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American facing death penalty in North Korea for taking photos


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An American citizen is facing the death penalty in North Korea for photographing orphans who were asking for food because he was planning to overthrow the government with the photos.

North Korea ceased to be a major focus point after the Boston marathon bombings. For a couple of weeks, everyone in the US has forgotten about Kim Jong-Un’s threats, but North Korea is back under the spotlights due to another controversy.

kenneth-bae American facing death penalty in North Korea for taking photos Exposure

Kenneth Bae, the American citizen currently being detained in North Korea for capturing photos of orphans. Credits: “Remember Ken Bae” Facebook page.

US citizen detained in North Korea said to have admitted that he committed crimes against the nation

Kenneth Bae is an American citizen of South Korean descent. He has been taken into custody during a trip to the Rason Special Economic Zone, North Korea. This area is found somewhere near the borders with Russia and China, where foreign businesses can develop their activity.

The country has not explained why it arrested him and it remained unclear whether he will be released or not. It appears that he will not be freed anytime soon, as he is charged for plotting to overthrow the government.

Bae’s full list of accusations is still unknown, but the Korean Central News Agency claims that the American citizen has confessed to his actions, which were aimed at overturning the North Korean reigning ministry.

Planning to topple the government is punishable by death in North Korea

According to the news agency, such crimes can be punished by death. Fortunately, a decision has not been made as his activity is still being investigated, though the Supreme Court is expected to call for final trial sometime in the near future.

The US does not have any diplomatic relations with the Asian country, but some popular stars and high-profile people have asked North Korea to release all American citizens currently being held in custody.

Google’s Eric Schmidt has traveled there, in order to get Bae released. However, some say that he never attempted this, as he was busy with improving Google Maps in North Korea.

Nevertheless, New Mexico Governor, Bill Richardson, has actually attempted to get the American citizen released, but to no avail.

Kenneth Bae arrested for taking photos of orphans who were asking for food

Recently, it has been discovered that the reason why Kenneth Bae is in custody is related to photography. It is believed that he took photos of orphans asking for food in the Rason region. North Korea claims that this is an attempt to start a propaganda against the country and its leader.

South Korean news sources added that his religious beliefs are not helping either. Bae is a Christian who has links with the Joseph Connection, a humanitarian organization with Jesus Christ at its forefront.

Such missionaries are often harassed in North Korea because advocating the Christian religion is forbidden in the country.

It is still unclear whether Bae tried to knock down Kim Jong-Un, the government or to promote religion in North Korea. Moreover, it is not certain whether he confessed to these crimes or not.

It remains to be seen if the Asian nation’s Supreme Court sees photography as a crime punishable by death.

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