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How to Edit an Underexposed Photo in Lightroom

I have a secret. I love editing underexposed photos. This may sound ridiculous (or even sadistic to those of you who dread editing all together), but there’s something about uncovering those hidden details that gives me the feels. Doing this, of course, is a heck of a lot easier if you’re shooting in Camera Raw.…

Dec 30-C (101)

Step-by-Step Lightroom Guide to Importing, Exporting and Watermarking

Learn how to import, export and do copyrights and watermarks in Lightroom.

Inspiration after 17

Inspiration Lightroom Presets are Now Available!

Get our brand new Lightroom presets to speed up your editing and infuse light into your images.


How to Add an Artistic Look to Your Images Combining Lightroom and Photoshop

Get an artistic look in your images by combining edits in both Lightroom and Photoshop. It’s easy. Just follow along.

Lightroom 6

How to fix Adobe Lightroom 6 / CC “not responding” issue on AMD GPUs

Adobe Lightroom 6 / CC users have discovered that the image-editing program crashes in develop mode when GPU integration is turned on. This problem is prevalent on computers running Windows and featuring an AMD graphics card. We have found out how to fix Adobe Lightroom 6 / CC “not responding” issue on AMD GPUs!


Why Many Photographers Choose to Use Photoshop Actions

Learn the benefits to using Photoshop actions and Lightroom presets versus relying just on hand editing. And figure out which is best for you.


Vintage Editing In 2 Seconds or Less

Learn how to change your color images to vintage tinted ones in just 2 seconds. Follow this fast recipe.


Add Dimension and Color to Your Images In Less than a Minute

One Minute Edit: Follow these steps to add color, dimension and detail to your images in less than a minute.


4 Seconds to a More Vibrant Image

Learn how to add a splash of color to your photos in just 4 seconds. Follow this fast recipe.

StarTrail North Star

How to Successfully Edit Star Trails Images

Learn to edit star trail images using Adobe Lightroom and StarTraX software.

Lightroom 6

Adobe officially introduces Lightroom CC and Lightroom 6

After months of rumors and teasers, Adobe has finally released the next-generation version of Lightroom. For the first time in its history, the software has been split into two versions: Lightroom CC and Lightroom 6. The former has been added to the Creative Cloud suite, while the latter is available as a standalone program.

Adobe Lightroom 6 leaked

Adobe Lightroom 6 launch date now rumored to be March 25

Adobe was supposed to release Lightroom 6 on March 9. This deadline is now gone, but another one has taken its place. According to an Australian store, the Adobe Lightroom 6 launch date is March 25. The image-processing software is said to come on this date for a price tag which has been mentioned a few times before.

Adobe Lightroom 6 leaked

Adobe Lightroom 6 release date is March 9

The Adobe Lightroom 6 release date has been leaked ahead of the software’s official announcement. French retailer fnac is claiming that the image-processing program will begin shipping as of March 9 for the same price as its predecessor at launch. As the listing is still up, an official confirmation could be only hours away!

virtual copy

Soft Proofing in Lightroom

Learn how to use soft proofing so you know what your images really will look like and if you pushed your edits too far.

histogram 3

3 Ways to Identify and Reduce Blown Highlights in Lightroom

Fix blown highlights fast using these easy lightroom tips!

Adobe Lightroom 5.2 RC Release Candidate

Adobe Lightroom 6 will support only 64-bit operating systems

Adobe has confirmed that it will release the next major version of Lightroom in 2015. However, the company has some bad news for photographers using 32-bit operating systems. According to the developer, Adobe Lightroom 6 will be compatible only computers running on 64-bit versions of Mac OS X and Windows operating systems.

infusion before after-2

One Minute Lightroom Edit: Underexposed to Vibrant and Warm

Follow these quick steps to fix underexposure — get a better Lightroom edit and improve your image in one minute or less.


Editing Newborn Photos in Lightroom Just Got A Whole Lot Easier

If you photography newborns, you need to have this Photoshop action set. It makes editing baby images quick – and help you get the looks you want.


Edit Faster With My 15 Seconds Per Image Lightroom Workflow

If you want a quick, efficient way to edit your images, we are here to help you edit faster using our 15 seconds per image trick!

Evolution of Creative Cloud

Adobe Lightroom 6 to be unveiled at the Creative Cloud event

Adobe has announced that it will hold a product launch event on June 18. “Everything is new again”, says the company, as it prepares to reveal the next evolution of its Creative Cloud. However, the rumor mill is claiming that Adobe Lightroom 6 will also join the party with new post-processing features for professional photographers.


Save Time With This Free Keyboard Shortcut App

Shortcut keys save seasoned photo editors huge amounts of time. When you memorize combinations of keystrokes and no longer have to search for them, you’ll cut editing time dramatically. We’ve made lists of our favorite keyboard shortcuts for Photoshop and Elements in the past, and these free printable lists really help. But we just came…


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