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Entry-level Fujifilm X-Trans camera

Entry-level Fujifilm X-Trans camera to be called X-A1

As the days go by, it becomes more clear that Fujifilm will launch two new mirrorless cameras this summer. Both of them will be very cheap and they will feature APS-C image sensor. Only one of them will pack an X-Trans sensor, while the other one will have to rely on another technology. However, both their names have just been leaked.

Rokinon 300mm f/6.3 lens

Rokinon 300mm f/6.3 lens announced for Sony E-mount and others

Samyang is choosing to introduce its products on Facebook, the social networking service. The company is known under the Rokinon brand in the United States, but this is the only difference, since the new Rokinon 300mm f/6.3 lens for Sony NEX E-mount cameras has just been announced through the world’s largest social network.

Olympus Sony sensor DSLR cameras

Olympus to use Sony image sensors in new DSLR cameras

The president of Olympus has recently given an interview to a Japanese online publication, in order to discuss the future of the company. Hiroyuki Sasa has revealed that his company will use Sony image sensors in its future DSLR and mirrorles cameras, while the PlayStation maker will use Zuiko lenses in its future shooters.

First Leica Mini M image

Leica Mini M photo, specs, and price leaked

After days of being fed with teasers, Leica fans can finally rejoice, as the first photo of the upcoming Mini M camera has appeared on the internet. It also confirms that the device is an APS-C sensor camera with a fixed zoom lens. But wait, there’s more! The specs and price of the Mini M have also been leaked ahead of the camera’s launch.

Sony full frame A-mount A99

Sony launching three full frame A-mount cameras in 2014

The rumors concerning Sony cameras have intensified over the past few weeks. It appears that the company has decided to focus on A-mount shooters, while the NEX series no longer plays a major role in the company’s strategy. Now, a new set of rumors says that three full frame cameras with A-mount support are coming in 2014.

Olympus hybrid Micro Four Thirds camera

Olympus working on Micro Four Thirds camera with hybrid mount

Cameras with hybrid mounts are the subject of increasingly more rumors. Sony is rumored to introduce a hybrid A-E mount shooter and now it seems like Olympus will also be launching a MFT camera with hybrid Four Thirds-Micro Four Thirds mount sometime this fall, in order to fight against Panasonic’s GX1 replacement.

Entry-level Fujifilm X-mount camera lens kits

Entry-level Fujifilm X-mount camera to retail alongside multiple lens kits

There is no secret that Fujifilm is developing a new X-Trans camera aimed at entry-level consumers. The shooter has even been flaunted by a company representative a short time ago. Until the camera’s release date, sources will continue to reveal information about it, the latest piece of information confirming that Fuji will offer the camera in multiple kits.

Fujifilm X-Pro1 XF 55-200mm lens

Fujifilm X-Pro1 / X-E1 firmware updates released for download

Fujifilm has speeded up its internal work, which has resulted in the release of two firmware updates for the X-Pro1 and X-E1 cameras. Both cameras are now capable of supporting the amazing autofocus speeds of the new Fujinon XF 55-200mm f/3.5-4.8 R LM OIS lens, which packs the fastest AF system in the world.

Panasonic GX2 design

Panasonic GX2 Micro Four Thirds camera begins to take shape

Panasonic will release a new Micro Four Thirds camera this summer. The announcement will take place during an event in August, while the actual release will occur in early September. Sources have revealed that the design of the new mirrorless shooter will be very similar to that of the L1, the company’s first Four Thirds camera.

Panasonic GX2 specs leaked

Panasonic GX2 specs list shows up online

Panasonic has added multiple cameras to the market this year, but this does not mean that the company is stopping. Sources familiar with the matter have revealed the alleged specifications list of the purported GX1 replacement, which is rumored to be called GX2. The Micro Four Thirds system is said to be released this fall.

