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Adobe Lightroom 6 launch date now rumored to be March 25


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The Adobe Lightroom 6 launch date is once again a rumor mill subject, as the image-processing software is now expected to become available on March 25, after missing the March 9 prediction of a French store.

The release date of the next version of Adobe Lightroom has been the subject of intense gossip talks over the past couple of months. Recently, a French store has accidentally listed Lightroom 6 on its website, hinting that the software is coming on March 9 for €130 / about $150. However, the program has failed to show up on that date and the wait has started all over again.

However, another store is now listing the program and it is offering an estimated time of arrival alongside a price tag. Without much further ado, Australian retailer TLC Online says that the Adobe Lightroom 6 launch date is set for March 25, while its price tag is set at about AUD$205.

adobe-lightroom-6-launch-date Adobe Lightroom 6 launch date now rumored to be March 25 Rumors

Adobe Lightroom 6 is listed as coming on March 25 by an Australian store.

Adobe Lightroom 6 launch date delayed until March 25

Adobe might not have announced the next-generation Lightroom edition, but the software should be officialized in the near future. According to an Australian store, the program is coming on March 25 and it will be priced around 205 Australian dollars, which translates to roughly $150.

The company is expected to introduce the image-editing software very soon, which means that you will have to stay tuned! Nevertheless, most of its new features and improvements have already showed up on the web.

Meanwhile, it would be best not to raise your hopes too high, as the last time things have not turned out as photographers hoped.

New Adobe Lightroom 6 will improve your digital workflow

According to the latest leaks, Adobe has optimized Lightroom, which will run much smoother as it will be getting help from your graphics card. Moreover, it will be easier to sort and to share your photos, while bringing the best out of them thanks to cutting-edge tools.

It does not matter what device you used to take a photo, the results will be amazing, thanks to an improved healing brush and an upright tool among others.

Fans of black-and-white photography will be pleased to find out that conversion to B&W has been enhanced as well. If you are an HDR fan, then you will be able to create surreal shots by combining multiple photos much easier than ever before.

Adobe Lightroom 6 will also allow users to create photo books and web galleries. Now, all that it remains is for the software to become official. Stay tuned to Camyx for the launch event!

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