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Sony files patent for A-mount mirrorless APS-C camera


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Sony has filed for a patent which describes a mirrorless camera featuring an APS-C image sensor, thus confirming a rumor suggesting that the company will ditch the single-lens translucent technology.

Sony is actively working on its next-generation cameras. The Japan-based company needs to make a successful comeback on the digital imaging market and the APS-C A-mount series is one of the things that need to be addressed.

sony-patent-a-mount-mirrorless-aps-c-camera Sony files patent for A-mount mirrorless APS-C camera Rumors

Sony has patented an A-mount mirrorless APS-C camera, which also describes Phase Detection AF technology.

Sony patents A-mount mirrorless APS-C camera design

The Sony SLT-A58 has been launched earlier in 2013, but the camera has not managed to attract a lot of customers. Unfortunately for the company, some things must be changed before releasing a new shooter.

The good thing is that Sony is not wasting time, as it has already filed for a patent, which describes a mirrorless APS-C camera, which will most likely be compatible with the entire A-mount lens lineup.

Sony will ditch SLT mirrors, but will add Phase Detection AF technology

Single-lens translucent mirrors have been present in Sony cameras for quite some time. Both full frame and APS-C devices are using it, but the latter will stop using it as of next year.

The rumor mill says that Sony will not release any A-mount cameras this year. However, the fans will be greeted by several shooters in early 2014. The list includes at least one Sony FF SLT camera and mirrorless APS-C devices.

There are little details available regarding the FF, but the next-gen mirrorless shooter is shaping up nicely. The new image sensor will come packed with a new autofocus system, which will provide Phase Detection AF technology.

New Sony cameras expected next year

For the time being, this is all the information we have got. Since rumors are saying that the cameras will be released next year, it is very unlikely that more inside reports will surface in the near future.

However, these are just rumors, which means that they may never become true and Sony might take everyone by surprise and release at least one A-mount camera by the end of the year.

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