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Month: August 2013


Marginal Trades

“Marginal Trades” project documents endangered jobs in India

People living in India are well-aware of the country’s caste system which has been going on for centuries. As the world is moving forward, a lot of people living in swamps, earning very little money in the process, will have to change their professions. These dying jobs are documented by Supranav Dash in the “Marginal Trades” project.

Lorenz Holder

Lorenz Holder wins Red Bull Illume 2013 photo contest

In a huge ceremony in Hong Kong, the best action and photographer of the year has been selected. A team of judges have decided that the Overall Winner of the Red Bull Illume 2013 photo contest must be Lorenz Holder, a photographer from Germany, thanks to a photo of a snowboarder jumping over a satellite dish.

Nikon D600 replacement

Nikon D610 and D5300 DSLRs rumored to be coming soon

Nikon rumors are rare sightings these days. Not too much is being heard about the company’s future plans, but it is the right time to put everything behind. The gossip season is kickstarted by the so-called Nikon D610, which should replace the D600, as well as by the D5300, that will substitute the mid-range D5200 APS-C DSLR.

Zeiss 85mm f/1.8 lens

Zeiss 85mm f/1.8 ZA lens leaked as Sony rumors intensify

The Zeiss 85mm f/1.8 ZA lens has just been leaked on the web. This optic will be announced soon for NEX APS-C cameras, sources say. Additionally, new Sony rumors have appeared, revealing that the company is working on plenty of new E and A-mount / APS-C and full frame cameras that will be introduced within six months.

Samyang 16mm f/2

Samyang 10mm f/2.8 lens specs leaked on the web

Sources close to Samyang’s business have recently revealed that the company is working on a 12mm f/2 lens for “some” mirrorless camera mounts. However, it appears that the company has other plans, as the Samyang 10mm f/2.8 lens specs have just been leaked online and the company itself is listing it on its website.

New Pentax lenses

Updated Pentax K-mount lens roadmap revealed by Ricoh

Ricoh is keeping itself busy these days, as the company has introduced a compact camera, five new Pentax lenses, and a pair of flash guns. Apparently, more will come in 2013 and later, as the company has just published an updated Pentax K-mount lens roadmap, confirming four new optics and a 1.4x teleconverter.

Sony NEXFS700UK 4K video

Sony FDR-AX1 4K video camcorder to be introduced soon

Sony FDR-AX1 4K video camcorder is rumored to be officially announced in the near future. It is said to become an affordable camera that will be capable of recording 4K videos. Sources are reporting that it will be released for a price under $5,000, which would bring professional-like ultra HD movie capturing to the masses.

Samsung Galaxy NX

Samsung Galaxy NX price and release date officially announced

Samsung has introduced world’s first Android-powered mirrorless interchangeable lens camera earlier in 2013. The MILC has just had its price tag and release date revealed by the South Korean company. As a result, we know that the Samsung Galaxy NX price will stand at $1,599 when the camera becomes available in October.

Samsung 30mm f/2 lens

Samsung 16-80mm, 30mm, and Samyang 12mm f/2 lenses coming soon

Samsung is rumored to announce two new NX lenses, 16-80mm f/3.5-4.5 and NX 30mm f/2, sometime during the first few days of September. Meanwhile, the rumor mill has revealed that the Samyang 12mm f/2 optic will become available soon in several versions for Micro Four Thirds, Samsung NX, and Fujifilm X mirrorless cameras.

Pentax AF360FGZ II AF540FGZ II

Rugged Pentax AF540FGZ II and AF360FGZ II flashes unveiled

Outdoor photography is not an easy task, especially when the rain starts pouring in. If you plan on taking photos in a rainy environment, then you will need a weatherproof imaging system, says Ricoh. As a result, the company has introduced the rugged Pentax AF540FGZ II and AF360FGZ II flashes for weathersealed DSLR cameras.

