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How to Take Pictures of Lightning

Learn what equipment and camera settings you’ll need for taking pictures of lightning.

How to photograph underwater

Underwater Photography for Beginners

Simple tips and tricks on how to achieve beautiful underwater photography. How to pose your model, choose gear and edit for maximum impact and creativity.

extended backdrop beyond the existing backdrop

Use The Creative Process to Improve Your Photography Skills

The creative process can be used to improve your photographic skills. Here’s a project that can inspire you to try something similar soon.


A Different Kind of Before and After

Rather than the usual Photoshop or Lightroom before and after, learn how I spent the last year becoming a before and after myself — via a change in my lifestyle.


6 Tips for Capturing Great Wedding Photos

Every set of lovebirds has a unique story to tell. Here are our top tips to telling an adorable wedding day love story.

MCP Timeline Cover Template final

Add a Missing Piece and Bold Colors in Photoshop

Give your images a POP of color and fill in a missing piece of your image in these easy to follow steps.


Fun Photography Activity Using Fruit as a Prop

Have fun using fruit as a prop in this step-by-step photography activity — carve letters into fruit for your next summer themed photo shoot, BBQ or more.


How to Master the Art of Floating Fruit Photography

Have you always wanted to know how photographers get floating fruit photos? It’s easy to recreate with this step-by-step guide.


How to Create a Panoramic Wrapped Picture

Recently, one of my friends shared with me a picture on Facebook that was labeled “Taking a Panoramic Picture while Rolling Down a Hill”.  It was of a gorgeous picture, supposedly taken with an iPhone while rolling down a hill.  She “challenged” me to see if I could do it, or more specifically, if my…

StarTrail North Star

How to Successfully Edit Star Trails Images

Learn to edit star trail images using Adobe Lightroom and StarTraX software.

StarTrail North Star

How to Successfully Photograph Star Trails – Capturing the Night Sky

Learn how to successfully photograph star trails in light polluted areas using these steps.

by pArt of Life Photography LLC

How to Photograph Christmas Lights

Learn to photograph Christmas lights using aperture to control the outcome. Get the looks you want quick and easy.


Which Is Better? The Film vs Digital Debate

It’s confession time. I used to think that modern photographers who used film cameras had lost their minds. I admit it, I judged them a bit. Who would use film vs digital? Who on earth would PAY for film and then PAY again for developing and WAIT for the images? For only 24 or 36…

senior girl

4 Go-To Poses for Senior Girls

Senior photography is super fun and can be very lucrative but it is challenging coming up with fresh new ideas. So today I’m going to share with you 4 sure-fire poses that work for just about any senior girl at any location.

Girl reading a magic book in a magic forest

How to Turn Your Photo Into Something Magical

Make your photos more magical and extraordinary using these quick, fun steps in Photoshop and Lightroom.

Stepping In Front of the Lens by Lindsay Williams

5 Tips for Photographers to Get In Photos with Their Families

Getting in photos with your loved ones is so important. Here’s ways to help photographers let go and start becoming part of those memories.


Edit Faster With My 15 Seconds Per Image Lightroom Workflow

If you want a quick, efficient way to edit your images, we are here to help you edit faster using our 15 seconds per image trick!


Stop Following the Rules of Photography to Start Capturing Photos You Love

Why Lindsay Williams stopped following the rules of photography, and why you should too, in order to get “perfect” photos that you love.


A Guide to Photographing Hummingbirds

  A Guide to Photographing Hummingbirds Hummingbirds are beautiful.  And they are fast.  If you hope to photograph them you will want to plan for it, not just rely on luck. Here’s how I approach capturing images of hummingbirds. The Necessities: Feeders: I have two bird feeders which means up to 8 to 10+ birds…


How to Cope When You Wonder if Your Photography is Good Enough

All photographers question if they are good enough sometimes. This is a look at how photographer, Spanki Mills, pulled out of the depths of that slump. A BLUR. That is what this past year has felt like for me. Not because it went by too fast and not because I had so much fun…but because…


Finding Balance: 4 Tips for Juggling Career, Family, and Photography

When photography is not a full-time job, finding the right balance in life can be hard. Lindsay Williams of Lindsay Williams Photography offers advice on how to manage a career, a family, and a passion for photography whether you are a hobbyist or a part-time professional.


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