My Photoshop Workflow & and an INCREDIBLE product {Autoloader}

What is my Photoshop workflow? I get emails daily asking about my workflow is and how do I get through my editing. I hear from photographers all the time who say that they spend too much time editing.

Today’s video may help change all that for you (at least if you have Photoshop CS3 or CS4). At the beginning of 2009 I discovered a product for Photoshop that changed the way I edit. It changed my workflow. And it trimmed the time it takes me to edit a batch of photos quite dramatically.


This product is called Autoloader.  It is INCREDIBLE! It loads in your files one at a time, runs an action you specify (for me this is a BIG custom action that does most all my editing), then you click a key on your keyboard and it saves your file and repeats the process on the next photo.  Photoshop no longer crashes from me running a batch action on 50+ pictures all open at once.  And things work fast and efficiently since I only have one photo open at a time.

I mentioned this program a while back in my post titled “How to save time in Photoshop” and explained a few ways to speed up your workflow.

If you want to save the most time, creating a personalized, custom batchable action with layers left open for full editing is the way to go.  This is explained in the video.  This is not a necessity for using Autoloader but it helps bring it to the next level. I do offer a service within the one on one private workshops to work with you on creating such an action.

Enjoy the video.  Post any comments or questions you have below.  If I cannot answer them, I will see if I can get Mike D, the developer, to come by and answer them.

Thanks!! Jodi

Jodi Friedman, MCP Actions

Jodi Friedman is the founder of MCP Actions. She designs popular Photoshop actions and Lightroom presets that make editing faster, easier and more fun.

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  1. 1

    honey says

    I have to get that! I love how it keeps loading with all of the layers and then saves! Jodi … I was using colorburst on almost everything … then I switched to quickie/crackle/underexposurefixer (usually to add a little light) then fingerpaint. I finish it with one of the sharpening. Looking at your workflow makes me wasn’t to go back to colorburst. Why do you choose that one? Is the way I am doing it giving a similar result?

    • 2


      Laura – really depends – but the workflow (color burst always has been my workflow) so it is the foundation of my regular batchable action. Sometimes it needs to be tweaked. But it works on most photos – within my big batchable action so why not? LOL

      I do love crackle and fingerpaint and do use those when hand editing sometimes.

  2. 3

    Janiebug says

    What a fantastic tool. Thanks so much for this tip. I love editing in Photoshop, but oh-the-time-it-takes. I will definitely check this out.

  3. 4

    Vanessa S. says

    I found Mike D.’s Autoloader and Proofmaker back in April, and already they have added years to my life. :)

  4. 5

    Kathy says

    Thank you for this fabulous tip! It’s on my ‘to-do’ list to figure out quicker ways to edit … I will definitely check out this program.

  5. 6


    I totally agree! I purchased AutoLoader when you posted about it last time and it is a truly wonderful product!! It has drastically my workflow and the time spent post processing. Thanks for all you do!

  6. 7

    Crystal says

    This is fantastic Jodi. Thank you so much for spot lighting this. I already have a batch action of the regular steps and actions I use everyday also set to a short key function and that has sped up my workflow tremendisouly. I’m very interested in this product. My question is that I shoot in RAW. Would I have to open each file in ACR and save as a jpeg to use this product? Thanks for your wonderful blog and video tutorials. I’m such a huge fan!

  7. 10

    JP says

    I noticed that there isn’t an option to open raw files…only jpg, tif or psd, is that right? So this wouldn’t really help those of us that shoot in raw?

  8. 15

    Crystal says

    Hi Jodi! I just have to tell you that because of you I orded this today and I couldn’t be happier! What a wonderful product and a wonderful way to streamline my workflow. So THANK YOU! :O)

  9. 18

    Sherri LeAnn says

    WOW this is remarkable ! LOL I really need this – I take WAY too long editing
    and dont really know any shortcuts
    First I need to make a custom action but I have no idea where to start
    I am highly considering your photo shop training
    & then getting this program

  10. 20


    Wow, that is amazing, thanks for the video.
    Just purchased a bunch of your actions yesterday, once I figure out which I will be using all the time, I will have to get this set up.

  11. 21

    Karen S says

    I’m impressed! Do you mind if I ask how you got started doing these Actions? Obviously you use what Photoshop has provided, but OMG the colours look amazing! Do you have to buy the actions separate for this to work or are there any that come with it? Dying to try them out! 😀

  12. 24

    jean says

    Help….when I press the F5 button to save it just gives me my volume control…what a I doing wrong. I tried using alt/shift,,,nothing. I am a newbie so please forgive my ignorance…Thanks!


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