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Lorenz Holder wins Red Bull Illume 2013 photo contest


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The Red Bull Illume 2013 photo contest winners have been announced, including the Overall Winner, in the body of photographer Lorenz Holder.

Earlier this year, Red Bull has begun allowing action photographers to submit their photos to the Illume Image Quest 2013 competition. It is a photo contest which focuses on sports photography and it offers huge incentives to the winners. As a result, thousands of photos have been submitted.

After the entries have been closed, the judges have selected 50 finalists in 10 categories as follows: Illumination, New Creativity, Energy, Spirit, Lifestyle, Close Up, Sequence, Wings, Playground, and Experimental.

Red Bull Illume 2013 image contest won by photographer Lorenz Holder

The photographers have been invited to a huge gala in Hong Kong on August 29. The ceremony saw the winners of all categories being announced and one person won two categories: Lorenz Holder.

The lensman has been selected as the 2013 Red Bull Illume Overall Winner with his photo submitted into the “Playground” category. The other division won by Holder was the “Experimental” one.

Germany-based photographer has been awarded €30,000 prizes, including a Leica S camera, Sun-Sniper accessories, and a Broncolor Move Outdoor kit.

Full list of Red Bull Illume 2013 competition winners

The winners of the remaining categories of the Red Bull Illume 2013 photo contest are:

  • Illumination: Scott Serfas;
  • New Creativity: Daniel Vojtěch;
  • Energy: Romina Amato;
  • Spirit: Chris Burkard;
  • Lifestyle: Morgan Maassen;
  • Close up: Jeroen Nieuwhuis;
  • Sequence: Zakary Noyle;
  • Wings: Samo Vidic.

All eight sports lensmen will go home with a Leica X2 camera, Sun-Sniper accessories, and a Broncolor Para 88 P kit.

It is worth noting that Morgan Maassen’s underwater photo of surfers waiting on their boards has been selected as the Athletes’ Choice winner at the Winner Award Ceremony held in Hong Kong.

Red Bull Illume contest to return three years from now

All 50 photos, which made it into the final, will feature 2×2-meter lightboxes spread around the city’s Avenue of Stars. It is considered a free exhibition for the public and the system will remain in place until September 15.

The contest will most likely return in 2016, as the first edition took place in 2007 and the second in 2012, respectively, with new prizes and other amazing photos, so make sure you go out there and start pressing that shutter button.

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