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Photographer makes strangers wear tiger suit for his project


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Photographer Adam Rabinowitz is asking random strangers on the street to wear a tiger suit and to strike a pose for his ongoing “Tiger Suit” photo project.

A true artist does not wait for things to happen in front of a computer screen. He goes out there, looks for the perfect setup, and then waits for right subject to show up. Another alternative is to make your own shot and to invite random people to become your subjects.

The latter approach was chosen by Adam Rabinowitz. However, he does not simply ask strangers to be a part of his project. Instead he asks them to wear a tiger costume and to strike an unconventional pose of their choice. The results then become a part of his “Tiger Suit” photo project.

Photographer asks strangers to wear a tiger costume and to strike a pose for his photo project

Although photography has been around for decades, most people are not comfortable with having their picture taken, even when they find themselves in a public place. Thankfully, there are lots of people who are open to this idea and they will even do something extra for a photographer.

In Adam Rabinowitz’ case, the subjects have accepted to wear a tiger costume and to strike amusing poses, in order to add a different twist to the photo series.

The locations of the photo shoots are unknown, but it looks like they have been captured in Israel.

Regardless of the location, the people who have featured in the photo shoot seemed to have been very happy while doing it. After all, this is the entire purpose of photography!

“The Tiger Suit” is an amusing photo series and Adam Rabinowitz plans to keep it running

The photographer has captured people of all types on camera and sometimes multiple subjects in a single photo. This suggests that Adam Rabinowitz is walking around with multiple suits in his backpack, for different-sized people.

The subjects are trying to imitate a tiger in some shots, but others will simply wear the costume, smile at the camera, and leave with an experience that they will remember for the rest of their lives.

It would be interesting to see what other people passing by think about this project, but it seems like this aspect will remain a mystery for now.

More photos and the full details about the project can be found at its official Facebook page.

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