Panasonic GX1 successor

Panasonic GX1 replacement announcement date scheduled for late August

Panasonic has been on a “replacing” spree in 2013, as the company has launched the GF6, G6, and the LF1 this year. However, this does not mean that the GX1 is not facing the ax. We have heard through the grapevine that the Lumix GX1 successor will be announced sometime in late August 2013 and that it will be released this coming fall.

Entry-level Fujifilm camera rumor

Entry-level Fujifilm X-Trans-less camera coming soon alongside zoom lens

Fujifilm has a busy summer schedule ahead, as the Japanese manufacturer is rumored to announce two entry-level and cheap cameras. One of them will be a mirrorless shooter with an X-Trans image sensor, while the other one will be a compact without an X-Trans sensor but which should be revealed alongside a zoom lens.

Mirrorless DSLR camera sales drop

Mirrorless and DSLR camera sales have decreased, CIPA says

There is no secret that camera manufacturers are complaining about the decrease in volume shipments. However, the numbers are more worrying than first believed, as a Camera & Imaging Products Association (CIPA) report shows a steep decline in mirrorless and DSLR camera sales during the past 12 months.

Two new Fujifilm cameras

Two new Fujifilm mirrorless cameras coming this summer

Fujifilm fans have practically been begging for an entry-level X-mount camera. Their desire is getting closer to become a reality, as the rumor mill is once again suggesting that the Japan-based company will introduced two mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras this summer and that they will feature two different sensors.

Canon EOS M replacement rumor

Canon EOS M replacement rumored to be announced this summer

The rumor mill is back with new information about the next-generation of Canon EOS mirrorless camera. The EOS M is rumored to get a successor sometime this summer, about one year after its introduction. The new mirrorless camera will be announced alongside two zoom lenses, including a 18-135mm one.

Fujifilm entry-level X-series camera

Fujifilm employee flaunts X-mount entry-level camera

Fujifim has been rumored to be working on an entry-level X-series camera for a very long time. These rumors will be fueled by the fact that a company’s employee has been showing off a mysterious device that fits the description, during an interview for a Swedish blog. Most likely, the new X-mount camera will be launched this summer.

Sony A-E hybrid mount camera rumor

Sony A-E hybrid mount camera coming at Photokina 2014

Sony has not been doing so well in the digital imaging department. However, do not count the company off the camera wars, as 2014 will be a very exciting year. Sony will keep the flame alive with a NEX-7 replacement, while A-E hybrid mount bridge, A-mount full frame and APS-C mirrorless cameras will be launched throughout 2014.

Nikon 1 Nikkor 32mm f/1.2 lens

Nikon 32mm f/1.2 lens release date and price become official

Nikon has expanded its 1 Nikkor lens lineup with a new glass: the 32mm f/1.2 prime. This lens is the fastest 1 Nikkor optic ever released and it will become available in Black and Silver colors. It is the first of its kind to pack a Nano Crystal Coat, Silent Wave Motor, and manual focus ring, which should be useful for portrait photographers.

Sony A-mount mirrorless APS-C camera patent

Sony files patent for A-mount mirrorless APS-C camera

The rumor mill is suggesting that Sony will no longer release any A-mount cameras in 2013, as they are bound for 2014. This belief has been fueled by the Japanese company’s action of filing for a patent, which describes an A-mount mirrorless camera with an APS-C image sensor and support for Phase Detection AF technology.

Samsung NX-R rumor

Samsung NX-R photos show up on the web

Samsung has decided to focus on mirrorless cameras in the digital imaging industry. This may not necessarily be a bad thing, as long as the company is attempting to be different, but better than the rest of the pack. Well, it seems like the NX-R shooter will have a distinct design, as its photos have just been leaked on the web.

Sony A-mount 2014 roadmap

Sony full frame and APS-C A-mount cameras coming in 2014, not 2013

Sony may be studying a camera between the RX1 and the RX100, but the company is actually taking closer looks at all of its series of shooters. It appears that the Japanese corporation has entirely changed its future roadmap, as the next full frame and APS-C A-mount cameras will be released in early 2014, rather than 2013.


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