Ricoh HZ15

Ricoh HZ15 16-megapixel compact camera announced

Ricoh is not busy only with the Pentax brand, as the company must look after its own as well. As a result, the Ricoh HZ15 has become the company’s latest compact camera, which will be released in late September. Among the specs that are to attract the customers we can find a 16-megapixel sensor and a 24-360mm 15x zoom lens.

Sony QX100 rumor

Sony QX100 price to stand at $450

Sony QX100 price is now the main subject of the rumor mill, as the upcoming lens-camera module is said to cost around $450. Although it has not been unveiled officially yet, the device’s specs have already been leaked online. Now that the price is here as well, there are few secrets waiting to be revealed until the September 4 launch event.

Dxo FilmPack 4.1 update

DxO FilmPack 4.1 software update released for download

DxO Labs has released the DxO FilmPack 4.1 software update for download, allowing Adobe Photoshop CC users to integrate the program as a plugin into the image editing application. This update comes only a few months after both the FilmPack 4 and Photoshop CC apps have first become available for users worldwide.


Improve Your Photography In One Word – Reflectors

This blog post will give you tips on how to use a reflector both in a studio setting and on location outdoors. Photo examples are included.

New HD Pentax DA Limited

Ricoh introduces five new HD Pentax DA Limited lenses

Ricoh has refreshed its APS-C K-mount lens lineup of 24 units with the launch of five new HD Pentax DA Limited lenses. A handful of existing primes have received a “High-Definition” treatment, consisting of new coatings that will significantly reduce optical flaws, while adding beautiful bokeh effect to your photos.

Sony NEX-5T

Sony NEX-5T adds NFC to finally replace the popular NEX-5R

The Sony NEX-5T has finally been announced after weeks of speculation and rumors. It is officially here to replace the NEX-5R, albeit the changes are kept to a minimum. The PlayStation maker has only added NFC technology as the only major upgrade, but the company is offering great deals that should attract more customers.

Olympus flagship camera teaser

Olympus E-M1 teaser hints at Four Thirds support

Olympus will introduce a high-end OM-D camera this fall. It will not replace the EM-5, which is the current flagship shooter, instead it will feature better specs and a higher price. An Olympus E-M1 teaser is making the internet rounds and it hints at Four Thirds lens support and it is confirming that the announcement date is very close.

Sony A3000

DSLR-like Sony A3000 mirrorless camera becomes official

The elusive DSLR-styled E-mount camera with an APS-C sensor has been introduced officially. It is called Sony A3000, just like the rumor mill has predicted, and it will be released on the market in September. Its mid-range specs allow it to compete against the Canon Rebel SL1, but its astonishing low price might give it the edge.

Zeiss 16-70mm f/4 Vario-Tessar T* ZA OSS

Sony announces 18-105mm f/4 and Zeiss 16-70mm f/4 lenses

After revealing two new E-mount cameras, the A3000 and the NEX-5T, Sony has officially introduced three new lenses for the same mount. The list includes a black version of the already-familiar 50mm f/1.8 prime, the PZ 18-105mm f/4 G OSS as well as the Zeiss 16-70mm f/4 Vario-Tessar T* ZA OSS lenses.

Fujifilm X-A1 deep blue

Leaked Fujifilm X-A1 photo is “legit and real”

When the Fujifilm X-A1 photo has been leaked, depicting an already-rumored entry-level camera without an X-Trans sensor, many have said that it is fake. However, an Australian source claims that the camera is real, as confirmed by a company representative, who also says that the device is coming soon.

Sigma 500mm f/4.5 EX DG IF APO telephoto lens

New Sigma telephoto lenses rumored to be in the works

Sigma is widely-recognized as one of the best third-party lens manufacturers. Moreover, it is the single one which is still making all of its products in Japan. Better yet, the optics are cheaper when compared to their counterparts. The best part is that four new Sigma telephoto lenses are in the works and they are coming soon.


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