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In Extremis: funny photos of people falling awkwardly


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Photographer Sandro Giordano has compiled a hilarious photo series, called “In Extremis”, which depicts subjects falling in awkward positions, while refusing to let go of the things in their hands.

When looking for something to make you laugh on the web, you will definitely stumble upon a funny photo. Nowadays, the internet is filled with websites that are providing quick humor through using amusing pictures.

The good thing is that you can create well-thought art that is actually fun to watch. Enter the work of photographer Sandro Giordano, who is capturing photos of subjects falling down and always landing in an awkward position. Still, once you find out the story behind the “In Extremis” project, you may have to reconsider your life’s priorities.

Amusing photo series of people falling and landing in awkward positions

The photographer appears annoyed by stereotypes and the current human condition. Falsity is present in all marketing strategies, while more and more humans are appealing to plastic surgeries without actually needing them – an example being people who suffered accidents.

Humans want to be perfect, but Sandro Giordano believes that we can find perfection in imperfection. The fact that we are all different makes us human. However, we tend to pride ourselves in things that do no matter, such as the falsity of plastic surgery and the objects that we hold dear, such as smartphones and cameras.

This is why “In Extremis” is aiming to show its viewers that humans have a condition that compels them to not let go of an object even if they are putting themselves at risk.

The subjects will try to preserve an object, which represents falsity, instead of taking care of their well-being, which represents the truth and their integrity.

In these stories, the face of the subject is rarely shown because it simply does not matter. What matter is the position of their bodies, which suggests bad injuries, and their refusal to repudiate dishonesty.

Sandro Giordano is also guilty of doing the same thing as the “In Extremis” subjects

The good thing is that nobody was hurt in the making of the series. According to Sandro Giordano, the subjects are actually professional actors, so they know how to protect themselves from serious accidents.

It appears that the “In Extremis” idea also applies to Sandro Giordano as the photographer is a victim of this “falsity”. A bike accident has made him lose about 30% of his right hand’s functions.

The photographer blames himself for the accident as he has simply refused to let go of the object in his hand and to prevent the injury.

Well, we are happy to see that Sandro Giordano is going on with his life and photography career. His work is excellent and you can find more of it at his personal Instagram account.

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