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Wonderful 360-degree panorama of Dubai from Burj Khalifa’s top


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Photographer Gerald Donovan has revealed a 360-degree panorama of Dubai from the top of the world’s tallest building, Burj Khalifa.

A lot of photographers dream of taking photos from the top of Burj Khalifa, which is the tallest building in the world, for the time being. Beside National Geographic’s Joe McNally, who has shared a foot shot while atop the structure, photographer Gerald Donovan has also received this opportunity and he has made the most of it.

360-degree-panorama-dubai-edited Wonderful 360-degree panorama of Dubai from Burj Khalifa's top Exposure

Gerald Donovan’s first 360-degree panorama of Dubai has been edited to removed the Burk Khalifa tower due to some pesky elements in the shot. Credits: Gerald Donovan.

Photographer Gerald Donovan releases unedited version of 360-degree panorama of Dubai from the Burj Khalifa pinnacle

Earlier this year, the photographer shared a 360-degree panorama of Dubai, but the image just did not feel right. The reason for that is that the view was not entirely original, as the Burj Khalifa did not make it into the frame, although the panorama has been captured from the building’s top.

The reason why Donovan has been compelled to remove the tower is the summit itself, which is full of antennas, cameras, a lightning rod, and other stuff. Furthermore, photographer Joseph Hutson and another person were in the shot, too, therefore Donovan applied some Photoshop trickery to “delete” all “pesky” elements.

360-degree-panorama-of-dubai Wonderful 360-degree panorama of Dubai from Burj Khalifa's top Exposure

An amazing 360-degree panorama of Dubai from the pinnacle of the world’s highest building. This one has not been edited and it includes the tower itself. Credits: Gerald Donovan.

Small planet shot of Dubai from world’s tallest building looks even better with Burj Khalifa in it

Well, Gerald has decided to release the unedited version, which still looks like a tiny planet, but everything that was previously removed is now back into the shot and it is worth saying that the “Dubai planet” looks even more impressive with the Burj Khalifa tower in it.

All panoramas look great, but they are even better when they are made to look like tiny planets. Dubai is also a great place for that, as in just a few years it has been turned from wasteland into one of the best touristic attractions in the world.

About 48 shots have been required to create the panorama without the tower, while the number of shots for the one with the Burj Khalifa is unknown. What is certain is that Gerald Donovan has turned them into limited edition prints, which are definitely worth purchasing whether you are a collector or not.

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