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On A Photo Mission


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deirdra-sooc-1 On A Photo Mission


IL3A9053-1 On A Photo Mission

Photo Equipment & MCP Actions™ Products Used

Camera and Lens Used: [amazon_link id=”B007FGYZFI” target=”_blank” ]Canon 5D MKIII[/amazon_link], [amazon_link id=”B000I1X3W8″ target=”_blank” ]Canon 70-200F4L IS[/amazon_link]
ISO, Aperture, Shutter Speed: ISO200, F4, 1/400
Software Used: Lightroom, Photoshop
Actions/Presets Used: Magic Skin Photoshop Actions, MCP’s Free Photoshop Actions, Autumn Equinox Photoshop Actions, Eye Doctor and Dentist Photoshop Actions, Four Seasons Photoshop Actions
Extra Details: Steps Taken to Achieve Final Product –

This was shot Mid Afternoon, but since she is in the shadows, I was able to get the effect I wanted by lighting her with a YN568EX speedlight with a 1/2 CTO Gel, inside a 16″ Beauty dish.

I started in Adobe Camera RAW (ACR) . I had started the shoot with a white balance target as the first image. I applied custom WB by clicking on the neutral gray target.

Then I used the lens mapping in ACR, changed the contrast curve to Medium, applied AUTO exposures and adjusted the Exposure, Whites & Shadow sliders till I got the look I wanted.

I then Brought into PS CC. I duplicated the layer and did basic blemish clean up with patch tool, spot healing etc. After that, I followed my regular workflow with MCP actions.

Seasons extra: I always start with Ellie’s Magic trick to pull out the details.  De-Hazify at 30% to bring up the mid tone contrast, Illuminate at 30% on the eye sockets to lighten them a bit to match the rest of the face.

Autumn Equinox – Paint on Fall foliage at 50% on the train to bring out the reds.

Magic Skin – After flattening the layers, I used Magic powder at 50% on the skin.

Eye doctor at 100% on the features on the train to make the rivets & wood structure pop.

Eye doctor at 50% on the eyes, and on the camera & clothes.

I always finish with the FREE MCP FB action & FREE watermark action


Image Title: On A Photo Mission
By: Shankar Narayanan
Studio: Shankar Photography, LLC

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