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Nobody Claps Anymore in this poignant portrait photo series


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Photographer Alec Dawson is the creator of a haunting portrait photo project, called Nobody Claps Anymore, that documents our emotional cancers which consist of feelings of depression, loneliness, or anxiety.

Diseases are not always physical. Sometimes they are spiritual. Photographer Alec Dawson is referring to our spiritual issues as “emotional cancers”. Depression, isolation, anxiety, or regret are feelings that affect us although we may attempt to keep them hidden while at work or in public places. However, at home they tend to come out. This is why the photographer has decided to capture these feelings of his subjects in their own homes. The result has been named “Nobody Claps Anymore” and it includes poignant portraits of regular people struggling to cope with their inner problems.

Photographer Alec Dawson creates dark photo project depicting emotional cancers

It seems like it is human nature to encounter tiny drawbacks with each step. Some people can handle them by ignoring or fixing them one way or another. However, there are people who cannot cope with these issues, which will eventually turn into “paralyzing monsters”.

These monsters are depression, anxiety, isolation, or regret and all of them have been felt by photographer Alec Dawson, who calls them emotional cancers.

In order to deal with these problems, the photographer has decided to undergo art therapy. The treatment is called “Nobody Claps Anymore” and it is the project that helps the artist to cope with his inner struggles.

Authentic scenes captured in the subject’s own homes

Alec Dawson says that the only way to capture these feelings in the subjects’ homes. The shots are said to be authentic, but the photographer admits to setting up the lighting in a cinematic fashion in order to make the shots more dramatic.

Additionally, the artist may ask the subjects to slightly alter their pose, while very rarely asking them to change their clothing. It is worth noting that some shots are NSFW, but not because Alec Dawson wanted them to be like this, merely because the subjects chose to.

These emotional problems surface at home when you least expect them, so several times the artist has had only a few seconds at his disposal to capture the desired shots.

The reason why the project is called “Nobody Claps Anymore”

The title of this dramatic photo series may not ring a bell to you. However, the artist has a good reason to have named it like this.

Alec Dawson says that the inspiration has come after the plane he was in landed at the airport in Melbourne, Australia. It appears that the plane’s landing has been a bit rough and that no claps or words were heard. Instead, all he could hear were the sounds of zippers and belt buckles, as the “audience had forgotten to clap”.

More photos from the project as well as more details about the photographer can be found at this official website.

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