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street photography


In The Alley

A decade of life “In The Alley” by Lars Andersen

One day, a photographer has noticed that he has captured a bunch of photos of the same place throughout the years. The artist is called Lars Andersen and the place is the Lehne alley in Tromso, a city in Norway. The photographer then decided to turn the photos into a project called “In The Alley” which spans for a period of 10 years.

We Never Met

“We Never Met”, but we know all about you

Photographers Alex Mendes and Hugo Catraio are capturing photos of strangers’ backs. The shots are then coupled with fictional stories about the subjects, which are representing conversations the authors never had with the subjects. The project is called “We Never Met” and it is an exciting street photography series.

Urban Photographer of the Year 2014

CRBE Urban Photographer of the Year 2014 winners revealed

The CRBE Urban Photographer of the Year 2014 competition has produced fine examples of street photography. The winners of the photo contest have been revealed, with Marius Vieth emerging as the overall winner. All the winning shots are simply captivating and should be an inspiration to young street photographers.

The Death Of Conversion

The Death Of Conversation caught on camera by Babycakes Romero

Photographer Babycakes Romero has captured “The Death Of Conversation” on camera. His photo series proves that smartphones are killing socialization, as people are more connected to their smartphones than to their fellow humans. This amazing project should be a wake up call for people before they completely forget how to socialize.

Scott kelby worldwide photowalk

Photowalks around the world with Scott Kelby and tens of thousands of photographers

October 5 2013 is the day when tens of thousands of photographers from the entire world will go out in the streets with their cameras for fun and prizes in the annual event The Scott Kelby Worldwide Photowalk.

Edna Egbert

Old crime scenes mashed up in New York City: Then & Now photos

Everybody loves “then-and-now” photos. They show us the past and present of certain locations. Photographer Marc A. Hermann is also a fan of these mash-ups, but he has decided to come up with his own project. It is called “New York City: Then & Now”, and consists of blending in old crime scene photos with modern backgrounds.


“Man on Earth” reminds us how lonely we are in a crowded world

Photographer Rupert Vandervell has created an image project, entitled “Man on Earth”, with the goal of portraying human subjects against tall buildings. The monochrome series reveals that humans are lonely in a big world, despite the fact that a lot of modern cities are over-crowded.

Inside Street Football photography

HTC and Getty Images launch Inside Street Football exhibition

HTC is doing its best to promote the camera found on its latest flagship Android-powered smartphone, called One. The latest Ultrapixel campaign consists of an exhibition called Inside Street Football. The company has partnered with several Getty Images photographers, who have captured amazing street photography.

No photos North Korea

American facing death penalty in North Korea for taking photos

There is a lot of controversy surrounding North Korea. It appears that an American citizen is facing the death penalty for taking photos of orphans. Accusations of being a spy and plotting to overthrow the government have also been added to the list, while Kenneth Bae is still detained and facing death row for using his camera.

Portraits of Boston memorial

Touching portraits of Boston people before and after bombings

The city of Boston has been hit with a terrorist attack on April 15, 2013. However, the spirit of the citizens will never be broken and this is pretty easy to provide, thanks to the “Portraits of Boston” website. The page consists of portrait photos captured in Boston. Each person has a different, but captivating story illustrated through photography.

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