Love or Leap – February in Review!

Thanks to everyone who took the leap this month and participated in Project 12!

The Project 12 Team was impressed at the range of interpretations of the themes.  The images were fabulous, which made it close to impossible to pick only a few favorites.

Some of these were favorites from the first time I saw them, and others grew on me after I’d looked at them several times.   The elements that caught my attention were:  unusual interpretation of the themes, technically sound photographs, photographs that told a story and ones that made me smile.

So, here, in no particular order, are the favorite submissions from this month:

Posers by Tammy

This little girl makes me laugh, and the more I look at the picture, the more I like it.  She’s so serious, but that whimsical hand-made headband lets us know that she’s a pretty cool kid!


This shot is so good – the colors, the exposure, the composition all combine to be a very interesting shot of a beloved object.

Kimberley D Photography

This shot is so simple, and is made profound by the addition of the quotation.  The use of monochrome is perfect here; I believe that color would have distracted from it.

Melanie Stofka

This picture, by itself, tells a story of a long-ago marriage; I appreciate how the photographer pulled together all the elements to tell that story.  And when you had in the extraordinary narrative of how Alzheimer’s impacted this couple, it becomes even more poignant.

Samantha Gleaton

The simplicity of the familiar is what caught my eye with this shot.  The off-center placement of the stack of candy hearts is quite effective.

Holly Robinson

Poor Olivia.  She wasn’t happy.  But what a great photograph!  The very delicate colors enhance the image.

Kelly Bucklen

I love it that this little girl can get dressed up and jump off the steps!  This shot perfectly captures her exuberance – the way the hem of her dress is flying up and the way her arms are flung out give the shot a great sense of motion.  Good use of black and white, too.


And here’s another leap that I like.  The post-production and the way it’s cropped make it unusual and eye-catching.

Captured by Caty

Very few things touch my heart as much as pictures of new daddies.  I am not sure why that is, but that’s why this shot caught my attention.

Again, thanks to everyone who took part in Project 12 in February.  I enjoyed the images, gained inspiration and learned a lot from the images submitted.

We hope you will join us as Project 12 becomes Project MCP! Stay tuned for more information coming on March 1st!



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    All fantastic shots, but especially love the simplicity of the candy hearts. Wonderful comosition and truly a work of art. Thanks for the inspiration, as always!!

  2. 7

    Tammy Biles says

    Wow, I always love checking out what photos are featured, and was shocked to see my little girl pictured as the thumbnail! All of the photos are terrific really…and all tell some sort of story. :)

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