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Olympus working on Micro Four Thirds camera with hybrid mount


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Panasonic will not be the sole Micro Four Thirds camera maker to release a new shooter this fall, as Olympus is also rumored to launch a new device with a hybrid FT-MFT lens mount.

Micro Four Thirds fans all over the world have welcomed the recent rumors suggesting that the Panasonic GX1 replacement will be finally launched in late August, while its release date is scheduled for September 2013.

olympus-hybrid-mount-camera Olympus working on Micro Four Thirds camera with hybrid mount Rumors

The latest Olympus rumor says that the company will launch a camera bigger than the E-M5 which will feature a hybrid Four Thirds-Micro Four Thirds mount. The device is scheduled to be announced in September.

Panasonic GX2 dream camera coming this fall

The GX2 is said to be the “dream camera” for MFT fans because it features a new 18 megapixels sensor, integrated tiltable viewfinder, maximum shutter speed of 1/8000th of a second, and a built-in flash.

However, so many people got caught up in the Panasonic GX2 mirage that they had forgotten all about Olympus. The PEN maker is also involved in some pretty big stories this fall and it seems like a new OM-D shooter is coming this fall as the E-M5 successor.

Olympus E-M6 to be followed by Micro Four Thirds camera with hybrid FT-MFT mount

The Olympus E-M6 will feature on-sensor Phase Detection Autofocus technology, just like the recently-announced E-P5. However, the more important news concerns another device, which will be bigger than both the E-M5 and E-M6, as it will be capable to support both Four Thirds and Micro Four Thirds lenses.

Although Four Thirds cameras are no longer so popular, a lot of people have purchased lenses compatible with this mount. Now that Micro Four Thirds is here, former FT photographers have to buy a special adapter for their MFT cameras.

Olympus has come up with a solution that allows the company to add a hybrid FT-MFT mount to its cameras. It appears that the first of its kind will be introduced to the public sometime in September, most likely after the OM-D E-M6 becomes official.

Sony, Canon, and Nikon are fighting on the front line, but Olympus and Panasonic are at war, too

As the battle for the Micro Four Thirds is intensifying, the war rages on between DSLR makers. Sony is looking to add three full frame A-mount cameras to its lineup, in order to compete against Canon and Nikon.

The MFT battle will be concluded this fall, while the DSLR one will see its epilogue early next year. Either way, the following months should be really entertaining for all photography fans.

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