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Adobe Lightroom 6 release date is March 9


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The Adobe Lightroom 6 release date has been scheduled to take place on March 9, according to a French retailer, which has begun listing the image-processing and image-editing software on its website.

Adobe has not hidden the fact that it is working on the next-generation of Lightroom. Although the company was expected to release it last year, it appears that the software has been delayed until early 2015 for unknown reasons.

In recent times, the company has confirmed that Lightroom 6 will become available only for 64-bit systems, leaving 32-bit systems out in the cold.

Moreover, all signs have shown that Adobe is getting ready to announce and release this program in the near future. Well, it appears that it will happen sooner rather than later as the Adobe Lightroom 6 release date is said to be March 9, according to French retailer fnac.

adobe-lightroom-6-release-date Adobe Lightroom 6 release date is March 9 Rumors

French retailer fnac’s listing of Adobe Lightroom 6. (The page has been translated using Google Translate.)

Adobe Lightroom 6 release date and price leaked by French retailer

Similar things have happened in the past. Retailers would list (accidentally or not) unannounced products on their websites. This time, it is fnac’s turn to do it. The popular French retailer says that the release date of the Lightroom 6 image-processing software is March 9.

The listing says that the software is compatible with Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 and Mac OS X 10.8 or higher. Additionally, the program will be released for about €130, the same launch price of Lightroom 5.

Usually, Lightroom is part of a global launch, so it is very likely that the sixth edition will show up in the US around March 9. As it will cost €130 in Europe, just like its predecessor, then it will become available in the US for about $150.

There is still a chance that the software will not be launched on this date, as Adobe has not officially confirmed it. Nevertheless, the listing has been up on fnac for a few hours, so an announcement could be imminent, as the retailer would have taken it down by now.

Adobe invites users to bring out the best of photo using Lightroom 6

The Lightroom 6 listing says that the software will allow photographers to master their digital photography workflow and to bring out the best of your photos.

In order to achieve these things, the program will offer superior noise reduction with automatic lens correction, Flickr integration, tethered shooting, batch processing, and an improved local adjustment brush.

One of the most exciting improvements is referred to as “performance gains”. The product description says that the software will make use of a computer graphics car, so that the importing, editing, and processing files will take less time.

Adobe will improve many other Lightroom tools in the sixth edition, while adding new features. All will become official soon and photographers will be able to take advantage of them as of March 9, if the fnac listing is accurate. Stay tuned!

Update (February 20, 2015 at 3AM ET): fnac has removed the Adobe Lightroom 6 listing from its website. The official announcement is still expected to occur within a few days.

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