Project 52: Week 38 recap – Launch Week 39

It’s in the eyes.

Do you remember? Do you remember when you looked into the eyes of your girlfriend/boyfriend and felt the butterflies? Eyes are the mirror to the soul. Eyes are also a subject to write a song about. Who doesn’t remember the cha cha cha Can’t take my eyes on of you? And what about “Don’t it make my brown eyes blue”, “Bette Davis Eyes” and of course “Hungry Eyes”?

This week I saw a lot of eyes passing by. Not even the eyes of human beings.

Let’s have a closer look. Here are my favorite top ten It’s in the Eyes pictures. In no particular order. When you click on the picture a new window will open and you will be forwarded to the original on Flickr. If you click on the link below the picture a new window will open and you will be forwarded to the flickr portfolio of the photographer. Leave them some love.

Lisa Lombardo (Double L Photo)

Michele Catino (Mcat2k7)

Heidi Marling 2



Andrea Fierro



Treasure (ib4luvnit) 

 Ari D.W.


If you were featured one of the flickr moderators will be by to drop off your  badge. Otherwise, grab this badge below and encourage others to join the fun! 


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Next onto Week 39 and our new theme which starts today Saturday 24th September and runs until Friday 30th September. The theme is Man vs Nature. I see a lot of opportunities to be creative with this new theme. I can’t wait to see what you are all admitting to the pool.

For my photo I took one during a vacation to Tenerife (Spain). A city besides the sea. Both challenging for space. The people living there want to be safe in their houses, but they know that when it’s storming they might have to leave their houses.

This week’s blog post was brought to you by Anna Francken {Blog}

Anna lives in the Netherlands. Anna loves to dance (ballroom and latin), read a good book, watch a great movie and have a nice dinner with family and friends. She also loves photography. She is still learning and is developing her photography skills.  She works full time at a bank.
Why don’t you visit her blog so you can see her work and her progress and say hello?

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