Actions


Looking to add some pop to your images? How about a snazzy, heavily saturated smudge brush painting? Yes, you can now recreate a modern pop art style with one incredible click. Ideally used on portraits and closeups.

Sketch-and-Ink-_0015_Drawing-Detail Sketch & Pop Art Photoshop Actions


What does it do? You guessed it. Creates an incredibly unique drawing of your photo. This action adds a chaotic scribble effect while keeping just enough details in your photos. A must-use if you’re looking for something a bit crazier than what “Sketchy” has to offer. The more contrast in your image, the better the results.

Sketch-and-Ink-_0012_Comicbook-Detail Sketch & Pop Art Photoshop Actions

Comic Book

Superhero a bit too hulk-like for you? Than try Comic Book. Super saturated, super contrast airbrush style images are just a simple click away. Truly the sizzle you need for your photos.
Sketch-and-Ink-_0009_Popart-Detail Sketch & Pop Art Photoshop Actions

Pop Art Reprint

Tired of original pop art? Make way for the radioactive knock-off you’ve been looking for. All the color and pizzazz of your typical pop art image but with a degraded canvas effect that emulates mass production screen printing.

Sketch-and-Ink-_0006_Reddawn-Detail Sketch & Pop Art Photoshop Actions

Red Dawn

Lets you create that ever-so-awesome movie poster style. Harsh reds with a neat halftone and blasting whites make this a really unique action. There is no escaping the Red Dawn, so embrace your inner Saul Bass and see where it takes you. Recommended for closeup images.

Sketch-and-Ink-_0003_Propaganda-Detail Sketch & Pop Art Photoshop Actions


Resistance is futile! Recreate the jagged shadows and heavy saturated look of post-war Soviet era propaganda. Not just for controlling the masses, Propaganda is also a variation of a comic book style. So save the world or take it over, Propaganda has what you need.Sketch-and-Ink-_0000_InkandPaint-Detail Sketch & Pop Art Photoshop Actions

Ink and Paint

Are you bored with the usual drawing style actions? No need to answer, I know. Ink and Paint recreates an ink outline image, but paints in colors where it matters, and washes out where it doesn’t.

Buy Sketch & Pop Photoshop Action Set today and start making amazing effects with your photos!

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