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Canon EOS M replacement rumored to be announced this summer


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The next-generation Canon EOS M mirrorless camera might be set for an announcement this summer, alongside a pair of lenses, that should attract the customers’ attention.

The first mirrorless camera introduced by Canon is none other than the EOS M. It is also the sole such device launched by the Japanese corporation. Everything happened in the summer of 2012. June came with a surprise for Canon fans, as the company proved that it was ready to take on the mirrorless industry.

canon-eos-m-replacement Canon EOS M replacement rumored to be announced this summer Rumors

Canon EOS M’s successor is said to be announced this summer. It will feature a new autofocus system and will be launched alongside two new zoom lenses.

Canon EOS M replacement believed to be revealed sometime this summer

However, mirrorless camera adopters were not ready for the EOS M, as it is arguably one of Canon’s biggest flops in terms of sale. Despite this fact, there is no evidence that the company will abandon ship and stop developing more EF-M mount shooters and lenses.

According to the rumor mill, the next Canon EOS M camera will be introduced one year after the original. This means that the summer of 2013 will come packed with a surprise for those who desperately want a new version.

Next version of the Canon EOS M will be launched along with two new EF-M lenses

The mirrorless shooter will not come alone, as it will be accompanied by an 18-135mm lens. This zoom lens is said to get a bigger sibling, but the focal length range of the upcoming telephoto zoom lens is currently unknown.

The specs and price of these products are also unspecified, though a kit should not be priced above the $1,000 mark, as Canon is in dire need of a competitive pricing point.

Upcoming Canon EOS M cameras and lenses have been previously rumored

This is definitely not the first time we have heard about the Canon EOS M replacement. The next mirrorless apparatus has been rumored to feature a new autofocus system. Sources speculate that the device will sport a “class-leading AF” technology, but this remains to be determined.

Not just the camera, but new EF-M lenses have also been speculated around the grapevine, but, as usual, this is a part of the rumor mill and its validity is questionable, to say the least.

The current version of the Canon EOS M is available for purchase at Amazon for a price of $499, bundled with a 22mm lens.

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