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Paragliding photographer

Stunning Earth photos from a paragliding photographer

Paragliding would make anyone’s heart start beating. Adrenaline would start flowing through everyone’s veins, but Jody MacDonald manages to keep her cool. She is the leading photographer of the Best Odyssey expedition around the world, which has allowed her to capture a stunning collection of Earth photos.

34-gigapixel Prague panorama

Canon 1D X used for shooting 34-gigapixel Prague panorama

A new gigapixel photo has appeared on the web, showing another European city in its full glory. It measures 34 billion pixels and more than 2,600 individual shots taken with a Canon 1D X have been used for it. This is Czech Republic’s capital city, Prague, and it looks simply amazing.

Mars billion-pixel panorama

NASA creates 1.3-gigapixel Mars panorama, thanks to Curiosity

Panoramas are great and NASA knows this, so its researchers have decided to compile a gigapixel shot of Mars by stitching together about 900 RAW images. All photos have been sent from the Red Planet by the Curiosity rover, which has captured them in the fall of 2012, while being in the “Rocknest” area.

360-degree Dubai panorama

Wonderful 360-degree panorama of Dubai from Burj Khalifa’s top

Don’t you simply love those panoramas made to look like tiny planets? They are wonderful and they look better when they are captured from impressive heights. Well, the one which depicts a 360-degree view of Dubai tops them all, as it has been captured from the pinnacle of the world’s tallest building, Burj Khalifa.

Eiffel Tower and low rainbow photographed by Bertrand Kulik

Photographer captures rare Eiffel Tower and rainbow shot

Humans have created the Eiffel Tower. It is a beautiful structure, visited by millions of people each year. On the other hand, nature is simply amazing. It produces great displays, such as rainbows.When these two work together, they can produce epic sights, and photographer Bertrand Kulik was there to capture one of them.

The top of the Great Pyramid of Giza offers an impressive view, as the landscape is breathtaking

Rare photos of the view from the top of Egypt’s Great Pyramid

Three Russian photographers pulled a stunt like no other by climbing up to the top of the Great Pyramid of Giza. The youngsters were foolish, but brave enough to pursue their dream of capturing rare photos of the view from the top of the biggest pyramid in Egypt, and they dully delivered, as the images are breathtaking.

Jeff Cremer captured a 16MP panoramic photo of Machu Picchu

Photographer captures 16-gigapixel panorama image of Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu is one of those historic sites which deserve to be seen during one’s lifetime. However, not all people have the means required to travel to Peru. Fortunately, photographer Jeff Cremer is offering the next best thing with the help of a huge 16-gigapixel panorama image of the Inca site, a photo taken with the Canon 7D.

photography of tree in cemetery, mirrored to give impression that it is floating

Natural symmetry in the artificial ways of Traci Griffin

The concept of symmetry is explored by photographer Traci Griffin, who creates floating objects with a technique that allows her to mirror photos of trees, and then puts them together in a collection suggestively titled “Mirrors”, which is reminiscent of the popular Rorschach test.

Golf players on golf course in Australia, being shrunk with the use of tilt shift.

The real life toy sets of Ben Thomas

Being a photographer is tough these days, as it is almost impossible to come up with something that nobody has done before. However, you can still approach a subject differently. 31-year-old Australian photographer Ben Thomas creates the illusion of toy-like cities, by optically shrinking them with the use of the tilt-shift technique.


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